You Found Me: Two parkers



Part Three

"What do you do?" Sophie asked and Nancy told her she was a black hat hacker. She told that she was freelance but only does it for the people she loves or likes or loves Parker. "I could never be a thief." Nancy said and Parker responded, "Hey! It's fun too fly down 100 feet." "There's one hundred things you could do…One hundred…" Parker said and so Nancy told her about a girl she liked.

Sophie was listening to Nancy, she was very blunt on how she liked this woman and there was a problem. "What's the problem?" Sophie asked and Nancy responded, "This famous frigid woman took over the company when her daughter was in some accident then when the other co-founder died, she stepped in. When that co-founder came back to life, frigid woman was not willing to give it all back and stepped down. The co-founder cooked the books and I mean perfectly. There's an investigation, if the co-founder is found out then the one I love might not have a job because of miss frigid. The frigid woman is missing as well."

Parker gave Nancy look because they would on vacation, vacation is the main word.

"Are you kidding me?" Parker asked and said, "We are on…." "What the name of the frigid woman?" Sophie asked and Nancy told them then they both said, "We'll take it." "Should we tell the guys?" Parker asked and Sophie responded, "Yes."