Pleasing the Audience 18

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah/Persiana and Lance/Diablos.

One Shot

Black Canary entered, furious,


What's eatin' you, Canary?

Black Canary scowled,

"That skirt chasing son of a bitch has a lot to answer for! Since when does he have a kid?"

Green Arrow entered, carrying a shield,

"Ladybird, now calm down."

Black Canary shouted,

"Calm down? You get another woman pregnant and you want me to calm down?"

Green Arrow nervously peeked around shield,

"It was before I met you. It was college, and I was…experimenting."

Connor Hawke entered, saying,

"Dad, my mom was going to be a doctor. She worked a lot to put herself through school. She had to give that up and go to a Tibetan monastery when she had me.

Green Arrow said,

"Now, wait a minute. I tried to pay for her college education and child support-."

Connor Hawke explained,

"She didn't want that, Dad. She wanted to be with you. You convinced her you two were going to get married."

Black Canary roared,


Green Arrow winced,

"All right, so maybe I have some commitment issues."

Connor Hawke said,

"From what I heard, you were sleeping with another woman the same time she was planning the wedding. That was when you decided to take a cruise, never to return."

Green Arrow groaned,

"I got stranded on a desert isle! You have no idea how long it took me to survive out there! I couldn't even write to her!"

Black Canary asked angrily,

"Were you going to marry her when you got back?"

Green Arrow swallowed nervously,

"Can I take the fifth on that one?"

Black Canary snarled,

"You womanizing son of a bitch!"

She grabbed a katana and began chasing Ollie off camera. Green Arrow begged,

"Someone, help me! Please!"

Black Canary shouted,

"Come back here and die like a man!"

Oh, I don't want to be in the middle of that argument.

Speedy entered, angry,

"You're terrific, you know that, Persiana13?"

What did I do this time?

Speedy whined,

"You wrote that I'm a drug addict and a spy for Checkmate."

Just staying true to the canon works, Roy. Besides, what are you complaining about? You're going to be on your very own team soon.

Speedy rolled his eyes,

"I feel SO much better knowing that."

Connor Hawke asked,

"So, I get to take his place on Titans East?"

As their residential archer, yes.

Thor entered, furious,

"Accursed mortal scribe!"

Great, it's Thor. Just please don't say It's Hammer Time again. That joke really gets old fast.

Thor shouted,

"You have brought slander and shame to the god of thunder! For that, you shall pay dearly!"

Look, if this is about me writing your return to Asgard with the Justice League, it's not my fault Hippolyta won't sleep with you. Besides, I've got the perfect man for the queen bee of the Amazons.

Hippolyta entered,

"And what man would that be? Certainly not Hercules!"
Trust me; it's not going to be him. And, it won't be a while anyway, so relax and calm down.

Farrah entered, ecstatic,

"Yes, finally! You finally wrote it!"

I take it your thrilled.

Farrah giggled,

"I finally got to do it with my boyfriend; have hot, lusty, feline sex! And it was SO fun!"

Catman entered, horrified,


Farrah shrieked,


Farrah pulled out a rocket launcher from her top and fired.

I had no idea a rocket could fit in such a small place like that. Then again, you always did have big bazookas on your chest.

Farrah scowled,

"The only reason I don't turn this thing on you is need you to write more romance scenes with Diablos. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Farrah chased Catman off set and several explosions followed.

Never a dull moment around here. Well, until next time…

End of One shot