Me: I have very sad news!

Misty: Did someone die?

Me: No.

Paul: Are you going failing school?

Me: OF COURSE NOT! The sad news is that this is the last chapter of Dare and Questionare Pokemon. You are all free to go I am so sorry to everyone. I am very tired and with all my stories that have built up and soon to be starting I need to make room and not worry about this. With school I have very little time to do this story, so from the bottom of my heart I am dearly sorry. It has been great and enjoyable. I hope I will start another one like this but not for a while because I want the fire to come back. SO I am SO SO SO SORRY! Please don't be mad. You have all been great readers and thank you so much for all your copperation. Thank you so much for your dares. One other reason why we have stopped is because you guys were getting perverted with some of your dares and questions I will not say who or what. SO thank you very much I had a fun time. Please read the others I have written and good night.

Everyone: (Running for the door) YEAH!