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This happens immediately after the last chapter.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Bright Things

It was midnight.

Remus and Snape made it in the Burrow and out into the yard just in time for the fireworks to explode in the sky. They stayed by the doorway, content to remain unnoticed for a few more moments by the people littered in the yard.

Two figures on broomsticks flew all around the night sky, red hair and freckles illuminated by the bright lights. Even from their high altitude, the twins' hoots and cheers could be heard on the ground, quickly followed by Molly's shrill "FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY, COME BACK DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT."

Arthur was laughing heartily, embracing his wife in a bear hug, which effectively distracted her enough not to notice Ginny kicking off from her broom to join her brothers in the air.

In the farthest distance stood Charlie, whose wand was raised up, doing complicated swirling motions. He was grinning toothily, his hand moving in the same rhythm as the fireworks' explosions. Bill and Fleur were off to the side, his arm around her shoulder and her arm around his waist. Soft smiles rested on their upturned faces as they gazed at the night sky.

Ron and Hermione stood near them in a similar embrace and with similar expressions, and Remus was happy to see both Harry and Draco with them. Fingers intertwined, Harry's head resting on Draco's shoulder, Draco's head resting on his.

Those boys had been through too much, and all Remus wanted for them now was to have Christmas with a warm family.

Nobody deserved to go through Christmas alone.

He would know. He had gone through several of it ever since James and Lily died and Sirius was sent to Azkaban.

Despite having spent the last four Christmases with the Weasleys, it was still hard to shake the memory of those lonely Decembers. Even as Remus looked up towards the fireworks, images of eating dinner alone in a dark house as the outside world danced in song and fairy lights flitted through his mind's eye.

Feeling strangely emotional, as he was prone to be during these familial holidays, he bowed his head, blinking to remove the warmth from his eyes. He shifted from one foot to the other and felt the length of Snape' arm press against his. He froze, thinking that Snape would move away.

When the man didn't, Remus thought that he might be too busy watching the fireworks to notice such a thing, but when he looked up to check, Snape wasn't looking at the fireworks at all.

Snape was looking straight at him.

All at once, Remus remembered what had transpired just a few moments ago.

That beautiful, silver wolf in its elegant, wispy form staring at him with bright, beautiful, silver eyes.

These holidays really did make him very emotional and uncharacteristically open about it. That was the only explanation for his next words.

"I apologize, Severus. Years of not getting what I want has turned me into a very opportunistic man," he mused, smiling ruefully. Then, he murmured, "If you do not tell me otherwise, I will interpret your Patronus as I wish."

More fireworks exploded in the sky and resounded in the night, but still, Snape did not look away.

"Magic does not lie. I believe I have left no room for any other interpretation."

And it was hard to stop his eyes from getting wet now, relief filling them until Remus lifted his arm to wipe at them with the cuff of his sleeve. He chuckled, embarrassed at himself, but it's been years, years of aching to be with this man and years of convincing himself that it will never be.

Snape stepped forward then, and Remus saw the twitch in his fingers as if he wanted to do something but wasn't sure what.

He chuckled again. He supposed he wasn't the only one that needed to get used to this.

"Severus," he murmured again, smiling. "May I kiss you?"

The fireworks continued, bright lights painting the sky and their sounds echoing in the night. Everybody, happy and content, remained oblivious to their presence.

Snape didn't answer, and Remus may have been worn down by time and age, but he was still a Gryffindor, and so he pulled Snape down, leaned forward, and promised:

No more lonely Christmases for the both of us.