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Love Me, Sakura:- Sakura was hurt by the loss of her team. She didn't want to get close to anyone else in case she lost them too but with a ninja as persistent as Kankuro, it's harder to stay away than she thought. KankxSaku

Chapter One - Sakura's Expertise

A set of glittering white teeth gently tugged the soft doughy goodness from the stick which impaled it. The syrup which coated it transferred to the pinkish lips which hid the slow chewing that initiated the digestive process. A soft, satisfied grunt travelled up the delicate throat of the young woman as she revelled in the sweet taste and texture of the delightful treat. Surely it had to be wrong for something to taste as good as this. Well, if it was, Haruno Sakura was grateful for the chance to brighten up another dreary day of expanding her medicinal repertoire. Sure, she loved her job but when you were forced to study for days on end it became a little...boring to say the least. Emerald eyes told of the stress that the teenage girl was under accented by bags underneath them, making her look reminiscent of a raccoon. Not a good look for her.

Sakura shut the file that was currently open in front of her with its contents strewn over the table that she took up all by herself, "Is there something you wanted Neji?"

Behind her, a man wearing the typical ANBU mask and uniform stood completely still and upright. He was surprised by Sakura's ability to recognise him without even looking around, it seemed she was more skilled than he had heard from her closer friends. He ran his hand through his chesnut brown locks which had many people jealous; his hair always looked incredible and with so little effort too. Sakura could be counted amongst the jealous women. "I'm sorry Sakura-san but Hokage-sama wishes to see you immediately." He said, his tone formal yet a hint of concern was mixed in there. The other morsel of information given to him by the likes of Ino had been true as well. The pink haired medical genius was indeed a tired ball of stress. The Hyuga prodigy could see the tensing of her muscles as she hunched over the work she had been engrossed in and it worried him. Sakura had been pushing herself harder and harder lately. As if she were trying to make up for something, "I'm afraid it's urgent."

"Ugh...I guess I'll have to go then. Arigato Neji." Sakura sighed as she rose from her seat. The man nodded briefly before disappearing in a small, billowing cloud of white smoke. The pinkette ran her hands through the longer locks which topped her head. It seemed that she would not be having a day to herself after all. This seemed to be happening more and more lately. She was sure that there was something Tsunade wasn't telling her but it wasn't her place to doubt her shishou. If what was going on was any of her business, Sakura knew that Tsunade respected her enough to make sure that she was the first to know.

Slapping a hand on the table, Sakura left more than enough money to pay for the dango that she had been enjoying. Not wishing to waste what she bought with her hard earned wages, Sakura took the stick between her teeth as she gathered up her medical notes. Her heeled shoes carried her out of the shop swiftly, guiding her towards the landmark of the village; the Hokage mansion. You couldn't miss the most imposing building in Konoha which was situated directly in front of the carvings which served as a memorial to the Hokages who lead the village. Painted in a deep red, the building was supposed to pay homage to the Fire Country in which they dwelled and was where every ninja must report in order to leave the village to perform any of their missions. Sakura herself had been inside the building more than most, as apprentice to the Hokage she was privvy to more of its secrets than most ordinary shinobi were supposed to be entitled to. Thanks to this, she had been able to banish some of the former ignorance of her genin years by educating herself on the history of the shinobi world. It served as a haven of sorts as Sakura enjoyed nothing more than memorising this information down to the smallest detail, something she had enjoyed since she was much smaller. Sometimes it took Tsunade's personal intervention to remove the young woman from the libraries.

The wooden doors were pushed open easily by the pinkette's greater than average raw strength, allowing her to quickly walk down the wide corridors which snaked around the inner shell of the building in a circular fashion. True to Konoha's natural surroundings, the majority of the decor was wooden or incorporated wood in some sort of way. The red theme continued along the walls too as Sakura climed the first set of stairs that she had climbed so many times before. It got a little monotonous and she wished that Tsunade would at least think about changing it a little bit at some point.


Tsunade's deep amber eyes located her pink haired student as she travelled along the winding streets that created a maze in the village that her own grandfather had created with his Mokuton Jutsu. The Sannin wasn't happy that the girl was taking so long to get where she was needed. Hadn't Neji told her it was urgent? It was understandable though since Sakura had been promised a day where she could do what she wanted. It seemed she would need to reschedule that day in the light of what Tsunade had to tell her.

"She's on her way isn't she?" came the impatient voice of the boy who stood on the other side of the desk.

"Of course." Tsunade snapped. She wasn't in the mood for obnoxious little brats coming into her village, demanding her best medic and then treating the Hokage herself like nothing more than some old bag. If they weren't extremely infuential people in their village, Tsunade would have clobbered the pair who stood in her office. A yelp of pain came from the same boy's deep voice.

"Don't be so damned rude!" the snarl of the woman beside him came. It seemed that Tsunade would have competition for the right to beat on the boy, "It's only been a few minutes since Tsunade-sama called her here so just be patient for once in your life!" Tsunade glanced at her raven haired assistant Shizune and shared a mutual smirk. The woman who had scolded him was just as agitated at he was so what she was saying was probably advice for herself just as much as it was for him. It was evident in her voice that she was incredibly worried about the entire situation so Tsunade had a little sympathy for the pair.

When her eyes returned the the streets below, Tsunade couldn't see the shock of pink which stood out amongst the sea of browns, blonds and blacks which dominated the population's heads which indicated that Sakura had entered the building at some point during the scolding. Hopefully she would make her way up to the office and put an end to the awkward silence that had envelopped the room. A sigh of relief left her mouth as she heard the single knock which usually preceeded her student's entrance, "Come in!" she called over to the wooden door which was already in the process of opening slowly. The sannin would never get used to the darker Sakura that had emerged as a result of her personal struggles. Her bubblegum pink hair was the only bit of colour besides the small tattoo which was inked into her pale flesh, depicting a strange image of an eye which held the crimson colour of the Sharingan that Uchiha Sasuke had once held complete with the small overlapping elipses surrounding the pupil. The eye lay atop an orange swirl pattern just to the left of Sakura's navel.

Sakura herself wore more revealing clothing than she had in her younger years. Having grown into her semi-adult body, Sakura was much more comfortable in her skin. A pair of tight, black leather trousers were tucked into black boots which had four inch heels adding to her petite frame. Her midriff was completely visible as all she wore was a small black tube top atop a strange article of clothing which covered her neck up before splitting just above Sakura's bust and travelling down her sides to the waistline of the trousers that she wore. It had an intricate floral pattern which had the occasional flash of a pink cherry blossom petal design incorporated into it. It seemed to be made out of a material similar to fishnet which was common amongst modern kunoichi. Tsunade never understood the fixation with the stuff herself.

"You called for me, shishou?" her light, soft voice rang through the room attracting the eyes of the two ninjas who were stood between her and the Hokage.

"Good, you're here Sakura." Tsunade smiled, "Although I do wish you'd stop dawdling all the time."

"Sorry." she smiled sheepishly, blushing slightly as she walked further into the room. Her heels clicked against the hard wood floor as she approached the desk, "What do you need me for on my day off?"

"You'll need to rearrange it Sakura, I'm afraid." Tsunade sighed, "Our friends from Suna require your assistance."

Sakura's head turned to look at the two who were now stood behind her. Both ninjas she recognised as being the blond haired wind rider, Temari and her puppet loving brother Kankuro. Both had looks of worry mixed with the shock of seeing the woman who had helped to save Kankuro and Gaara's lives a year ago. Sakura chuckled thinking about how different she must have looked to them while they looked pretty much the same as ever, "Do they now? Whatever could they need with little old me?" her tone was accompanied by a smirk.

"A strange new illness has struck several high ranking officials." Temari explained, the concern evident in her voice, "Including our Kazekage. He's never been ill before. The Shukaku always stopped it."

"Keep in mind that he no longer has it." Sakura reminded them, "It's quite possible that without it he would get ill, like the rest of us."

"Right." Tsunade nodded, "Sakura, they need you to help them identify what it is and then develop a cure." Sakura sighed.

"Why not yourself or Shizune-shishou? Surely you're better qualified." she said, "I'm just a medic in training."

"The illness was found to be made by chakra." Tsunade smirked, "I think your abilities are best suited for this job. And you're far from a mere trainee, Sakura." Sakura's eyes narrowed. Tsunade was telling her to use the gift she got from Sasuke. This had to be bad if she was telling her to do that. Sakura pursed her lips and shifted her stance so her weight was more on her left side. She was obviously not happy with being told to reveal her secret to help a foreign land.

"Fine." she said, walking past the two Suna ninjas and opening the door, "If you need me, I'll be in the hospital."

"Take Kankuro-san and Temari-san with you." Tsunade said, "They can help."

"All I need from them is a sample of the illness." Sakura said, "Other than that, you know that I work alone." Her tone was suddenly deadly serious and her emerald eyes were narrowed dangerously at the upcoming request that would come from the blond Hokage. Tsunade shook her head. She understood that her pupil had been affected by what had happened but this really wasn't any time for her stubborn attitude. People's lives were on the line.

"Sakura you-"

"No shishou. You know my policy on teams, or do I need to remind you?" she asked. The two ninjas flinched at Sakura's tone with a woman who was supposed the be her superior. Most people wouldn't have dared to challenge the legendary Tsunade but Sakura was blatantly mouthing off. Strangely, Tsunade's face held nothing but sympathy for the girl which was not expected, especially with the blond's legendary temper. Any other Kage, especially their own Kazekage, wouldn't have stood for such insubordination even from their apprentices and assistants. Sakura took Tsunade's silence as her cue to leave. With a swift bow to everyone in the room the young woman swept out of the room, a click of the door following her exit.

Tsunade's hand flew to the draw very near to her. She pulled it open before removing a long oblong shaped box. With a sigh the woman wrote a note and slipped it inside before motioning for Kankuro to come closer, "Take that to Sakura at the hospital." she said with an exasperated sigh, "Only she's to open it. I don't think you'll have any more trouble from her after that." Kankuro nodded.

"What's wrong with the kid anyway?" he asked, "She doesn't seem as...perky as she was before."

"Things happened." Tsunade said sadly, her amber eyes shining with tears all of a sudden, "She took it badly and hasn't really been the same since." Both Sand Siblings looked at each other with confused looks, "Ugh, it's not for me to say anyway. Just get going." Temari rushed for the door while Kankuro just casually sauntered away. When the door closed, Tsunade sat back in her chair.

"I know Sakura has been through a lot but she doesn't need to be so argumentative." Shizune said.

"She's lost so much, give her a break Shizune." Tsunade sighed. The blond could understand what Sakura was going through, having been through it herself and had the utmost sympathy for her. Sakura's behaviour was mild compared to what it could have been and for that, she was thankful.

Kankuro gripped the oblong shaped box in his gloved hand. His curiosity was beginning to get the better of him as his talented fingertips teased the opening which caused his sister to glare at him, "What? You can't tell me you're not just a little curious Tem."

"The Hokage said it's for Sakura's eyes only." she scolded, snatching the box from her younger brother.

"Yeah, yeah. She won't know if we just have a peek." Kankuro said.

"You want to take that chance?" Temari asked, raising an eyebrow, "This isTsunade we're talking about; she's stronger, smarter and has bigger boobs than you do, little brother. I think she'd beat us hands down."

"Hmph. She may have a great rack and be a good ninja, but I've got the looks and youth on my side." Kankuro huffed, trying to find a way that he might be better than Tsunade at something. Temari rolled her eyes and shook her head with a sigh. Trust Kankuro to be so vain that he'd dismiss the other points that made Tsunade vastly superior to them in every way. All the blond did was walk slightly faster down the white painted, sterile corridor that smelled of medicine and disinfectant. Apparently, according to the receptionist, Sakura had taken the basement of the hospital as her own private training area where she could practise her medical ninjutsu in peace.

Temari heard a low whistle come from behind her as they came to a small staircase which led down to the basement. However, the door at the bottom had numerous seals and warding kanjis drawn around the frame, "Someone really doesn't want to be disturbed, eh?"

"Ugh. I know. How are we supposed to get in now?" she sighed. She didn't really have too much knowledge on seals and warding jutsus, neither did Kankuro as far as she knew. They were stuck as long as Sakura was in there. Kankuro just shrugged and walked past his older sister towards the door. She reached out to stop him but found that she was too late to do so. Kankuro raised his hand and tested the door gingerly just in case Sakura had booby trapped it. Temari flinched instinctively but when no pained scream came from her brother, she opened her eyes again and watched him rap his knuckles against the painted white door loudly.

"Haruno!" he called through to the kunoichi, "Oi! Your Hokage has somethin' for you!"

He jumped back when the door was suddenly yanked open with a frowning pinkette on the other side, "It was open you know. No need to shout." she snapped, causing the two shinobi to grin sheepishly, "You've brought the sample for me?"

"Uhuh." Kankuro said, "And something from your Hokage." Temari reached forwards and handed Sakura the oblong box that Tsunade had given her. Emerald eyes regarded the object with confusion and suspicion. Her nimble fingers eased the box open slowly, revealing a sparkling golden pendant with a locket attached. The note that Tsunade had written was taken out as Sakura gently opened the dainty locket. A gasp escaped her lips as she looked at the pictures of the two boys, one of whom was grinning while the other was brooding and dark.

Look at them Sakura. Would they really want to see you like this?

Sakura's eyes welled up as she looked back and forth between the pictures and the note. She should have known that Tsunade would have tried to guilt her into working in a team. Too bad for the pinkette that it was working. She turned from the pair of curious sand-nin and surreptitiously wiped her eyes, "Follow me." she said, her voice barely able to hide the sadness inside her as she walked quietly back into the room that she had previously occupied. Kankuro and Temari gave each other yet another confused look. Whatever had been inside that locket had a very strange effect on the young pinkette who was supposed to help them. Nevertheless, the followed.

"You said you had a sample of the illness." Sakura said, turning round. Her entire demeanour had changed from reluctant to helpful in an instant, "Can you give it to me?"

"Here." Temari said, fishing inside her kimono and pulling out a phial of crimson liquid. She handed it to Sakura who held it up to the light, making the blood shine slightly, "I hope that's enough."

"More than enough." Sakura said, placing the phial into a holder and looking back at the siblings, "Now then, what are the symptoms of the illness that you noticed?"

"Um..." It was Kankuro who answered this time. He figured that with his medicinal training, he should do it, "The skin of the infected has begun to rot away in several places, causing a horrible smell. The skin in those areas turns black and stuff."

"A portable Necrosis technique?" Sakura asked herself, "Who would be cruel enough to do something like that?" She turned to the phial and stared into the contents. The question she should have been asking wasn't who caused it but how could she cure it. Well, just staring at a phial of blood sure wasn't going to help her patients so Sakura, knowing exactly what she would need to do, picked up a scalpel from the nearby equipment cabinet and held out her forearm. Kankuro and Temari cringed slightly when Sakura began to scrape the sharp implement across the surface of her flesh.

'Ugh...does she have to do that right in front of us?' Kankuro thought as he fought the urge to throw up. Sure, he had seen deaths and fatal injuries but there was something about watching a girl willingly scrape her skin off with a scalpel that creeped him out.

With a big enough sample of her own skin to test the substance on, Sakura laid it out onto a microscope slide. Her petite hand now held a pipette which was dipped into the crimson liquid, pulling some of it into it, before she carefully dropped small droplets of the blood onto her skin cells,"I really don't know why your own medical ninja couldn't have done this. It's a relatively simple proceedure." she said.

"Well...you see..." Temari said, her embarrassment rising, "Our medical corps couldn't diagnose what it was. Our medical records aren't as vast as Konoha's are."

"I see. Well that needs to change." she said. Both ninja felt the pinkette's chakra change a little and become more powerful as she looked into the microscope. Sakura stared down the device for several minutes before coming up and turning to the two ninja. They both gasped at the sight of her. Once emerald eyes had turned crimson and three tomoe lay positioned around the pupil, "I know, I know. My eyes are different. It's a long story and one I'd rather not share." she said, looking up at them, "Well...it's definitely a poison."

"That's more than our medical corps got." Kankuro huffed. He couldn't believe they sucked so much that a seventeen year old girl was better than them.

"Hmm...it seems that it causes Necrosis in the skin." Sakura continued, "If I had taken a bone sample, which I will do in a minute, we'll see the extent of the damage caused." Kankuro and Temari were impressed with how professional and efficient Konoha's ninjas were. Sakura's eyes returned to their normal emerald colour.

"Hey. How can you control that? You ain't an Uchiha." Kankuro asked.

"I said I'm not going into it." she snapped, "Now drop it and get back to the matter at hand; saving your brother's life!" Sakura turned and leaned against the counter with a sigh, "Something's wrong though. The poison is extremely quick to infect the cells around it. Even contact with blood will infect a person it seems. With Necrosis we have a limited amount of time before the effects become too widespread and we have to amputate the affected areas."

"But Gaara's entire leg has been infected!" Temari gasped, "If that's amputated then he can't be a shinobi!"

"Exactly. Since it has been at least three days since you left, he will most likely have gotten worse." Sakura said bluntly. It seemed when she went into medic mode, she didn't dance around the point, "I can treat Necrosis but it depends on how far it has developed if I will need to amputate or not." Her finger rested on the red button on the PA speaker system, "Ino. Bring me a sample of bone structure C from the femur would you? And make it quick, it's urgent."

"Hai Forehead. I'm on my way." came a female voice from the other end. Sakura took her finger off and sighed as she leaned against the counter again with her arms folded across her chest. Kankuro was getting restless and his eyes began to wander. He had yet to take full note of what Sakura now looked like. It was such a change from the bright little girl who had saved his life a year ago. She was now darker and more serious which, for Kankuro, was hard to get used to. Whatever Tsunade had been talking about must have affected Sakura a lot more than she was letting on. Beside him, Temari was fidgeting with her kimono with a worried expression. Since Gaara had the Shukaku taken from him, their relationship with him had grown into one that seemed like a real family relationship. Or as close to one as they could get.

"Tem. Don't worry, he'll be alright." he said, smiling slightly as he placed his hand on her shoulder, "We've got the best help for him remember?"

"I guess...but if he isn't a shinobi anymore, what will he do with himself?" she asked, "They won't let him continue as Kazekage."

"It won't come to that." Sakura chipped in, causing both of them to glance at her, "If my theory is right then he'll be absolutely fine."

"And what is this theory?" Kankuro asked sceptically.

"When the Shukaku was taken from Gaara, it still left him with the power to control sand right?" Sakura asked to which they nodded, "So my guess is that the advanced immune system also stayed since it was an integral part of his body. This means that the Necrosis will need a longer time to burrow into his cells, extending our own time to save him." Kankuro and Temari looked a little more hopeful until Sakura dropped the bombshell, "Of course, it's all speculation. I could be wrong." The pair looked deflated at that.

The door of the basement flew open and a blond haired girl jogged in with a small scroll in her hands. Her glittering blue eyes rested on the two Suna ninjas before she looked at Sakura, "Here you are forehead. Your bone." she said with a smile, "What are you gonna do? Use it as a treat for Akamaru and Kiba?"

"I'm saving lives Piggy." Sakura said, her rivalry with the blond causing that familiar sparkle to appear in her eyes, "You know, the Kazekage and his council." Ino's eyes flashed and she looked between the two Sand Siblings. She wasn't about to be out done by Sakura any time soon.

"Don't forget to say that I helped too, Kankuro-kun." Ino smiled sweetly as she drew up close, making her fingers dance up Kankuro's arm. He smirked as Ino pressed her chest against him before bounding out of the room. His eyes were leering at the backside of the young woman as she left the room. Temari smacked him around the head and silently scolded him as Sakura ground her teeth together.

"Stupid pig." Sakura huffed as she turned to the counter, "Always has to muscle in on what I'm doing...I should have asked someone else." It was funny to hear the girl grumbling to herself about a girl that had helped her. And one that Kankuro had taken a great interest in. She had an incredible body with perfect proportions, much like a model. He was willing to bet she was an amazing kunoichi. He watched as Sakura summoned a section of bone from the scroll before tossing the paper aside, making it land in a basket full of similar scrolls. The bone found itself being held above the counter by a pair of grips which allowed Sakura to drip the blood onto it without the need to touch anything. She couldn't afford to become infected herself.

"Found anything?" Kankuro asked a little too quickly.

"Um. No. I only just started." Sakura smirked, "I'm good but not that good, Kankuro-kun." The sarcasm in the way she said his name made Temari beside him chuckle. Kankuro was too easily taken in by a woman's charms and too many women were taken in by his, "It probably won't have any affect for another few hours so you had better go and get a bit of rest. I'll get Tsunade-shishou to tell you what's what. That alright?"

"I guess..." Kankuro said, "What are you gonna do?"

"Duh. I'm staying here to keep an eye on it." Sakura said, "I can't leave in case something happens."

"Then there's no way we're leaving." Temari frowned, "I don't know about Kankuro but I want to know what's happening straight from your mouth, not from someone else." Sakura shrugged before hopping up onto the counter to sit.

"Fine. You can stay if you want but I can't guarantee it'll be exciting." Sakura said.


Sakura wasn't happy at all. Her theory had been proved wrong. Gaara was in just as much danger as everyone else. The bone she had tested the substance on was one which had incredibly powerful chakra still imbued into it. Even with that warding away the illness, the Necrosis fought back. Now the bone was completely rotten and almost falling apart, "Dammit!" she cursed, slamming her fist onto the counter, her strength making everything shudder, "Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!"

"What's wrong?" Kankuro asked as Sakura ran past him and up the stairs with a speed that none of them knew she possessed, "Oi! Aren't you gonna tell us?" When no answer came, the pair of jonin rushed out of the room after the pink haired medic. As they ran after Sakura, they saw the shock of pink turn the corner before hearing the faint sliding sound that the glass doors at the front of the hospital made as they opened to let her out. Sakura bounced from roof to roof after leaving the hospital. Her panting breaths left her lips as she sped towards the office where her mentor would be at that moment. The sun was beginning to set, giving the pinkette an indication of how long she had been in the hospital. It surprised her just how suddenly the rotting process began. The chakra seemed to hold it off for a while before the rotting started. It was almost like the poison was mutating and adapting to whatever chakra it came into contact with.

"Sakura! Wait up!" came a shout which made Sakura turn her head slightly. Temari and Kankuro were trying their hardest to keep up with her, running across the same roof tops that she herself had run across just moments before. Sakura had no time to stop and explain since she needed to see Tsunade about her findings. Sakura didn't bother entering the mansion the conventional way, instead, she threw a stone against Tsunade's window to get her attention. When the older blond turned, she saw Sakura running towards the building. With a sigh she took the hint and opened the window, allowing Sakura to gracefully jump in.

"Sakura. What's wrong with using the door like a normal person?" Tsunade asked with her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry...Tsunade...shishou...but I needed to speak to you now." Sakura panted as she tried to get her breath back.

"Is it about the illness?" Shizune asked. Sakura nodded, "What did you find?"

"It's no illness. It's a fast acting poison." Sakura replied with a sense of urgency to her voice, "The main problem is that it causes necrosis from the point of infection." Tsunade and Shizune's eyes widened. It was such an obscure way of attacking someone's nervous system but effective nonetheless, "I had a theory that since Gaara's immune system would have been increased by the Shukaku, his chakra wouldn't let the poison function properly but..."

"But what Sakura?" Tsunade asked.

"The poison is made of chakra and appears to mutate after a few hours to bypass the chakra that is blocking it." Sakura said, "I used one of the chakra infused bones from the morgue to test this. The bone was fine for about five hours but the poison mutated and rotted the bone within another hour."

"What?" Temari shouted as she and Kankuro climbed through the window, "Did we just hear that right? Gaara's in trouble after all? But you said-"

"I know what I said but I was wrong. It does happen occasionally you know." Sakura frowned before turning back to Tsunade.

"With it mutating like it is...no medical technique will possibly work." Tsunade said, placing a manicured finger on her chin as she tried to think of a way out of it, "You said it takes an hour to rot the bone right?" Sakura nodded, "Right. Sakura, you need to go to Suna. You're the only one who can heal the illness fast enough."

"But you just said chakra won't work." Kankuro argued, "Surely someone more skilled will be better."

"Sakura has techniques that even I cannot perform." Tsunade said. Sakura's anger flared as the pair of Suna ninjas looked at her incredulously. It was like they didn't believe her.

"If she says I can heal them, I can heal them." Sakura growled. Tsunade nodded. She was proud of how strong her pupil had become and had complete faith in her advanced medical abilities. Sakura would know what to do once she got to Suna so she didn't need to give orders. The blond placed a hand on her shoulder and looked down at the teenage medical prodigy, "I'm stronger than I look."

"Good." Tsunade said, "Use the rest of today to get ready." She looked to Temari and Kankuro, "Don't underestimate this girl. And don't let her get hurt. Or you'll regret it." Both of them gulped before nodding once, "I want you out of the village first thing tomorrow morning."

"Hai Tsunade-shishou. I won't let you down." Sakura said, saluting her leader.

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