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Love Me, Sakura

Chapter 5 - Busybody Sakura

The sun had long since set, causing the temperature in the village to plunge below zero as it usually did at night. Those who weren't used to it, such as Sakura and Kakashi, were curled up into tight balls underneath their blankets in an effort to conserve their body heat. Shivers shook Sakura's entire body as she tried to drop off into a deep sleep. From the other room she could hear Kakashi's snoring. She didn't know how he could sleep so comfortably. It was colder than she'd ever felt in Suna which made it impossible to sleep properly. After a day like the one she had had, Sakura needed some sleep. She wanted to do so many things and one of them happened to be helping to improve the crappy medical system that Suna had nowadays. That wasn't going to happen while she was tired and irritable though. With a frustrated grunt, Sakura sat herself up and ran her fingers through the pastel pink locks ontop of her head, cursing the cold.

'I'm gonna get no sleep, that much is certain.' she thought with a sigh, 'I might as well do something constructive.'

Swinging her legs out of the bed, Sakura stood up and stretched with a loud yawn. Maybe the cold was slightly worse because she wasn't wearing much, just one of Naruto's huge t-shirts and a pair of shorts that she had stolen from Sasuke's house as a memento. She picked up a scroll from her bedside table and left her bedroom, heading in the direction of the kitchen where she would be able to work a little more. It was hard to think straight with her being so tired and it wasn't helped by the fact that every time she closed her eyes for longer than a second, Naruto's and Sasuke's bodies flashed in front of her eyes. "We seriously need to get home." Inner Sakura suggested with urgency in her voice, "Tsunade-shishou'll need to restore the barrier so we can sleep again." Sakura couldn't argue there. Ever since she'd had that first nightmare, they kept coming back in full force. She would have woken everyone up with her screams more times than she could count had she not been able to muffle it with her pillow. Sakura was sure it would annoy everyone, especially Gaara and Kankuro who weren't used to such things. Sakura flicked on the light switch and sat herself down at the table before unravelling the scroll. Her eyelids tried to close as she scanned the page but she couldn't let herself see those two again or she'd go insane.

To stop herself from falling asleep at the table, Sakura rose from her seat and tried to get herself something filled with caffeine in the hope of perking herself up.

Being only a couple of doors down from the kitchen, Kankuro was stirred awake by the sound of clanking filling his ears and someone muttering to themselves. He couldn't really make out what they were saying but it sounded like they were annoyed about something. The click of the kettle being turned on gave him a good idea of who was in there. The only person who would be annoyed in the kitchen was the one person in the house who was too small to reach anything. With a chuckle Kankuro dragged himself out of his bed and trudged towards the kitchen.

"Need some help?" he asked in a low, teasing voice as he turned the corner shielding his eyes from the bright light. The pinkette that he snuck up on jumped and span around with a gasp, her eyes wide until she realised who was stood in the kitchen with her.

"Oh, it's just you Kankuro." she breathed, calming down slightly. She began to blush slightly upon noticing that Kankuro was dressed in nothing but a pair of tight black boxers, leaving very little to the imagination. She couldn't take her eyes off the boy's broad chest. When she looked up, he was smirking.

"Like what you see, little girl?" he teased.

"Asshole." Sakura snapped, turning from him swiftly with a completely red face, "Put on a shirt."

"Nah...I get too hot at night." Kankuro grinned, making Sakura's face drop, "And I like seeing you squirm like that."

"Hot? It's fucking freezing!" she hissed. She was dressed in more than him and she felt like a human ice lolly. The girl didn't know how Suna citizens put up with the subzero temperatures at night. Sakura certainly prefered the sweltering heat to this. As the water came to the boil, she distracted herself with making the coffee that had been momentarily shoved to the back of her mind. Sakura didn't look at Kankuro as she sat back down at the table; she didn't dare for fear of blushing again.

"Why are you up now anyway?" Kankuro asked, sitting opposite, "Don't tell me you're still hung up on all this work you've got to do."

"A little." Sakura admitted with a sheepish smile. Kankuro caught sight of the shadows underneath her eyes and the tired look her face held, hinting at more than a few sleepless nights. He leaned across the table with a concerned look on his face, "What?"

"You're still dreaming about them aren't you?" he asked, his brow creased with his serious expression, "That's why you can't sleep isn't it?" Sakura refused to make any eye contact with him after that and merely took another sip of her drink to take away her ability to speak again. The puppet boy's face became angry as she avoided his questioning with her pathetic attempt at distracting herself, "Sakura! Talk to me."

"You know the answer so please don't make me say it." she pleaded, her face looking pained.

"Sakura you should have said something." Kankuro sighed, taking the cup away from her so she wouldn't be tempted to distracted herself, "I told you to come to me if anything's bothering you." He didn't like how stubborn she was, especially if it was causing her to suffer like she was.

"I know but...I don't want you to think I'm some nutcase." Sakura said, scratching her cheek softly.

"I already think you're a nutcase." Kankuro attempted to lighten the mood with a little teasing as he nudged her gently, "But you're allowed to be one. You've lost the two people who meant the most to you so it's alright to be feeling like you do. I've already told you that." Sakura sighed and shook her head.

"It doesn't help the nightmares go away..." she said, "They're always there every time I close my eyes. I can see what they did to each other and...what I couldn't save them from." Her head dropped and patches on the table began to turn darker. Kankuro rushed to the other side of the table, pulling Sakura close to him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." he said, "Don't start crying on me, little girl." However it was too late, Sakura was already snivvelling into his chest. He could feel her tears hit his skin as she sobbed. It was so difficult to deal with someone who had lost so much. He helped Sakura to stand up with his arms still wrapped around her. Leaving the scroll and her coffee behind, the teen led Sakura back through to the living room. She didn't seem to mind as he sat her on his knee, similar to how they had been positioned a few days before when Sakura had broken down the first time. Her head rested on his shoulder while he gently held her close to his warmth. Sakura was grateful for his kindness, despite his normal teasing. Over the last few days, she'd come to respect him a lot more than she had, "Shhh...It's okay..." he whispered as she sniffed again.

"You keep s-saying that...But it's not okay." she sobbed, "I'm alone...My team is dead. The only boy who loved me is gone and the only boy I loved is with him!"

"Sakura. I don't know if this is something you want to hear but..." Kankuro began, "You need to move on. You're not as alone as you think. You've got Kakashi-san and Tsunade-sama for one. They care about you more than anyone. That's not to mention all those brats that you're friends with."

"I guess..." she sniffed.

"And, best of all, while you're here you've got me." he grinned, "That's an improvement already."

"Asshole." she said halfheartedly. Kankuro knew she didn't mean it though. He rubbed her back through the soft material of her shirt to try to relax the girl; she felt so stiff from days of being unable to relax at all. Small bursts of chakra seeped through into Sakura's muscles, making her sigh contentedly, "You may be an ass but you're good at that." she smiled into his neck as she felt herself loosening up for the first time in a while. Her eyelids were allowed to droop until they closed completely and Kankuro's ear was filled with her gentle and steady breathing.

"Crap. Now I can't move or I'll wake her." Kankuro muttered to himself as he looked at Sakura's sleeping form. Rolling his eyes, Kankuro shifted himself so that he was lying down on the couch with Sakura snoozing ontop of his chest. He was glad she was asleep since his blush was as deep as hers had been upon seeing him semi-nude. This had to be the closest he'd been to any girl, other than Temari or his mother, in his life. It made him feel a little nervous but he was happy to see that she was sleeping at last. And her face seemed to be completely at peace so he hoped that there would be no more screaming from her.

The midday sun blazed in the cloudless sky, heating up the sand in the village to scorching temperatures. This normally would have deterred most people and made them stay indoors where they could get some shade and cool off, but this was Haruno Sakura Suna was dealing with; she was never one to let a little heat get her down. In fact, she didn't seem affected by it at all as her delicate hands rummaged through the leaves of several plants that dwelled on the outskirts of the village. The pinkette still had things that she wanted to do before she went back to Konoha and one of them was developing a nice new poison to go with the swords that she chose to carry with her now. The girl wanted a poison that was completely unique, yet not deadly; she didn't want to immediately kill using the poison. Where was the fun in that? No, she wanted something that could slowly take down an enemy from the inside out; similar to paralysis but more uncomfortable.

"Hey little girl, whatcha doin'?" came a voice which made Sakura look up. Kankuro was stood over her with an amused smirk on his face, "You know those are poisonous plants, right? Your medicinal herbs are over there." He stretched out his arm to point in the opposite direction where several more delicate plants twisted around each other. Sakura rolled her eyes with a sigh.

"If you must know, I'm looking for a poison to use in battle." Sakura said, "But Suna's poisons are so boring." A giggle escaped her lips as she stood up before turning to Kankuro with a mischievous smirk on her face, "Time for a little experimentation methinks."

"Our poisons aren't boring, Haruno, they're efficient and reliable." Kankuro pouted, "There's a difference."

"They all kill in the same way. I want excitement." Sakura whined, "There were a couple of plants which caught my eye. A bit of genetic splicing might be in order."

"What is with you Konoha ninja and genetic splicing? First Orochimaru and now you!" Kankuro exclaimed. Sakura shrugged with a sigh.

"I'm experimenting on plants. Orochimaru experimented on humans. There's a difference." Sakura said as she turned back to the plants she had been examining.

"Hey. Plants have feelings too." Kankuro joked.

"Then why are you here? Going to politely ask them to give up their toxins for your puppets are you?" Sakura smirked.

"Hell no. I'm gonna rip it out of them." Kankuro grinned, "I'm just heartless that way." The pinkette elbowed the older teen playfully with a quiet chuckle at his hypocrisy. She wandered over to the part of the greenhouse which held the plants that thrived in wetter soils and pointed to a large one which was twisting its way up a thick rod which had been thrust into the ground beside it. Kankuro noticed that she looked so much more rested after the previous night, the bags under her eyes were gone and she seemed a lot more perky. It seemed his comforting had done the trick. She had left before he'd woken up, leaving him half naked on the couch with a note stuck to his chest.

"That one's incredible." she smiled, "It's one of the only ones with a little originality to it."

"You have good taste, I'll give you that." Kankuro chuckled, "I grew that myself. Nasty bugger it is too. It reacts to the chakra fed to it and its poison takes on a different property apparently."

"Who knew Suna had something so cool?" Sakura smirked, "It's too bad I can't take some with me. Konoha doesn't get the rain needed to sustain it."

"Neither does Suna. I have to literally drown it every day." Kankuro sighed, "But an aspiring geneticist like you should have no problem creating a hybrid right?"

"It would be good to experiment." Sakura said, toying with the idea. It was such an attractive proposition too; if she was able to take another plant's growth properties and combine it with Kankuro's plant's toxins then she could in theory take some of it back to Konoha and grow some for herself there. It would be fun to see what kind of effects her own brand of the poison would have. Kankuro watched as the pinkette mulled it over in her head; this was what he didn't like about leaf ninjas; they thought too much. Many of them didn't act on impulse like he did and it annoyed him. Covertly swiping the scalpel out of the girl's medical pouch, Kankuro stepped forward and cut a portion of the plant off and thrust it into Sakura's hands.

"Take it and get going." he sighed, "If I have to watch you think all day I think I'd go insane."

"A-Arigato." Sakura said, stunned as she looked down at the cutting in her hand. It truly was incredible too; the plant was already adapting to being cut and was trying to re-grow some of its roots right there in the palm of her hand. Kankuro's face held a smirk as he twirled the sharp medical implement in his fingers, "Where did you-"

"Your pouch." Kankuro smirked.

"Dirty thief." Sakura huffed as she snatched the scalpel back from him and thrust it back into its previous home. She swiftly turned from Kankuro and rushed to the plant she wanted to combine with the one that the puppet boy had cut for her, taking his offering as permission to take some if she wished. Sakura made sure to take only what was absolutely essential so that Kankuro and his comrades still had enough left to use for their own weaponry. She shook her head in disbelief at the plant's ability to re-grow its roots even after being separated from the main body.

"You done yet?" Kankuro sighed, trying to look and sound bored when he was actually just as interested in this new poison that she would create as Sakura herself was. She nodded with a grin and bounded over to the table that she hadn't used since she had saved Kankuro the year before. She could remember mixing up the antidote with a couple of Suna medical ninjas. They had been surprisingly ill prepared way back then and seemed even more so now. The only area where they were better equipped than anyone in was poison development, and that was only because just three of Konoha's ninjas specialised in poisons.

Kankuro watched as Sakura began to rummage through the greenhouse's storage facilities to find the equipment that she needed. It was typical in his mind of a Konoha shinobi to know so much about genetics; they had been the leading authorities on the subject for decades thanks to Orochimaru and Tsunade. Being the Hokage's pupil, he wasn't surprised that Sakura was well versed in it too. His brow creased when all he saw Sakura do was just replant the cuttings, "What was the point in that?" he demanded.

"You don't honestly think I can cross-pollinate these things myself do you?" she asked incredulously. She shook her head from side to side with a sigh, "I have access to as many insects as I want to do that for me."

"Oh. That bug guy...Shino wasn't it?" he asked.

"Got it in one." Sakura grinned, "Of course..." her face dropped, "It could take years to get the desired effect, even with Shino's help."

"You'll have to wait for the new plant to grow each time." Kankuro said with a grimace, "Man you Konoha ninjas don't half enjoy making things difficult for yourselves."

"That's what makes us the best." Sakura smirked, oozing confidence, "We're persistent." Kankuro just rolled his eyes and waited for Sakura to seal the plants away in the scroll that she had taken with her, "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some 'persisting' to do all over Gaara's ass."


"I'm gonna tell him what he can do with your shit hole hospital." she smiled. The pink haired medical ninja bounced away with more energy than was really needed if you were going to face almost certain death like she was. Kankuro had to admire the girl for her dedication to medicine but she was about to try to interfere in a village where she holds absolutely no standing. The puppet master had to wonder if she had a death wish or at the very least a desire to end up inside that 'shit hole' hospital she was talking about. Although, Kankuro did agree with her on one point; the hospital was a shit hole. He never truly understood why it had to be made of sand other than it's easier for Gaara to rebuild should the village get attacked. Other than that, it served no purpose but to stand there looking like an eyesore in amongst all of the shiny new, brick buildings that were so much more sturdy.

Never being one to miss out on some conflict, Kankuro ran out after Sakura with the express intention of getting a front row seat to the argument of the century. Gaara's bad moods made Kankuro on a bad day look like a snivelling wet kitten. Sakura on a good day made him look like that. Two strong personalities clashing like that...He'd be a fool to miss it.

In Sakura's mind she was going over how she would approach the subject with Gaara. After being attacked and nearly killed by him once before, she know how volatile he could be. Mind you, he didn't have the Shukaku inside of him anymore so he could have changed drastically temper wise. Even so, she was dealing with the Kazekage and would need to be delicate when insulting part of his village. Sakura was only trying to make the place better equipped should anything happen but others might not see it that way. Most likely the soft yet direct approach would work here; it usually did for people like Kakashi so why not for her?

Kankuro reached out and steered Sakura in the right direction when she decided to take a wrong turn that would have ended up with her being in the opposite end of the village, "For a ninja, your sense of direction is shocking." he teased.

"For a ninja, your ability to keep quiet is shocking." Sakura said sharply, a faint blush on her face. She raised an eyebrow when Kankuro's hand didn't remove itself from her shoulder. In fact, it gripped slightly more firmly than before but he just carried on staring out in front of him like nothing was happening. Sakura shook her head. He didn't need to steer her like this. It wasn't really necessary. The puppet master guided Sakura down the most direct route to the massive sand structure with the kanji symbol for 'Wind' on a sign placed high up on the outside of the building. Now Sakura felt even more stupid because the building was actually quite obvious and stood out amongst all the others, yet somehow she had nearly got herself lost.

The inside of the Kazekage mansion was a lot different to the one that the Hokage had back in Konoha. While Konoha's embodied the natural resources that were available to them, Suna seemed to want to import items from other lands to furnish their homes. It made sense since the place really didn't have too much wood to make the tables and chairs that it needed. Sakura recognised some of the furniture as coming from Konoha. It all looked very extravagant and she felt bad for berating Kiba for moaning about having to lug it to Suna.

"Impressive stuff huh?" Kankuro asked as they passed a fountain which seemed to be of Iwagakure origin. It was amazing just how friendly everyone had become since the Alliance a year before. That camaraderie hadn't faded one bit it seemed.

"A bit too extravagant for me." Sakura said, "Mind you, when you live near to forests and stuff, you tend to like simple living."

Kankuro frowned. When he looked back to the times he had visited Konoha, he couldn't remember many extravagant things. Everything seemed to be built for a purpose and fulfilled that purpose to the best of its ability. Just another way that Konoha was vastly superior to Suna, "Stop showin' off, little girl. Konoha's not so great."

"That's why we kick your ass in everything we do, is it?" Sakura laughed, licking her tongue out at the young man before taking off at a jog down the corridor to avoid the punch aimed at her. She knew better than to stay still after just insulting Kankuro and Suna like that. She chuckled to herself as Kankuro flung every insult he could think of to describe Konoha at her, following her down the corridor until they both skidded to a halt outside a very large wooden door. Kankuro stopped his tirade, still glaring at her, and extended his arm to point at it.

"You want Gaara? That's his office." he said.

"Thanks." Sakura said, suppressing a smirk at how pissed off Kankuro actually was. It seemed his loyalty to Suna was as great as her own to Konoha. Although, she couldn't help but think that he might have been overreacting just a little bit; after all, she had only been teasing him. The pinkette walked past the puppet master, hearing him mutter under his breath about 'little brats'. Sakura decided to ignore that since she needed a clear head to deal with the Kazekage who was sure to be a tough cookie. White teeth gently bit down on the girl's bottom lip as she pressed her ear to the door. It was faint but the sounds of different voices could be heard and the word 'pink' was thrown around a couple of times. The only thing in Suna that was pink was her. Her knuckles rapped on the wood a couple of times before she was brave enough to open the door of her own accord.

Sure enough, the council (or what was left of it) was gathered around a large circular table with Gaara sat in the grandest seat. His brow creased as he raised where an eyebrow should have been, "Sakura-san? What are you doing here?" he asked, not really sounding all that angry. That surprised Sakura as she was technically interrupting what could have been an extremely important or confidential meeting so that she could have her own little rant.

"Um..." Sakura began, "I was wondering if I might be able to talk to you about an important matter." She had never been more thankful that her shishou had taught her how to speak to those who held the office of Kage; there was a specific way that, if you got it wrong, meant you could end up insulting someone inadvertently.

"I am busy." Gaara pointed out, "But I can listen to you later. Or you can talk to Kankuro about it. He's very good at listening apparently." Sakura saw his eyes flick behind her a small smile twist his face, making him look completely different. Kankuro's chuckle made Sakura think that she was missing out on some kind of inside joke. Nevertheless, Sakura needed to speak to Gaara personally.

"I'm afraid it has to be you Kazekage-sama." Sakura said, "It's kind of urgent." A moment of thought followed this statement in which Gaara's eyes flicked once again to Kankuro. Sakura looked too and saw Kankuro nod to his brother, the two boys sharing an unspoken conversation. The pinkette would never understand the complexities of having a brother.

"Go on. What seems to be the problem?" the burgundy haired boy asked, leaning back in his seat. Each of the councillors were staring at Sakura too, some of them more critical in their gazes then others.

"Well...It's about the state of the hospital." Sakura said, "I hope I don't sound too pushy but it's...well...shit."

"Nicely put." Kankuro sniggered behind her before yelping when she stood on his foot with her heel.

"I see nothing wrong with the hospital as it is." Gaara shrugged, "If that's all you can-"

"No!" Sakura snapped, "You can't have a hospital made of sand!" Everyone in the room winced at the volume of the girl's voice, except for Gaara whose eyebrow area had risen again. It was obvious that not many people dared to talk to the Kazekage in such a manner. However, this was a subject close to Sakura's heart and she would not let it drop. She wanted to help Suna get better in terms of medical prowess, "Sand is made when a rock is broken down by water right?" Gaara nodded, "What is a rock?"

"Earth." Gaara answered.

"Another way of putting it would be...dirt." Sakura frowned, putting her hands on her hips, "A breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites that cause infections. If you make a hospital out of sand, then the risk of infection will be increased dramatically."

"Sakura-san it is merely more-" Gaara began.

"I know about how it's easier to rebuild if the village is attacked." Sakura said, rolling her eyes. All pretence of etiquette was cast off to the wind as she spoke frankly to Gaara. Kankuro chewed the inside of his mouth, waiting for the moment when Sakura would cross the line, "But in a war situation, a hospital is the root of a village's strength. Why do you think Konohagakure is so strong?"

"Because you have highly skilled ninjas." Gaara said.

"Maybe you don't understand because you've only been injured twice in your entire life but...It doesn't matter how strong your shinobi are," Sakura sighed, "If they die from their wounds, they're useless. Konoha is strong because we focus a lot of our resources on our medical corps."

"Resources that Suna just doesn't have." one of the councillors chirped up.

"You don't have the money to build a hospital out of bricks?" Sakura asked, raising a pink eyebrow.

"This isn't a rocky area Sakura-san." Gaara said, "The price of the imported bricks and mortar would cripple us." Sakura mentally cursed. It didn't matter how effective her argument was, if Suna didn't have the money to build a hospital then her efforts would be completely in vain. Gaara understood just how much this meant to Sakura; he could see the passion shining in her eyes with every word. It was nice to see such a thing but unfortunately, he couldn't give her what she wanted, no matter how much he'd have liked to, "If there was another way of getting the materials then we would consider what you've said. But as there is not...well...needless to say that we can't build anything." He genuinely seemed apologetic for this development which made Sakura feel a little better. It wasn't just him being difficult because she was an outsider.

"Damn..." she muttered, clenching her fists.

"Indeed." Gaara sighed, "I'm sorry Sakura-san but I've got a meeting to finish. Kankuro? Can you take care of her please until I get back?"

"Yeah, sure." Kankuro said with a nod before guiding Sakura out.

"And Kankuro," Gaara spoke up again. The puppet boy turned around, "Please do not tell her anything about what we talked about last night."

"Of course." Kankuro smirked, "I never knew you were such a softie though Gaara. Now you're thanking people. What is the world coming to?" The redhead rolled his eyes at his brother's playful teasing.

"Don't you have a woman to listen to?" Gaara chuckled. Kankuro laughed as he shut the door behind him.


Kakashi's eyes flicked up from the file he had taken from the top of the pile when the front door swung open without warning, allowing Sakura to march into the living room. Her face looked troubled, as if she had been denied something she really wanted and was trying to figure out a way to get it anyway, "Hello Sakura, Kankuro-kun. Did you find what you needed?"

"Yeah..." Sakura said as she sat herself down on the couch, "Thanks to Kankuro I got cuttings from two plants so that I could develop my own poison."

"Really?" he asked. That sounded very generous for a Suna citizen. His eyes flicked to Kankuro himself. He looked slightly embarrassed by what Sakura had said. Kakashi guessed that he had been trying to make amends and thank Sakura even more for all the work she had done to help him and Gaara, "But something else is wrong, am I right?"

"She tried to get Gaara to build a proper hospital." Kankuro said, "But we just can't afford to import the materials so that plan is a washout."

Kakashi's brow creased as he looked at Kankuro, "Really? I would I have thought you had the best materials possible to build such a thing." Kankuro's confused expression made him elaborate further, "Do you have any Earth style ninjutsu users?" he asked.

"A few...why?" Kankuro asked before Sakura jumped up with a gasp.

"You freakin' genius Kakashi-sensei!" she squealed happily, turning to the man and hugging him tightly.

"Care to explain for those of us who don't speak girl-squeal?" Kankuro asked, folding his arms. Sakura bounded over to him with a broad grin.

"Remember what I said about sand being made by broken down rock?" she asked. Kankuro nodded, "Well...if we can get some skilled earth jutsu users, we can turn some sand back into rock! That way, you'll have a proper hospital in no time!" Sakura seemed to radiate glee as she plotted how to get around the problem of having no materials to get her vision made into a reality. Since Kakashi could use earth jutsus too, she knew that they'd have enough bricks to build ten hospitals before the day's end, "Right. Kankuro, you get some earth users and meet me and Kakashi-sensei down near the hospital okay?"

"I guess I've got no choice." Kankuro smirked as he sauntered out. He couldn't help but wonder how Gaara would react to what Sakura was doing. The pushy little girl was going to overstep the mark soon, he was sure of it.


Kankuro arrived at the hospital's grounds to see the nurses emptying the building of all of their medical equipment, putting it into large boxes that littered the soon to be construction site. Sakura was proudly stood telling everyone where to put the stuff while she fitted exploding tags around the base of the main building, connecting them to each other as she moved around. The men and women behind him had no idea what they were being called to do or why Sakura was attempting to destroy the hospital. Even more curious was why everyone was willingly helping her to do so, "Oi! Little girl! I've got what you need!" Kankuro shouted over.

"Great!" Sakura grinned, fixing the final tag to the doors and bounding away, "That was quicker than I'd thought." Her eyes rested on the five people he had found. It wasn't as many as she had expected but it was more than enough to do what she wanted since she and Kakashi would also be helping, "We've got everything set up to get rid of the old skanky hospital and I've sent a message to Tsunade-shishou asking for blueprints for our hospital."

"Damn...you're really gettin' into this." Kankuro smirked. It was a massive change from the girl he'd met weeks ago.

"Of course! This is my specialty." Sakura smiled.

"We're gonna owe you big time. Again." Kankuro groaned, rubbing the back of his neck. He didn't like being in anyone else's debt for any length of time and Sakura just kept doing things that meant he and Suna would always be endebted to her. Sakura sighed before pulling out the master tag that would set off the other explosives.

"Aww...Can I make it up to you?" Sakura pouted, "I know how much you like to blow shit up so..." She had barely finished when Kankuro's hand snatched the tag from her, his eyes brighter and a wierd grin on his face. Sakura signalled for everyone to get out of the way before Kankuro chanelled chakra into the tag, sending a jolt down the almost invisible chakra thread which bound it to the first explosive tag. Kankuro giggled as the first explosion shook the area, followed by a second and a third. Sakura shook her head; Kankuro definitely enjoyed it too much. Typical boy. Sakura turned her attention to the men and women who had accompanied Kankuro, "Okay. I need you guys to summon large blocks of earth. Not sand. Earth." she said. The five looked at each other nervously before stepping forwards. They saw Kakashi weave a few handsigns before slamming his hand to the ground, summoning a colossal monolith made of earth. It was as tall as the old hospital had been. Sakura motioned to it, "Like that." she grinned before bouncing over to it. With a chakra enhanced shove, the monolith fell to the ground and made the sand shudder beneath its weight. The stunned five watched Sakura channel her own chakra into a more corporeal shape until it looked slightly like a net made of chakra strings. They began to crackle with electricity before the net was lowered onto a section of the block. A loud sizzling accompanied it as the lightning enhanced net cut through the earth until it was small, rectangular blocks.

"She's really into this." Kankuro muttered, "It's a little scary."

Watching Sakura getting stuck into slicing through the stone inspired everyone else to work just as hard. Kakashi and the other earth users summoned more huge blocks of earth for Sakura to cut up. Even though the amount of bricks that the blocks could provide was immense, the blueprints that Sakura had sent off for needed hundreds of thousands of bricks as it was supposed to build a hospital that rivalled Konoha's in size and shape. There would be a lot more work that needed to be done before she could leave them to build the hospital themselves. Still...she needed to get back to Konoha. There were things that she needed to do there as well.

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