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Note: Nana fic. Because Nana should get love too.

Maternal Instincts

She didn't know how Nana did it.

Rachel envied her sometimes. She would watch Nana take care of everyone, all day long, no matter how tired or busy or upset or sore she was. She would watch Nana bake cookies with Tim, have tea with Will, help Katherine prepare for her date with Adam, make sure Jonas wasn't pushing himself too hard and would listen to the worries that weighed him down.

And she would be there for Rachel. No matter what. She helped her when Tim had attacks. She held her and stroked her hair whenever Rachel broke down and cried. She listened to Rachel's fears and burdens and would always know the right thing to say.

Nana was a rock. A constant that never faltered. She grieved, and she cried, and she hurt, and she grew weary; Rachel was often there to see it. But the moment she was needed, she was there.

Rachel wished she knew how Nana handled it. She wished she knew how Nana could sit there, telling her that everything would be okay as she wept over Nana's own son. Rachel wished she could be there when Nana finally wept over Caleb herself.

She just didn't know how Nana did it. How Nana could make it through the day. But Nana always did.

Rachel was fumbling through motherhood, struggling to be a widow and raise just one boy. She felt selfish for breaking down when Nana lost her husband with two boys to raise, and nobody there for support.

But Nana never showed any bitterness. There wasn't a single sign of resentment. She was happy to help. She loved being everyone's mom. She took care of them all, and she always told Rachel it was her purpose these days.

"Care for and protect. That's what a mother does. And I've never stopped being a mother. Never stopped loving it, either," she'd say at the end of the day.

And Rachel just didn't know how Nana did it. But she hoped she could one day live up to it.