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My life had finally started to turn around. I had a family that loved me, a wonderful bunch of friends that supported me, an extraordinary boyfriend… The list goes on. But now, my life seemed to be in turmoil once more.

He took me from everything I loved: my home, my school, my life in general. I was a captive for his own personal games.

My mind raced into overdrive while looking into this man's eyes. They held desire, something I'd never seen before. They held lust and pleasure, something that made me feel sick to my core. He wanted to hurt me. He wanted me to be his slave. My first instinct was to try and escape but there was nothing I could do. My strength was pathetic and I was plainly just weak. If I tried anything, he would kill me automatically or torture me on the worst possible ways. This man was a monster, a servant for the Devil and apparently enjoyed it. There was no way of escaping.

In truth, I'd never be able to save myself. I had been captured, threatened and fooled… fooled into thinking that my life could be normal for once… fooled into thinking that I was free from hurt and sorrow. My life was no longer worth living; that man had obviously made that happen. I was meant to be a slave and serve this man and nothing more.

I was done, and nothing could change that.

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