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Chapter 12

James and the boy

Bella's Point of View

A large smirk played on his face as he stared directly in my eyes. "So now you remember me. Took you too long if you ask me, my little puppet," James explained, tightening his grip on my chin painfully. Why was this man after me now? What had I done to him that was so terrible that he wanted to torture me this way? And hurt the family I loved in the process? That wasn't right… The only family—beside my mother—that ever cared for me... all gone because of this one man.

"What do you want with me?" I asked, gritting my teeth in pain as he kept his pressure on my chin, forcing me to look at him.

"Why, just to keep you for my own personal amusement, of course," James explained, that sadistic smirk still on his face. That smile made my blood run cold and chills run down my spine. Only one man has ever done that to me: my father. "To have the possibility to ruin your life was fun but to be hired to make your life a living hell and destroy you, then that was simply the icing on the cake." Wait, someone hired him? Who would do that? "And honestly, this is the most fun I've had in quite some time. You're such an easy prey… so easy to fool. And I—"

"Who the hell hired you?" I screeched, forcing him to let go of my chin, but he slapped me hard, making my head snap to the side. My head pounded even more as he slapped me. The head wounds I received in the car accident opened up and started bleeding once more, slowly trickling down my forehead. James once more grabbed my chin and made me look at him.

"You will not interrupt me in my own house. Did no one teach you manners?" His smirk returned to his face and he continued to speak. "I do owe your father this much, he quite loves to make your life miserable. And he wants oh so badly to see you dead that it will be my pleasure to grant him this as he rots in jail because of you. Charlie was quite a good friend and you had to put him away, didn't you?" James answered angrily as he let go of my chin long enough to grab my hair and pull it back painfully, making me whimper. But that small whimper ended up getting me a punch in the stomach. "You're such a monster, putting your own father away in jail."

"You're… one to talk…" I answered painfully, my breath coming in ragged pants while looking him directly in the eyes. He let go of my hair, stepped back and smirked a little before sending a right hook directly into my jaw, making me taste some blood in my mouth.

Coughing up a little blood, he crossed his arms and watched me in amusement. "Thank you for the compliment but you will speak only when spoken to. From now on, you'll speak only when I give you the order to, just like when you were following my orders on the phone, do you understand?" James requested, never breaking eye contact with him.

"What…? Like your slave…?"

"Yes, until I decided that you are better off dead than alive, which is very tempting at the moment. You are such an insolent pest that I am very tempted to kill you off painfully. But unfortunately, my love wouldn't be very happy if I killed you now," James explained, pacing ever so slightly back and forth in front of me.

"Who's your love…? Your ego…?" I answered, trying very hard to be strong and not give him what he wants, which would be my desperate cries and pleas for him to return me to a family that might not ever want me again. He wants to break me. But he won't. Not while I'm still breathing.

Unfortunately, my little act of bravery infuriated him even more, which resulted in another slap across the face, this time making me see spots.

"I repeat… Insolent. Little. Pest," He said, emphasizing every word he spoke. Stars began to swim in the black spots in my vision and it made me very hard to stay conscious. If James continued to hit me as if I was a mere punching bag, unconsciousness would win me over. "You have such little tolerance for pain, whether it's physical or emotional. Best take you to your room before you end up fainting in front of me and my fun would be over before it even started, which I just can't have," James said before lifting me by my upper right arm, making my body ache in pain from the car accident, and throwing me across the room as if I weighed nothing, making the chair break behind my back. A scream escaped my lips when hitting the cement wall and my fear grew as James approached, leaving the light behind him and concealing himself in darkness. Grabbing the collar of my shirt, he began dragging me across the floor and up the stairs, keeping me bound as the pieces of the chair slid from under me. "Pipe down. You're starting to really give me a headache. And I'm not very nice when people annoy me to the point of getting a headache."

He sounded so much like my father… No wonder they were friends. Two criminals stuck together until the end, right?

James dragged me up stairs, through corridors and finally came to a wooden door. Looking around through the blurriness and the pain, my mind detected that we were in a cabin. And it seemed to be a large one at that. A few windows decorated the cabin but they were all barred from the outside, meaning no possible way to escape from those. There could be the front or the back door but who knows what James would do if I tried to escape. He would probably kill me the instant I tried to do anything… which means that there wasn't many means of escape… Just great.

My kidnapper opened the door and threw me inside, making me land on the floor painfully. Almost curling in on myself, James walked into the room and placed a metal collar around my neck, locking it with a key. What had he put around my neck? The coldness of the metal brought chills to my body as he stepped back and began speaking again. But not to me. Someone else. "Make sure she's presentable for supper. I want her to cook something and I want it not to be disgusting."

"But—" A young boy began saying but James was already gone, leaving me to turn my head and look at the man sitting on the bed, watching me sadly.

The young boy—he couldn't be more than seventeen years old, maybe a little younger—was sort of beautiful… He might have been sitting but I could tell that he was a good six feet something. His raven-black short hair was dishevelled, as if he had a rough night. And he was quite well built. His face held such a childish roundedness to it, especially in his chin, which made him look younger. But his russet skin held a few bruises, meaning that James was probably beating him as well. And sadly, those deep-set twinkling dark brown eyes looked so filled with pain when he looked at me that it nearly broke my heart—well, what was left of my broken heart to break anyways. But those eyes also made him look mature.

"Who are you…?" I asked in a weak voice, hating myself for sounding this way. But then again, who could blame me, after everything that James just dealt to me?

Trying to move brought enormous pain to my body and the boy stood up, crossing the short distance between us and kneeled by me, starting to undo the ropes around my wrists. "Don't try to move so much. It'll only open your wounds even more," He said as he removed the ropes from around my ankles as well, letting me move a little. My limbs felt very heavy and in a lot of pain but that must have been from the accident. James's beating wouldn't bring on such numbness.

The boy got a first aid kit and began swabbing at my cuts and gashes, trying to stop the bleeding. "I asked you… a question…" I answered, trying to get a name out of him or even some sort of identity. He wasn't someone I knew since his face or his body didn't ring a bell in my mind.

"Sorry, I figured your wounds could be treated before we start giving out names," The boy responded, keeping pressure on the wounds until they stopped bleeding. He wrapped a bit of gauze around my head and looked down at me, seeming to have the same—but smaller—metal collar around his wrist that I had around my neck. What exactly was that all of this about anyways? All of this seemed too unreal… Just like it was some sort of dream that I needed to wake up from. "My name is Jacob, Jacob Black."

"Nice… to meet you… Jacob… I'm Bella… Sorry we have… to meet under these… circumstances…" I said shakily, trying hard to speak through my broken ribs. Jacob didn't seem to mind the fact that he had to start tapping them and he was quite gentle with his hands.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. I'm getting used to it by now," Jacob said, keeping his gaze on my wounds, as if looking at me in my condition at the moment seemed… inappropriate, which I didn't mind at the moment.

"What… do you mean…?" I asked, feeling that my breathing was becoming shallow now.

"He brings girls like you all the time, nearly once every few months. Sometimes, he'll bring them once a month and then… well, let's just say that he has me around to take care of them and their wounds while he's occupied with his new girlfriend." Looking at him with sceptic eyes, he looked up at me for a few seconds and went back to trying to fix my wounds as best as he could. "Don't worry; I never do anything to them. I just fix their wounds and lend them my bed from time to time so they have somewhere to sleep. James just gives them that hay over there to sleep on," Jacob said, nudging over to the stack of hay in the corner of the room then looking back at my taped sides. "Not very comfortable if you ask me."

"You've… been here… a while…?" I asked, feeling a little better now that my wounds were being tended to.

"A few years, yeah… The girls he brought in gave me some company but it never lasted very long… I want out of here but I'm stuck here like all the girls he brings here. It's sick but I can't escape. He won't let me leave… Can't believe I'm related to him…" Jacob said, making my eyes widen a bit in tiredness.

"You're… what…?"

"I guess I should have started with that but… I didn't know what you'd say. It's not something that I like to say to the girls he brings here but I really have no choice but to try and be as nice as I can around him, since I don't want to get a beating or worse. He gets quite angry when he doesn't get his way or when people disobey him." I really do wish he'd get to the point, I thought as he kept on rambling, trying to prolong the truth even more. Jacob sighed and looked me square in the eyes before saying: "James is, quite unfortunately, my uncle."

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