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Notes: Takes place after Jason's death and Tetra and Charlie's confrontation.


It was the very last place that Charlie thought he would end up. In his mind when he had witnessed the pure complicity of Tetra and the genius of the creation, he had pictured the most intricate of labs and cities tucked away in some secluded location. It may have been secluded- this place he had been sent, but advanced was something it lacked in the scientist specialist department.

It seemed like days ago he had finished speaking with the computer about this-and-that ways to bring his brother back. It was a brother that seemed so prone to dangers and life threatening situations ever since he had learned the secret Charlie was keeping. Charlie had thought it was just Karma catching up on him. He had lied so much to keep Jason out of the loop and the day he found out was like the day a years worth of lies coming back to bite him in the butt. And despite all the lies and all the precautions Charlie had taken to keep his little brother out of it, Jason always found a way back in. He was always there prodding around where he shouldn't have been- until now.

Now there was no Jason to prod. He was dead and Charlie still hadn't been able to do anything. He hadn't had to lie to him. He hadn't had anything to hide but he still couldn't be there when Jason needed him most...again. and again. and again. and again. and again. Charlie ground his teeth. If Jason could have just stayed out of his way for once and not taken on the responsibility to look after him then maybe he would still be alive. Maybe it would be Buznik that were dead and not his baby brother-

Charlie shook his head. He couldn't have those thoughts on his mind. He was a hero. He was supposed to save everyone and even Buznik was important. He was important enough at least. He was human after all. Even if he was annoying as hell he was still worth being saved and still worth fighting for. Charlie had a feeling he wouldn't be feeling the same thing when he got back into his home town though. When Percy got rescued from the mountain he would be a bomb just waiting to go off. How much had he seen of Charlie and the mutant's fight? How much would other people believe of it? Charlie was banking on the possibility that they would think the large wrestler was semi-insane from being lost for so long and Charlie's secret would stay safe. Otherwise, Charlie was doomed as Aaron.

There was one thing he was thankful to Tetra for and that was the save. Not only had he provided- as untrustworthy and suspicious as it sounded- a way to save his little brother, but he had given him the transportation to get there. Even if there was the very opposite of what he wanted after trucking through frozen terrain for several days. It seemed he couldn't find a single place that landed right in the middle of too hot or too cold. Here in this place he had been sent seemed like not just one step forwards but forty steps forward at once before he could catching up to his own feet.

"Come on, Chacha. We won't get there by dark if you drag those feet around like that."

Charlie managed the weakest smile towards the small assistant Tetra had given to accompany him on his mission. Charlie had never missed Stan so much in his entire life. The small bot was hardly as large as a volleyball, a buzzing orb or wires, lights and metal. It hovered just around Charlie's shoulders, a squeaking voice that told Charlie the bot was supposed to be a female nearly never stopped from the words it was programmed to speak. Like Tetra- it was a highly advanced machine. It learned and as far as the red and blue lights that changed behind a glass shield, had emotions as well. It wasn't that the bot wasn't friendly or was impatient with Charlie. It was just about overly friendly. She was never silent. She never stopped. If it was a default in her program or made that way for the soul purpose of getting on Charlie's worn out nerves- Charlie would never know. But he decided that it was a flaw in her system as she claimed her name was Demo. Charlie assumed she was the default that had never been tested.

"Chacha is tired." Demo buzzed, her circuits clicking together smoothly in a steady rhythm. She was programmed to speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Arakanese, Armenian, Ashante, Assyrian, Azerbaijani, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Sundanese, both the natural and arabic type, Susu, Swahili, Swedish, Finnish, Flemish, Polish, Portuguese and Portuguese Creole, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Norwegian, Nuer, Oromo, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Dutch- but Charlie's name didn't seem to be in her system at all. It seemed chacha was the closest the creature could get without short circuiting herself. "Does Chacha need sleep? Demo is not tired. Demo can go alllll niiiiiiight looooong!" She sung in that high pitched robotic voice she had going for her. Charlie cracked another weak smile.

He was glad Demo was so talkative and upbeat. It was really what he needed right then. He had been feeding off her programmed false happiness for the past few hours and although he knew very well she wasn't a real living thing- her happiness was contagious and made his feet that much easier at walking forwards and not breaking down where he was.

Even if she talked way too much for such a small android.

"I'm not tired." Charlie lied as he wiped droplets of sweat and salt from his brow before it could sting his eyes.

A blue beam stretched out from Demo's glass "face" and ran the length of Charlie's body. "Scanner says that Chacha is tired. Scanner says that Chacha is a very poor liar."

Charlie rolled his eyes with slight irritation but also some amusement. "Chacha wants Demo to put her scanner away."

Demo was silent for a moment, completely still as it decided what it should do in such a situation as being spoken to. She was usually very fast with computing Charlie's words but on occasion Charlie got the feeling her programs were working faster then the rest of her could shift out the information.

Just when the silence was beginning to make it awkward- the bot began to whir again and the scanner retreated into the bots inner shell. "As you wish, Chacha. I live to serve." Came her happy response. "Correction says Demo. Demo does not live. Demo is created to serve. Apologies to Chacha."

Charlie shook his head. Demo was a good distraction for him. But he was still hurting. Self consciously he picked at his fingernails where they were still stained red underneath with familiar blood. He felt his eyes being pulled that way. Felt it in his heart that now was not the time to break down again but knew that looking would bring such a fit onto him.

"Chacha! I see it! I see the structure ahead!"

Charlie was pulled out of his daze to look ahead of them. Where Demo claimed to see their goal- Charlie could see nothing but stretching orange sand for miles and miles, tinted in the darkness to several different shades under the semi-moon.

"I don't see anything, Demo." Charlie grunted with irritation, grinding teeth for having his hopes brought up only to be dashed right back down.

"Not far at all. Demo can see it. Demo is programmed to see it. Chacha is silly and human. Silly human eyes thinking they can see what Demo can. Silly. Silly Chacha. Demo loves Chacha's silly silliness."

Charlie shook his head but couldn't keep the smallest twitch of a smile off his face. "Sorry, just tell me how much longer, Demo?"


Charlie listened as the android buzzed and clicked out a measurement before singing back to life, the lights on her "face" tilting in a way that hinted at enjoyment and excitement.

"Processed. 8 hours. 1.92% of one day. 480 minutes. 28,800 seconds. 28,800,000 milliseconds. 490,346,102,7-"

"Alright, Demo. That's enough. Thank you." Charlie cut her off with a wave of his hand. "Eight hours then..."

That could feel a hell of a lot longer in Egypt.

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