It was close to midnight on the houseboat, MacGyver was getting up to retrieve a bottle. Only a few hours ago, he had found a new-born on his friends plane. As MacGyver descended the staircase, a flash of movement caught his eye. He stiffened realizing someone was standing over the crib. It took a moment for him to realize, it was only his friend. The soft squeak of the stairs brought Jack out of his thoughts. He watched silently as Mac leaned against the doorway-watching the child in his make-shift swing. His face currently etched in concern.

"Don't worry I gave him his bottle" Jack informed him, turning away.

"What's wrong?"

The question was unneeded, they both knew what was wrong. It wasn't every day a person received a baby, with a note from an ex-girlfriend saying to take care of him. Especially since Jack told him there relationship had ended in an acrimonious split.

"What if he is mine" he murmured, gazing down at the sleeping boy.

"Then you'll make a great father" MacGyver assured quietly. He startled himself by how much truth his words held-he had never meant anything more. Already Jack and the baby were becoming inseparable. It might have started out because of the money but now there was something there. A bond that couldn't be broken between a father and son.

"How can you know that?" Jack asked, his voice drenched in sorrow. "My own father and mother left me when I was barely his age. How do you know I wont be the same?"

Jack suddenly didn't seem like the immature man, he'd known growing up. The one who always had some half-baked get quick rich scam. Instead he seemed like a father, who just wanted to be a role model his son could look up to. MacGyver wanted to tell his friend that he could never became that man, but he couldn't, only time would tell if Jack would turn out that way.

MacGyver sighed, venturing into words cautiously. "You will make a wonderful father...if that's what you chose. This little guy needs a father figure to look up to and I think your just the man for the job." Jack frowned severely, if that's what you chose. Mac couldn't say it...he couldn't be sure. Hell! He couldn't even be sure he wouldn't turn into the man...that father his son would despise.

Reaching down, he lifted the tiny baby into his arms. The baby's eyes fluttered open to the feeling of being moved and he cooed when he saw his father. Jack found himself staring into light brown orbs, the mirror image of his own. The eyes of a child he had been entrusted to protect.

"I promise! I will never become that father" Jack whispered to the small child.