Rosario to vampire Time, Place, Destiny! Chapter 1 A New begining!

Marin suddenly found herself in a mess of people hastily rushing past her with trays lined with plates of food propped up upon their hands. Marin blinked her eyes in confusion as she tried to take a closer look around at where she now found herself only to get tapped on the shoulder.
The sudden and unexpected action combined with the hellish nightmare she had just been through made her jump into the air.

"Ah!" Marin screamed clearly startled jerking herself around as she struggled to find the person who tapped her upon the shoulder.

"Ehrrr…Excuse me Marin sama….."A young man with black hair and kind brown eyes, who Marin thankfully recognized as Mr Ying her new assistant manager, looked at her kindly.

"I'm sorry for startling you….Um….I'm afraid that we have once again ran out of food in the freezer I was about to go get some more."

Marin swallowed as she struggled to take in what he said to her.

"I…I its fine Ying go and get what you need…." Marin said quickly as her eyes franticly darted around the room. Marin felt her pulse race as her eyes as thankfully took in the familiar bright colored walls, and her ears heard the loud clanking and banging of pots, pans and dishing that seemed to make up a happy little hum of a special type of music that she had learned to associate with only one special place in her life.

Her nose soon caught a meridian of freshly cooked foods being made sending a feeling of warmth and a tingle of happiness throughout her body. Everything she now experienced including the shocking but never unwelcome appearance of a familiar face lead her to one impossible but inescapable concussion even as the answer now was beginning to emerge from inside her mind.

'I'm home…..I'm back….I'm back at the inn...'
Marin thought still shocked yet not daring to believe it herself as she rushed out of the kitchen. Running to the nearest window she could find she thrust it open only to find much to her shock and happiness to see the bright sandy beach stretching out and the blue ocean happily beating against the shore as kids and adults ran and played happily in its waters as the salty sea air hit her face.

"I don't believe it….This can't be real…." Marin gasped as she ran to another window and threw it open only to get a breath taking view of the city of Tokyo with its massive sky scrapers and assorted buildings catching the light of bright sun hitting them. The happy hum of traffic as it buzzed along the roads reached her ears.

"Hello Tokyo you've never looked so good! Oh its good to be home!" Marin shouted happily as she hugged herself letting sights, smells and sounds around her immerse her in the breath of life that flowed all around her.

"Sun…I have to find Sun!" Marin shouted eager to find the Siren youki she thought of as a daughter. A rush of voices soon greeted the humans' grateful ears as her eyes soon found the dark haired youki girl, dressed in a black a white maid uniform with a smile on her face happily serving a bunch of teenage boys who were staring at her lustfully. The siren happily smiled at the human she had come to think of as her adopted mother, as she quickly deposited the drinks and food on their table and gave the perverted teenagers their change as she dropped her tray on the nearest table only to rush into Marin's arms and enveloped her in a big hug.

"Sun…Oh thank the kami that your safe I was worried….Do you know what happened…I mean assuming that that thing actually happened at all and I'm not crazy?" Marin muttered the last part to herself as she struggled to put into words the events of the last few hours or was it days.

Sun quickly grabbed her sketch pad and wrote.

"I don't know what happened either….I just know that it did….."

Marin quickly pulled Sun away from the table of teens and into her office .
Sun then wrote . "I remember everything the world ending and the demon youki….…..I remember them invading and I sang my song of protection to protect the other youki and humans but then suddenly I found myself here dressed in this maid outfit…..The humans I've met seem to not remember anything. We have to find the others…"

"Yes Sun lets find the others….." Marin said quickly as she grabbed Sun's hand and went to the door only to see what amounted to a mad house of activity in front of her inn.

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