Rosario to vampire Time, Space, Destiny! Chapter 49 Rise of the House of Wong! Part 1 Fong-Fong's Negoseations.

Tim-Tim sat in a chair sipping tea slowly. A maid came up beside her and informed her that her bath was ready.

"Thank the Kami that Fong-Fong is handling the mess he has made with the other mob bosses. It seems that what he said and did last night was true then….I'm going to have to talk to him further but right now…..Ohhhh I have blisters in places I didn't even know I had…..Not even eight hours of training in the martial arts could give me ach's and pains like this…..But it was worth it to go rushing around the human malls baby shopping and hear all the ladies be they human or youki in human disguise say how cute Ranma was…..After my bath I'll have Fehui rub my feet….." She sighed as she got up only to have another servant this time a man dressed in black suit and tie.

"Excuse me but we have a situation ma'am…..You ordered us to check the lab where Fong-Fong found the baby and I'm afraid that we found something rather disturbing. You're going to have to see it for yourself. Also you ordered us to check the baby's DNA to see what type of youki he is. Well we did ma'am and I'm afraid that there is a something all of you need to see." He said hesitantly.

Fong-Fong resisted the urge to press his hands against the black suit and tie he had on as he looked at his father, whom had on a similar clothing. The two youki sat in two overstuffed chairs looking intently at the other two youki mob bosses, along with their small army of guards whom had gathered at the Deadly Desires strip club that had been agreed upon as "neutral territory."

Fong-Fong quickly found the table that sat between his father, himself and the other mob bosses interesting as his cheeks were quickly stained red with the fire of his blush. The young youki quickly averted his eyes from the scantily clad succubi flapping their leathery wings, while thrusting their chests up in the faces of the two human looking youki. Yet not one succubi danced, nor tried to seduce Fei-Huin nor Fong-Fong as if they were scared of the two of them.

"You boy, you don't look like a strong enough youki to have destroyed Fairy Tales China division not to mention supposedly killing several of Fairy Tales leaders and assuming control of their operations." A man dressed in a tailor made suit of the finest silk said skeptically, as he reached up and cupped the chin of the busty succubus whom was stroking his bald head. The youki's golden eyes were filled with lust and it was clear that paying attention to Fong-Fong and taking either youki of the house of Wong seriously was the last thing on his mind.

"I agree," the other youki said arrogantly as Fong-Fong watched another succubus run one of her hands through his clean cut dark hair. While she used her other hand to caress his chest through his dark itallian suit. The youki boss narrowed his dark eyes at Fong-Fong, "However my sources tell me to take you seriously….So lets get on with it shall we….Don't make me sorry I came here boy. Remember your playing with the big boys now…." He said dangerously.

Fong-Fong silently took a deep breath as he said.

"Well I'll keep that in mind. Now I'm sure with all of your collective wisdom I'm sure that all of us will be able to work out an arrangement, which will be mutually benifical and enable us a avoid any unpleasant confrontation between all of our factions. But before we get started the house of Wong would like to give each of you a gift to show all of you our…..Intentions. Then we can talk."
Fong-Fong reached up with his right hand and snapped his fingers.

Then two men in dark suits entered the room each of them carrying a large box wrapped in beautiful pink wrapping paper with a bright yellow bow on top of it with a small card upon which was written their respective names.
Each of the men sat their packages down on the table in front of the two youki bosses.

"Go ahead and open them, I think all of you will be interested in what is inside." Fong-Fong said cryptically as he picked up a large glass filled with saki and swirled it around in a subtle flick of his wrist.

Each mob boss slowly began to run their hands across the wrapping, beginning to unwrap the package even as each put their hyper sensitive youki eyes, nose, and ears to work straining to detect anything out of the ordinary in regards to the mysterious gifts from the house of Wong.

The first boss, the youki with the bald head opened his only to get the smell of copper rise up from within the box as he looked at the blood stained wrapping paper covering the object inside.

"Blood….What is this some kind of joke?" He snorted.

The boss took another sniff as if to confirm its containts.

"Blood…." The boss narrowed his eyes further at Fong-Fong whom, looked back at him and smiled.

"Fong-Fong what have you done?" Fehi-Huni whispered quietly.

Fong-Fong gave no reply to his father rather as he turned to the boss and said.

"I assure you it isn't dangerous…anymore…..Go on, unless of course you're afraid?" Fong-Fong said with a hint of smugness in his voice.

"Fong-Fong what are you doing?" Fehi Hun hissed dangerously into his sons ear however Fong-Fong ignored it.

The first boss snorted at being insulted by one so young as Fong-Fong as he slowly reached inside only to feel something warm, wet, hairy, and squishy. The mob boss pulled away the bloody wrapping paper that covered the object all the while getting his hands covered in a few inches of blood when he reached inside of the box. He took a hold of the round hairy object and pulled it upwards only to be greeted by the gastly sight of a beautiful looking head with black hair. His red eyes were wide with horror, while flashing a pair of sharp fangs. Its mouth was open as if screaming in pain before its owner had died.

The various well busty succubus whom seconds before were pampering the two bosses with their "affections" scattered like leaves before a angry wind into the dark corners of the strip club.

Each of the six guards that the two bosses brought with them suddenly shifted around uncomfortably and then seemed to know where their guns were and how long it took to draw them for each had suddenly developed a very itchy trigger finger.

If the boss was startled and troubled by the horrific gift from Fong-Fong he didn't show it as he replaced the head back down into the blood that covered the inside of the box. He then swiftly put the lid back on top of the box while letting his hands drip blood down onto the table.

The boss narrowed his eyes at Fong-Fong and said with a hint of amusement and new found respect.

"I was not aware that the house of Wong possessed such iron…Gozu is said to be one of the best vampire assassins in Fairy Tales employ…Next to Lord Shuzens' second oldest daughter Kahula, as well as the House of Miu's Black Devil Akuha and China's divisons Reaper."

Fong-Fong looked at the other boss and nodded for him to open his package.

He seeing his friends "gift" opened it only to find a decapitated vampires head covered in blood. The second boss snorted pretending to not be impressed with Fong-Fong's morbid gift as he replaced the head back into the box.

Fong-Fong flashed a quickly grin at the two bosses as he leaned back in his chair and flicked the saki in his glass around inside it with a flick on his wrist.

"Gentlemen I trust that you believe the rumors that you have heard now…..Believe me when I say that I alone killed both Gozu and Mizu…Along with the others, but lets not get off track here…..I'm not here to make enemies, I'm here to make friends." Fong-Fong said looking from one youki boss to the other.

"Mizu, brother of Gozu…It takes skill and strength to kill a vampire of their caliber. Tell me how were you able to kill these two.….. "

Fong-Fong flashed the two youki a predatory grin that would do a vampire proud as he chuckled darkly and said.

"That's a story for another time I'm afraid, for you see my time here is rather limited. I have to get the limo back by midnight otherwise it turns into a pumpkin and I have to get back before my curfew is up otherwise my poor mother will ground me and I'll never be able to do anything fun like this again."

"So to start of our talk how would the two of you feel about going into a legitimist business practice? You know working with the humans?"

Fong-Fong asked.

The two youki bosses laughed as if Fong-Fong had just told a joke and they were the only ones laughing.

"Ha! I'd rather sell my own mother to human poachers and let them turn her into pair of boots then do what your just said!" The bald youki laughed.

"Think about it, if we form legitimate business's in the human world and, along with our usual youki activies by interacting with the humans we will get riches and power that we haven't dreamed of. That is as long as we don't harm them than we will be fine."

The two youki bosses snorted not believing Fong-Fong's sales pitch.

"Perhaps I need to make the two of you see….What do the humans call it…Ah yes the big picture…" Fong-Fong paused as he looked the two youki.

Fong-Fong then reached into the inside pocket of his suit and took out two pictures from inside it. One was a group photo of Tsukune, the girls, Eoko, Gin, and Fong-Fong standing in front of Marin's inn. The other was of Miyabi and Kahula.

"Look closely at these two pictures, for they show a great deal about the future." Fong-Fong said slowly as he continued.
"Look at everything the humans have done….They have superior numbers and superior technology and they have a, shacky world government. Still they aren't perfect, but what race is. We youki can learn a great deal from them…" Fong-Fong stopped and spread his hands out as if to encompass all the youki in the room.

"Great change is coming the old, chaotic order of things, will be thrown down and in its place will rise anew order…I'm giving the two of you an opportunity to be a part of it. Humans and youki are if you think about it simple creatures if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves….." Fong-Fong said darkly with a small chuckle which sent shivers up his fathers back.

"Fong-Fong you're starting to scare me here. What are you doing?" Fehui-Huni said softly into his son's ear. Fong-Fong ignored his father and continued as he pointed to the picture group photo of Tsukune and his friends.

"Now for those of you who don't know this person," Fong-Fong held up the picture and pointed to Tsukune. "Is the heir of the vampire agency called NightFalls. It handles the day to day interactions on behalf of the vampires with the humans. Its resources and power are vastly superior to Fairy Tale. They have a great deal of humans who work for them. Thankfully all the higher ups all know about vampires and youki in general."

Fong-Fong then pointed to the pink haired vampire that was Moka and said. "This is one of Lord Shuzen's daughters and she is married to the heir of NightFalls."

Fong-Fong then moved his finger and pointed to Kurumu, "This is the current Queen Lilith of the succubi. Her father runs a worldwide law firm, Kronos, which also employees a great deal of humans which thankfully the higher ups know about succubi and youki. They help safe guard the succubi and handle their interactions with the humans, for Succubi sometimes reproduce with humans in order to save their dying race."

Fong-Fong's finger moved to Mizore as he said. "This is the current Snow Queen or Snow Priestess for the Yuki-onna. Yuki-onna are famous for kidnapping human men to give them children to save their dying race."

Fong-Fong moved his finger again this time pointing to Gin as he said. "This is the current head Alpha of the werewolves. Werewolves have a unwritten rule of it being forbidden to mate with humans however its also tradition of them to sometimes looking the other way when one of them transforms a human into one of them as long as that human has wealth and influence in the human world that the house can use.

Over the years a werewolves pack has made a agency called the worldwide agency called the Luna Foundation which handles the werewolves interactions with the humans. The werewolf leader is friends with Gin and the heir of the vampire agency." Fong-Fong paused again as he moved his finger over to the picture of Eoko and said. "This is the leader of The Order of Light which is a group of monks and priests who kill youki for a living. He is a personal friend of the heir of the vampire leader of Nightfalls."

"Just get to the point," The bald youki growled, "Or we will be here all night!"

Fong-Fong let out a small humph as he let his finger drift over to the picture of Ruby and said, "This witch is the personal assistant of The First DarkLord and this," Fong-Fong moved his pointer finger over to the little perverted witch Yukari and said. "This little witch used to be the apprentice of The Old Grand High Witch and her mother now leads the boarder beings."

Fong-Fong picked up the second picture and said. "This if Miyabi Fujisaki current leader of Fairy Tale and this," Fong-Fong pointed to the blond vampire beside him. "Is his wife Kahula whom is also Lord Shuzins's daughter. Now as all of you know Fairy Tale acts as a legal human business and so do the other agencies who help guard the various youki whom I mentioned.

As long as no youki goes about harming a human then The Three DarkLords will not sick their guards on the offenders. Now all the youki in the previous picture are friends of mine and we know each other and all of them are allies of all three DarkLords. Now then when I put all of these facts together I see a great opportunity."

Fong-Fong paused and then said. "Surely all of you can see where I am going with this?"

The other two youki bosses apparently didn't look like they had connected the dots as good as Fong-Fong had.

Fong-Fong looked like a teacher who would have to explain basic math to a bunch of adults whom had smoked their minds higher reasoning and brain functions because of marijuana use.

"Between the three of us we represent the major youki powers in china and I suggest that we work with the other youki and form our own agency that will protect the youki of china and help them prosper, unseen and unknown to humans but for a few whom will help guard our exsistance. As long as we act legal for the humans, and don't hurt them, as well as keep our youki activites secret from them than The DarkLords will have no reason to arrest us for anything.

The best part is Fairy Tale is crippled, and some of whom will end up working for the house of Wong, which give us ample time to lay the ground work and make sure we get off to a good start. I believe that we can expand our legal youki business and our underworld mafias beyond China's borders worldwide like the others. Besides if we succeed then we don't have to destroy Fairy Tale we just have to help the other youki organizations keep it in check. Also considering one of Lord Shuzen's daughters helps run it, I doubt we could destroy it completely. Not only that but as long as Fairy Tale is still around we can use all our illegal activities to get information on them and pass it off to the other agencies who dislike them. So what do you say?"

Both youki bosses looked at like Fong-Fong like he had drank too much for the two of them just laughed at him and his plan.

"I see than it seems that we have nothing further to discuses then….and I have nothing further to say to the two of you except goodbye."
Fong-Fong closed his eyes and reached into the inner pocket of his suit and pulled out a small black box the size of his fist and opened it only for the box to spit fourth its deadly contains in a thick liquid which covered the guards and the youki bosses.

The guards raised their guns and prepared to fire only to stop as if frozen in place by a yuki-onna's ice, however no ice was present. Instead the guards began to drop their guns and grasp at their throats as they fell to the floor screaming. Each then watched in horror as their flesh began to turn a dark grey and shrink back upon them exposing the bony flesh of their youki selves as if it were several sizes too small.

Only to further horrify them as one by one their boney fingers along with bits of their legs, arms. They continued to scream as various parts of their bodies began to shrivel up as they die crumbling into dust to fall upon the floor a hassle for the cleaning crew.
Fong-Fong then looked at the two youki bosses who were also suffering the same fate and said.

"Well I gave the two of you the chance to join we willingly and I could have giving you and your organizations power beyond your wildest dreams however its your loss. Let me give you a piece of advice, the next time a Wong offers you a deal I suggest that you take it, oh that's right there won't be a "next time" for all of you will there. Well I have nothing further to say to the two of you except goodbye."

Fong-Fong spun around bringing his right foot forward kicking one of the guards shattering his broken decaying body killing him, while he brought right hand out sending it through another guards chest reducing him to ash. Fong-Fong letting his right foot fall onto another killing him and his decaying body even as he sent his left hand forward grabbing a guard whom was screaming as his body was being consumed throwing him into four guards sending the dying guard into the four dead youki reducing their bodies to ash crumbling to the floor as he struck them.

Fong-Fong looked as the two youki bosses were standing still as statues as their bodies were consumed turning into dead flesh.
Fong-Fong steped forward bringing the pointer fingers of both of his hands forward giving each boss a gentle push to their fore heads sending them down back onto the overstuffed chairs, their bodies crumbling into dust as they hit covering the chairs in a fine chalk white dust.

"Fong-Fong look what you did! I can't believe what you did! Look at the mess you made!" Fei-Huin screamed shocked to see his son that.

"Father a little mess is unavoidable if you get exposed to pressurized salt acid. But never mind that lets go home." Fong-Fong said as he grabbed his fathers arm and pulled him toward the exit of the strip club.

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