Rosario to vampire Time, Place, Destiny! Chapter 60 Three Plans.

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Miyabi gritted his teeth and fangs as he ripped off his shirt and began to rip out the silver nails that the necromancer Lime Yamaguchi had shot him with.
Ignoring the burns from the silver nails and smoke rising up from his flesh he ripped them out. Picking one up and examining it closely he noticed a sharp smell of garlic as a small drip of greenish liquid dripped from the tip of the nail. The liquid dripped on his bloody chest which shot a blast of pain like he was being electrocuted.

"A hallow silver nail filled with essence of garlic and holy water….Methodical sadistic bitch…Someone is going to get fired for this!" Miyabi growled.

"Kahula are you alright? Kahula?" Miyabi called as he reached over across the bed for the blond vampire that was his wife.

Not hearing a response a bolt of fear went through Miyabi, as he turned over and saw Kahula bleeding heavily from the various silver nails that were impaling her.
Miyabi stretched out his already bloody hands and began to reach into each of Kahula's bleeding wounds to rip out the silver nails. Once he was sure he had gotten them all out and bit Kahula to inject his blood into Kahula to help her heal from the silver, garlic, and holy water.

Suddenly Miyabi found himself in the familiar darkness facing the little dark haired sadistic vampire boy dressed in a small suit who called himself his son.

A large wound on the side of his head gushed blood from it along with a large slash across the boys chest also leaked blood.

"Father listen to me and do what I tell you, for this will be the last time I talk to you." The little vampire boy coughed and Miyabi spotted a large amount of blood in his hand.

"Father the necromancer removed Touhou Fuhai's blood…It hurt sister and I greatly…Mother would have died if it wasn't for us…But its alright…Sister and I have a backup plan….Tell Lotho's to initiate his final programming, it's the final solution to the human problem…Loatho's will guide you through it. Then find out where Mothers annoying half sister Moka's in laws live. Go into the home then dig under the earth deep, deep, down and you will find a body. Tell mother to drink the blood of the person who is entombed there…Keep the body then burn the house down for good measure. AHH!" The vampire boy screamed in pain as he disappeared leaving Miyabi back with Kahula..

The blond haired vampire struggled to open her eyes. Every inch of her body screamed in pain.

"Miyabi what happened?" Kahula whimpered as she fought back the pain even as Miyabi's blood seemed to dumb it down to a dull ache.

"Kahula its okay, its okay you were shot with silver nails but its okay the babies are fine and you'll be alright. Come on lets get you to Fairy Tale headquarters."
Miyabi gritted his teeth as he began to move and put the plan into action.

Ling-Ling shuddered even as she continued to scream inside her own head. The green spiky beetle like creature, the zombiode, sat comfortably inside her head lounging happily a top her brain as it continued to exert full control over her body binding her to its will.

Fong-Fong's sister Ling-Ling could do nothing but watch as she remained a prisoner inside her own body as the creature forced her to obey its will.

Ling-Ling approached the guards dressed in black suits stood guard of the private air strip that belonged to the house of Wong. The guards let Ling-Ling pass without question as she boarded the plane. She quickly started the engines as the plane shot down the run way, lifted off the air strip and into the air toward its destination.


Gin felt his youki senses awash with the thick coppery smell of blood as well as the screams of the dying youki all around him.

The perverted werewolf rushed forward joining in the fight just as a chocolate colored werewolf advanced upon a helpless human.

"Get out of here!" Gin screamed at the human, not needing to be told twice the man ran for cover.
For a few moments Gin froze as he took in the sight of the advancing adversary. At first glance it looked half way normal, however upon a closer look Gin saw otherwise. The werewolf that advanced upon Gin looked like parts of its body had been taken off and appeared to be reconstructed in a sleek silvery metal.

A piercing red laser shot out from the place where its right eye used to be, along with a metallic right arm with razor sharp claws. The disgusting appendage was attached to what remained of its shoulder with a combination of bolts and stitches. The cyber werewolf was upon Gin in a matter of seconds slamming him into a wall. It raised its metallic arm and slashed at Gin with its silver claws. The silver burned Gins flesh on contact as the wolf slammed its claws into Gins chest once more.

Gin screamed in pain as he felt several of his ribs shatter. Gin let his inner wolf take over as he felt himself transform into his wolf self. Long moon kissed fur began to sprout all over his body, his senses began to sharpen as his nose began to expand along with his fangs. Claws replaced his hands that had been used to grope many an attractive female. Gin felt part of himself slip away as he let loose the animal that lay beneath. The cyber werewolf's red eye quickly scanned Gin its master unconsidered about the turn of events.

"So want to play rough do-AH!" Gin suddenly let out a howl as he felt a sharp stab of pain. Gin felt his inner wolf scream in pain as
his concentration and the force of his youki, which allowed him to transform, suddenly began to dissolve all around him forcing him to resume his human form against his will.

The cyber werewolf used its remaining wolf like paw and grabbed Gin's right hand crushing it with its massive strength while at the same time using its other metallic paw grabbed Gin by the throat.

"Gently my pet, gently…..I don't want him permanently damaged." A woman's voice called.
Gin struggled to find the source of the voice as he looked around. Then out of the smoke and fire strutted a woman with lime green hair dressed in a green dress that clung to every curve of her sensual body.

"Hello Miroki Gini, no….Gin…." The woman purred.
Gin growled at the sight of the same necromancer woman whom had desecrated his peoples' graveyards and whom had also spread a plague for Fairy Tale which had killed numerous members of his breatheren.

"I wanted to take your soul when you were near death fighting the head Alpha of the werewolf nation but I admit that I've changed my mind…I've thought of a better use for you." The necromancer, known as Lime Yamaguchi smiled sadistically as she turned to the cyber werewolf that she had created out of the body of one of the dead werewolves and said.

"Heel boy!" The dead wolf's ears perked up atop its head as if it were a simple human dog listening to its masters call. The werewolf lunged forward and slammed Gin into the floor at its mistress's feet like a human dog would brings its master a stick.
Lime looked unimpressed as she swung her right foot forward striking Gin on the head with her green high heel rendering him unconscious.

Ling-Ling landed the jet at an abandoned airfield and quickly made her way to the limo that awaited her and from there into the human city.

It was vast a sea of humans rushed across the sidewalks as the majestic Eiffel tower loomed in the distance.

Ling-Ling signaled the driver to pull off to the side of the road. Ling-Ling quickly got out and rushed off to the narrow edge of a embankment that led to a large grey stone arch way under the street which feed sewer water out into the narrow grate below.

Unafraid of neither the smell nor the disease Ling-Ling immersed herself into the filthy brown water and into the sewers of Paris France she went.

"Neither the smell nor the disease will hurt me because I am already dead." The Zombiode creature muttered amusing itself as it used Ling-Ling's own catchphrase.

Ling-Ling continued further into the muddy water passing the occasional graffiti stained wall filled with human obstinacies in the French language.

The zombie continued onward into the darkness through the maze of stone tunnels until she stopped at a wall and placed one of her hands on it. The stone wall split open giving way to another chamber which was filled with disgusting water. Two men with machine guns, dressed in gas masks and dirty green and brown robes leaped out of the water at Ling-Ling. Ling-Ling used her youki speed and got between them easily as she brought both her hands up and quickly shoved them though the two mens chests then downwards between their legs. Her moon crushing dimensional sword delaying her existence letting her cut them in half. The two humans screamed in shock as they felt their bodies split in two only for their dying scream to be cut short as death took the two of them as their bodies fell lifeless into the disgusting water.
Ling-Ling paid them no mind as she continued onwards.

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