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Warning: Slash, Abuse, Drug Use, Violence, Blood, "Bad" Language, Sex

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Chapter 1: A usual workday


At first, he did not hear it, too damn tired to even recognize anything as he was walking through the empty streets at 5 am. Fucking 5 am. Ever since he had the job -or lets call it pleasure- his whole sleeping-rhythm was messed up. The ravenette-haired, young mans eyes were still half closed as he was on his way to the abandoned house, his work-place, his life, the kitten running after him -or rather right next to him- and the tiny mewling-noises not bothering him at all as he was cursing Randy for waking him at such an unholy time.

Why did he need the damn drugs now? Could he not have waited a few more hours? Maybe till noon? Oh well, wishful thinking. Cody knew exactly not to mess with Randy. When the boss wanted something, he got it, or else you would be in deep, deep shit.

As he passed the last corner, only inches away from their lab, he finally heard it.


It startled him a little. I mean, who would not be startled at that time of the day, in the dark, in that part of town when they heard a noise, any noise? It was not really the safest place to be during nighttime, hell not even during the day.

Turning around, his ebony-brown lashes fluttering fully open, he spotted the small kitten -a mix of white and grey, tiny to say the least, looking as if it did not eat in weeks, wide green orbs blinking up at him. He could not help but smile softly at it, eyeing it suspiciously, as if he had never seen a cat before.

It took him a bit to register that the kitten did not have a tag, probably belonged to no one. At least that would explain the state it was in. Slowly reaching down, his large palm, long, lean fingers petted its head gently, the kitten instantly leaning into the touch, a small, pleased purr escaping its throat.

"You must be kidding me, Codes! You can't keep a fucking cat in the lab?"

The older man was fuming, running a hand through his hair, his icy-blue eyes glaring at the tiny kitten in Cody's lab as it was peacefully sleeping, Cody's palm laying gently on the small form as if to protect it.

"Why not, Randy? Please!"

He fluttered his lashes, ocean-blue eyes pleading, begging with his best puppy-dog look, lips forming the sexiest pout he got. Randy cussed, shaking his head before he let out a long sigh.

"Don't do that to me, Cody Garrett Runnels!"

"Do what?"

The pout had turned into a mischievous grin as he looked up at his boss, his tongue snaking out on purpose to wet his lips, slowly, torturously, seductively. Randy groaned, looking away from the young man, hands on his hips, the snicker from the back of the room not going unnoticed, but being ignored.

Mike watched the whole scene with interest, knowing exactly that Randy was only seconds away from giving in to his youngest employee, his protégé, the smartest kid in town. Besides himself, Cody was the only one who knew how to get to him, who knew how to manipulate him, though Cody rarely slept with the large, tanned and more than toned man -that was more his job.


Cody grinned as Randy gave him the allowance, though he kind of had a feeling that he would have to pay for it later.

"But make sure Chris doesn't find it."

"His name's Teddy!"

Randy's head snapped up as his eyes widened. Clearly he must have heard wrong.

"What? You named the kitten Teddy?"

Cody's grin grew bigger as he nodded, the kitten in his lap slowly stirring to life, stretching its legs out, purring as Cody's lean finger started caressing its ears.


"You're one sick tease, boy."

He shrugged as Randy shook his head, grabbing the package from the table in front of Cody and turning around to leave.

"Stay here! I'll be back in an hour… I need another favor from you!"

As soon as the door slammed shut, Mike made his way over to Cody, kneeling down in front of him as he stared at the small heap in his lap, running a finger over its head, gaining a soft mewl.

"You know that he'll hate you for it?"

Cody glanced down, brow arched as he tilted his head; fingers still rubbing soft circles into the kitten's fur.


"Teddy, you idiot! You know he'll hate your guts for calling that kitten after him."

The brunette looked up at Cody, his hair a mess as always, dimples showing as he grinned at him, smacking his lips.

"But that's your plan, isn't it?"

His own grin matched Mike's as he just shrugged; turning back around in his chair to face the table again, kitten in his lap instantly jumping down onto the floor in slight shock of the fast action.


Both men followed the exploration of the kitten as it made his way through the lab. Sniffling a table leg here, carefully extending a paw and tapping a pen that lay on the ground, tail fierce up in the air and softly purring, as it seemed to like its new home. Suddenly the door flew open and two men stormed in, the kitten seemed to grow twice as big when all hairs stood up straight before it flew under a nearby closet.

"You wanted to see us, Mike?" the largest of the two asked. Mike smirked devilish as he looked at the huge blond, who got weak in the knees from that look. Cody giggled when he saw the way Jake stared at Mike. That guy was so lovesick it was pathetic. He wished he could get Teddy to kneel at his feet the way Jake worshipped Mike.

"Guys… I told you not to storm in here like that, now you've scared Teddy away."

Mike and Cody shared an amused grin before the youngest fell on his knees and peeked under the closet. At the far end, two huge green eyes stared back at him.

"Come on Teddy; don't be scared, those big brutes are innocent."

He made sure he wriggled his well-defined ass, knowing that three pairs of eyes were focused on it. He extended his arm and grabbed the kitten from his hiding place.

He stood up and hugged the cat close, who was already purring.

"You are a sweet little thing, aren't you Teddy?"

He was directing his words to the kitten, but locked eyes with the man it was named after. Ted was frozen on the spot, his mouth hanging slightly open, a confused expression on his face.

"You're so easy to please, aren't you Teddy?"

He rubbed the kitten, which had climbed onto his shoulder, under its chin and the purring increased in volume.

"I wonder if I can make your namesake purr this easily too… You know I always thought I could, but he won't let me try."

Ted blushed a bright shade of red, finally understanding what was going on and he turned around to flee the room.

"Ted, where do you think you're going?"

Mike's voice had a cold ring to it.

Ted stopped, his back still turned to the lab, the doorknob in his hand. He bit his lip hard. You did not want to piss off Mike, not when you enjoyed your life. However, he could not be in the same room with Cody when he was acting like this. It made his stomach squirm, his head fog up and for some reason his pants felt too tight. Those naughty blue eyes, the seductive little pout, the way he purred at the kitten, the words obviously directed at him, it made him doubt everything he knew was good,

"Our Father, which art in heaven…" turning around he murmured the Lord's Prayer under his breath, hoping this would hold him steady. He missed the amused look Cody and Mike shared. The both of them had him tightly under their control, a mix of threats and flirting making him do anything they wished.

Now the teasing and the fun was over, Mike had changed his complete composure. He stood tall, his shoulders square, his expression was deadly serious. He stared the two blonds down. They might be bigger, they might be stronger, but there was no doubt who was in charge.

"We have a problem and I need you to take care of it as soon as possible. It's Cena again. He robbed Carlos of his entire stock."

"Are you sure that he didn't take it himself?"

Cody could not help asking. It was well known that Carlos used almost as much as he sold.

"Yeah… I'm quite sure he didn't beat himself up like that, and by the way he was whimpering; I believe him when he said he was held as gunpoint."

He turned his attention back to the two enforcers.

"He's gotta pay, both for the drugs he took as for the way he took it."

"Do you want him dead?" Jake asked matter-of-factly. Ted whimpered.

"No… Not if he pays up… Just break something… Make sure it's something that hurts like hell and is preferable permanent. Make it clear that this is his last chance. And if he doesn't pay…" Mike slid his hand from side to side in front of his throat. "He's armed now and I don't have to explain you how dangerous that is. And I have no idea where Stephen is. No one has seen him for weeks. So be careful."

Mike was not too happy about this; he felt like he was sending the two men into a lion's den. Cena on his own was bad enough; Cena armed and with the red barbarian nearby was nothing less than lethal. Those two were completely crazy, but they could not let this slip.

"Are you worried about me?" Jake stood only inches from him, while Ted was still frozen on the spot, whispering prayers. Teddy did not really like killing, something with one of the commandments.

"Ah Jakey-boy, I'm always worried about you."

Mike slid his hands across the broad chest to Jake's hips, he took another step closer and allowed Jake to kiss him. The moment their lips touched Mike took control of his mouth. He wrapped his hand in the blond hair forcing their lips together, grinding their crotches together. Jake moaned, his trousers already too tight, hands all over the other. He never wanted this to stop again, he wanted to carry Mike to his bed, he wanted to fuck him here against the wall. However, Mike would not allow him any of these things. Mike smiled against Jake's lips as he felt the younger man become undone. It was so easy, even after all these years he had him right where he wanted him.

"You would be impossible to replace. So remember Jakey, if things get fucked up, you before Ted."

He pulled back to see if his blond understood what he meant. The slow nod reassured him and he rewarded Jake with another fierce kiss, tongues dancing, hand groping the blonde's groin, rubbing him with the heel of his hand. The slow groans of the huge man were intoxicating and for a moment he thought about letting Jake suck him right here, right now. That they were not alone did not bother him at all, and he knew Jake would do anything he asked him. But there was work to do.

He pushed Jake away, "Enough, at least for now." He turned around to glare at Ted who was staring at them with bulging eyes, hands wrenching, his lips still moving in prayer.

"What are you looking at?" he snapped. "It's time to get going, go get ready!"

Ted still did not move, but Jake turned around and disappeared through the door that let to the weapon room. Mike moved like lightning and grabbed Ted by his collar, a vicious look in his azure eyes.

"If Jake gets hurt, I'll fucking kill you."

He pushed the young man away with considerate force leaving him stumbling and practically running away.

"Did you have to be so mean to Teddy?" Cody pouted. He had watched the scene before him with a mix of fascination and admiration.

"He needs a firm hand, Codes. If you gave him that you'd have him in your bed already."

"This way it's more fun. I love seeing him squirm. But if you kill him, I'll never have him under me. Would you really?"

Mike shrugged, "Ted's replaceable, Jake isn't."

"He's quite the adoring puppy, isn't he?"

"A lethal puppy that is, on a tight leash and securely muzzled."

Mike grinned, his eyes locked on Jake who had just come out the room, playing with two guns trying to decide which one to use. He loved it when Jake was - literally - dressed to kill: Dark blue jeans hugged his long, well proportioned legs, a dark sweater hung loose around his broad chest, hood already pulled over his head hiding his blond locks. He couldn't wait to have him in his room later, letting Jake strip him naked, maybe even letting him fuck him with those clothes still on.

"How do you do it?" Cody could not resist asking, begging Mike to share some of his secrets, "I mean, everyone does what you want to, even Randy and Chris."

"It's quite easy Cody." Mike smirked raising his eyebrow at his young friend.

The boy was promising and it would be fun to teach him, just a little bit, to see if he could master the true art of manipulation.

"You need to find out what someone wants more than anything in this world. It could be anything: money, drugs, sex, power, fame, love; when you know that… the other belongs to you."

"What does Jake want?" Cody hung on his lips, the explanation sounded simple, logical and oh so tempting.

"Me!" Mike smirked when he made looked at his lover, "Wanna know what Teddy wants?" Cody nodded enthusiastically, chewing his lips, mind already working on how to use that secret against him.

"You know Codes," Mike stroked the ravenette's cheek with the back of his hand, "I could teach you. You and me together, in a year or so we can rule this joint. Randy and Chris will be reduced to merely puppets. God knows we already do all the work. You're in?"

Cody nodded again.

"Good… but first you need to show me you can do it. Find out what Teddy wants more than anything."

He signaled Jake to follow him. He needed to talk strategy with him, to reduce the risks as much as possible. He wondered where Ted had gone. Angel-boy was probably crying in the bathroom again. He did not get how a guy like that could be part of a criminal organization; in Mike's eyes, Ted was a liability, he had a fucking conscience. The only reason he was here was because Randy wanted it. But it wasn't Randy who bothered to keep him under control, it was not fucking Randy who had to keep him on a tight leash of drugs and death threats. No, Mike wouldn't mind if Ted would drop dead sometime soon, but he hated to get his hands dirty… not to mention that it would give Randy a foul mood and Randy was dangerous enough when he was happy.

Ted was just using the bathroom, Cody deep in thoughts, concentrating on the formula for the pills Randy had asked for a few days ago. He still had not figured out that last small part that he was missing. Thankfully enough, as long as he was figuring it out, he could use Dustin -his half-brother- as his victim. The guy was too damn dumb to even realize if the pills did not work. He was way too far gone anyways.

Just as he was about to write down another idea, a large, rough palm clamped down on his shoulder. Startled, he glanced back over his shoulder, looking in the icy-cold blues of his mentor, his boss.

"Geez Randy… give me some warning the next time."

He was greeted with the older mans trademark smirk, big hand tightly squeezing his shoulder as he leaned down to brush his nose over his golden boys skin, rubbing it on his neck, moaning at the sweet scent of vanilla on the soft flesh.

"Hmm, Codes… you knew I'd come back… why so surprised now?"

He huffed, turning around in his chair to fully face the dark tanned male, Cheshire grin plastered on his full lips.

"You want something special or just came here to talk?"

In an instant, he felt the two large palms grabbing his biceps, pulling him out of his seat and turning him around, chest colliding with the wooden-desk as he was bent over, one arm twisted behind his back as he yelped in surprise, the low growl close to his ear sending shivers of anticipation through his body.

"Oh boy… you know what I came for… don't play innocent."

He could feel Randy's free hand ghosting down his back, over his side, his abs, down to his waistband, before roughly pressing his palm to Cody's crotch, gaining a low moan from the younger male.

"You're really a sick fuck, Codes… you like being taken rough, huh? Don't ya?"

Cody just managed a small whimper as Randy's pressure on his jeans-covered groin increased and he could feel himself rapidly hardening under the touch. Maybe he was really a sick fuck for liking it, but god damn, he knew exactly how good sex with Randy always was and it was more the anticipation turning him on than anything else.

The hand soon left his crotch, lean, skilled fingers making quick work of his button and zipper, yanking the material of Cody's jeans together with his boxers roughly down to his knees, a whine escaping his protégées pouty lips.

"Damn Randy… I'm not your bitch… I'm not Mike. Go a lil easy!"

The hot breath ghosting over his ear, the large palm clamping down on his bare ass -making him yelp once again- made him almost forget about the man in the bathroom, almost.

"No, you're not. You've feelings, darling… and… your ass is made for me."

One long, dry finger breeched his tight ring of muscles, making him hiss, Randy's other hand quickly unfastening his own pants, letting them drop down to the floor.

"While Mikey's out for power… you're out for love, right, Codes?"

He only managed a small nod, feeling the finger pumping in and out of his tight walls, fast and deep, making him yelp with every single stab.

None of them realized the green eyes -clouded with lust- watching them from the other room, none of them heard the zipper being pulled down, none of them saw the large palm starting to run up and down his already slick cock as Ted watched the scene in front of him -bathroom-door only half opened.

Soon enough it were two fingers stretching and scissoring his hole while Randy pumped his own erection slowly, roughly, bringing it to full life, the whines and whimpers from Cody only doing so much to turn him on.

"Shit Codes… you've no idea how hot you look like this… bent over the desk like a good lil boy… just for me… that sexy ass off yours pushing back against my fingers. You love having them speared up that tight as of yours, do you?"

Just as he wanted to answer Randy, he felt the cold digits leaving him and a second later, he was filled to the brim with Randy's thick length. The sharp pain shooting up his spine from being taken so roughly was an all too familiar feeling, a rather needy moan escaping his lips, mixing with the grunt of the elder man.

"Shit Codes… so damn tight."

The pace was slow at first, torturously slow, deep thrusts rocking the desk underneath the young man, his arms reaching out for the corners to brace himself while Randy's large hands held a tight grip on his hips. They both liked it rough -together anyways- though Cody would have enjoyed it more if the one sliding in and out of him was Ted.

Randy leaned down, biting and sucking at the tender flesh on Cody's neck, the slippery sounds of someone pumping himself coming to his ears, eyes darting over to the bathroom door just for a second to see Ted's eyes closed, lips hanging open, hand on his dick almost furiously rubbing himself towards the edge.

Placing one hand on Cody's shoulder for leverage, he leaned down again, nibbling at his young boys ear, whispering.

"I think we have a viewer… how about we give our Teddy a good show, huh? I know you'd like to… to turn him on… make him hot… want him to cum at the image of me fucking you so hard that you won't be able to stand straight for a week."

Cody swallowed, nodding, eyes turning towards Ted for a small instant, the sight alone making him almost blow his load.

Randy turned them around, his cock springing free from the tight heat as he picked Cody up to sit him on the desk, swinging the strong legs over his shoulders and pulling the young mans ample-cheeks forward, not even giving him a second to prepare as he plunged back inside, Cody's torso falling back against the wooden desk as he let out an almost sluttish groan.

"Fuck Randy… god… so good… so big…"

He usually was not a big talker during sex, but whenever Ted was watching, he loved to put on a special show for him. Randy's smirk grew as he started to pump into the lithe frame underneath, hands resting on either side of Cody's head, almost folding him in two as his thrusts became deeper, faster, harder, the desk under them screeching over the floor.

"God Codes… fucking hot… I'll fuck you so hard… so good… you'll never want someone else again…"

Cody's hands searched frantically for Randy's neck, pulling him down into a rough, needy kiss, sloppy and messy, breath coming out in short pants, both already nearing their climax. The extra pressure on his own cock -being rubbed by those defined abs of Randy- and the constant stabs of his prostate paired with the image of Ted rubbing himself were Cody's downfall and as the pace increased to an almost painful tempo, Randy thrusting his thick girth into him over and over, while those large palms held tightly onto his shoulders; Cody exploded, hot, sticky white ribbons shooting all over him and onto Randy's shirt as he shuddered and thrashed through his release.

"Holy… motherfucker of god!"

Even through Cody's own scream, they both could hear a loud gasp coming from the other end of the room, knowing exactly that Ted must have found his release as well. That thought alone paired with the incredible tightness of Cody's hole drawing him in further, the spasming of those walls massaging his bursting erection made Randy accelerate his pace to the limits until a few thrusts later, he roared his release, pulling out of Cody just in time to paint the young males shirt with his hot semen, almost doubling over at the intensity of his orgasm.

As soon as he had realized what he had just done, Ted clasped a hand over his lips, cursing himself for being such a voyeur. Not that it had been the first time, but damn, he could not help it. In a weird way it was turning him on to watch two guys going at it, doing it, fucking, screwing each other, especially when one of them was Cody.

He was a strongly religious man, married on top of it, how could he be such a perv? How could he do that to his wife, to god? He cursed again, even more as he looked down at himself, seeing the mess on his other hand and his shirt, mumbling under his breath, thankfully not loud enough for THEM to hear -that was what he thought at least.

Closing the door again, as silently as possible, he turned on his heels, walking over to the sink to clean himself, the images of Cody so wantonly taking it -from Randy- the images of his pleased features while shuttering through his release repeating themselves in his mind again and again.

Groaning, Ted shut the water down, shaking his head, as he looked himself over in the mirror. He was one sick mind. Starting a silent prayer to God, he knew exactly where his next journey would go to -right after hurting Cena-, he would go to church again. He had to find forgiveness for his latest sin and father Brooks would sure help him.

Thankfully for him, he had closed the door quickly enough, since only a few moments later, loud clapping could be heard.

Randy was still lying on top of Cody, sweating, pants loosely around his ankles as they both were trying to catch their breath'.

"Bravo… Bravissimo!"

Randy's head snapped around, the actual frown on his face turning into a proud smirk as soon as he saw who it was, not caring to even get decent in front of him. However, Cody was not quite that fond of being interrupted, pushing Randy off and quickly reaching down for his jeans, pulling them up as fast as possible.


The blond, older male nodded his head, smirk plastered on his lips -an all too familiar smirk- as he came closer, still clapping his hands.

"Nice show, boys… but honestly, Randy… in the lab? Between all the drugs? Sure that your filthy ass did not ruin our precious powders?"

Randy snarled, finally reaching down for his pants to pull them up, fastening them again while Cody grabbed a nearby cloth, wiping the mess on his desk away.

"Really funny, Jericho. What do you want here anyways?"

Chris just shrugged, eyeing Codys wiggling ass with a more than obvious interest, tongue darting out to wet his lips.

"Same as you, Randy…" Randy growled protectively as he followed Chris' gaze -after all Cody was like a little brother to him, well… not literally, maybe a younger best friend with benefits?- knowing exactly what his co-boss was talking about and not liking it one bit.

"Oh come on… I wanted to ask our little sunshine here if he has seen Mike?"

Cody turned around, biting his lip, tilting his head, the blush still creeping his cheeks, small pearls of sweat still grazing his forehead as he nodded.

"Hmm… he and Jake left a while ago, wanted to talk strategy and such. Think it was something that had to do with Cena."

The tensing of Chris' muscles at the mention of Jake did not go unnoticed by either one of the dark-haired males, the smirk however never leaving his full lips as he arched a brow.

"Is that so, huh? And where's your little plaything, Codes? Where's Teddy?"

At the mention of his name, not the young male, but the tiny kitten came out of its hiding-place behind one of the machines, soft mewling sounds leaving its lips as it strutted towards Chris, rubbing itself against his leg. Both Cody's as well as Randy's eyes widened immediately, cursing themselves for not hiding the kitten before -okay, well, how could they know that the bastard of boss would walk in on them without calling? He usually always called before.

"What the fuck?"

Just then, Ted retreated out of the bathroom, gulping as he looked up from his shirt -still slightly wet from washing the evidence of his pleasure off- and locked eyes with the other blond in the room.


It came out weaker than he wanted it to, voice cracking slightly, eyes widening, quickly trying to avoid his gaze, instead searching for Randy's eyes -for which it was not really better, but at least the slightly older man just had some action and everyone knew that a relaxed and pleased Randy was a thousand times better than Chris at any time.

Cody used the distraction to quickly pick up the kitten, cradling it in his arm like a little baby, tickling it behind its ear, the soft purring sounds reaching Chris' ears turning his attention back towards his primary target.

"Rhodes… what the fuck does that cat want here?"

The growl was threatening enough to startle all three men in the room, Cody chewing his lips as he swallowed down the lump in his throat, eyes staying fixed on the kitten in his arms.

"I… well… it was all alone on the streets, hungry, and… I dunno… it looked so sick and I wanted to… uhmm… help?"

Knowing that it would get him into trouble -more than he already was in- but also not wanting Cody on the receiving end of Chris' wrath -for he just loved him too much, well… no… he had a crush on him… god, that's so very very wrong- Ted stepped forward quickly, grabbing the kitten out of Cody's hands in a hurry.

"It's mine, boss. I just brought it here cause I knew Cody loves kittens. I'll take it home with me immediately again."

Two surprised, warm blues stayed fixed on him while Randy cocked his head to the side, trying to figure out what this was all about. Hadn't Cody just told him two hours ago that it was his kitten?

"Is that so, DiBiase?"

God, even in a normal tone, Chris' voice sounded threatening. Nodding his head vigorously, Ted let the kitten climb onto his shoulder, wet, cold nose rubbing over his exposed skin, sniffling, taking in his new mates scent.

"Yes, sir. Right after Jake and I return from our job, I'll pick the kitten up again and take it home. And I promise it will never happen again."

In an instant, Jericho was in his face, smirk long turned into a vicious glare as he came nose to nose with the other, much younger blond, murmuring.

"You better make sure of it, DiBiase… or your ass will be gone. You know that we can find another hitman whenever we want. There's hundreds out there, better than you. Less fucking religious, without any soft parts in their fucking hearts."

Ted stayed calm, his Adams apple bopping as he gulped down, slowly nodding his head, begging his voice to not let him down again.

"Yes sir."

"Good boy!"

Chris barked in his face, before his expression changed again, patting the young mans head, turning his gaze towards Randy and Cody who were still looking on, both surprised and curious.

"I gotta go again. Tell Mikey, I've been looking for him."

And before he had even finished his sentence, he was already back out of the door, Ted releasing a breath he did not even know he was holding, almost slumping backwards as his hand grabbed onto his chest, feeling if his heart was still beating.

Glancing from Cody to Ted and back to Cody, Randy's brows furrowed for a moment, before giving the thinking up and shaking his head, small smile coming back to his lips as he cleared his throat, patting Cody's shoulder.

"Well… I'll see you boys later. And DiBiase?"

Ted's head shot back up at the mentioning of his name, eyes locking with the cold glare of the man the streets were calling "Viper" -and for a good reason.

"Yeah, sir?"

Randy's glare turned into a smirk again as he licked his dry lips, eyes traveling down the blonde's torso, small chuckle escaping him.

"Before you take care of that "job"… make sure your shirt dries again. Don't want anyone to think that you had a lil accident, now do we?"

The blush on Ted's cheeks almost matched the red of his shirt as he lowered his head in embarrassment, kitten on his shoulder almost forgotten as Randy leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"Next time… a mouth to shoot that load into might help staying clean."

Ted was sure that his face was burning as he felt his whole self-esteem flush down the toilet, hands sweaty, lips slightly parted in protest, but words stuck in his throat. He felt the palm on his shoulder squeezing him tightly, before it pulled away, Randy's eyes returning to smirk at Cody, who was smirking back at him with just as much joy.

"It was as always a pleasure, Codes."

The youngest of them just nodded, smirk growing wider as he saw Randy leaving, gaze turning back towards Ted who's head was hanging low, hands stuffed deep into his pockets, corner of his lips tucked in between his teeth.

Only moments later Mike, with Jake on his heels, entered the lab again through the back door, both men with similar satisfied grins on their faces. His grin faded, just a little bit, when he saw the flattened expression on the faces of both Cody and Ted. Cody was hugging his kitten, lower lip trembling, tears pooling in his eyes.

"What happened here?"

Mike took his young friend's face in his hands and rubbed the tears away with his thumbs.

"Chris… he told me to get rid off Teddy."

"What did that asshole want? He was supposed to be out all day."

Mike was fuming, Chris was tiresome to deal with and he wanted Jake out off the way whenever Chris was around.

"He was looking for you."

"Fuck… I hope he doesn't want sex, cause I don't think I can get it up so soon after what I've just done to Jakey here."

Of course, this was a lie, but Jake did not need to know that. He shot a look back to Jake who was still grinning, but had a murderous look in his eyes at the same time.

"Do you want me to talk to Chris for you, buddy?"

He rubbed the kitten behind his ears and gained a satisfied purr. It was a cute little thing and it would provide some amusing company in here, if only the fun of Cody driving Ted crazy with calling it Teddy. Not to mention it would get rid of the mice that had invaded the house. Why would Chris even care about a cat in the house? It was not as if he lived here, like Mike did. No, the boss lived in a million dollar penthouse by the river, with his cute little housewife who had no idea of what her man did for his money or where he liked to put his dick.

"Can you Mike? Please? I'll do everything for you if you can convince Chris to let me keep Teddy."

Cody's plumb lips formed a cute little pout, his blue eyes already sparkling as he begged his best friend.

"You're quite adorable, and you use that so well, don't you? But really, Codes? Everything? Really? Well, well… It's been a long time since I had you on your knees with those cute lips around my dick."

Mike stepped even closer, thumbs rubbing circles in the ravenette's neck, lips only inches apart, a seductive look in his azure eyes. Cody gave him the same look back. They both knew they had absolutely no intention on sleeping with the other, but the show they were giving away was meant to drive the two men looking on insanely jealous.

"But the big question is what you're willing to do for Chris. He has to come back on a decision, and you know how much our big boss hates that."

Cody chewed his cheek, thinking about that question. He was quite sure that Chris would demand some sort of sexual favour and Randy would kill him for that; beside that Chris scared him senseless. At that moment, Teddy thought he was ignored long enough and he climbed onto Cody's shoulder and rubbed his face firmly in Cody's neck, purring like a little engine.

He sighed, "I'll do anything…"

"Good, I'll see what I can do."

Mike brushed his lips against Cody's, patted the kitten on his little head and turned back to Ted and Jake to tell them they needed to get going, when he noticed that Ted looked anything but ready, dressed in light-blue jeans and a red button-up. And if that wasn't enough, he looked like he could faint, or even worse, cry, any moment. He was fucking useless. He turned back to Cody.

"Codes, Ted needs drugs… you know, those pills you gave him the last time, that made him almost kill Nick for walking in on him in the bathroom."

Cody nodded and started digging in his drawers, that was a bash of pills that had gone slightly wrong, but like so many things, had they're use anyhow. Mike stalked slowly and threateningly in the direction of Ted. Ted was shaking as the brunette approached him, murder in the blue eyes. He only wished that he knew what he had done wrong this time.

"Teddy?" Mike's voice was deceivingly calm and almost sweet, like you talked to a child, "Didn't I tell you to get ready an hour ago?"

Ted gulped and nodded.

"Well are you ready sweetheart?"

He shook his head, biting his lip so hard he tasted blood. He started to whisper prayers again.

"Can you tell me what was so important that you didn't have time to get changed darling?"

Mike looked down and pretended he had not seen the wet spot on Ted's shirt before. He trailed his hand over the wet spot, making Ted shiver from both fear and desire, as Mike rubbed his abs.

"Oh, what's this, Teddy? Your shirt is all wet. Have you been jerking off again? Have you been a bad boy again? And that in my time?"

Mike's voice got a cold ring to it, "You have five minutes angel-boy. You better be back by then. Jake will get your weapons."

Ted hurried out and only a few minutes later he came back, dressed in dark jeans and a hooded sweater. Cody handed him the pills that he eagerly took. He knew taking drugs was bad. Father Brooks told him this all the time. But he needed it, you know? They made him feel better about himself, they made him feel strong and closer to God. Jake handed Ted his weapons, already annoyed by his partner. He needed to hurt someone soon or he would explode. He could barely handle the thought that the moment he was gone, Mike would be off to see Chris, off to be fucked by him most likely.

It was still early in the morning; it was pitch-black, thick clouds obscuring the little light the moon would give. That did not make the two men less careful. They did not want to attract any attention. For two huge men, they made surprisingly little noise when walking. The way they moved made it obvious they were up to no good, if their location and the time of the day had not betrayed that already.

The larger of the two had his hand on the bulk on his hip, fondling the semi-automatic handgun that hung there. Mike had bought this beauty just for him, after he had complained about the state of the weapons available. He could not wait until he could empty it into human flesh. His parents might think it was Mike, who had gotten him onto the wrong path, but they did not know about the corrupted state of mind of their only son; they had no idea of the glee it gave him to hurt someone, the total rush that came over him when someone bled out in front of his eyes. In Mike he had recognized someone who could give him what he needed, and he had never looked back.

Jake had a baseball bat slung over his shoulder. He preferred guns, but for some situations, you needed to go back to the basics. Ted was walking next to him, the slightly mad expression in his eyes had alerted Jake that he had used again. It made him slightly unreliable, but not as unreliable as he would have been without it. The risk of him hesitating at the crucial time was too big. When Ted was high, he would at least pull the trigger.

Ted had nun chucks dangling from his right hand. He had a thing for martial arts and was quick as lighting with those things. Jake eyed them hungrily, Ted had already started teaching him how to use them, but they were hard to master.

"The Lord's hand will come down on those who sin. Let me be your hand Lord. I will be Your Angel of Vengeance; I will be your sword. Let your glorious justice be heard and I will smite those who are evil."

Jake chuckled softly. That was one of the more amusing qualities of Ted on drugs. It made him believe he was God's punisher. But no matter how amusing Ted was and no matter how much he liked the guy, he had to agree with Mike, Ted was a liability and he wouldn't take a bullet for him. Maybe Mike could persuade Chris and Randy to let him go, or at least hire some new muscle. God knew that Mike had his ways to get what he wanted from them; though Jake hated the way he did just that. He wanted Mike for himself, and that was something that was never going to happen.

They turned a corner and Jake concentrated on his surroundings again, pulling his hood further over his head, signaling Ted to do the same. He checked if his gun was loose in the holster, before he put his back to the wall. The building was quiet and dark, that was a good sign. He sent Ted to the back of the house to check if there was any sign of Stephen. He patiently waited until Ted gave the all-clear sign. He checked the door, which was open - Cena was truly an idiot - and he signaled Ted to go in first, just as he and Mike had agreed on.

One by one, they checked the rooms. The stench in the house was overwhelming, the smell of stale alcohol, cigarette smoke, vomit and human waste hung stale in the air. Even Ted looked disgusted and he had lived in drug holes like this himself. In the living room, they found the bag of drugs, white power spilling over the table, half of it already gone. There was no way that Cena would be able to pay up, not now and not in the week time they would give him. Jake picked up the bag and put it in his pocket. He did not really like it that Cena appeared to be upstairs. He rather would not go any further in the house, but he had no choice. Upstairs the stench was even worse and Jake breathed through his mouth to keep from vomiting.

"I found him," Ted whispered. "He's sleeping, want me to wake him?"

He stroked his nun chucks thinking about where to hit him to make him wake up fast and painful.

"Wait a minute. I'm gonna see if the other rooms are empty."

A few minutes later Jake was back. The house was empty, except for the peacefully snoring man lying on a filthy bed, an empty bottle of whiskey fallen to the floor. Jake's eye fell on something black and shiny party hidden under Cena's pillow. Carefully he eased it out underneath and he could not help admiring the beautiful gun. It was not as good as his own, but the difference was minor; this thing was expensive. He would keep it; there was no greater pleasure than killing someone with his own gun. And sooner or later Cena would be his.

He nodded at Ted, who swirled his nun chuck and with two satisfying pocks, it broke first a few ribs and then his collarbone. Jake silenced the loud scream by stuffing the dirty sheets in Cena's mouth. The guys eyes bulged out, furious, scared as hell and in excruciating pain. Ted chose well; Jake would not have done it any different. When Cena ran out of breath, he pulled the cloth out of Cena's mouth and replaced it with the gun.

"So John," he pulled off his hood and smirked in the guys face, "we meet again."

Cena gulped, terrified, knowing that he had gone too far, but that annoying dreadlocked Puerto Rican had flaunted that big bag of drugs in front of him and he just had this new gun, well, it was not really his fault, was it? How could he know that they knew where he lived? And he thought that Stephen would have been back already. It fucking hurt… he could not even move.

"You didn't think we would let you get away with that, you dumb piece of shit?" he tapped Cena on the head with the gun. The big man whimpered, not from the pain, he barely felt that with the pain in his ribs and collarbone, but from fear. He just realized this might well be his end.

"Where's our money?" Cena gulped and shook his head. "Well. I thought so. That's just too bad. Teddy here, he doesn't like killing very much."

"My Lord, let me smite your enemies, I am your Angel of Vengeance."

Ted recited almost dreamily, insanity radiating from his eyes; scaring Cena so much the sickening, slightly sweet smell of pee filled the room.

Jake smirked, "Hmm… It seems like Teddy here wouldn't mind killing you tonight… Too bad I can't let him do it… $10.000, you have one week, the usual time and place… don't show up, don't deliver and you're dead… and that, dear John, will be my pleasure."

With those words, he swung the baseball bat with all force he could muster and he further shattered the already broken collarbone. That would make some permanent damage; Cena would never regain full usage of his right arm.


Meanwhile Mike had found Chris in their office a few blocks down the street. It was their camouflage for all the badass cops out there who wanted to stop them. Chris and Randy had signed the office into registers as a social place for kids to come to when they needed food, money or toys. However, no one had ever seen a kid walk in and out of the place, but the cops could not do anything about it. As long as they did not find the hidden lab, they were all safe.

He sat on Chris' desk, legs dangling down from the cold, black wood as he eyed the eldest curiously, watching how his boss signed paper after paper, wondering what for they were this time.

"So… what did you want to talk to me about, boss?"

He hated working for him, hated to take his crap day after day, hated that after all, he was the one making the big decisions, but Chris and Randy were always the ones getting the credits and most of the money for it. They were both so damn dull –stoned almost 24/7- that they never even realized when Mike was toying with them. However, out of fear, Mike never had said a thing against them. If everything went as he had planned, the business would be his soon enough anyways. He knew, he could count on Cody and Jake and Ted would do anything Cody wanted from him anyways, so the only guys in between him and the total power were his bosses.

"You know, Mikey… business is running real good as of late. Randy and I are doing one hell of a job. The fighting gets in some extra money, the drugs Cody produces are loved by every damn addict running around and I actually had thought about another little extension of our business."

Mike rolled his eyes at Chris' first comment, knowing exactly that it had been HIS work after all to keep this place running.

"Randy and I had talked about opening up a small brothel."

Mike's eyes almost popped out of his head at that, mouth opening in disbelief as he tilted his head to the right in confusion.

"You… uhmmm… what?"

Chris chuckled, leaning back in his chair, hands resting on his growing belly –the guy just could not stop eating for all it was worth- as he smirked up at Mike.

"A brothel, darling… you know… prostitution? Whores? I thought with all the young flesh on the streets, the girls needing money left and right… this would be the perfect chance for us to totally take Atlanta under our wings, to completely control the business."

Mike had the urge to laugh, to burst out in tears of laughter by the ridiculous sound of it, but he knew better than that. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head, running his tongue over his bottom lip slowly before climbing down from the desk and seating himself in Chris' lap.

"You know… that's a brilliant idea, boss. That would bring in so much money. It's simply genius. But… err… I'm sure you've thought about this yourself… With us opening a brothel…"


"Sorry… with YOU opening a brothel, the cops would only be inches away from getting us. I know that it's probably nothing, just a minor detail, but how do you suppose us to hide it? It's already tough enough to stay unrecognized by them every time we step foot into our lab, but a brothel? Don't you think it would gain a little too much attention from them?"

Chris' brows furrowed as he thought about it, hands placed tightly on Mike's hips now as you could see his wheels spinning, tongue darting out to wet his lips every now and then.

"Actually… I don't think so, Mike. The cops are too dumb to ever find out anyways. If they haven't gotten us yet, they'll never do it."

Mike sighed, knowing this would be one of the harder cases again to convince his boss from his opinion, that he was right. One of those cases where he needed to pull out the big guns. Slowly letting his hands slip down in-between them, he started fondling with the blondes zipper, pulling it down, hand sliding inside to massage him through the thin material of his boxers, as his hips ground down onto his boss.

"Yeah… I guess you're right… you and Randy are so much smarter than the cops. But I'm just worried, you know. I don't want to go to jail. I think I won't survive that. I'm not as strong as you. And prostitution is so easy to infiltrate; cops do it all the time. It's about the only thing they know. Come on, Chrissie… think! There's a big chance the cops will find out… And of course, you've already thought about how to deal with Hunter as well. We can be glad that he did not totally damage our lab the last time, that Cody had still some things to work with after his goons have given us a visit. With that brothel… do you really think they would let it happen? Right in front of their eyes? Jake and Teddy already have to do a lot more work ever since those asses have found out where we sell, who we sell to. But I guess you've got the perfect plan and I'm just too dumb to see it."

Chris' head was thrown back against his leather-seat, eyes half-lidded with lust, lower lip tucked in between his teeth as Mike's pressure on his groin became more, harder, his cock stirring to life.

"God Mike… you're such a little, dirty whore, you know? You'd be the perfect one for our new business…"

Mike huffed, increasing his pressure even more, enough to gain a loud moan from his boss, deciding to take it up a notch and slide down from his lap, kneeling right between his legs now, hand still firmly on the covered erection.

"Boss… think about it again. There's no way that we can keep a brothel a secret, no way our whole business stays a secret when we start hiring prostitutes, when we send them on the street. You've got a loyal bunch of workers now; people who respect you, who'd do anything for you. But hookers, they're nothing like that; you can't trust them; they'll betray you without even thinking about it. "

While talking, he had freed Chris' erection from his confines, the thick, meaty length springing out into the air and Mike had to suppress the urge to just throw up. He hated to do this, hated that he could not just let it go, hated that his services were pretty much the only thing that made his bosses listen to him.

"And we would have to buy another house, or rent one, would have to pay for gas and energy again, would have to buy decorations and shit. Do you really want to spend so much money on a business that's not even meant to survive?"

Before Chris had the chance to answer though, to even think, Mike had swallowed him down in one piece, the tip of that fat cock hitting the back of his throat, the urge to gag and spit turned off in favour to get what he wanted. He knew that in less than five minutes, he would have changed the bosses mind again. And with Chris on his side, it would be easy to get the idea out of Randy's head as well. Just to which prize?

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