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Chapter one

(Un) Dead

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It was a cold , winter night . Rain poured from the sky , making a tic tack sound , splashing against the obscured windows of the Hunter Association Headquarters . It was very late , and every light of the building was turned off , covering the entire block with a surreal and dark aura .

In all this darkness , just one single , little light sparkled in the gloom , and it came from a room of a certain Vampire Hunter , which was now behind his desk , staring at the young , silver –haired man in front of him .

' So , this is the plan . We make those vampires believe you're dead and that the most feared Hunter is out of the way . They'll be foolish enough to march out in the open to attack us , and we'll , eventually , capture or exterminate them '.

The young man stared back at the man in front of him , his beautiful features contorted in a confused expression .

' I don't understand , Chairman . Do you seriously think they'll buy this ? I mean , I'm not that easy to kill , you know ..' , he smirked .

' That's why we arranged a meeting with one of the Hanadagi Clan ' . The Vampire Hunter searched for a file on his desk , and then handed it to the silver – haired man , who started reading the papers.

' They'll say that they witnessed your murder during an attack but that they couldn't do anything to help you , because they were surrounded by a huge group of Level Es. If some Purebloods can attest this , everyone will ,of course ,believe them , and our plan won't fail .' He stated .

' Why would those Purebloods help us ? They could betray us . They're Vampires too '.

' They won't . We have a deal . If they stick with the plan , they'll have diplomatic privilege . It's important for them to have the Hunters by their side , so I'm positive about the fact they'll help us. And besides , they want to get rid of those level E's as much as we do … Are you in ? ' The Chairman asked , a serious tone in his usually cheery voice .

The silver haired man though about it , then nodded .

' I am '.

The Vampire Hunter behind the desk smiled , and stood up , a satisfied look on his face . He was about to leave the room when the voice of his adopted son reached him.

' Just one more question , Chairman '.

'Sure . What do you want to know ? ' He stopped .

' How will I die ? I mean , what are you going to tell them? '

The old man didn't answer right away , he just stared into deep , moonstone eyes , with a strange feeling in his heart .

' We'll say you have been shot with an anti-vampire gun '.

' Through the heart ' …

The young man just nodded . Somehow , the whole situation seemed ironic to him .

He had always known he would have died that way . Whether it was fiction or reality .

His heart was bound to stop .

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Two days later

'Kaname – sama . May I ?' .

Aidoh Hanabusa , one of Kaname Kuran's minions , as well as one of the most known of the Night Class students of the prestigious Cross Academy , was standing in the doorstep of the living room of the Kuran Mansion, a deep frown on his face.

Kaname ,sitting on the dark red chaise longue with a lot of papers in front of him, glanced up where Hanabusa was standing . His sister Yuuki was right next to him , smiling .

'Of course , Aidoh . Come in . You don't need to ask anymore'.

' Hi , Idol – sempai ! ' Yuuki greeted.

Aidoh entered the room , smiling back at Yuuki and then turning to face Kaname.

'I just though you would want to read this letter , it's from the Hunter Association . It seems that yesterday some of the big wheels of the Hunters died during an attack . You are requested to attend the funeral '.

Kaname took the letter from his hands , and started reading it . It wasn't a big new that he was now involved with Vampire Hunter's matters. He had to be .

He read all the letter , completely ignoring the list of names which lied on the couch . Yuuki took it , reading distractedly .

And then she froze .

Her dead heart stopped beating , all the color draining from her rosy cheeks .

One of the names on that list was one she knew very well . A name she had called a thousand times. A name that was part of her life , her soul , her heart.

It was odd how a simple , black-written line could bring her so much pain.

- Kiryuu , Zero . Deceased .

Her vision became blurry , and the last thing she knew , she was falling into a black , empty void.

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