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15 years later

It had been fifteen long years since the infamous Kaname Kuran had mysteriously disappeared . The Vampire Society had been , all of the sudden , devoid of a leader , and so he had promptly been substituted by the princess , the only one left of the Kuran bloodline .

No one in the Senate had believed she would have lasted much . No one had anticipated that Yuuki Cross Kuran would have been the key for an agreement with the Hunter Association , establishing the peace between the two races .

No one could have predicted what happened .

Never in the history of Vampirism had a pureblood (or a noble ) married a hunter . But even if it was so unusual ,so impossible to even think something like that could happen , the Council had to admit there was no written law against it .

Many in conservative party showed dissent and disapproval , but the marriage between the Hunter Association President and the Princess of Vampires happened anyway , proclaiming a truce for the years to come .

The peace that Kaien Cross and Juuri and Haruka Kuran had for so long wanted , had finally been achieved .

Most of the geniuses of the Night Class were hired by the Princess herself to study and find a cure for the humans who had been bitten by purebloods, to prevent them from falling to level End .

Aidoh Hanabusa , who had joined the cause as a volunteer , was the one that eventually discovered the cure . He loved working for that project , helping people with that problem , since he had once cared about a girl who had fallen to level E . ( Author's Note : remember Fuka from the Vampire Knight novel ? "The Ice Blue Sin ?")

The cure reduced considerably the amount of vampires executed by the hunters .

Everything had changed in a short amount of time .

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It was Christmas Eve .

The night was cold , and it was snowing outside . In the Kuran Mansion , however , there was a very warm atmosphere , thanks to the fireplace and the many Christmas lights.

A man in his thirties ( but he didn't look older than 21 ) was taking a nap on the couch . He had fallen asleep the very minute he had stepped in the house , too tired after the long working day . The H.A. had always been extremely crowded during Christmas time , and since he was the President , he couldn't afford breaks .

His wife was in the next room , putting some last minute Christmas decorations .

She had been busy all day preparing the party , she wanted everything to be perfect that day .

It was odd that she was still there , but Yuuki had firmly wanted to stay in the Kuran Mansion . Even if she had a lot of unpleasant memories there , it was still the place she had grown up in , the place where all of her relatives had lived for centuries . She and Zero had decided that it was the best place to start over , to start a family . She could finally think of that house as a home .

And besides …

She was so happy that it didn't matter where she was staying , as long as she was with Zero .

She was lost in her daydream when suddenly the doorbell rang , announcing that the first guests had arrived . She ran to open to door , and found Yagari , Kaito , and a very cheery Chairman waiting for her . She couldn't help but notice that the latter was wearing one of those Santa reindeers antlers hats .

' Merry Christmas , my sweet little DAUGHTER !' the Chairman shouted in the hallway , holding her tightly like he was seeing her for the first time in ages .

Yuuki laughed and held him back . ' Dad , we last saw each other a week ago !'

'But it seemed like forever , didn't it ? !' he said , almost dying of happiness because he had called him "Dad" .

She chuckled lightly . She then greeted Kaito and Yagari , took their coats , and then showed them the way .

'Where are the others ?' she asked to the Chairman when they reached the living room .

And with "others" she meant Yori , Hanabusa , Akatsuki and Ruka , Rima , Shiki and Takuma … It had , in fact, become a Christmas tradition to spend the festivities all of them together in the Kuran Mansion , like a big family . And since some of them had to travel to come back to the Mansion , they would stay there for a few days .

'They are on their way !' the Chairman responded as he sat down on the sofa .

'What about our Mr. President ?' asked Kaito as he stole food from the table ( as usual ) .

'Oh , he's asleep ' Yuuki told him .

'Was ' Zero interrupted her , entering the room . He had ruffled hair and a sleepy look on his face . But despite that , he looked as handsome as ever . Yuuki greeted him with a kiss .

'What the hell did you put on your head , old man ?' said Zero with a smirk . 'You look ridiculous.'

' I told him that too , brother . He never listens .' chimed in Kaito , a look of disapproval on his face .

'Kiryuu !' said the Chairman , outraged . 'This hat is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c ! '

Yuuki kept smiling all the while . They were going to have a great time .


Later that night , after the dinner was over , everyone went to sleep in their rooms .

Yuuki was switching the lights off in the living room and was about to go upstairs , when she felt a soft hand grab her wrist . She turned surprised to look at Zero , who was looking at her with a somewhat awkward and goofy smile.

'Hey,' he whispered .

'Hey.' she answered back , smiling to him .

'Can we … go for a walk ?'

'What's with the mysterious attitude ?' she said , but he didn't answer , instead , he kissed her , preventing her from speaking . 'Just come with me .'

She followed him outside . He lead the way , pulling her by the hand , until they arrived to the lake next to the house . It was one of their favorite spots to be alone .

She sat next to him on the grass , while he held her close .

They stayed like that , in silence , for what it seemed like a long time . Kissing , holding , just enjoying each other's company after the long day, until Yuuki found herself laying on top of him looking at the stars reflecting in his gorgeous moonstone eyes , while he stroked gently her cheek with his thumb .

He looked lost in his thoughts , like was trying to find a way to tell her something .

' C'mon . Whatever it is you are thinking , tell me .' She broke the silence, knowing somehow that the needed to tell her something , because he had brought her somewhere no one with a vampire hearing could hear what they were saying .

He smiled ruefully . 'I'm afraid you'll be angry at me. '

'Shoot. It's not like I'm gonna bite you if I get mad , you know.' She air quoted him . He laughed , remembering instantly the last time he had told her the same thing , in Cross Academy . It seemed like a gazillion years before .

' Before … at the dinner party .' he started , then paused .'When Ruka … mentioned Kaname . I saw the look on your face .'

She stiffened , and slowly got free from his embrace , sitting on the cold grass . 'What look ?'

He came too to a sitting position and looked at her .

' Are you.. still sad ? About what we did ?' he asked, hesitantly .

'We haven't talked about him in ages …' she said , staring at the water in front of them .

'Just answer to my question.' he told her , putting a hand on her shoulder , as if he knew that even talking about him would be painful to her .


' No you don't want to answer me , or no you aren't sad ?'

'No , I'm not sad .' she stated firmly .

'Liar .' he said , chuckling softly , like he was expecting that answer from her , and then lied down again on the grass , both his hands behind his head .

'I'm not lying .'

'Yes , you are . Because deep down , even after everything he's done , you still feel bad and guilty for what we did to him .You don't have to pretend.' he said sincerely .

'You mean what I did .' she said bitterly .

'What we both did . I didn't stop you , remember ? And to be honest I didn't even want to .'

They were silent for a moment . Then , looking somewhere distant , at the sky , he started speaking again .

'But … Yuuki , listen to me . He has suffered enough , don't you think ? Fifteen years , locked in a box in the depths of the ocean, alone … With his veins burning and burning because he couldn't feed .'

Yuuki turned to look at him . She was surprised in an unimaginable way , because Zero was talking about Kaname , and he didn't have that angry , anguished look on his face he usually had when he talked about that man . He seemed completely at peace .

'What are you trying to tell me ?' she asked .

He then reached out for her and held her hand .

'I just …don't want to be a bad person . All that hate, is pointless. Even though that man destroyed me , destroyed my family , I …I've forgiven him , Yuuki . You should too .'

She was speechless . 'Oh , Zero …'

'I just don't want to see that sad look on your face ever again ' he admitted awkwardly .

She smiled a teary smile and then kissed him . 'You won't . I've never been happier, Z .'

'I really don't know what I've done to deserve someone like you . I love you so much ' she told him .

'Ditto.' He replied , smiling .

Then , he pulled a folded envelope out of his pockets and handed it to her .

'What is it ?' she asked , curious .

' This is my Christmas present .' he told her mysteriously .

She giggled . 'Another one ?' she said , since they had already exchanged presents .

'Let's just say this one is very different .'

She took it and opened it . She found a photograph . It was like one of those paparazzi pictures , where the people are completely unaware of being photographed . It showed a crowded fast food and groups of people eating , sitting at the tables .

She looked quizzically at Zero with a slight smile , completely lost . 'Am I missing something ?'

'Look harder' he encouraged her .

She stared again at it , until she noticed one person in particular and her heart stopped .

A tall , dark haired man with ruby eyes .

'What the …' she said , out of breath .

There was no mistaking it . That man was her brother.

And that picture obviously didn't date back to fifteen years before .

God , he looked so different !

' I don't understand …' she said , seeming completely at loss of what to do .

' It's a very long story …' he said. 'All you need to know , is that you can stop being sad for him . Because he's free , happy , and … human .'

' WHAT ?' Yuuki almost yelled , shocked .

' Yep ! 100% human , and he doesn't even remember about us anymore , Yuuki .'

'But it's impossible ..' she couldn't believe to what she was hearing .

' Do you seriously think that the Kaname Kuran we know could be nonchalantly eating at McDonald's , wearing a sweatshirt and jeans ? No Armani trousers , no Dolce and Gabbana shirt ?' he joked .

She smiled . Yeah , it was very unlikely .

'When I freed him , we had a long talk , and I gave him a choice . He chose this. A chance at happiness . No longer being bound by the horrible things he had done .'

' But I thought that only purebloods could turn one of their kind to a human .'

'Well , I thought that too . But then I discovered that every spell has a loophole .'

'And you helped him.'


'God , you have the kindest heart.'

'Nah , I'm not kind .'he replied .

' But I have to admit that I'm pretty amazing ' he said then , flashing a 300 watt smile towards her.

She couldn't agree more .

' I still don't know how you managed to keep all this a secret till now . I drink your blood almost every day !' she said , incredulous .

'Us hunters , we know a lot of tricks …' he said mischievously .

'Oh really ?'she asked him , smirking . ' Mind to show me some of them ?'

He laughed . 'Not at all , princess .'

Before he captured her lips in a passionate kiss , she looked at him as if she was seeing him for the first time .

He had grown so much , her Zero . He wasn't the broken boy anymore , the one who hated purebloods , who hated himself , the one she had met almost twenty years before .

His wounds had finally healed . He was happy , and happy to show it .

' Till death do us part … ' he whispered on her lips .

'No , Z.' she shook her head.

'Not even death can tear us apart .'


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Author's Note : Sorry for the wait guys ! I had to work a lot during the last months , and so I haven't had much time to write .

Did you like how things turned out ? :) Let me know .

When I started the story , I didn't want a fairytale ending , but since I don't think the manga will end in a good way , I decided to give Z&Y their happy ending … I hope you liked it .

I really want to THANK YOU all of you that have read my story . The fact that you spent some of your time to read it and review it means a lot to me . :')

This is for you !


PS : Have you read the latest VK chapter ? ( ZERO , I'M SO PROUD OF YOU , BABY !) I can't believe VK is ending. What am I going to do with my life ? LOL .