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Theme #: 017. Scars *Spoilers for up to chapter 101*

Scars didn't heal…that was the bottom line. Some part of Roy felt they were there to keep you in your place, so you never forgot what you did in the past. There happened to be two he felt at fault for. One was a long and thin line placed on the neck of his subordinate in attempt to get him to open the gate to save her, and the scar on her back; the one that she insisted for him to make so she could seal away her father's research forever.

Riza, on the other hand, had placed blame on herself for a different set of scars. One was a large scar that took up over a third of Roy's left side, lower back, and abdomen. Another was the faint scar on the back of his right hand. Those scars were her fault. They were all her fault because she was unable to protect him from the homunculus, Lust, and he was left to fend for himself; all because she was too weak.

Maybe it wasn't the scars on your own body that were that reminded you of your mistakes, but the scars on the one person you loved that weighed so heavily on your mind. You had to let that fact sink in that no matter what, that mistake would not be forgotten. Not by you, and not by the person who bore that scar.

Maybe that was why when he held her rubbed her back and placed gentle kisses on her neck. Maybe it was the reason she placed her hand on his side to get his attention, and hugged him from behind so often.

It was always gentle; maybe it was to cover up that pain that they went through it get it, almost as if it could erase the past make them forget. It was foolish, both of them knew it was but, maybe they dull the memory, with something gentle.

Gentle…it almost seemed…forced. As if it was an apology, if you didn't forgiveness was too much to ask for. Forgive and forget…impossible. That was the reason those scars existed, to keep you from forgetting, to keep you from forgiveness. They were never truly resented, in truth they only resented themselves, for being weak. They got stronger together, slowly building a bond, one that could withstand injuries, and reminders, a relationship that would offer up forgiveness, a relationship to protect and defend the person dearest to you.

Maybe they had been forgiven long ago, when they realized what they meant to each other.

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