Warnings: Yes, in this story James is gay.

No, I don't want your skepticism on the matter.

Yes, think he really was gay in the series, and I am a James fan.

Slash, so just sit back and enjoy.

If you're not into that stuff, don't read.

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Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

To protect the world from devastation!

To unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

To extend our reach to the stars above!


Discovering James

Chapter 1

Jessie and Meowth stared at each other with their mouths agape for a moment. James just shrugged and said, "What? What did I say?"

Meowth said, still looking shocked as ever, "What? You don't know?"

He shook his head, making some of his lustrous blue hair fall into his face. "No. Why?"

Jessie sighed. "Well, that would explain so much..."

"What would explain so much?" James demanded, his green eyes sparkling with curiosity. "All I said was-"

"We know what you said!" Meowth hissed. "You don't need to repeat it! We don't want anyone to hear...your confession."

"What confession? All I said was-"

"James, really?" Jessie asked, a brow raised. "Are you really that clueless?"

"Clueless to what?" he asked, now sounding sadly and hopelessly oblivious. "All I said was that whenever we 'blast off', it's times like that when I want to go straight!"

"Oh my God, he really doesn't see what's wrong with 'dat!" Meowth said, covering his large eyes with his paws and shaking his head. James just frowned and crossed his arms.

"Okay, so, what's the problem? I...I thought that you guys knew."

Jessie stared at him suspiciously. "Knew what?"

Meowth said grievously, "Like you didn't know, Jess! Even I've known since, like, the moment I first saw his pretty, blue hair."

"It's not blue, it's lavender," James said defensively, running his gloved fingers through his shoulder-length hair. Jessie's blue eyes became dark with anger.

"What do you mean that you've known, Meowth? Why didn't you tell me before?"

He shrugged. "Only an idiot would think that he's not! I mean, listen to the things he says, for cryin' out It's so obvious!"

Just as he finished saying this, James giggled in his cool, collected way and said, "You know, it takes a lot of effort to keep my hair looking this fabulous every day. I have to moisturize it and brush it three times every hour, and I like to spend at least two hours in the mirror every day just staring at myself."

Jessie groaned. "Oh, that's true, you're right! It's so obvious!" and she embraced James like she never had before, making him go rigid with terror.

"Umm...Jessie, what are you doing?"

"I couldn't believe that I was so blind to your obvious gayness! I'm so sorry, James! Forgive me!"

His face lost all traces of its former confusion. "Oh, that. Yeah, I thought that you guys knew." and he tried to squirm out of her embrace, but she wouldn't let him go.

Instead, Jessie just held him in her arms and exclaimed, "You poor little queer! We're going to fix you right up! We're going to make you straight again, mark my words!"

James became sulky. "But I don't want to be fixed, Jess. I like being gay."

And she laughed and slapped him on his shoulder merrily. "Oh, James, what kind of idiot likes being a queer?"

He raised his hand and said with an unusual quietness that was quite unlike him, "Um...I would."

Meowth sighed and said as he began sharpening his claws, "Well 'dats too bad, kid, cause when Jessie sees something she wants fixed, she tries to get you ta fix it, and since you're gay an' all and you always mess it up, so she usually fixes it herself. Either that, or she tries to get me to do it."

Jessie glared over at him and questioned, "Just what the hell are you talking about, Meowth?"

He shook his head and got to his feet. "Nothin' at all, Jess. I was just goin' on a walk while you give James his first un-gay lesson."