A Vicious Cycle

The season finale was bloody and pretty shocking. I am glad Derek survived but upset about Meredith losing her baby. She finally got everything she was yearning for and it then she almost lost everything. Here is a one shot to how I would want things go back to the positive.

It had been two months since Meredith's world had come crashing down. The physical scars were almost done healing. Derek was back at work. However not as Chief. Webber was reinstated while Derek recovered and they all agreed until Webber was really done with working he would remain Chief. April still felt guilty but she kept her distance from the couple.

It was one evening after a long day at work when Derek came out of the bathroom and just simply stared at Meredith in wonderment. She had recently gone to her gynecologist for a regular appointment. She had never told him how it gone.

She was going through a book but she wasn't really reading it. Whenever she really had everything in the past she never appreciated it or she may have not realized how much she really wanted it. She and Derek had been pulled apart and then brought back together again. She was content to just sit there and be happy with what she still had in her life. However she knew he had a question in mind. She would have to answer him or else go crazy with his intense glare.

She had watched him get shot as he had to watch his father get shot when he was a child and could do nothing to save him. It was a vicious cycle. She had pondered this a few days ago when she drove to her appointment and as she walked the halls of the hospital between surgeries and patients.

Meredith realized her husband had been expectantly glaring at her for quite some time now. She sighed as she put aside her book.

" What do you want to know? I can't stand the glaring anymore. Just spit it out," she said softly.

He smiled as he came towards their bed.

" How did your appointment go?," he inquired.

She smiled.

No matter what was bothering her, he would never demand answer. He would get Cristina to talk to her or if no one else could be of any help, he would sit by her side and console her.

" So is everything all right Meredith?," he asked softly.

" We can be parents again Derek. We just have to hope it happens soon. My biological clock won't last forever," she declared.

He smiled and leaned over and kissed her. He lay down and grasped her hand. She squeezed in glee. She had a feeling the vicious cycle was over. It was about time they had some good news.