Drabble - Word: Leash (Merisha)

Note: This is a three part Birthday drabble for PA Davis who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Drabble words supplied by Phoebe, she wanted a knee injury, and her wish is our command :D – Happy birthday bud.

100 words on the nose ;)

Chapter One

Knee Deep

He knew he was in all kinds of crap the minute he stopped tumbling, his momentum finally 'leashed in' as his knee impacted the boulder. The cartilage popping accompanied an agonized scream, his hands clawing at his leg. The pain whited out his vision, ears buzzing, just barely hearing someone shouting his name. He pried his scrunched eyes open, Sammy's panicked face hovering over him.

"Shit, Dean, it's dislocated again."

He couldn't really answer through his breathless non-stop litany of swear words, shaky hand automatically clamping Sam's bicep desperately. He took a steadying breath and huffed out, "Just do it!"

To Be Continued