Drabble - Word: Dander (Merisha/Muffy)

Note: We did this one together!

100 words on the nose ;)

Chapter Three

Nothing to Sneeze At

Sam sat next to his unconscious brother, gingerly touching the deep gash at his hairline. It was bleeding sluggishly as he tore strips out of his t-shirt before quickly wrapping and securing Dean's knee, trying not to join his brother in blissful oblivion.

He blinked, hoping to clear his head.

"Sam?" Dean opened his eyes. "Is that blood?"

Sam huffed. "No, it's red dandruff."

"Ha ha. How bad?"

"It's not bad."

Dean's face scrunched in pain. "Gonna sneeze." He nearly screamed as he sneezed, then grinned "I might be allergic."

"To what?" Sam knew that grin too well.

"Sammy dander."

The End