Was listening to a song on YouTube, an thought of this. Enjoy.

It was another youkai attack, and yet again they had lost Sanzo. The priest that been edged from the others by the attackers.

How charmingly repetitive.

"What's with them and trying to steal Sanzo?" asked Gojyo over the screams of the dying. "Sutra, yeah, but trying to take Sanzo himself is just silly."

Goku hummed his agreement.

"It's probably because he's attractive." said Hakkai, smiling calmly.

He then had to incinerate the youkai who almost killed his pet- companions.

They were Sanzo's pets. Not his.


"You wanna explain the reasoning there 'kai?"

"Well, it starts with his continued survival, people do tend to hesitate to break pretty thing, don't they?"

Goku seemed to have suffered a mental breakdown. A number of their attacker seemed to be following close on his heels.

Several of the others just looked fascinated, one was even nodding.

"Not the sort to kill, tie to your bed post, yes, but not kill."

A chi blast hits the male, Hakkai muttered something about his poor aim and coughs when Gojyo stared at him.

"Also, how many people have paused just when they have Sanzo at their mercy to admire his looks?"

This was a good point. A very good point.

"Why didn't I notice before?"

"You're too used to him Gojyo, you don't notice his looks anymore."


There were nods all round.


Sanzo stalked back over to them, and after a few moments of being stared at glared at them all.


"Deep thoughts have been thought." said the youkai in charge. "Please excuse us."

They left. Sanzo turned to his companions and raised one elegant eyebrow a fraction.

Hakkai winked at him, the message clear.

Just play along.

Well, why not?

"I asked a question. What the hell is going on?"



"We've been discussing you're continue survival in relation to prettiness."

"Oh. That." He sighed, the morons twitched and Hakkai was hiding a smile. "Damn."

"That's it?" squawked Gojyo. "He called you pretty! That you live because of that was considered! Why are you calm?"

"I am pretty. I had to accept that rather a long time ago."

"But you flip when I flirt with you!"

"I never said I liked the affects."

Gojyo looked like he might be about to explode. It was rather difficult to resist the urge to smirk.

"Get a move on."

They pile into Jeep, the morons very quiet.

Sanzo glanced at Hakkai.

Happy now?

A serene smile.



"Was there any particular reason you convinced the idiots I exist on looks alone?"

Hakkai smile at the monk whose head rested on his shoulder. He was glad they had a room together tonight. He was always glad when they roomed together.

"Well, they've been very noisy lately…"

A snort.

You only just noticed?

"And I felt they needed something else to think about."

"If Goku tries to give me make up or some shit like that I'm going to shot him. And you, and the kappa as well."

Hakkai didn't need to ask why. Sanzo and Gojyo just could not get along.

"I expect nothing less. Sleep, love. They'll be chattering tomorrow and you know it."

Sanzo made a grumpy noise and curled closer to Hakkai's warmth.

Hakkai smiled. Sanzo really was very attractive.

And not just because of his looks.