America is brought into the war as a result of this telegraph


"What is the Zimmerman Telegraph?"

"That is right."

"I'll take American Revolution for eight hundred Alex."

"Here is the clue:

This famous spy said "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."


"Who is Nathan Hale?"

"Correct. Choose another clue."

"American Revolution for six hundred."

*Daily Double sound effects*

"You have found the first daily double. What will your wager be?"

"I think I will make it a true daily double."

"You'll add fifty-two hundred to your lead with this clue:

Thomas Jefferson spent nineteen days writing this document


"What is the Declaration of Independence?"

"That is the correct document and you move to sixty-four hundred."

"Star Wars for one thousand."

Darth Vader found redemption on the Death Star above the sanctuary moon of this planet


"What is Endor?"

"Pick again Spencer."

"World geography for two hundred