Author's note: First time writing anything Scrubs or Twilight. I might continue. It depends on how much you guys like this. Enjoy~

-J.D.'s POV-

As I walked into the hospital for another day of work and listening to Doctor Cox's usual rants, I felt that there would be something great happening today that would make a major difference in our jobs. I came up to the nurse's counter where Turk, Carla and Elliot were talking about something. I stepped to Turk's side, listening to the conversation as if I were here the whole time. "I heard a new doctor was coming today," Elliot squealed in excitement. Ha, I knew it!

"What field is he supposed to be in?" I asked, feeling compelled to join the conversation.

Carla shrugged. "I heard that he's experienced more in medical but studied for surgical and psychology. He must be as old as Kelso to be trained in all of that!" Unfortunately, for Carla, that's just when Dr. Kelso was passing us.

"Nurse Espinosa, I am not a day over fifty," Dr Kelso scoffed while we all knew he was probably double that. "Who are you talking about anyway?"

"That new doctor who's supposed to be coming today. Molly told me that he's sharing her office," Elliot informed us.

I tilted my head to the side, going off into a daydream of someone as old as Dr. Kelso slamming their suitcase on Molly's desk. Molly began to make-out with him and I returned back to reality stating, "They would be a very strange couple." I think Elliot followed my train of thought as I saw her shudder.

Dr. Kelso started to try and clarify the situation for us. "Since Dr. Cullen is skilled in medical, surgical, and psychology, he's going to usually be given to whoever needs the extra person. Since we're having a bit of a slow day, he will be assigned to psychology. He's probably just going to have a bit of an off day since he's just going to be setting up his things in his office and I told him to meet me up here at nine." All of turned to look at the clock. It was about eight o'clock right now so we all went to check on our patients, looking at the door every couple minutes to see if he was coming in yet.

-Carlisle's POV-

I climbed out of my Mercedes and got my briefcase from the backseat. I took a deep breath. It had been a very long week. We had just moved from Forks to Aspen on last Monday. Ever since then, Esme and I had been busy buying a house that was very well-built and an excellent house for all of us. We also bought Edward, Bella, and Renesmee a cottage not far away. After everything was all set up after a lot of running around at vampire speed, we were all set up.

I had searched for the nearest hospital, Sacred Heart, and told the chief of medicine about my skills in the three fields of medicine I was in. I was apparently sharing an office now with someone named Molly Clock. The second I heard that I knew Esme would be jealous. We talked it over last night and she finally agreed but not without telling me that I better not stay in my office twenty-four seven.

Now here I was, walking into Sacred Heart Hospital in my usual lab coat, a light blue dress shirt, a striped tie, brown pants, and black shoes. I walked straight to the nurse's station in the waiting room. The nurses looked over at me… well more like staring at me. I gave them a polite smile and went to one who just looked up from her clipboard. "Would you mind directing me to Molly Clock's office, please?" I asked, trying to keep my voice friendly.

The brunette I approached started stuttering over unintelligible words that I couldn't make a direction out of. Finally, a black woman came up to me. "She's right down the hall over there and to your right," she directed. Her I.D. told me her name was Laverne.

"Great, thank you very much," I said, my smile returning more. I made my way down the hall and went up to Molly's office. I had a feeling today would be the first among many long days.