-Carla's POV-

I looked over at J.d. once I turned my glare off of the Janitor. "Are you okay, Bambi?" I asked gently, him chugging down his water. He nodded and everyone looked over to Carlisle as his cell phone went off questioning his cell phone before answering it.

"Hello?... Emmett?" We heard booming laughter through the cell phone although it wasn't on speaker. "You changed my ringtone again, didn't you?... No I'm not mad. I'm just really confused as to why you set your ringtone to that song… Why are you calling on her phone?... Why did-… Okay, fine. I'll talk you at home. Bye." He flipped his phone closed and we were left with an awkward silence, all of us wondering who Emmett was.

-Carlisle's POV-

I never thought Emmett would decide to call me at work and just to test out Esme's new cell phone after she had forgot she had it on her when we were hunting and it had fallen out of her pocket and ended up stepping on it. She was begging for forgiveness but there is honestly nothing I wouldn't forgive her for.

The conversation played over in my head, seeing if anything I said would've tipped anyone off of us being non-human:


"Hey, sweetie," Emmett cooed, trying to sound like Esme which was far off and had me give an odd smile to the phone.

"Emmett?" His response was his usual laugh which meant loud enough to put thunder to shame. "You changed my ringtone again, didn't you," I asked, knowing full well that he loved to prank us constantly but usually failed due to Edward's mind reading or Alice knowing ahead of time.

His voice immediately changed to a frightened tone. I probably accidentally put my fatherly tone on with him. "Are you mad," he asked hesitantly, his happiness quickly turning into fear.

"No, I'm not mad. I'm just really confused on why you set your ringtone to that song." He quickly corrected me since he was on Esme's phone, not his. "Why are you calling on her phone?" I heard Jasper yell to him in the background, the static from the bad signal unable to pick up what he said. I was about to ask why Jasper was yelling at him when he interrupted me mid-sentence.

"I gotta go, dad. We're going to hunt so we can hunt before we start baseball tonight. Alice said we'll start when you get home," he said quickly, almost too fast for a human to say.

"Okay, fine. I'll talk to you at home. Bye." I flipped the phone closed.

Now we were left with the current situation. Esme and I liked to keep our relationship secret so that we could both see people's faces when they just saw me kissing "a random stranger". We tried to see who would give in first. It was mostly just for fun between us. Since I saying that I lived with Emmett that would mess that up though…

Someone walked up behind me, about 4 feet away. "Dr. Cullen, I didn't know you were gay," I heard one of the nurses say to me. I thought this over quickly. Should I just go with that accusation until Esme visited me at work? I shrugged my shoulders to her, my head not facing her.

I heard nearly half the women in the cafeteria gasp. I lifted my head to notice Molly had left and only now did I pick up her scent again as she entered the cafeteria. She was the only one who knew about my family and I did that on purpose since she was the only other psychologist at Sacred Heart and after her listening to my phone calls in our shared office, she would be sure to find out.

Molly approached me and, helping me with this cover-up of Emmett being my lover, she pulled out a photo of Emmett that I knew I kept in a frame that had individual shots of me and my family. "Is this Emmett?" she asked, keeping a straight face although I could tell she wanted to laugh. I nodded to her, holding out my hand for the picture. She placed it on the table, some people glancing over at it to see what he looked like.

I grabbed my untouched lunch and the picture of Emmett and Molly followed me out of the cafeteria, leaving behind many confused faces. I actually left because I saw Molly's mouth twitching which would've thrown off the whole thing. I walked quickly and we darted into my office, both of us laughing as I closed the door behind her.

I looked over at my desk to see a post-it note on it. I looked at it quickly. It said, "Dr. Cullen, you had a message from a patient of yours. She said he name was Esme and that you would know who she was." I smiled a little and called our home phone.

It barely had time to ring since I'm sure Esme saw the caller I.D. "I see you got my message, Dr. Cullen," she said merrily.

I grinned. "Yes I did. Would you like to come to my office today at about five?" I still had her visit as a patient usually. Although we would usually just chat like old friends when she came to see me, we would talk about her tragic past sometimes. She would talk to me from the depths of her soul that she wanted to go away but she knew she had to face those memories. The only problem this time was that I shared this office with Molly so if Esme came in, she would have to be comfortable telling Molly as well. "Oh, and do you mind talking to my colleague as well?" She knew about me sharing an office with Molly but I wasn't sure she would be okay with telling someone else.

There was a long pause over the phone. "Okay. I'll be there at five," she mumbled, obviously a little more nervous than thrilled. I looked up at the clock. It was half past twelve so I still had a lot of time to wait for Esme.

I pulled out some paperwork on patients Molly had given me before lunch. She went over all of them with me and I wrote down some notes. Although my memory was perfect, I wanted to prove I was interested and knew what I was doing. After a few hours, it was about quarter 'til four and I looked over at Molly who was reading a patient's file while twirling her hair absent-mindedly.

"Molly?" She looked up at me. "I just wanted to let you know, since you probably already heard, my wife is coming in." She nodded. "And, I just wanted you to know that she was a patient of mine before we began to date so she had some terrible things happen to her in the past and she might be willing to talk about it and she might not. If she decides she will talk about it with you in here, don't interrupt her. She has a rough time telling her story and she gets nervous if anyone talks before she's finished."

Molly nodded to me. "Whatever will make her comfortable," she said, smiling at me. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I opened the text that said, "I just got here. I'll see you in a sec =) xoxo Love you. Esme." I sighed, wondering how this would go.

Author's Note: I know I kind of left the cafeteria fast but, I'll be honest, I got bored with that setting. I really have no clue when or how I will end this story. Anyway, next chapter will have Esme's story. Many hysterical breakdowns will ensue! =D