A Boondocks Tale


Jazmine DuBois and Huey Freeman have been best friends and academic rivals for the last six years. When they enter their senior year of high school their whole changes…from the strange new girl to Jazmine and Huey realizing their real feelings for each other.


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Setting: Freeman House; Silver Springs, Maryland

Date: September 2ND, 2010

Time: 6:37 A.M.

Chapter One

School Days and the Killing

Huey Freeman

"WAKE UP!" After hearing my Public Enemy ringtone blaring on my bedside table, I grabbed my phone and was about to curse out the person who decided to call me thirty-seven minutes passed the hour when the loud and cheerful voice of Jazmine DuBois yelled in my right ear. No I'm lying, it wasn't a yell…it was a fucking scream! And Jazmine DuBois wasn't usual the early type, the fact that she was even awake surprised me. This was after the initial yell of course. I knotted my brow in furrow and then I answered her in a groggy voice.

"Jazmine, its 6:37 in the fucking morning! Why are you calling me?" I asked in an even tone, which I still managed to have even if I wanted to get up for another eight minutes. It was the first day of school and it was my last year of high school, along with Jazmine. We're the only two out of our friends who are advancing a year early. When we first got to know each other when we were ten and I had first moved into the neighborhood. While I thought Jazmine was a bubbly, ten-year-old who irked my nerves constantly, when she was in a classroom, she was known as the second smartest person in our whole class. She used to be the first, but I cleared her of that title after my first two weeks in Mr. Edison's 5TH grade class.

By the time we got to middle school and passed our entrance exams with flying colors (and convincing the principal and the school administrative that we did not copy off each other since I was in the back and she was up front), we skipped the sixth grade and bumped right to seventh. By the time we got to high school, we did struggle a little during September and October, but by the end of the fall semester we were the still the top two and we were the youngest two in the whole school.

I wanted to kill Jazmine, but until my birthday in January I had to deal with her driving me everywhere. Jazmine's sixteenth birthday was back in July, so she had gotten her drivers' license and her parents, Tom and Sarah DuBois got her a silver Prius as a last year of high school gift. To be honest, Tom basically spoiled his only daughter. When he realized that she was skipping a grade, he got her a laptop that wasn't even on market. When she entered high school, he got her a gold bracelet that she couldn't even wear to school because he was afraid somebody would take it. I wondered what he would get her as a graduation gift.

"Come on, Huey it's the first day of school!" She urged. During the summer, you couldn't get her up at the time she would usual get up, which was noon. You would usual have to drag her out of bed by her feet and then pile on top of her to make sure she was up, but when September rolled around, she would be the perkiest girl I knew. I hated that. I looked at the time on my phone and saw it was now 6:42, so it didn't matter if I had went back to sleep, I would've gotten up in three minutes anyway.

"I'll meet you by your car in fifteen minutes." I hung up the phone and mumbled to myself as I grabbed my bathroom towel from the foot of my bed and headed towards the bathroom. As I walked passed my brother, Riley's room I saw that his bed was empty. I wasn't the least bit surprised, but I thought that he would've been smarter and actually stayed in the room, it's the first day of school after all and Jazmine promised him a ride.

But it didn't faze me, because he always did this no matter how much I tried to lecture him about aiming higher instead of ending up in jail or even worse…dead. After taking a shower and getting dressed in the usual attire, a black hoodie wth a white shirt underneath and cargo pants. My dark brown Afro was still wet from my shower and after grabbing my phone and book bag, I walked downstairs. Nobody else was up yet, because it was 6:57 in the morning. My granddad, Robert Freeman didn't wake till 10:30 and if it was the weekend or a holiday, Riley wasn't up till 6:00 at night.

There was no time for me to grab an apple for a quick breakfast, so I just walked out the door and into the late summer air. Across the street, the extremely perky Jazmine DuBois was sitting on the hood of her newborn car. Her strawberry blonde hair was now curly, instead of in those two puffballs that assured people that she came from a mixed family. Tom DuBois was part Scottish, but her mother was Irish. This made Jazmine a catholic automatically, but I was still friends with her. And I couldn't find better academic competitor. Her eyes were still wide and green, sparking in the early morning sun like diamonds. Some people say that she had a flicker of gold in her eyes, but I couldn't see it.

Her skin was a light caramel, which was a total contrast to my dark mocha. And she was also an excellent sparring partner, considering that I've taught her everything I knew from back when we were ten and people were making fun of her because people called her a nerd and she needed a little backbone. This in return has given her well-toned abs, which she also used for gymnastics and a body that made most boys weep over. And sometimes she showed it off well.

Today, she was wearing a dark purple, ruffled skirt that reached to her calves with a sky blue hoodie with a black outlining that was over a bright pink V-neck top. Her hair was pinned in a upsweep bun and she was wearing bright blue flats with a white bow on the top of the each flat. They weren't that big, but they weren't that small either.

"Why are you so bright?" I asked her. "Don't you consider the fact that I might be color-blind by the time we get to school?"

"Huey, it's the first day," Jazmine said as I walked over to the passenger side and getting in. Her car still had that new car smell because she wiped the front of the car every other day and vacuumed it last week so it would be clean for today. And she wouldn't let anybody eat in the car, drinking in the car was fine and we could bring food inside, but wasn't allowed to eat it until we were back home.

"So? Most people can go color-blind by looking at an overly bright outfit that the other person is wearing. And why is that skirt so damn short, are you trying to get me to beat up some jackass who smacks you on the ass as he's walking by?" I lectured. Jazmine rolled her eyes as she started the Prius. Even though she was use to me lecturing not only her, but everyone else we knew, she hated it. And I never sugarcoated everything either, I always told everything straight, not caring if I hurt the person's feelings or not.

Jazmine on the other hand, she could've been the nicest person you ever meet. Even though her sarcasm was on the same level as mine's, the only time she used it was whenever she was mad. When she wasn't busy being mad, she talked to anybody and everybody, including strangers. She would hug people if they were feeling down on their luck, sit down and talk out their problems with them, and prevented me from saying anything. She was afraid that I would make them feel worst.

"Huey, it's a hoodie and a skirt it's not the sun, first of all. Second of all, the boys will not be all over me because they think that we're dating. And finally, the last time I checked, I could handle myself because I've been sparring for the past six years of my life thanks for a certain afro-headed boy named Freeman," she said with a smirk.

"Wait, people think we're dating?" I asked as Jazmine pulled out her driveway.

"Let it go, Freeman its only a rumor."

After that, the conversation became slim, until we arrived at our ultimate hell…Woodcrest High.

OK, I might be exaggerating, but in a way it's true. It got remodeled a year before Jazmine and I came, so its suppose to be somewhat better looking. And in a way, it is. Woodcrest High was made up of walls of glass so you can get a view outside, and everyone passing whether by cars or walking can look at the students while we're transacting to our classes. And just because the cafeteria has better food doesn't mean I'm going to eat it. They still made mostly meat products and even the salads had pieces of chicken in it but this year Jazmine and I would go to this new grocery store called Martin's that's opening everywhere on the East Coast and make our own salads at their salad bar.

Jazmine found a space somewhere in the middle of the student parking lot and we got out, exploring the 50 or so cars that were already there. They were mostly made of juniors and seniors and they were just lobbying around, talking about their summers. The school was mostly made of snobby, white kids with 25 percent African American and ten percent Hispanic. When it came to graduation, every white kid passed whether they worked hard or not, but it was difficult for the rest of the school population. Which made Jazmine and I work extra hard so we could beat the white kids and graduate as salutatorian and valedictorian and the youngest ones within in the state of Maryland.

In my six (almost seven) years in Woodcrest, the neighborhood Jazmine and I have spent our early teen and teenage years, we learned that no matter how big the houses are, if you live in the Boondocks, then you don't have much of a chance of getting out. Jazmine and I live in the Boondocks along with my other best friend, Michael Caesar, but we just called him Caesar. His girlfriend, Cindy 'Big Mouth' MacPhearson lived in the suburban Woodcrest.

Cindy was Jazmine's girl pal, which meant that whenever he didn't want to hear about girly things, Cindy was always there. But no matter how much Jazmine liked her, I hated her. She was a white girl with long, golden blonde hair that was always braided in two ponytails and icy blue eyes that made her well known as the 'Ice Bitch' of the junior class. Caesar had this huge crush on her and they started dating at the end of their sophomore year. And it was probably Cindy's big mouth that told anybody who listened that Jazmine and I should go out because we're the only sixteen year olds who are graduating a year head of our class in the history of Woodcrest High.

"So see anybody new?" I asked Jazmine coolly as she scanned the parking lot. We were headed towards the east entrance of the school, near the cafeteria where they were making scrambled eggs with the cheese melted inside and sausage links.

"Stop being mean," she warned me even though I was never going to change. "And no I don't see anybody new." And with that, we walked inside and went looking for our lockers.

11:45 A.M.

When the lunch bell rung, I walked out of Advance Physics and headed towards the student parking lot, waiting for Jazmine to come out so I can get something to eat. I survived the first day of school with nothing to eat and no sign of Riley. I knew Riley was the notorious type who loved to skip school, but he never missed the first day before. I figured that he was probably at home, sleep so I didn't let me bother me. As I leaned against Jazmine's Prius, I looked at her license plate that her Dad did. Under the Maryland sign, Jazmine's license plate read her nickname throughout middle school that now only her Dad called her: Jazi. I rolled my eyes because I knew that she would choose that name, its too obvious.

"Hello." I looked up from reading Jazmine's license plate and saw a girl whom I never seen before. She was definitely new, because I didn't think that she would last a day the way she looked like. This girl had curly, jet-black hair and pure blood red eyes with pale white skin. And the weird part about it, her red eyes complimented the paleness of her skin very well. She was wearing a black, lacy Goth dress with black boots.

"What?" I asked her.

"Is that your car because it's blocking me in," the girl said, pointing to the black Hummer that was beside Jazmine's Prius on the right. I gave her a look.

"Does this look like my car?" I asked her pointedly. Then I pointed to her vanity plate. "And my name isn't Jazi either, I am not a girl."

"Well do you at least have the keys to the car to move it?" she asked. I didn't know if she was Goth or not, but either way she wasn't very smart.

"If I had the keys, then I shouldn't be standing here now would I?" I asked her in a sarcastic tone. "So no I do not have the keys to this car." Right on cue, Jazmine walked up towards us, her head down in her purse looking for her car keys. She found them and looked up, noticing the tension between me and the girl.

"Hi, I'm Jazmine DuBois and this is my best friend, Huey Freeman. What seems to be the problem?" she asked walking up to the potential Goth girl and shaking hands with her. Goth girl gave her a look and Jazmine quickly released her hand.

"Can you please move your car?" I asked her before Goth girl opened her mouth.

"Sure, lets go we have an hour-long lunch," Jazmine said. Jazmine and I got in her car and she started it up, driving out the parking lot and down the street towards Martin's.

It took us fifteen minutes to get our salads and heading back to Woodcrest High, where we saw Goth girl again this time in the cafeteria. We went and sat with Caesar and Cindy, who were eating the cafeteria's version of hotdogs and fries. It looked disgusting from where Jazmine and I sat opposite of them. Cindy and Caesar were about the most nauseating couple in Woodcrest High. Other couples would make out under the stairwells that led to the gym or under the bleachers of the football field, but Cindy and Caesar made out right in front of us in the cafeteria. Here's how they did it, they would feed each other something off that disgusting food and then after they swallow, they would kiss. It was hard to for Jazmine and I to stomach our lunches because of them.

"I'm telling you Jaz, you and Huey would make a perfect couple," Cindy said after she and Caesar stopped having their kiss-fest. There she was, running her big mouth and as much as I hated saying it, Cindy was better making out with Caesar. At least she as quiet then.

"Huey and I are just friends, nothing more and nothing less," Jazmine said. "And besides, Huey's doesn't have any emotions to date anybody." I looked over my shoulder and saw Goth girl walking towards us. I rolled my eyes and tapped on her shoulder. She looked up.

"Oh no, now what?" she asked worried. When she was close, she paused in front of us.

"Yes?" I asked tentatively.

"Kentigerna Lucas…that's my name if you still wanted to know," she said.

"Oh OK. Cool."

"Hey, your in my Biology class aren't you?" Cindy asked her.

"What threw you off?" Kentigerna asked. Damn, what kind of crack was her mother smoking? Who the hell names their child Kentigerna and there was no way in hell she was from Scotland or Ireland, she looked too American. No offense to her.

"Well your name is kinda silly," Cindy said.

"Whatever, I just wanted to tell you my name, if you don't like it then whatever, I don't give a crap." And with that, Kentigerna walked off. Jazmine shot Cindy a dirty look before the bell rung indicating that first lunch was over.

The only class Jazmine and I shared was Home Economics. There was no electives that interested me in anyway, so it was either Japanese or Home Ec and I didn't need another year of Japanese under my belt, so they put me in Home Ec. Jazmine wanted to take Home Ec so she could be a better cook than her mother, something that I wasn't going to argue with because Sarah DuBois couldn't cook to save her life. Riley made this clear when we were ten and invited the DuBoises over for dinner one night.

"Alright my twenty, welcome to Home Ec for beginners. I don't know if my seniors will be taking their experiences with them to college or if my juniors will be taking my advance class next year, but how in the hell should I know its only September." Our teacher's name was Mrs. Whitfield and she wasn't the most optimistic person in the school. She was a decent-looking white person, with dark brown hair and sky blue eyes that matched Jazmine's hoodie.

"This is Home Ec and you will not only learn how to cook, but you will also learn business, how to manage your home, and by being in this class you've automatically signed up for the FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America if you did not know. Do not give me that look Mr. Freeman, being in stuff like this will look good on your college applications, especially if your going to sign up for every black college in America. I want you to sign that and bring it back on Thursday, that's when I will see you all again. If you don't want to be in the club, then go to the principal's office and rearrange your classes. If you remain in this class, then I will see you with that form and twenty dollars on Thursday."

"You can't force us to do something we don't want to do," I said as I took a form from Jazmine's hand. It wasn't a single form, it was more like a packet.

"Freeman, I don't have time to hear this. I don't have the patience to hear this and if you start, then I'm sending you to the principal's office the second you open your mouth," she said. "Its bad enough that your brother didn't come to class first minute, I don't need you telling me how to run a class when I am much older and much wiser than you are."

"But its not right, you shouldn't force us to do something we don't want to do and don't compare me to Riley," I said. "Its not my fault he wasn't in class and besides, I haven't seen him since Sunday."

"Don't bring your personal problems here, Freeman."

"Who's bringing their personal problems? I'm not because I told you, I am not Riley guardian. If you want to talk to someone in my family about Riley's whereabouts, then talk to my granddad not me." Jazmine looked at me along with the rest of the class. Mrs. Whitfield walked over to her desk and wrote on the pink referral. She then held it out towards the door and I got my stuff together and walked out the classroom, referral in hand.

Five minutes later, I was in Principal Anderson's office, waiting for Granddad to come and talk to him about my 'so-called' outburst. I was mad, because I didn't do anything, Mrs. Whitfield was just mad because Riley didn't come to class. When Granddad came, he looked mad…probably because he was missing some cutie pie on BET.

"Damnit boy! I was looking at a cutie pie on BET and I get a call from the principal, telling me that your acting out and Riley didn't show up for any classes!" Granddad said as soon as he sat down. Told you.

"To be honest Mr. Freeman, Huey didn't do anything wrong. Mrs. Whitfield just wanted him out of the classroom," Mr. Anderson said. "But we need to know when the last time you saw Riley, because Huey stated that he hasn't seen him since Sunday."

"He went over his friend Ed Wuncler the 3RD house and he hasn't been back since," Granddad said. "I was sure that he would've been here so I could whup his ass when he gets home. He know he can't be out for that long without my consent."

"Well, if he doesn't show up for his first day by Friday then we'll have no choice but to expel him for the year, which means that he'll be held back by his sophomore year. Huey, you may go back to class, we'll deal with Mrs. Whitfield later. Mr. Freeman, would you mind staying for a little while longer, we would like to discuss Riley's grades from Woodcrest Middle."

I got up and grabbed my book bag, only opening the office door and saw Jazmine waiting outside. I forgot that seniors left at 1:30 and hour ahead of the lower classmen or seniors who rode the bus home.

"Your not suspended are you?" she asked me as we headed towards the student parking lot. "Because if you are, it would be a first."

"I'm not suspended, Mrs. Whitfield just wanted me out the classroom," I said. "Can we please go to the Hill and hope that Riley's there?"


7:15 P.M.

"Boy! Did you brother walk in the door yet?" Granddad asked me. He was mad when he walked in Mr. Anderson's office at school, but he was pissed when he came home around 3:30. He was nice to Jazmine though, he thought of her as a daughter so he didn't show her his mood, but the moment she left, which was around six, Granddad went off. He told me that Riley barely got by last year and the school was finding any reason to expel him or send him back to the 8TH grade, so Granddad was now in his room, waiting for Riley to walk through the door.

I stayed downstairs and finished my homework, it was a lot minus Home Ec since I got kicked out for no apparent reason. By the time I finished, I walked in the kitchen and opened the fridge, looking for something to eat that didn't have any meat in it. I ended up fixing some tofu and rice and was about to start eating when someone knocked on the door. I answered the door and saw it was two policemen. One was black and the other was white. Aw hell I do not need this shit tonight.

"Granddad, the police is here!" I shouted at the top of the stairs. Granddad rushed downstairs and then sent me upstairs so he could talk to them alone. I didn't have a good feeling about those policemen being there, but I obeyed Granddad and headed upstairs, food in hand. I was reading an article on the Internet when my phone vibrated beside me. Immediately seeing that it was Jazmine, I picked it up.

"What's going on? Did Riley come back home?" she asked in her worried voice. Jazmine thought of Riley as a brother since I was her best friend. The thought of something being wrong with him scared her more than it scared me or Granddad.

"No, but here are two policemen downstairs with Granddad," I said.

"That's not good. I hope nothing bad happens to Riley."

"Your not the only one." I looked out the window and saw the two policemen getting back in their police car and drive off. I put Jazmine on hold and walked downstairs to saw Granddad down on his knees on the floor, crying.

"Granddad, you can't be on your knees they'll go bad," I warned him. I helped him up and walked him to the living room. That's when I noticed the blank look in Granddad's eyes. "Granddad…what's going on? What happened to Riley?"

"Boy…your brother's dead and I never got to say goodbye." I didn't want to believe it at first, but seeing the seriousness and the emptiness in Granddad's eyes, I knew he wasn't kidding like he always was. And to think, six hours ago, Granddad wanted to kill Riley for bad grades and skipping school. Now all he wanted was his youngest grandson back.

Setting: Cooperson's Funeral Estate; Chicago, Illinois

Date: September 16TH, 2010

Time: 10:30 A.M.

When I was younger, my great Aunt Cookie insisted that every Freeman that passed must be buried in our hometown of Chicago. Cooperson's Funeral Estate was a place I was very familiar with, it was where my Mom, Carmen Winston-Freeman, was buried when she was in her car crash back when I was eight. My Dad, Shawn Freeman, was currently in jail for a drug deal that went wrong when the guy he was dealing with turned out to be an undercover cop and sent my Dad to jail for exactly 10 years. I was six when it happened. My Mom was devastated and she was never the same after she saw him police officers take him to Illinois State prison. I never visited him once, but I had a great resemblance to him. I had this brownish black Afro and the wine-colored eyes that Riley and I both acquired. His skin was darker than mine's, which Riley acquired as we got older. Our skin colors told us apart, other than that, Riley and I could've been twins. Could've been is the key phrase.

Riley took up a life of crime, just like Dad did when he was sixteen. Only difference between Riley and Dad was that Riley got shot and killed by the biggest gang lord in Woodcrest and Dad was just sent to jail by a white police officer. Granddad and I let the DuBoises come with us, since they were practically like family and deep down I knew that I needed Jazmine right now. Even if I didn't want to admit it.

When it came down to planning Riley's funeral, I did every last detail…from informing the family, to finding the right date for Riley's burial, to even planning the wake after the funeral. The wake will be at aunt Cookie's house, where Granddad and I was staying the week of Riley's funeral. The Monday that Granddad and I left, I knew he was in bad shape to drive Dorothy, Granddad's pimped-out car, so after wrestling for the keys (I know its shameful, but he wouldn't budge) I drove the four-hour drive from Maryland to Chicago.

Once we pulled up to aunt Cookie's house, she opened the door immediately and gave us each a big hug. Her eyes were red from crying as I could imagine, but she still led us inside and showed us to our rooms. After getting settled in, I walked downstairs to the kitchen, where aunt Cookie fixed me a portobello mushroom sandwich with extra lettuce. It was a favorite of mine.

(A/N: I didn't know if Huey liked portobello mushrooms, but I know it's a veggie, so it should be OK. If not, then let me know and I won't be offended).

"I think you should go to State and let your father know," she told me once I started eating. I almost choked and gave her a glare. "Huey, he's your father and Robert will be happy to see him."

"He gets out soon, he can find a way to Maryland," I stated coldly because I knew that seeing his son-in-law will make Granddad even more upset than he already was.

Dealing with Riley's death was hard enough, but he wasn't eating or talking to younger women on MySpace like he usually did or just being hard on me about graduating. He was just quiet and weak. I knew Granddad and Riley got along, but I never thought Riley's death will take this much toll on him.


"Aunt Cookie, I've agreed with everything you ever told me, but I will not go to State and tell my father, who will be getting out of jail on my sixteenth birthday that his youngest son has passed. He can visit his grave once he's out," I said in my even tone.

"Huey, he misses you terribly. He's thought about you and his boys ever since you visited that one time when you were nine and after your mother passed. It was the last and only time you saw him. He'll love to see how much you've grown," aunt Cookie said.

"Why do I have this feeling that you already did something, but your just stalling to tell me," I said looking up from the paper that I was reading.

"Your father got out for good behavior and he's been staying here for the past month," aunt Cookie. I choked on my sandwich as the backdoor opened and I was face-to-face with my father, Shawn Freeman.

The replica between us was uncanny, ever after all these years we've been apart. His Afro was just as tall as mine, but tied in a ponytail and his wine-colored eyes looked shocked. He was wearing a simple outfit, a pair of blue jeans with a white tee and black working boots. His tee was a little spotty, which indicated that he was working.

"What the hell is he doing here? The only reason Mom went insane was because his fucking ass was in jail!" I shouted standing up.

"Huey that is enough. Now he is your father and I want you to respect him, even if you are here for a week," aunt Cookie told me. I didn't want him here, but aunt Cookie was right as usual. He was my father and I had to respect him, no matter how much I hated him. And just because he's here doesn't mean I had to like him.

Jazmine and her family stayed at a nearby hotel, so I didn't see her until the day of the funeral. She was wearing a pencil thin black skirt with a long-sleeved black shirt, black stockings, and black heels. Her hair was silky and the top was hidden under a black hat that her mother got for her, with black veil that covered her bloodshot green eyes. She sat beside me in the front row and cried the whole time.

Granddad was still in his quiet phase, but he wasn't happy with my father being at the funeral. He shed silent tears as the preacher talked. After he had said his peace and the choir sung, it was my turn. I was responsible to give Riley's eulogy, I don't why because he didn't like me, but I was asked to give the eulogy so here I was….overlooking almost a hundred people from our family. When I got up to the podium all the thoughts about Riley dying and Dad being here sunk in. My Dad was probably the reason why Riley started his six-year crime spree of stealing and three-month spree of drug dealing. Whilst I hated my Dad, Riley envied him. I never knew that envying somebody so much could kill you. In a way it was Riley's stupidity for still believing in him, as I've stopped when I was nine.

I didn't know what to say that would respect Riley, but also let everyone know the truth about who Riley Escobar Freeman really was. Everyone thought I was going to faint or cry, but I was just gathering my thoughts. And then, after much stalling, I finally knew what to say.

"Riley Escobar Freeman was not the perfect person, this we all knew. He hung around with the wrong crowd and after warning him about it for the past fourteen years, look at where we are. We're at his funeral, his fucking funeral. I mean, he was hardheaded, stubborn, called every woman he walked by bitch and who knows whose been fucking him ever since he learned how to use his dick for more than pissing. And lets face it, he wasn't the smartest person either because he never showed up for his classes or for that matter school! And when he did, he always found ways to get suspended.

"But despite all of that…he was still my only brother. When my Mom died and before we went to live with my grandfather, I took care of Riley. At the age of nine, I thought I could support Riley and myself without any help. I wanted to get a job and pay all the bills, because I thought I was too smart to finish elementary school. I just cared about making sure Riley was OK when it came to taking care of him. My granddad came two days later and after seeing my father one last time while he was in jail, we moved to Maryland. After we moved there, I felt like I still had to take care of Riley, even though granddad was our main provider. I wanted to give him advice about things that he'll need in his future, but he never listened. He was just worried about himself and like I stated earlier, we're now at his funeral.

"I guess that what I'm trying to say is that no matter how much of a pain in the ass he was, he was still my little brother. He was still Robert Freeman's grandson. He was still friends with a lot of people, some who couldn't be here because of school, but they were still his friend and they missed him, but not as nearly as enough as I do." There wasn't a dry eye in the house by the time I was done, except for probably my own. I sat down beside Jazmine, who took another tissue from her pack of Kleenex and wiped her eyes. Damn, she really missed Riley. Then I saw something-or rather someone-in the graveyard…I saw Kentigerna and she just looked right back at me.