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Sakura was uncomfortable. She was in a hospital at night, with dieing sick disease catching patients...wearing a tight naughty nurse outfit. And uncomfortable. What in the world was Tsunade thinking sending her in like this? This was ridiculous...look at her!

The outfit was bought at a fantasy store, a short booty showing skirt, a tight high cut white button up with just three necessary buttons, one of which was already unbuttoned for its own purposes. It had a red cross on her right breast, which was the only professional thing about it.

The push up bra she was forced to wear made her tits bigger than they needed to be, practically bouncing out of the shirt with every step she took. Hell the white stockings that connected its straps to her panties was just screaming 'slut' to her. She was a nurse, not a stripper! And there was no way she was changing her name to 'Miss Cherry Blossom' any time soon.

She was at her office, sitting in her rolly chair, groaning in despair. When Tsunade gave her an opportunity to catch Kabuto and Orochimaru she jumped at the chance...but if she had known it would be like this...she would have just kept her big mouth shut.

-Flash back-

Tsunade stared out of her window from the Hokage tower, her arms hidden in her long sleeves, giving the village a focused watch. Something was up, and Sakura had been called to her office to see what it could be. The pink haired medic Nin stood there respectfully, waiting for any orders she would be given.

"Orochimaru and Kabuto have been spotted near the border of our country. They seem to be looking for something...and I know what it might be." Tsunade's tone was soft yet firm. This was really worrying her, and if she was worried, so was Sakura.

She stepped forward, eyes widening. Sasuke What do you want me to do Tsunade-sama? I will do whatever it takes, I promise! She waited for a response from her mentor but . the kind she got wasn t what she expected. Tsunade looked over her shoulder, a gleam in her eye, smirking slyly. Sakura gulped and inched back, un-sure if that was the right decision to say Anything in front of Tsunade.

Well there is ONE thing you can do so that we can catch them or at least Kabuto

-End flash back 1-

And here she was, wearing a naughty nurse outfit, sitting in her chair, with large white latex stripper boots tapping against the tile floor of her office. Damn that mentor of mine, she s probably getting a good kick out of this. Sakura huffed to herself, crossing her arms. She tilted her head and remembered more details of the mission she was given.

-Flash back 2-

Tsunade fully turned to her and grew serious. "We have rumors going around that Orochimaru is hurt and the best medicine is here in Konoha Hospital. That s where Kabuto and you come in. He will travel here to retrieve the forbidden herbs hidden in the basement of the Hospital so that he can make his own remedy to cure whatever is wrong with Orochimaru. And you" She practically purred the words right out. "Will distract him long enough to capture him."

-End flash back 2-

What kind of a ninja did she think Sakura was? She wasn t anything like Ino who would jump at the chance to wear anything revealing to distract an enemy or a man for that matter. But she had dignity; class and man were these panties riding up her ass.

She sighed and pouted, rolling around in her chair, trying to stay focused on the important thing before one of the machines blinked at her, telling her someone was in need some nurse help. Well she still had a job to do so she got up and strutted over to the room just down the hallway, checking her clipboard. "Hmm this mans got a heart problem, I hope everything s alright."

Her hand reached out to the doorknob and turned it with ease, not wanting to be too loud entering incase the man was easily startled. Her boots made little noise as she creped silently inside, the man under the blankets coughing loudly. Quickly going to him and placing a gentle hand to his back, rubbing it she spoke softly. "Are you alright Sir?"

"I don t feel so well miss I m in serious need of a beautiful pink haired medic to rub and stroke me" Sakura gasped at the familiar voice and stepped back as the blanket was thrown off and a blur of silver flashed in front of her. Kabuto stood there, his arms crossed and a devilish smirk on his face. "You look surprised-" He blinked, stopping in mid sentence before his jaw dropped. Sakura stood there, ready to fight, waiting for his snarky speech . but he just stopped talking and had his jaw touching the floor. She blushed, remembering what she was wearing. Oh god, oh god! This is not how you capture a criminal! She coughed gently and made him snap out of it.

He cleared his throat and regained his composure. "Don t you think you re taking this nurse thing a little too far? I mean heh not that I m complaining damn woman." She whined and quickly took out her kunai s, making Kabuto raise his eyebrows in light astonishment. "Where did those come out from?" She turned a dark red and pointed the tip at him. "Shut up and give yourself in!" She glared at him, having enough of this. It was time to fight! Not mess around!

Kabuto merely smirked and winked at her. "I don t know, I mean I was here to kill you but now I see it would be such a damn shame to dispose of something so nice how about we have a little fun before I slice your throat hmm?" Sakura growled, as she activated her ninja speed, rushing towards him, but he caught her in time, blocking her armed hands with his own kunai s, the sound of metal clashing together echoed through the room and even out to the empty halls.

She jumped back quickly as he broke free from the block and aimed a swipe at her face, a strand or two of hair being left behind as she landed easily by the door. He blew her a kiss and she got angrier. This bastard was toying with her! She prepared herself and blurred back to him, kicking her foot his way, throwing Taijutsu into the mix, but he was fast, blocking and dodging every move she gave, but she wasn t beat, neither of his attacks came close to having effect on her either. It went on like this, until the room was a mess, and they were a few feet away, catching their breath.

This is useless, its no good he s too strong. What am I going to do, he s going to kill me and get away with the medicine!' Suddenly realization struck her and she cried out in aggrevasion. Kabuto jumped lightly from her sudden out burst and raised a silver brow. What in the world was her problem? Sakura couldn't believe it but the whole reason she was dressed like this in the first place was to seduce Kabuto and get him while he was done. Tsunade was going to hear from her after this! She'd make sure of it!

Kabuto had watched her for a moment before looking to his sides, planning his escape route once he defeated her and got the medicine but suddenly a flirtacious giggle broke him from his thoughts and his head snapped up to see what was so funny. Sakura was giggling, her plump lips smiling his way, her hips posed in an interesting way and somehow a button was off from her already loosened shirt, showing off more cleavage than before. The pink haired brick house winked at him and parted her lips to speak. "This is stupid...we shouldn't be fighting...we should be doing the opposit...come on Kabuto...I want you."

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