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The snow fell gently onto the multiple blankets of snow already covering the grass in the park. The moonlight reflected off the blanket, illuminating the park. Despite this late hour,people were still in the park, sitting on the benches and chatting or just taking a walk. Among them were two children running around the park, trying to find the perfect spot to make a snowman.

"I can't wait to make a snowman!" the girl shouted to her companion, the boy in front of her.

"Me too! Let's hurry and pick a good spot to make it!" the boy shouted back, just as excited as she was.

The two children finally slowed to a walk, the girl at the age of nine, and the boy at the age of ten. The girl had vibrant blue eyes, and blonde hair with a bow in it. The boy's eyes had the same shade of blue, and his hair was the same shade of blonde as the girl. His hair was up in a small ponytail, his bangs in a wild fashion. They looked identical to each other, yet they were not related. The only relation they had to each other was the fact that they lived right next to each other.

Finally spotting the perfect site to build the snowman, they picked up their pace. Suddenly the girl stopped, her eyes wide with panic. Her eyes turned a deep navy, losing their radiance. The boy soon stopped, realizing that she was no longer following him.

"Are you okay?"

"Yep, I'm fine! Don't worry about me, let's hurry and make that snowman!" The girl put on a fake smile, then laughed, trying to make him feel better. Noticing that her eyes were no longer they're usual shade of blue made him worry. Something was definitely wrong, but he didn't know what it was.

"Okay then... but if there's anything wrong, just tell me and we'll go back."

"Fine..." She replied, recovering from her sudden stop; her eyes turning back to their vibrant blue. She giggled and grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the the place where the snowman was to be built. As soon as their feet landed in that spot they both started piling up snow, trying to make the three parts they needed for the snowman as quickly as possible. Suddenly, the girl stopped again and looked at her hands in panic. At first the boy didn't notice this, but when she started crying and feeling around blindly, his eyes widened, and he ran towards her as fast as he could.

"What happened?" He asked as he ran towards her. When he reached her he brought her into his arms and looked into her eyes. His eyes widened again, realizing they weren't their usual shade of blue.

"I can't see anything, everything's dark!" The girl sobbed into his coat.

"Oh no... we have to go back now!"

The girl didn't reply, still crying in his arms. The boy attempted to carry her, but being the small boy he was, he couldn't lift her up.

"Do you think you can try standing up and walking? I'll guide you so you don't fall or trip."

"I'll... try..." She put her arm around the boy and they started walking towards their homes. Luckily for them, their houses were a 2 minute walk away.

When the boy's house was in sight, the girl stopped crying. Her eyes returned to their bright shade of blue. At first she looked surprised, but then the look changed into a look of immense relief.

Why did her eyes lose their usual sparkle? The boy thought to himself, noticing the change in her expression. He closed his eyes in deep thought, just to open them immediately. No way... It can't be... He wore a solemn expression, and ran into a different room. I have to ask them...

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