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-Chapter 2-

"Len! Here's your new collar and leash," Rin said, pulling it out of a big bag and holding it up. It was navy blue, and the tag was in the shape of a bone. On it, the words "Kagami Len" and their address was under it.

"How do you like? Since you remind me so much of Rin, I decided to give you your own last name similar to Rin's~" Miku grinned while Rin shot her a glare. "When I said he reminds me of you, I didn't mean the dog part," Miku said to confirm so she wouldn't have to face Rin's wrath later.

"Yeah, that's really what you mean."

"Eh... Len do you like it?" Miku quickly said, trying to change the topic. He nodded enthusiastically, trying to show his gratitude. Not only did they get me this awesome collar, they also got the name right. Len thought, very pleased. Satisfied, Rin reached into the bag again and pulled out a matching navy blue dog cushion.

"Rin, I think you should put it in your room, you know, since he's going to be your seeing eye dog."

Rin rolled her eyes,"Way to state the obvious Miku."

"Oh shut up Rin," Miku pouted.

"Make me~" Rin put down the cushion and took out two bowls from the bag and walked towards the kitchen. "Hm... where should I put these?" She thought out loud. "Ah! Right... here!" She put them right next to the entrance to the kitchen. "This way before we cook, we'll remember to feed you first so we can have dinner together."

"That's a great idea. Speaking of feeding... crap! We forgot to buy dog food!" Miku remembered.

Rin's eyes immediately widened, "You're right! Sorry Len, we have to go buy some... maybe we can bring you along with the new collar and leash we got." Len barked, agreeing with her.

"Let'sa go!" Miku said 'Mario' style as she threw open the door and ran out with Rin and Len trailing behind her.

"Hopefully we should have everything we need," Miku said as she walked in. In her right hand was her keys and in her left was a bag of dog food. Rin walked in next, also carrying a bag of dog food and tugging at Len's leash to get him inside.

"Yup, I'm pretty sure nothing's forgotten, right Len?" Rin glanced down at Len and he nodded. "Now you'll enjoy your new home to the fullest extent," Rin smiled as she shut the door.

"It's getting late, you should go and get some rest. Maybe even show Len around your room," Miku said.

"Geez, just because I'm half-blind doesn't mean I have sleep early... But I guess it wouldn't hurt to show him around," Rin said as she unhooked the leash from his collar. "Okay then, let's show you around me room~" She grabbed the dog cushion, then disappeared down the hallway with Len; the sound of the door closing followed.

Miku proceeded to grabbing the bags of dog food and finding a place to put them. She remembered that they still had room in one of the kitchen cabinets and started dragging one of the bags over. After she put the first one in, she heard the doorbell ring repeatedly. Knowing who it was, she screamed, "COME IN! IT'S UNLOCKED!"

"Miku, why would you leave the door unlocked?" Mikuo said as he walked in, closing the door after him.

"That wasn't me; Rin forgot to lock it just now," She said as she walked out of the kitchen. He noticed the last bag of dog food plopped down on the floor.

"Dog food? I didn't know you liked eating that. Have I really been away for that long?"

"NO. The food is for the new dog that we got. I'll introduce him to you tomorrow."

"Dog? Well I guess that explains that big bag of dog supplies. I didn't know you liked pets."

"Well technically it's not for me, it's for Rin. You know, since she has those blackouts? Plus, he had no home, so I had to take him in. "

"Ah that makes sense; good thinking," Mikuo chuckled. "So where's the dog?"

"He's in Rin's room; he needs to get used to going to bed there. Hopefully he'll be easy to train so he won't pee everywhere..." Miku shuddered at the idea of wet stains on their beautiful carpet.

"Ha, good thing I decided to drop by this week. Now I get to see the amount of improvement you've gained over the years to take care of pets," he smirked.

"Hey! That phoenix was at the end of its five hundred year cycle![1]"

"Right... didn't our master say that it was a newborn?"

"Uh... no?"

"Plus, before it's about to die naturally, it builds itself a nest first and then ignites," Mikuo sighed.

"I-it did tha-"

"Correction: It blew up from the massive amounts of food you fed it," he interrupted.

"W-well this is different! This isn't a mythical creature we're dealing with, so we should be fine," her face flushed from embarrassment.

"Sure," Mikuo rolled his eyes, picturing an evil Miku pouring tons of dog food into a bowl. He glanced at the clock, noticing the time. "Hey it's getting pretty late," he pointed to it; it read 12:56.

"I guess I should get your room setup," she said as she walked towards the guest room, well, at least what was supposed to be the guest room. Since Mikuo visited so frequently, that room pretty much became his.

"It's fine Miku, you should just go get some rest; you look pretty tired. Have you been staying up late again to look through spells?" Mikuo leaned closer and eyed her suspiciously.

"N-no..." Miku managed to stutter out, trying to lie.

"Aha! I knew it! Miku, how many times have I told you not to do that? You'll do more harm than good for Rin. What if she found out? Do you know how worried she'd be?"

"Fine, fine... I'll go get some rest," She pouted and walked in her room, locking the door behind her. Mikuo looked worriedly at the door, then turned away and entered his room.

Meanwhile, in Rin's room, she was frantically running around her room trying to find something. Len gave her a questioning look, and she just chuckled.

"Ah, sorry. I was just trying to find my old blankie that I used to have. I'm giving it to you so you can use it if you ever get cold, which I highly doubt, but it's better to be safe than sorry~" She turned back into the jungle known as her closet and started digging through it again. Len just sat down on his pillow and watched as she continued to dig through her closet. Finally she emerged with a small blanket; it was a pastel orange, and had bananas all over it. "For some reason I've kept this, but I don't know why... My eye disease is slowly is somehow affecting my memories; Miku always jokes that I have 'short term memory loss'[2]."

So that's why she doesn't recognize me. I can't believe she even forgot that I gave her that blanket. Len whimpered, disappointed that she didn't know who he was. She mistook this as a sign that he was cold. "Oops! Forgot to give you this. Lay down," She commanded. Len immediately obeyed, and Rin walked over and tucked him in with the blanket. "There! All better~" He barked in agreement. "I'm glad you like it. I had a feeling you would, the blanket seemed to fit you really well." Oh you have no idea how well it fits me. "Ah! Before I forget, what do you want to do tomorrow? It's Saturday, we should be free," Rin said. He barked twice, as if to say 'paper' and she understood immediately. She grabbed a sheet of paper and a pencil and handed them to him. He took the pencil and wrote 2 words down, the meaning of them puzzling her.

"Store? Park? Well I can understand park, but why store?" A thoughtful expression was seen on Len's face. He nodded when he got an idea and wrote, "Explore."

"'Explore'? Hm... Okay then, I guess we'll go to a few department stores if you want," Rin looked at him for approval. He wrote down "okay" and nodded. She smiled and said, "We'll tell Miku our plans tomorrow okay? It's getting quite late," He nodded again and looked at the glowing green numbers on her digital clock. They read "1:32 A.M." That's not too late... then again, I haven't had much sleep in a while. It wouldn't hurt to sleep this early[3] he thought as Rin got threw the blankets over her.

"Len, I'm going to sleep now, so good night," Rin interrupted his thoughts. She reached for the light switch and flicked it down to turn it off. Len barked twice, as if to say 'good night'. He soon heard Rin's slow breathing; a sign that she was already asleep. Soon enough, he too closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep. At least she's still the same Rin that I know, even though it's been so many years since we last saw each other... He thought as he drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

"Hey Rin, bet you can't catch me!" Shouted a boy in the distance. Who is that? Why does he seem so... familiar? Rin thought as she saw him running farther and farther away.

"Wait! Don't go!" She shouted and tried to catch up to him. "Who are you? Why do you know my name?" The boy came to a complete stop and turn towards her. He was an exact mirror image of her, except he was male.

"Silly Rin, don't you recognize me?" He grinned. She looked at him with a blank stare; his expression fell. "You really don't know me?"

"Should I?" She wondered out loud.

"Of course you should! I'm your best friend, remember?"

"Best... friend?"

"You really don't know me? Even after all the time we spent together..." His bangs covered his eyes.

"I'm sorry but no," Rin said with a sad voice, "I can't remember too much because my memories are being erased."

"Maybe if I told you my name you would remember?"

"That might work, but I can't guarantee anything," She replied, curiosity getting the best of her. He picked up his head and beamed at her, taking her hand in his and doing a dramatic bow. Strange... why does my hand feel wet? She felt that sensation as soon as his hand came in contact with hers.

"Well then, Miss Rin, it's a pleasure to meet you. You may call me BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!"

"Eh... can you repeat that?"

"Sure, it's...!"

"Mmmm... repeat that..." Rin turned to her side, ignoring the alarm. Len, unable to shut it off, tried to wake her up. Licking her hand didn't work, so he resorted to a different tactic. He jumped on her bed and started to lick her face.

"Ah~ Why are you on top of me?" She murmured, slowly opening her eyes. "L-len!" she yelled as she tumbled to the ground. He barked in reply, happy that she woke up. Then she noticed the alarm was still on, and went to turn it off. "6:45? Oops, I forgot to turn my alarm off..." She said laughing sheepishly. He just barked and licked her face again, wagging his tail. She got up and stretched out a bit, and then opened the curtains to let the sunlight in. "Today's such a nice day, the perfect day to go and explore," She smiled and grabbed her glasses off the night stand. "Hm... what to do... aha! I'm going to take a shower first, so just wait here okay?" Len nodded and lay back down on his pillow as she walked out of the room. He dozed off, still asleep when Rin finished her shower. She chuckled to herself and shuffled through her closet to find clothes to wear, accidentally waking Len up.

Oh... I guess I dozed off~ I wonder what Rin's doing... He thought and turned to see Rin only wearing a towel. Lucky for him, he's a dog, so Rin couldn't see the blush on his cheeks when she turned to him.

"Good morning again~ I'm just going to change, so eh... do you mind turning around? Ha, silly me... I know I shouldn't be afraid of changing in front of a dog but still... it's not like he's human or anything," Rin shrugged to herself and started to change. Len quickly covered his eyes with his paws, embarrassed. Must... not... think... bad... thoughts...

"Let's go Len!" Rin poked him, holding his leash in her other hand. He removed one paw and looked at her, just to make sure she was fully dressed, and allowed her to put the collar on. "Miku! I'm going to take Len for a walk!"

"Mm..." Came the reply.

"Oh whoops... forgot she would still be asleep at this hour..." She whispered to Len. They walked quietly out the door and headed towards the park.

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