The Hunt
Off-shot oneshot of The Kitsune and Kyoshi Warrior
Story Start
Naruto found himself in a chair tied by rope in a hut inside the village of Kyoshi Isles. He was a bit careless and found himself 'captured' by the Kyoshi warriors leader Suki. The brown haired girl had been the target of his advantages. Her body was well-toned from all the training. ''So...Suki...what are you going to do to me?'' He asked while all the while grinning. Naruto knew despite her death threats the girl wouldn't hurt him...too much. Maybe a like beating from all the gropings, but he was merely just paying her complements.

''Hhm...what should I do to you?'' She asked as she stalked about. ''I had so much time to come up with a way to punish you. You perverted little animal.''

Naruto nearly shuddered at her tone. It was so husky, so kinky.

She moved her hand to rub fingers through his soft tangle of spiky locks, gripping a handful of the blond hair before forcing his head back. He was met with her eyes. ''So many scenarios. Oh I waited for this for a long time.''

''So Xina's comment about you have kinky dreams about me were true?''

She didn't answer his question as she let go of his hair. Probably making a mental note to kill said warrior. ''You know I could escape at any time. You have nothing to keep me here.''

''Hhm...'' She examined him in her mock thoughtfulness, trying to hide her smile behind a hand. "I wonder just what would keep you in place.'' With a movement she began undoing her outfit. Naruto's eyes widen as all intents were focused on the girl before him. Bit by bit she slowly began undoing her outfit. Naruto eyes almost popped out of her head revealing her bandaged chest. Naruto was more of an ass man then a breast man, but breasts were nice too. From what he gestured Suki was a nice hefty B, but to think her pillows were in fact bigger then estimated just added to the attractiveness. She slowly removed her bandage bit by bit, taking care to go especially slow.

Naruto wanted to cry out or do anything so the warrior seductress would hurry up. He was so caught up the thoughts of escaping and how easy it was left his mind. Naruto wanted to cup the exposed chest in his hands. Those breasts of hers were magnificent. Her nipples were also staring at him. Suki leaned forward and rubbed her hand across his cheek, dragging her nails lightly over his whiskers. She laid her other hand on his crotch, his erection visibly and physically increasing. Removing her hand she hopped onto his lap and grinding her rear into his erection.

She nuzzled her face into his chin. Both of them becoming flushed. ''You're not the only one who can leave someone hot and bothered,'' She said whispering in his ear. She got up as Naruto let a cry escape his lips. ''S-Suki...''

''Such a naughty little animal. I'll have to punish you,'' She said removing his erection from his pants. Suki was thankful that seduction classes was thought to her and the others by the previous incarnation of the Kyoshi warriors. She began gently stroking him while rubbing her thumb over the veins. There was really any boys her age or she was attracted too. Either too old, too young, or married. The rest were nothing but perverts or cowards who didn't want to risk her lives.

Most of the strong and able bodied young men went to join the war effort. Soon enough Naruto came along. At first he was an annoyance. Suki wanted revenge after their first initial counter left her pride bruised. Days and weeks passed off sweet words, caresses, and even a conversation of two. The desire to catch him soon turned into the desire to spend more time with him. Soon the chase turned into a little game of sort that Suki looked forward to. Despite the denial the attraction and sexual attention between the two was obvious to everyone on the island.

Naruto was growing harder in Suki's hand. Her ministrations made it harder to focus on anything but release. Even if Naruto could manage to get free he didn't want to.

Suki caught her lips against Naruto once more. Exploring his mouth with her tongue. The kiss was heated. Naruto was dismayed when Suki soon broke it off. Suki took a look at Naruto's twitching erection. She massaged it and asked, ''You want me to take care of it baby?''
''Y-Yes...please!'' It had been so 'long' since the last time he had been with a woman. He nearly had forgotten how good it felt. She gave him a look of amusement. Suki got on her knees as she began licking and sucking on his tip.

Gently stroking his balls while she teased him. She massaged her own breasts as she continued kissing and nipping at hand. After paying attention to her breasts quite a while one of Suki's hand trailed down to the point of access between her legs. She began fingering herself and moaning loudly as drops of her arousal spilled onto the ground. Naruto felt himself going made at the smell of her arousal and the sight of her paying attention to her body. Suki took Naruto into her mouth and started to suck on him while coating his shaft with her saliva.

With a wet plop Naruto's erection slipped from her mouth. She steadied it with one of her hands as she moved above it. She then plunged down onto his thick shaft as both gave out a cry of fuck. They both thrashed about as Naruto's large length adjusted to Suki's tight virginal walls. Just the sensations of being inside a warm and tight body after so long already had Naruto filling the girl with precum. Suki wrapped her arms around Naruto as she began riding him.

This was one of her most prevalent fantasies. To be the one in control, to dominate her lover. The fire in her quim intensified as Naruto's cock kept hitting the deepest parts inside of her.

''Suki...'' It was a cry of both pleasure and agony. The sound of flesh colliding and grunts filled the small hut. The speed and roughness continued on for nearly half an hour. Both lovers able to keep at the pace because of their stamina. Soon Naruto spilled his essence into Suki, pumping several times into her while doing so. Suki bit her lip and fought back a scream. She wasn't done yet and with a grunt pulled Naruto out from inside of her.

Turning around she bent over and gripped Naruto's hips. She then pushed backwards onto him as his erection filled her once again. She let out a squeal as the erection filled her even more fully at the new position. Using his knees as leverage she moved back and forth working Naruto's cock with everything she had. The fire inside of her was driving her to keep going until it was finally extinguished by sweet release. With reckless abandon she squeezed and milked his cock. The edge of his cock rubbing against her clit filling her with incredible sensations.
''Suuki! I'm going to cum!''

With one final squeeze Suki screamed and spasmed as her body finally reached the peak.
''Naruto! Ohh Spirits! Cum inside me! Please I need it!"'

His essence filled her womb yet again. The hot sticky substance coating her insides. Suki held on after the first three spurts but slipped forward. The rest of Naruto's essence spilling onto her back and ass.

The two of them had gotten dressed after their encounter. ''So you're letting me go? Just like that? What happened to wanting to capture me?'' Naruto asked as they reached the edge of the forest.

''I find our little game fun. Besides it's no fun if I can't capture you again,'' Suki said as she gave Naruto's crotch a squeeze.

''Oh says who? Now that you staked your claim next time I'll be the one doing the hunting. You better be ready my pretty little Kyoshi warrior. Next time I'll hunting you,'' Naruto said as he kissed her. Suki was left dazed as Naruto slipped back into the forest. She hummed a happy tune as she went down to the stream to take a nice cold shower all the awhile anticipating the next encounter with much anticipation.
Autor's Note
If I get enough reviews asking for this to be a Two-shot I'll write it. Until then this is a one-shot.