The Hunt
Off-shot oneshot of The Kitsune and Kyoshi Warrior
Story Start
Suki found herself on the run from the most dangerous predator on the island. It had tasted her flesh and wanted more. Because of her warrior pride Suki would be damned if she would cave in instantly.

''My will be my prey. How long can you last before the hunter catches you.''She flushed red just thinking about the words. ''I'm going to hunt you down and make you mine...''

His words clear in her mind. ''The real fox...the real beast which is me. You are the type of woman who could be by my side. A strong willed spirit girl. A fighter. Show me how me that your worthy prey by not being caught with ease. It wouldn't do any fun if you submit to me without a fight. I rather enjoy that feisty spirit of yours.'' The look in his eyes, the tone in his voice. It was as if he was a completely different person.
He gave her a one hour head start. An hour Suki was going to do to put as much distance between the two as possible. Completely covering the island on foot would take four, maybe five hour tops. There was plenty of jungle to hide in along with a river and waterfall. It didn't help that he stripped naked before telling her she had an one hour head start. Images of Naruto naked form made it hard for her to concentrate.
A battle of wills...of concentrations and skill. She was going to prove just how great of a warrior she was. She was able to capture him after all right? She just had to outwit him. Spirits! Why couldn't he had been something besides a Kitsune? Any animal not known for it's trickery or cunning?

Naruto took a deep breath as he inhaled the crisp air. He had brought the girl to witness the sunrise with him. The sky illuminated by a bright yellowish-orange glow that reminded him of candle fire. He was in anticipation for the end result. The taste every inch of her. To feel her skin. Suki was a beautiful and alluring girl. An male with a libido would notice it unless they were daft.

Not only was she tough she was quite assertive as well and not afraid to speak her mind. She certainly showed just how assertive she could be the other day. Not to mention she was quite loyal and compassionate. He was going to hunt her with only the use his tracking and intelligence. Sure he could just sense her energy or use his hearing to track her from miles away, but where would be the fun in that?

Suki pushed her way through the thick foliage that blocked her path. She forged ahead pushing aside the branches heavy with leaves and the large palm fronds at her eye level while trying to be certain that nothing was in front of her feet that could trip her up. She then took to the trees, leaping from branch to branch. She had to develop quite physically in order to keep up with Naruto during their chases. Every day she was a little stronger. Each chase she was a little faster.

Naruto was consistent. He was strong. He was just so many things she didn't know where to start. He didn't treat her as some weak little girl that the other societies often treated their women. No, he respected her as a warrior and a woman. He praised her skills and her curves. She admired his free spirit. His kindness and gentle nature, his cleverness and his wit. She knew that he was intelligent, just how intelligent he was she couldn't be sure, and it shown through in his speech and actions. Despite the fact he could under her skin with his antics she enjoyed being around him.

He wasn't someone that was restricted to the endless cycle of this world. He was beyond this world, another lifetime; the only clue to a civilization that once lived. They were both fighters and as Naruto once said, 'Opposites aren't the only things that can attract. Sometimes Equals can as well.' Suki landed on the ground below, a smile gracing her lips. She was startled by the sound of a rustle in the bushes nearby. It was nothing but a squirrel. Even then she couldn't be too careful. Maybe she should show the Kitsune a bit of her cunning.

Naruto tracked the Kyoshi warrior by following any sign of tracks. Apparently Suki took to covering her scent with dirt and many other different spoils of nature. She was bright...taking notice of his skills and finding a way to eliminate his advantages.

It wasn't hard to spot the signs of activity. The shinobi of his era were better trained in setting traps and such. Though he had to admit the people of this era had a curious idea or two.

Naruto paused in front of a tree and bent down to inspect the twigs that had been snapped off by a passerby. He was trying to judge maybe how fast she was going by how much was snapped and maybe which direction. Looking for the other twig piece he found it. The location of it was in comparison to the branch indicated her direction, or was Suki clever enough to place it on a different side to give that indication?

Trusting his instinct he decided to turn ninety degrees and head in that direction. After a few minutes her odor filled his nostril. Her body was producing sweat to keep her body cool and it was washing away the smell of her camouflage. It was then he heard her scream. Without thinking he shot forward. His first thought that Suki was in trouble. He arrived to an area filled with trees, a small meadow between them. Suki's golden fans launched from the covering of one of the tree branches. Naruto jumped back as the fans landed on the ground.

A branch from above broke and started dropping down towards Naruto. Leaping from the falling branch was Suki armed with two kunai? She threw them at Naruto and they shield himself using a burst of wind. He cursed at Suki's retreating figure. She actually got her hand on some of his kunai and exploding tags. The kunai he sharpened on a monthly basis and the exploding tags were recently made to fight off invaders. She was far more resourceful then he gave her credit for.

Suki game to stop right before a cliff. She chuckled to herself. remembering the surprised look on Naruto's face. Suki 1: Naruto: 0. She thought as she waited.

Naruto landed in front of her without a scratch. ''You caught me off guard my little vixen. But I'm afraid the game is over...''
''Is it? Nar? You know I have to thank you for all you thought me. One of the golden rules of a shinobi. Deception is key.'' The Suki in front of him phased out.

'A Bunshin?' Naruto didn't know whether be annoyed or proud that Suki profited so well from his teachings. The better part of the day he spent following her. Amused by the little tricks she pulled here and there. Eventually his desire was over coming his thrill of fun. So transforming into a Kitsune he used his enhanced sense to track her down. When she wasn't looking he changed forms and tackled her to the ground pinning her.
''I was're everything I could ever want.''

She struggled against him. Naruto nipped at the neck.

''Damnit!'' She cursed and finally relented. She knew Naruto was physically stronger then her and it was no use fighting it.
'He kissed her along her neck line. He then ripped her open her garbs.

''Naruto!'' She cried out.

''I'll replace then later!'' He said using one of his nails to cut loose her bandages down the middle. Suki whimpered at her touch as he stripped the rest of her body naked. She felt her self shiver in anticipation. Naruto's throbbing length free in the air before her. Unrestrained lust in his eyes as he took his time to trail his finger every inch. Brushing across her nipples every moment or two. Naruto then sunk his teeth into her collar bone. Heavenly bliss filled her body was a warm sensation tingled all over. He drew back his teeth revealing a small bite mark.

''Bite me back...mark me as yours.''


''Claim your mark on me...first we do that and then we become one...that's finalized by then hunting together and sharing the blood of a kill and making love once more. That is the way of what I am now. After the fact if you drink some of my blood you'll become like me too. A Kitsune, in your case a Vixen. Humans can split on whims when things get too tough. They aren't willingly to tough it out. The union we do literally means together until death do us part, but even then we would be together in the after life. I will have no other woman as your own as you will have no other man as your own one we become one. After blood, our spirit, everything that we are will become one. That its the true meaning of soul mates and other half. To become one with the other that completes you. Will you claim me as yours?''

''Yes...I will...'' Suki stated. Nothing but love and sincerity in her eyes.

After scooting closer to him she leaned in and placed her mouth at the base of his neck. She took a deep breath before she bit down. To her surprise he sighed and relaxed at the feel of her teeth sinking into his flesh. Her mouth then filled with the rich, almost palatable, taste of blood mixed with sweat making her noxious. She quickly withdrew and spat the sickeningly sweet mixture on to the ground and gagged.

Naruto turned around and wrapped his arms around her. ''My cunning...beautiful...resourceful Suki.'' His fingers went through her hair. Their lips soon met, a gentle embrace followed. Soft passionate kisses repeated again and again. Soon enough she was pulled into his lap, his hand around her protectively.

Then she kissed him slowly entangling her hand in his blonde mane drawing his head closer to hers. His lips parted to allow her tongue to enter his mouth and when he felt it brush his own he lost all inhibition. He deepened the kiss probing her mouth with his own tongue and pressed her body to his aggressively. When the kiss ended he tugged on her lower lip with his teeth as his hands darted up to fondle her ample cleavage. He was pleased as she too became more aggressive her wandering hands and well-placed kisses further arousing him. She moaned with pleasure as he nipped at her neck slowly lowering her down beneath him.

He shifted his weight pressing the full length of his body to hers and left a trail of kisses up her neck pausing to run his tongue over the mark he left there. A moan escaped his lips as she pinched the stub while nibbling on his ear sending a shudder of pleasure through both of them. Their expressions of affection intensified as the shared sensations they produced further excited them.

''Naruto...take me!'' She pleaded, desperate to be once again filled with those sensations that her body craved. Placing his arm son her shoulders he gripped her tightly and began pushing forward. A moan escaped Suki's lips as Naruto's length once again invaded her caverns. The sensations of the rock hard tool seemed to simmer down the heat that was intensely growing in her caverns. Joined at the hip they began making love. When he moved she move. When he groaned she moaned. At every movement their bodies seemed to react with a pulse of pleasure. Every time Naruto pulled out she whimpered and clutched around him, desperate to keep what was hers and only hers inside of her. She felt so happy and complete being with him like this. His touches that were only for her. Those kisses only for her. They made her feel special...alive.

Naruto found himself intoxicated by the scent of the girl underneath him. Nothing and on one had fit him like Suki. Bringing his face to her bust he likely sucked n her nipples as he continued his long and drawn out passionate thrusts into the girl. Each time he pushed forward it was as if she was pulling him in. As if he found himself stuck in a delicious honey pot that he never wanted to leave. All throughout the night they consummated their love. Cries of lust and completions lasting well into the night. By the time morning came the two returned to the village with the largest grins anyone had ever seen on either of their faces.