Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Harry Potter, unfortunately. Oh, except for Rainbow-tailed Englelords. I have no idea how I came up with that, but they're mine!

Written for the Hogwarts Online prompt of the day: strawberry. (:

Title taken from the song Strawberry Fields Forever. The first second I saw the prompt, I thought Strawberry Fields Forever, and then I thought Lily/Teddy, because it's always my first instinct to write them. But I really wanted to do something different, a pairing I've never written before, and I hope this was alright, despite the fact that it's ludicrously short.


living is easy with eyes closed

"You were right," he admits, his voice still wobbly and his teeth still crooked, but he's never appeared more perfect her, the afterglow of a sunset coming lighting his world and hers. "This place is bloody gorgeous. How did you find it?"

She shifts so she's leaning against him slightly, their shoulders pressing against each other ever-so-sweetly. The air smells like goodbyes. "My mum used to take me here when I was younger," she explains softly. "She said this's where she met my dad. He heard there were Rainbow-tailed Englelords lurking around here, and she was picking strawberries,. They bumped into each other and bam! They told me it was love at first sight." She turns toward the ebony-haired boy and cocks an eyebrow curiously. "Do you believe in love at first sight, Neville?"

Clueless, he runs a hand through his shaggy hair and shrugs. "I wouldn't know," he says, and snatches a strawberry off the plant beside them, shielding them from the moist summer air. He places it in his mouth and grins at her, red staining his teeth.

Sighing, she reaches over and picks out his hand from his lap, splaying his broad, clean fingers against her dirty, petite ones. "I suppose it feels like this," she murmurs, and leans in wordlessly, quickly, before he has time to process her actions. His face presses into her hair and her lips connect with his. Her hair smells of vanilla and potpourri and possibilities and never-ending strawberry fields. He supposes this is her own version of forever.

"Luna, I'm marrying Hannah tomorrow," Neville chokes out as she pulls away, his face pink.

She doesn't remember how they got there, but suddenly there are tears on her cheeks, the taste of sadness left behind in her mouth. "I know," Luna whispers. "I… I thought maybe you'd like to marry me instead."

Neville swears under his breath and stands up, brushing imaginary dirt off the seat of his pants. He seems luminescent against the orange sky, suddenly tall and magnificent and larger than life. She feels like a fool for the very first time. "I can't," he tells her, and walks away, large strides, each stomp creating a ripple of dust in the loose dirt, clouds covering the horizon.