I don't own Ghost Hunt. I decided to make this T, but there will be some M rated parts so keep that in mind. I will warn you when we get to that. If you read my other Ghost Hunt story some of the names look familiar, that's because I'm lazy. This is a completely different plot that has nothing to do with my other story.

Chapter 1



Mai's narrative

What make a human being?

What makes us who we are?
How does one define themselves?

These are the questions that have no definite answer. Scholars debate the answers everyday for centuries and probably will till the end of mankind.

Some will argue that we form our personalities through experiences. The events and people in our lives help shape us.

The old saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Naru is alone in his office. He is walking and reading a file. He sits down and lays the files back on the desk. He pauses and reaches to pull open a draw. He pulls out a picture frame of two twin boys. Around age 16 in front of a black Jaguar (the car). The one has the other in a head lock. The two boys are both laughing and smiling.

What happens when those who are most important to use are gone?

Mai is watering her plants in her apartment. She puts the watering can back and walks past the chest of draws and stops. She looks that the pictures on top and smiles. One picture is of a loving couple on their wedding day. Another was taken the day Mai was born. Another of a happy family. Three professional portraits one of a young handsome man, another of a young beautiful woman, and the last of a 8 year old and her mother in a loving embrace.

What becomes of us?

Do we change for better or for worse? Or do we go on the same as we were before with the memory of those we have lost?

These questions might be answered.

For some life is meaningless without them. We could spiral down to the point of know return. Barely functioning, an empty shell, and no emotions.

Some find away to make the situation into a positive one. If we had not lost those we loved, we would not have found those who are also very important to us.

Sometimes we don't react at all to the huge loss we have suffered and go on like it never happened, but it did.

What happens when the truth is right in front of you and you never even knew it?

What if the truth is more painful than not knowing at all?

If we had never had found out would we have been happier?
Or is it better knowing and now can obtain some peace of mind?

What have we lost and can we ever find it again?

Mai had this feeling that something was going to happen today. She did not know what, but she knew it was big. Life changing big. She walked to school that day pondering the questions that had plagued her for sometime now. Why did Gene come to her? What happened to him? How did he die? Why does he always help her? Why does she have these abilities? She felt like the answer was right in front of her and yet she couldn't figure it out. She met up with her friends and they began to discuss today's assembly.

"Its these paranormal researchers from England!" Keiko squealed.

"That's cool!" Mai replied

"I wonder what they'll do?" asked Michiru.

"Maybe we'll see a demonstration! Something big!" Keiko exclaimed.

"Maybe we'll learn about ghost and stuff." Mai added. She had today off so she was excited for that too.

The students flied into the auditorium except for Mai who ran down the hall to the music room. She had to miss the first part of the assembly due to practice. From the time she was born she had to live a certain life. Her family had money. She didn't really know much about the Suzushima's besides the fact that she was the heiress and her mother had entrusted the care of Mai to the family lawyer. He was not a very affectionate and loving person. Mai and him barely spoke. She ended up staying with a teacher till she began to live on her own. He didn't object as long as she spent her summers at one of the family's summer homes. It was in a very rural area of Japan. Not many people around. Most of the area was owned by her family. Those who did worked for her family. The next town was about 10 miles away.

Mai's mother had always wanted her to pursue the arts in general. From before she could even remember she had been in gymnastics, dance, and music. Mai excelled in those areas. She had a natural talent according to her teachers. Mai also knew how to ride a horse. She would be taking a week off from work to go to the summer house. There she would be able to ride as much as she wanted to. It would always be a mystery to Mai how she managed to be great at some many things, but still be a klutz and sound like such an idiot. She got good grades, she wasn't a brain, but she managed to get A's.

Mai entered the room. She was late again. She hoped that her teacher didn't notice.

"You're late again." said Madame.

"Sorry. I was—"

"No excuses. I don't care what you have to say. We're start with the violin and then the cello and then the piano." Madame told her. Mai walked over and picked up the violin and began to warm up. She ran through her scales and then did several songs. She moved on to the cello and followed the same procedure. Some went for the piano. When Mai had finished she got up and stretched.

"Can I go now? I want to see the assembly." Mai whined. Madame gave her a stern look. Mai was pouting now. "Please. Please. Pleassseee!" she begged.

"Fine, but don't forget to meet at the studio to practice then we will head over to the gym for more practice and finally to the rink." Mai had forgotten about that. There goes her day off. She spent her weekends like this too. If she wasn't working she was practicing. It was so hard sometimes. Dance, gymnastics, and figure skating were all extremely different from each other. Mai was never consistent. If her dancing was great then her figure skating was bad. Same went for dancing. She like it all, but would rather just stick with dance and music than gymnastics and figure skating.

She had been working at SPR for more than a year. In that year she had learn so much in regards to the paranormal. She also learned that Naru had PK and had a twin brother named Gene. Naru was actually the Dr. Oliver Davis. He and his brother had been adopted by the Davis's and live in England. The company was a part of his father's company. She discovered that it was Gene that was in her dreams and not Naru.

She ran to the auditorium and snuck in the back. She plopped down in the seat next to her friends. The man appeared to be lecturing about the different aspect of the paranormal. Everyone seemed extremely bored. It had been two hours already. Mai nudged Keiko.

"So what did I miss?" Mai asked her.

"Depends on how you look at it. I zoned out since the first 30 minutes." Keiko replied.

"I thought this was going to be interesting! I wish your cute boss was here." Michiru pouted.

Mai rolled her eyes. If Naru were here then the girls would be very awake right now. He probably wouldn't mind the attention, but then again he probably wouldn't do it because he would view it as useless to try and teach a bunch of Neanderthals.

The man finished his lecture and the students made their way to the gym. Mai wondered what they would have set up for the rest of the assembly. She still had this feeling that something was going to happen. She's usually now wrong about these things.

They entered the gym. There were stations set up everywhere. The students were instructed to move from station to station. Each station was a different way to test PK. Mai and her friends visited each station. Mai tested above normal. People were impressed. Mai felt a little proud of herself. She knew she had PK, Naru had tested her before but this was different than that time.

Mai looked around and saw Madoka. She was talking to the man who had given the lecture and another woman. She noticed Mai and waved. Mai waved back. It was too loud and crowded to try and say hello.

They made their way to the last station. This one had the most attention. It was a train set up on a track. On the wall was a chart with the different levels of PK. Each level had a light. The student would put on the helmet. Using PK the train would move. Depend on how much the train moved determined your PK level. Mai and her friends watched the other students try it out. Sometimes the train move a little bit. Other times it only jerked slightly.

Mai turn came up. She put the helmet on and tried to concentrate. The train began to move slowly. It made its way around the track. The train begins to pick up speed continues to make laps around the track. Mai is in a trance now. She is not fully aware of what she is doing. The train's speed has now increased to alarming status. It finally crashes of the track and bursts into flames. The gym erupts in screams. Mai snaps out of her daze. She is horrified by what she has done. She looks around at the other students and adults who are looking from her to the train. Mai turns and runs out of the gym.

'What happened back there? How did I do that? Why couldn't I stop? What if I had hurt someone?' she continued to run. She finally made her way to a back stairwell. She stooped down to catch her breath. She was alone now. She couldn't stop shaking. She felt so confused. 'Great now I get myself a new power and I blow up a train in front of the whole school! If I wasn't considered a freak already, I will be now!' she slumped down on the stairs.

She wondered if she should tell Naru and the others about this. If she did then Naru might want to test her and Mai really didn't want to go through that. She had just watched some horror movie where psychic children are kidnapped and used to kill people. She kept getting this image of her being strapped to a table and brainwashed. She knew that that was probably not true, but she still didn't want to be Naru's test subject. She would wait and see if Madoka told them anything. She probably would and then everyone would know. So they could come to her first. Mai got up and looked at her cell. She should probably leave now so she wouldn't be late. Madame might actually rat her out to her guardian and then she would have to quit working and possibly move back.

Later that evening

Mai finished up her practice. Her entire body hurt. She was happy right now that she had a very nice apartment with an elevator. She had been living in a small one room apartment until Madame told her guardian and he made her move. She now dragged herself out of the elevator and down the hall to her door. She had grabbed her mail on her way into the building. Mai unlocked the door and came in. She was greeted by her cat and new kitten.

Snook was a large black cat with glinting green eyes. She had him since she was little. Hence the name was Snook, she had given it to him. Her new kitten was pure white with bright blue eyes. She named him Sparky. He was deaf. It was something that had the breed.

"Hey guys! Thanks for waiting up for me." She made her way into the kitchen and filled their food bowls for their dinner. She poured herself a glass of milk and sat down at the counter. Sparky hoped up on her lap and purred. "You so lucky you don't have to have lessons on your days off." Sparky looked like he could understand every word she said Snook looked lazily from where he had sprawled out by his food bowl.

"You guys should be excited. In a couple of weeks we're going on vacation. You'll get to explore the big old house, Sparky." He purred as she scratched behind his ear and under his chin.

She got ready for bed. Mai plopped down on her bed and got under the covers. The cats followed into her bedroom. Snook positioned himself in his bed while Sparky got up on the bed with Mai.

Next day

She made her way to school. She was still sore from her intensive workout yesterday.

She sat in her class room reading her textbook when she was called to the principal's office. 'Great' she thought. She probably was in trouble for what happened yesterday. She went into the office. There was Madoka and the man and woman from yesterday.

"Don't worry you're not in trouble. These people would like to talk to you though." The principal told her. He got up and left. Madoka smiled at her.

"Mai, I would like to introduce you to Martin and Luella Davis. These are Naru's parents." The couple smiled and said hello.

"Oh hi!" Mai came up and shook their hands. "It's an honor to meet you."

"We're very glad to meet you too. We have had heard a lot about you, but not from Oliver. He is very secretive, but Madoka speaks very highly of you." Luella told her.

"We were very impressed with yesterday and were wondering if you would like to try another experiment." Martin asked her. Mai frowned. This was what she had been hoping to avoid.

"I don't really know…" she said "I mean what exactly are we talking about?"

"Psychometry. I'm sure you know what that is." Martin told her.

Mai was curious. She had always wondered what it was like to do psychometry. She nodded. "Ok I'll do it. How exactly does it work?"

"We will give you an object and you will hold it. While holding it try to concentrate. It should give some kind of feeling. Maybe words will come to mind or you'll see something or feel an emotion. Are you ready?" Mai nodded and held out her hands for the object that they would give her. Luella had set up a camera and was going to record this.

Martin pulled out a t shirt and handed it to Mai. She clasped it in her hands. Mai suddenly looked sick.

"Mai are you alright?" Madoka asked. Mai turned pale. She turned and vomited a fountain of blood. She sank to her knees and vomited more blood and then began to have a seizure.

"Mai!" Madoka screamed.

I hope that you are intrigued and that you like it. The part with the train I got from this oldish movie called The Fury. If you like this series you would like that movie. It's about this girl who had psychic powers. Major powers and then there's this guy looking for his son. He had powers like her too. I don't want to ruin it, but basically they can blow people up with their powers. Very gory movie, but still good.