I don't own Ghost Hunt. I decided last minute to switch the order so don't be confused. This is the epilogue.

Chapter 18

Mai was at her desk as usual. She finished her last bits of paper work and ran off to the bathroom to get ready. She emerged in a sun dress and sandals. She had her hat and bag ready. She went to Naru's office and knocked.

"Come on Naru. You said 12:00. I'm ready to go." She yelled.

"I'm coming. I thought the girl was supposed to be late. Why are the roles reversed here?" he yelled back.

"Because you are a Narcissist." She sang out and sat on her desk with her legs crossed. Naru can out. He was wearing black jeans and a white button dress shirt. His attire had changed slightly. He was wearing less black now. Mai smiled at him as she sat perched on the desk.

"Can we go now?" He asked her. She hoped down and grabbed her things and handed a basket to Naru. "Do we really need all this stuff?" he asked her as they went down the stairs.

"Of course Naru. We're going on a picnic." Mai giggled. She was going to graduate soon and start college. She would be majoring in the arts and photography. "Oh I forgot to tell you that I have my therapist appointment Wednesday instead of Tuesday. She asked me if I could switch." Mai told him as they walked down the street to where a blue convertible was parked.

"So you will be in the office Tuesday instead of Wednesday. That's not a problem." He told her as he opened her door and she got in. Mai still went to therapy once a week sometimes more depending on how she felt, but most of the time she was doing fine.

Life had changed a lot. After the funeral she returned to Japan. She didn't know if Naru would be coming back anytime soon, but she kept in contact with him and Peter. One day he showed up at her school. She had been leaving when she saw him waiting for her. She had hugged him so tight that he complained that he could breathe. That night they went on their first date.

Ayako and Monk were very protective of her. They had moved into a penthouse in her building. It had a large terrace and large windows. It was very modern and at the same time warm and cozy. There were three bedrooms upstairs and on downstairs. There were three bathrooms. Mai had given Ayako and Monk the master. She had come home one day and they had decorated her room for her. It looked like a room for a princess. A queen size canopy bed with lace and ruffles and her childhood stuffed animals and treasure that had been in storage. Mai was so touched by this. They were a family. It still had elements for a teenage girl. There was a dressing table and a desk and a large flat screen TV. Masako and Yasuhara came to study. John came to visit often too.

Mai no longer had to do her lessons, but she still like to do them every once in awhile for fun. Masako and Yasuhara showed signs of a developing romance, but denied it. When Naru came back Mai went back to working part time for him. They began to date and were now a couple.

"Do we need to stop at your place?" he asked Mai as they pulled out of the parking lot.

"No Monk and Ayako are bringing Noba, Snook, and Sparky." She told him.

They continued to drive and parked outside the park. The got out and walked hand in hand. The cherry blossoms were in bloom. The came to the clearing and saw the rest of the team already set up. They waved to them.

"Hey what took you guys so long?" Yasuhara yelled out to them. Mai shouted back

"Naru." Everyone started to laugh. A small white dog came running and barking towards them. They made their way to the large blanket and set down the basket.

Naru got up and began to pay with Sparky and Noba. Snook was sprawled out in the sun. He looked like road kill, but he was still breathing and you could hear his snores. (My cat looks like that when she sleeps and she snores really loud)

Naru threw the ball and Noba would run to retrieve it followed by Sparky. He would pounce on Noba, who was twice his size, and try to make him drop the ball. Naru would take the ball back and throw it again. Mai watched him do this. Who would have ever imagined this scene.

"Good boy." Naru said as he rubbed Noba's belly. Sparky was now trying to steel the Frisbee. He looked so comical, a little white kitten trying to drag a Frisbee as big as him. He got distracted as he saw a moth fly by him. He jumped and tried to catch this new creature. He rolled in the grass until Naru came over and picked him up.

Noba followed them back to the blanket, where Naru deposited the kitten on the blanket. Sparky jumped back into Naru's lap and fell asleep. Noba barked angrily. He wanted to sit in Naru's lap. Sparky of course didn't notice a thing and continued to sleep.

"In spite of everything that has happened I'm so happy right now." Mai said as she took in the suns rays.

"It's so beautiful out here! How did you know it wouldn't rain? The forecast said it would." Madoka asked.

"Oh I just had a feeling that today was going to be perfect." Mai replied. She looked around at everyone laughing and joking around. Her family was right here for her. Ayako her mother, who comforted her when she had nightmares and fixed the injuries, Monk her protective father, Yasuhara and John were her brothers, Masako was her best friend.

Mai knew that bad things were going to come and that she was going to have to face them someday maybe sooner than she would like. Her and Naru's relationship wasn't perfect they still had problems like every other couple. She knew she could handle anything because she was stronger than before and now she had her family and friends.

She had lost a lot, but what she had gained in return was better and stronger.

The End

I decided to make several sequels so I'm in the planning phase. I got the next two kind of planned out but the third is harder because I'm not sure how I want to do it so that I should end it with that or make one last story. I've had a serious lack of will to write. I'm blaming my summer courses that each lasted for 4 weeks of essay tests where they want multiple pages so its like writing your college thesis.