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AMITY PARK SAM POV(in her bed room)

'Summer summer summer ITS SUMMER' I smile 'Now how will I tell Danny I've got feelings for him.'

"Sam?" My mom called in that annoying way."The only time she call me Sam when she want something.' I thought as Mom and Dad walked in my room.

"Yes?" I asked little annoy.

"Well, I have a little brother, whom name is Christopher, he has a television show." Mom started to explain and then I look at dad.

" And he said 'I never get to see her.'"Dad said then I look at mom.

" So I pack all your clothes, and you are spending your whole summer with him;isn't that wonderful?" She finish explaining.

"YOU WHAT?"I yelled.

"Go say good-bye to your grandmother and come down in one hour."Dad told me. I look at the clock 4:00pm. I did as I was told because they would win anyway.

"Nana?I have something to tell you."I started as I walked in.

"Hi Sam-Sam,what is it?"She asked in her weak voice.

"Mom and dad are-"I started and she finish.

"-making you go to your uncle over the summer."

"Yes ma'ma."I said lamely.

"I got something for ya and Gwen,her grandma and I are great friends."She said as she gave me large black box.

"Whats in it?"I asked as I pull one of the coners.

"No,promise me you won't look 'til you and Gwen are alone."She said like a warning as I promised and went back to my room.I gently shook the box and somethings rattled.

I called Danny and in ring until it was voice mail. I left a message saying:Danny its Sam,I'm not going to be in Amity until the end of summer,sorry bye.

"Time to go Sammy-kines."Mom said from down stairs.

"I'm coming."I said sadly 'Its over. Anything with me and Danny is over.' I felt my heart breaking,I'll never be Samantha Manson Fenton.

I got into the white limo.I fell alseep as two warm arms wrapped around felt them pull me to a well tone chest.I coudn't tell who it was and the warmth wasn't helping either.

HOURS LATER : I enter the plan and took my seat '130'.I saw everything went fuzzy as I slowly close my eyes the same warm arms slip around my waist making me fall harder.

"Love you Sammy."It said I still couldn't figure it out. I fell alseep just like that.

Total Drama Action

Gwen POV (Its the final week of Total Drama Action and Gwen and Duncan are our finalist)

"OK Duncan Gwen,I have great news!"Chris said

"What is it? The producer finally fired you and we get a nice host."Duncan smirked and I couldn't help but laugh(she giggled lol).

"Hahaha-no my niece,Sam whos froms Amity Park is staying over the summer which means the finale of Total Drama Action will be post-poned."He said happily.

"Yes." We simotianosly said as we did our sercert hand shake.(our hands went left,right,highfive then we hugged)

"Whoever this chick is we're going to be friends with her right,Sunshine?"Duncan said.

"Yes,yes we are if she can get Chris 'Mc-lame' to stop the show she must be important."I said smiling as the lame-O-sien pulled up. The raven hair teen step out, with her lica eyes. She were a black tank-top with a purple oval in the center,her skirt was plaid with black and neon green,followed by purple legges and big black combat boots.

'Yes we are going to get alone'I thought as Chris hugged her.

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