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"Okay what's going on here!" Lily screamed.

"Well it's simple really." Chef said as Chris stood up.

"We wanted to save Total Drama Island girl." LaShawna said sitting on DJ's lap.

"The money was really low and we need something to up raise it." Bridgette said crossing her legs as Jeff wrapped an arm around her.

"And what better way to than to have a hottie come that all girls have a crush on. And like he's a hottie!" Lindsay said giggling.

"Anyway, he was perfect for it. We team up with Walker, and he let us use his ghost goons to take over people's body. The show will raise enough money to have more seasons." Chris said.

"And the romance between Danny and I brought some serious rating. They plan everything, ghosts just wanted to be noticed." Sam said walking into the room, her clothing has torn with muddy spots from being dragged. Against her free will. Danny ran to her cuddling into her neck, tears of happiness escaped as she caress his back.

"Wait what about Dan?" Emma asked after her shock was overcome, "he clearly was not acting."

"He is truly defeated," Clockwork said, " all he wanted was a partner, maybe Samantha's-"

"NO! SHE'S MINE MINE MINE! I JUST GOT HER BACK!" Danny whined as he tightens his grip on Sam.

"Samantha's evil side. I know it is not the best idea but everything needs love." Clockwork said changing into a toddler.

"Do it maybe something good come out of it." Sam said trying to get out of Danny's clutches.

"Saaaaaammmmm I wanna hug!" Danny pouted.

"If I give you kiss will you sit beside LaShawna?" Sam asked hopefully.

"On the lips?" Danny asked looking into her eyes.

"Yeah." Sam said nodding. Trent got up and kissed Gwen then sat back down, grinned at the angered girl. Not to mention Duncan's glare at him.

"Deal." Danny said pushing his lips out. Sam grabbed both sides of his face and place a sloppy kiss on them. Danny floated to the dark skinned couple smiling silly.

"Lilian use your watch to scan Samantha and get the evil version of her." Chef said as Lily fumble with the watch and it scan Sam.

Sam's evil self (let's call her Sammy) looked around before growling. Clockwork shot Sammy with a time blaster until she grew into a woman of the age 24. Nicole open the thermos and release Dan. Dan open his mouth to yell at the girls when he notice Sammy. Sammy floated to Dan and held out her hand, which he grabbed. Everyone , expect Danny who was staring at Sam, watch Dan blush and pull Sammy closer to him. Dan's eyes turn green and Sammy's eyes turn acid yellow. Sammy wrapped her arms around Dan, Dan hair turn to layers like Danny's. The ghosts floated up into the sky and disappeared.

"Did Dan turn in older Danny?" Emma asked.

"Yes, you maybe think its strange but without Samantha, Daniel would go crazy." Clockwork said putting a hand on Sam's shoulder, "you being with Daniel not only helps him, but also saves the world."

"BACK OFF SHE'S-" Danny was cut off by Sam's lips meeting his passionately. Danny tried to move but Sam had a solid hold on him, Danny movements creased before shyly kissing back. Sam released his lips and smiled. Danny shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. He ran over to Duncan and untied him, which then Duncan untied Gwen.

"Sam where are we?" Danny asked as everyone moved into the Specter Speed. Sam grabbed his hand and kissed it. Danny blushed but smiled sweetly at her.

"Uh I was actually too scared to hear what happen among all of you." Gwen said holding her head in one hand. Duncan lean foreword and kissed her temple gently.

"I'll explain on the way." Sam said looking into Danny's azure eyes and he smile shyly at her.

"So all of us were used?" Danny asked, "Our parents also knew the plan?"

"Yo Elvis," Duncan yelled, "I told you I want a Pepsi two minutes ago!" Trent ran in and handed the desire drank, bowed and ran off.

"Yeah and what did you do to Trent?" Sam asked raising her eyebrow.

"Let's just say Duncan have very hard punches." Gwen said turn Duncan straw and sipping his drink.

"Beat him up for kissing Sam and Gwen?" Danny asked Duncan as he smiled at Sam.

"You know it. He better think twice next time if he tries." Duncan said grabbing his drank back.

"Ohh like that song by EVE6! Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I'll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around come around no more Think twice before you touch my girl Come around I'll let you feel the burn Think twice before you touch my girl Come around no more." Nicole sung the chorus, nodding her head to the beat.

"Alrighty then." Danny said after blinking multiple times to notice Nicole left. He only had one thought in his head, girls are weird. No if, and, buts about that.

"And I have two things to say," Chris said walking up to them, "I guess it's 'wrong to under mind people for public television' and I legally can't show it without Danny's approval. The other thing is we still need a winner."

"How about splitting it between Lily, Nicole and Emma?" Gwen said, "Without them we probably go completely crazy. And they gave the show a good amount of action."

"Sunshine has a point; even if I hate giving up my millions." Duncan sighed angrily.

"EEEEPPPP!" Lily, Emma and Nicole squealed holding hands.

"What about the Final Show Down? I have nothing to show!" Chris growled.

"I give you permission to use the footage." Danny said wrapping an arm around Sam's shoulders, who blushed at his actions, "it's time my secret comes out."

"YES!" Chris dial a phone number on his cell phone and walked away.

"Oh Gwen we never looked at the thing Nana sent." Sam said rushing out the room. Gwen followed hot on her trail and the guys shrugged before walking slowly to the girls' room.

"THAT'S THE SURPRISE!" The girls screamed as they open the bag.

A week later

"We're with the contestants as they relax and watch the drama on screen from last week." Chris said smiling into the camera.

"Sam! Come here with your Uncie Chris." Cris said hugging her, "she's the only one I like."

Sam wore a gothic dress identical to Gwen's. Emma fixed their hair before the show started. (All in the links but Sam is purples Gwen's blue) Nicole was back stage getting ready for her performance. While the rest of cast was just hanging out. Sam and Gwen were the only one dressed up, everyone else wore what they normally wear. Gwen sat beside Duncan, Sam sat beside Gwen and Danny sat beside Sam.

"So this was what was in the bag." Danny asked blushing.

"Lookin' hot Sunshine." Duncan said winking at Gwen, who blushed.

"Look Nicole's about to sing!" Emma yelled.

"Please everyone direct all eyes on the curtain." Lily said stepping from behind the curtain. Nicole walked on stage, the ghostly guitar in her hands as she smiled at the crowd.

"Uh I like this song and wanted to sing it. This is American Pie theme song. ONE TWO AH ONE TWO THREE FOUR

His bed is on fire with passionate love
The neighbors complain about the noises above
But she only BLOCKED when she's on top

My therapist said not to see you no more
She said you're like a disease without any cure
She said I'm so obsessed that I'll become a bore, oh no

Ah you think you're so pretty (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-mmmm)

Caught your hand inside the till
Slammed your fingers in the door
Bought the kitchen knives and skewers
Dressed me up in women's clothes
Messed around with gender roles
Dye my eyes and call me pretty

Moved out of the house so you moved next door
I locked you out you cut a hole in the wall
I found you sleeping next to me I thought I was alone
You're driving me crazy when are you coming home."

Nicole finished giggling before stand up and looking out into the audience.

The crowd was silent blushing before claps and cheers surrounded the room. Nicole bowed grinning widely before Chris wrote her check. Chris handed out the promise money to all three girls and walked away. Sam and Danny shook their heads, Chris is self absorb. Sam smiled at Danny before kissing his cheek.

"Best summer ever." Sam whispers in his ear. Danny leans down and slowly kisses her along with Duncan kissing Gwen.

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