Okay I do not own Harry Potter, or Inuyasha characters or themes. This story is a request from animeangel008, and will be a Harry/Sesshomaru story. My beta DevilChild13 has fixed my writing for me.

Chapter One: Accidental Ritual

He had not meant to get a detention, nor had he meant to be stuck with Draco bloody Malfoy and he really had not wanted to spend his Saturday night holed up in a room with the Slytherin Prince. Harry Potter sighed as he turned the page in the Rituals book he was reading. The two had got in a fight in Charms and had been given detention where they had to read through old books and take notes on any thing that was wrong with the book.

Harry had read half a dozen relatively boring books and found that students of many different years and eras had fun scribbling profanities into different margins and circling words such as 'bum' and 'fart', even if the words were parts of other words. Draco and he were being civil; as Dumbledore had told them any fighting meant they would both be suspended. They glanced at each other on occasion wondering what the other was reading and if it was any better then the drivel that they were reading.

'To travel back in time, to a world either destined or chosen the caster must first find a partner as it takes two to cast, two to spill, and two to heal. The first must be stronger magically, while the second must be purer in bloodlines. Both must spill blood upon this book, upon this page, the ritual is embedded in this page,' Harry's forehead hit the book as he began to fall asleep; he was bored.

"Potter wake up before Filch catches you!" Draco hissed out in annoyance, if they were caught slacking then they would both have to come back the next day and continue working. Not getting a response he gripped the dark haired saviors arms and shook him with a growl, "Wake up-"

Jerking up Harry's elbow caught Draco in the face, effectively breaking the blonde's nose. "Oh sorry!" he said moving up he saw that he had broken Draco's nose. "Damn…where's your wand?" he asked looking around for his own wand he realized he needed to fix the blonde's nose, he had not meant for any of this to happen.

He had not meant to hurt Draco, and he realized as he looked around for the wand he was ending up in a lot of situations he did not want to be in. Harry sighed, as he could not find the wands, he was getting annoyed, his night was not going as planned.

"Damn it Potter!" Draco said pulling back away from the other he glared at him and pointed to the floor, "Your wand fell there you bloody twit!"

Reaching down Harry pulled his wand up and winced as he came up and cracked his head on the table, leaving a small cut on his forehead from the impact, "Here let me see it," wincing at the bloody nose he did a mild healing spell and summoned a cloth for him to wipe away the blood with, "Sorry I didn't mean to, you just startled me."

Snatching the rag up Draco cleaned his face off before finding is own wand and smacking Harry in the head with it, "Next time I'm just letting you sleep." Turning back to what he had been doing he sat down and rubbed his face, his nose was still sore.

Glancing at Harry he wondered if he should heal the cut on the others face, after all Harry had healed him. He knew that Harry had not meant to hurt him, and had taken the time to panic over him. Even though they were rivals, glancing down at his book he closed it and turned to look at the ten who was reading a book with wide eyes.

Going back to the book Harry saw a white light in the corner of his eye but thought nothing of it other then a side effect of the fact he bashed his head against a table, 'Then they must heal each other willingly, the blood must not be taken out of rage and once the blood is on the book and they have been healed the partners will black out and appear in the world they are meant to be in.'

Blinking Harry glanced at the page as a whole not just the paragraph he was reading; spotting a spatter of blood on the page he realized it was Draco's. His eyes widened as he saw a few drops of his own blood fall onto the page, he just hoped Draco would stay a prick and not complete the ritual. Turning he saw Draco looking at him, "What?" he asked cautiously.

Sighing Draco lifted his wand, "You're bleeding," with a quick twist of his wand he healed Harry, whose eyes widened in horror, before glancing at the book as it began to glow, "What the…"

Both of the teens saw the book glow a vivid white, Draco was shocked and Harry said in a slightly terrified tone, "Oh…hell," right before both of them collapsed. The last thing passing through Harry's mind as he was sent tumbling through time was, 'This wasn't supposed to happen.' Dropping their wands as they fell, they did not realize what having such a lose grip would cause for them in the future.

The whole school heard an explosion as the magic went off and only two people in the school sensed the departure of the two teens. Albus Dumbledore's eyes got wide and Severus Snape dropped the potion he had been checking from a first year Hufflepuff that shattered and turned him into a hedgehog.