Chapter Thirty: Till the Future Comes

Draco watched as his parents dropped down the well while curling close to his mate, he had Harry holding his hand like the brother he was. Then a wild thought crossed his mind and he looked at Harry to say, "You are my brother," getting a nod he continued, "Inutaisho is Sesshomaru's father," another nod, "So my mate's son is sleeping with my brother!"

"Dray!" Harry cried dropping his hand to smack the blond upside the head, "It doesn't work like that!"

"You're sleeping with your own nephew," Draco laughed before yelping as Harry hit him in the arm, "Hey!" and took chase of the other teen.

Sesshomaru and Inutaisho sighed as the children took to chasing the two submissive mates; Sesshomaru held Ayami and they were all pleased to see Kanna and Hakudoshi acting like normal children. When Harry jumped past them and landed in front of Kaeda she chuckled and made a comment that had Harry on the ground laughing.

"Wonder if Kouga has deflowered Inuyasha yet," Kaeda said directly to Harry who hit the ground laughing so hard. Hearing a squeal she watched as Inuyasha came from the woods backing away from Kouga who looked possessive, "Seems not quite."

Draco jumped on Harry and the two bolted up before setting eyes on Inuyasha. They had come to find out while not nearly as strong as their mates they rivaled Inuyasha. Two wicked grins spread across their faces as they took chase of Inuyasha who high tailed it out of there. Kouga watched in amusement as his timid soon to be mate ran from the two new demons. Everyone watched as Harry leapt to crash into Inuyasha and Draco went to shredding his clothes before they bound his hands and dragged the almost naked Inuyasha over to Kouga by the ropes.

"Now just go with what feels right, stop thinking so much," Harry said with a chuckle.

"Yeah listen to him he barely thinks at all and look at the family he has," Draco said cheekily.

"Exactly – Hey!" Turning, Harry let go of the rope to smack Draco and so began another chase around the clearing, tackling into the blond he laughed as they rolled around. Neither was the wiser that their playfulness with their brother was making their mates horny.

"Lady Kaeda can you babysit?" Inutaisho asked as he looked straight at Draco's lithe form. Getting a nod the two demons started towards their young mates. Gripping Draco's arms he pulled him back and caught him into a bruising kiss. Sesshomaru was doing similar with Harry as soon as he had deposited the baby.

The three mating couples went off in different directions. Inuyasha's howls of pleasure were soon heard; it seemed he was a screamer. Kaeda chuckled and lead the six children away from the field and toward the village. Meanwhile Draco was panting as his lover slid into him as soon as they were alone, neither of them was much into foreplay, they knew what they wanted and they wanted to skip to the good part. He was whining as Inutaisho took him like a dog, his naked back revealing two more markings curving down his back and crossing to form an intricate blue X.

"More," Draco demanded as his lover thrust harder into his tight heat, he could not believe he had almost damaged his favorite part of the demon before when he kneed him in the groin. "Bloody hell," he gasped out his claws making slashes in the rock he was partially against as he tried finding a steady place to hold on as he was plundered wildly. It was hours later when he went boneless due to pleasure and screamed out silently.

A few miles away Harry had also just been sated beyond belief. He lay in Sesshomaru's arms before looking down at his stomach and sensing something off he paused before sitting up and hitting the demon in the chest, "You got me pregnant!"

AN: This is the end of Falling Through Time; the sequel will be started in August. The sequels summary is this: Now with a family and pups on the way, how do Harry and Sesshomaru handle the time between the present and the future?