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It's kinda sad, but i think that you'll like it(:

Sonny POV

Stars twinkled overhead in the night sky. I pulled my jacket closer around me and shivered from the cold. I walked briskly down the sidewalk, wishing now more than ever that I had accepted a ride home from Tawni.

See, my Mom dropped me off at work today and went straight to the airport because of a business trip she had to go on, and my car was in the shop, leaving me with no ride to get home from the studio. If we got out at five in the afternoon, that'd be a different story because it would have been light outside.

But no, it's eleven o' clock at night and I'm walking down an abandoned street, which isn't the smartest thing to do if you're a seventeen year old girl and live in Los Angeles.

Suddenly, the road got brighter. I turned around and saw a black car driving down the road. Don't panic. I told myself, it's probably just a girl coming home late from work. They're going to drive right by me.

I could tell it was coming closer, and next thing I knew the car was right next to me. I walked faster, but it stayed right there, driving slowly by me, not going past. I reached for my cell phone in my pocket and tried to stay calm. Before I had a chance to call anyone, the car swerved abrubtly so that it was in front of me, completley blocking my path.

Oh, my god.

The car door opened, and I willed myself not to cry. All my senses told me to run, but I stayed frozen from fear. A figure stepped out of the car and relief flodded through me.

"James Conroy," I breathed, putting a hand over my heart, "You have no idea how badly you scared me. For a second I thought I was going to be-," I stopped and noticed the way James was staring at me, a small smile began to slowly creep up his face.

I suddenly realized that maybe I wasn't as safe as I thought I was.

"Um, James?" I asked tentativley as he began to slowly walk towards me, "Are you alright?"

James didn't answer until he was right in front of me, "Sonny, Sonny, Sonny," His voice was cold and menacing, making me scared, "Why are you out here, all alone, at night?"

I gulped and began to slowly back up, "I-I had no ride home from work."

James smiled a creepy smile that showed all of his teeth, "Really, now? Well it's a good thing I came along. I can take you . . . home." For some reason, when he said that I knew he was lying.

All my instincs screamed for me to not get in the car, and for once I followed them.

"You know what?" I said, laughing nervously, "My apartments just right around the corner, so there's really no reason," I lied, starting to walk backwards faster, "Thanks for the offer, though."

James laughed and easily jogged two steps to me and grabbed my elbow, "Oh, but I insist Sonny." He said.

I shook my head, "James, really I'm fine, I-,"

"Nonsense. You're riding with me." James said forcefully as he started to pull me to his car. I fought against him, "J-J-James, stop." I stammered, getting more frightened by the second.

James let go of my elbow and quickly grabbed both of my arms, holding them painfully tight that I whimpered, "Shut up," James growled in my ear, making me shiver from fear.

He began to push me to the car again, but this time I really started to struggle. I tried to run, but his grip on my arm was too tight. "Help!" I yelled, knowing it was hopeless because no one would hear me, "Someone, HELP!"

"Shut up!" James shouted, kicking me in the side as he opened the door to his car, "Get in!" I doubled over from the pain in my side, casusing James to strike my face with his palm, "HURRY!" Through my pain, I tried one last time to get away, leaping out of the door and taking off running. James was behing me in a second, grabbing me painfully by the waist. I ignored his kicks and began to scream, knowing it was my last chance.

"L-Let go of me, please!" I pleaded, beginning to cry.

James raised his hand to hit me again, but stopped when a car flew around the corner. I heard the screech of tires as the car pulled up next to James and I. James froze, his grip around me tightening painfully.

A figure got out of the car, and I nearly passed out in relief.

"Let go of her. Now." Chad growled, closing the car door. James laughed, "Chad, Chad, just get back in the car. Sonny and I are just having a little fun, you see."

I whimpered slightly, causing James to shake me violently, "Shut it," He hissed. Chad walked slowly around his car so that he was just a few feet away. He looked at me and his blue eyes held a mixture of fear and anger, and something else, something I couldn't place.

"Don't touch her, James." Chad said, his voice full of hatred, "You lay one hand and I'll-,"

"What, Chad?" James asked smugly, "What are you going to do? Kill me of bad acting?" Chad's face darkened, and he looked so angry it scared even me. James smirked and began to lead me to his car, "So if you'll excuse us, we're gonna get going now-,"


Chad lunged at me, or James, I couldn't really tell. The impact sent me spiraling to the ground. "Oof!" I gasped, landing painfully on my back. I wheezed, struggling to breath at the loss of air. I looked over and saw James and Chad on the ground, fighting. I scooted backwards as far as I could so I could get away from James. I crawled backwards so far that my back was against a car, I couldn't tell if it was James or Chads. I curled into a ball and cowered low, still scared

Suddenly, James wriggled out of Chad's grip and quickly backed up, panting. Chad jumped up and stood in front of me. James spat on the ground and glared at us, "Fine, take her." James snarled, getting into his car, "She's not that hot anyway."

James got in his car and drove away. Chad stayed where he was until James car was out of sight, then he turned to me. I was visibly shaking, and tears were sliding down my face. Chad knelt down, "Sonny?" Chad asked hesitantly.

I couldn't answer. I opened my mouth, but quickly shut it, knowing that I would just end up sobbing. Chad must of got this, because he slowly reached out, as if scared that any movement would set me off, and gently put his arm around my shoudlers, "Let's get out of here," Chad said gently. It took a while, but I finally nodded and stood up, still shaking. Chad supported me with his arm and helped me into the passenger seat of his car. After making sure I was buckled in, Chad closed the door and quickly ran around the other side of the car and got in.

Chad started up the car and soon we were driving away from the dreaded spot that would sure haunt me for a long time. I breathed in and out deeply, trying to compose myself. Finally, once I had gathered my nerves, I opened my mouth shakily. "T-Thank you." I whispered. Chad glanced at me, then shook his head, "You have no idea how bad you scared me." He said.

I didn't say anything, just waited for him to continue. "I mean, there I was, just driving home, when I saw him. I didn't think it was you, until I-I," Chad broke off, "Until I heard you scream." Chad paused, "D-Did he hurt you?" He asked in a strangled voice.

I looked down at my feet and didn't answer.

"Sonny. Did he hurt you?" Chad demanded in a low voice.

A tear trickled down my cheek, and I nodded, not looking at Chad. I sneaked a glance at him, and immediatley looked away. Chad's face was so . . .so scary with anger. Fury flashed in his eyes, and he was gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were white. "God, Sonny I'm . . .I'm so sorry." Chad spoke, his voice heavy with emotion, "If I had only gotten there sooner. . ." Chad trailed off, shaking his head.

I sniffed and wiped my eyes, "I fought, you know." I said softly, "I-I mean, it wasn't l-l-like I j-just let h-him take me. I . . . I was so scared, and I just froze, it y-you hadn't come w-who knows what would've happened and," A sob burst out of my throat, and I started to cry uncontroably. I felt the car pull over, and next thing I knew Chad's strong arms wrapped around my body and pulled me close.

I burried my face in Chad's chest and cried, allowing myself to feel secure and protected in his grasp. I felt him stroke my hair softly, "Shh," Chad whispered, "It's okay, I'll never let anyone hurt you."

I clutched his shirt and cried for the longest time, till my sobs turned to tears, and my tears turned to whimpers. After I stopped crying, I still lay in Chad's embrace, just breathing and letting my heart rate slow down. "Thanks, Chad." I said, my voice shaking. "I really needed that."

Chad tightened his grip around me, "Let's go home," His voice breathed in my ear, making me shiver. I nodded and sat up as Chad started up the car again. Chad took his right hand off the steering wheel and gently grabbed my left hand in his, squeezing it softly as if to show that he would always be there. I breathed in a shaky breath, leaned back in the car seat and closed my eyes, knowing that Chad was next to me and everything was going to be okay.

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