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Wine Red 1

"The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it." – Harvey Milk

The fire burned violently. I could feel myself getting weaker with each step. I hadn't hunted in weeks, not since that night. I always knew Alice was too good to be true, how could I do this to myself? Why did I let myself listen to her? Well, now I get to suffer for her faulted visions. I am over grieving; that is what I have been doing, I need to move on.

Move on to what? Should I go back to Maria? At least the pain of simply feeding should be enough to keep my mind off of this. I took a sharp turn to the southwest, away from my family I now realized I was heading towards just a few seconds ago. Stupid, you can't see them, that's why your phone is turned off; you can't do this with their pity hanging all over you.

The scent of elk made my vision go red, I needed it. I thought of Carlisle as I drained the buck; so weak with hunger that I killed the nearest blood-filled animal. I stared at the empty elk, still needing more, but this elk had been alone, maybe left by his mate too. Shut up Jasper! Just get over it!

The wind shifted and I ran. This scent was quickly taking over all of my senses. If not for my multi-faceted brain I would have lost all thought. Yet, I did have a multi-faceted brain, and it soon registered that I was tracking a human girl, who had the scent of wet dog on her, not quite like the werewolves, but close. Her blood was fresh and I knew that if I didn't stop now, there would be no stopping myself.

Yes, the back of my mind knew this, but the front was overtaken with need, so I didn't stop.

I felt her before I saw or heard her. She wasn't feeling lost or confused as one would assume a girl in the woods would feel like, no she felt regret, grief, and hopelessness. I immediately stopped tracking her for food, I felt strangely protective of her; I needed to save her.

By now I heard her heartbeat, if that's what it was. Every pound sounded gurgled and strained, and each beat was weaker than the last. I heard no noise from her, but I could her a near frantic chirping, as though a bird was dying at the sight of her. This made me frantic too, how much time did I have left? I shoved a sapling away and found myself in a meadow, there she was. I stopped in shock.

Who shot that arrow in your throat?

An arrow of common Native American design stuck out of her mangled throat. The arrowhead had embedded itself into her neck to the point where it was no longer visible. She was gasping faintly; blood pulsed out of her neck. The tree the arrow had pinned her to had a small branch with a blossom right above her head, as I watched in shock the blossom grew into an apple. A separate part of my brain registered that this was a maple tree, but at the time I didn't notice.

Who missed the crimson apple? It hung heavy on the tree above your head.

The clearing was large, but it looked mostly dead, a wall of stumps surrounded the meadow, and dead grass surrounded the entire meadow, limp, brittle, and brown. An almost bubble-like sphere encased the girl, everything in it absolutely thriving, the diameter of the circle was about fifteen feet. Remnants of bushes and flowers hung low to the ground, piles of brittle twigs. I even saw a deer skeleton a few feet from the 'circle of life'.

In contrast the area directly around the girl was magnificent; the grass was green and strong, full of multicolored wildflowers springing up. A vine of honeysuckle was wrapped around her left arm. Birds kept flying closer to the girl, landing on branches tht were mere leaves two seconds ago. A rabbit left its patch of lettuce to come nuzzle the girl's foot.

As I glanced behind me I saw that the sapling I had just pushed away had now wilted, the aura of life shrank.

This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect.

The girl herself shone like nothing I'd ever seen before. Her long, wavy blonde hair reminded me faintly of Rosalie, with the way it flowed like a golden river down to mid-back. But her face was too soft and beautiful to be Rosalie. Her eyes were as bright a green as the grass at her feet, but there were tears in the green pools. She couldn't die, she was too lovely.

Give your immortality to me; I'll set you up against the stars.

Her lips were as red and plump as the apple above her head. Her forehead glistened with beads of sweat emitted in her death, as she struggled to let her life go her eyes met mine, and her heart gurgled faster; I think I felt hope from her, a will to live now in her she struggled more to gain back her life. The aura shrank slower, but shrank it did. She couldn't live on her own and I couldn't move. Her dress was made purely of flowers and vines, to which I had no name. The brightness of the flowers began to fade, if I were human I would have tears streaming down my face, but she cried enough for the two of us. Our eyes were locked, both in shock of the appearance of the other. I reached out to her emotions, as physical movement would not come, I felt her will, but she felt… guilty?

Gloria! We lied we can't go on.

She struggled in vain to survive, willing herself to live, her determination only managed to shock me further.

This is the time and this is the place to be, alive.

She gasped louder; I glanced once more at the arrow lodged in her throat. The leaves on her dress had made a pathway from her neck to the ground, where a small sea of blood had formed.

The sea is wine red, this is the death of beauty.

The circle of life shrunk further still and two doves that hadn't been paying attention fell out, immediately dead on the ground.

The doves have died, the lovers have lied.

At the pure shock I felt from witnessing this I found that I could move again, I stepped closer to her. Needing her to live I cut the arrow gently away from her neck.

I cut the arrow from your neck.

All thoughts of thirst were gone; I stretched out her neck and bit softly, pushing as much venom as I could into her. She had no energy to scream, she just gasped more, but I felt no terror from her, for this I was proud. I had no desire to pull, this beauty could not die, I had to protect her, to know more about her. I lay her down on the ground.

Stretched you beneath the tree

The second she made contact with the ground it became overrun with small flowers and plants I had no name for.

Among the roots and baby's breath,

Her dress now shimmered with silver leaves as if it were the only hope of letting the maiden live. Her green eyes opened briefly, and she smiled at the silver leaves. She closed her eyes and squeezed them in concentration, blue flowers popped up all over her dress as well.

I covered us with silver leaves.

I waited for the angel to awake.

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