Silence followed Jasper's story. His head was down and he was gripping my hand as though it was the only thing holding him here. I rubbed his back silently, not knowing what to say. Emmett, of course, decided to break the silence.

"That bitch!" He muttered. I studied Jasper's hidden face; the comment had not seemed to faze him. Rosalie, obviously realizing this, lowered her hand, which had been rather close to her husband's face. She then nodded her agreement.

I couldn't believe it. Over eighty years with him and she left with a fight and a letter? She left because of a vision? I couldn't help but agree with Emmett's statement; only a truly heartless person would do such a thing. Especially to Jasper. Jasper was so kind, sweet, intelligent, funny, and… just perfect. That isn't even taking into account the fact that he is incredibly gorgeous.

I tore my eyes and my thoughts away from Jasper, surveying the room once again. Jasper and I were on the loveseat, everyone had been facing us during the story. I hadn't really learned much about them yet; when we got home introductions were barely made before they ordered us to sit down and for Jasper to tell us what had happened. Luckily, Jasper had told me so much about them that I felt like I knew them already.

Emmett and Rosalie were sitting on the couch, practically on top of each other. Emmett was currently fascinated by Rosalie's hair and couldn't focus on anything else. Rosalie, however, was looking at me with curiosity. She was staring at our intertwined hands, but she didn't look mad. Exactly the opposite actually, she looked up at me and mouthed, "Thank you." I smiled and looked back at Jasper; apparently his 'twin' wasn't as hard to get to as he had made it sound like.

Edward and Bella were at the other side of the couch. They had listened avidly to Jasper's story, and each spared him a solemn glance before turning their attention to each other. They were so caught up in each other's eyes that I felt intrusive just looking at them. I turned away.

Esme sat in the armchair across from us, Carlisle stood behind her, a hand resting on her shoulder. Esme was looking at us lovingly, I guessed that this was what having a mother felt like; I liked it. Carlisle seemed deep in thought. He would glance at us every once in a while, or just me, or just Jasper (these glances were usually sympathetic). I was glad to have some semblance of a family; I looked forward to getting to know each of them.

The room itself was grand. Right now we sat in front of a giant… TV, I think that is what you call it. I couldn't be sure because the last one I had seen was very thick and only about 25", this monstrosity was at least a 50" and was only the width of a finger apart. I saw a piano in the corner, but ignored it, the instrument was evil to me. It brought back memories of my mother attempting to force me to stay inside and teach me how to play the wretched contraption. The room was gigantic, furnished with a dining table here, a bar facing the kitchen there, rugs, and more chairs. There were giant windows everywhere. All of them showed a vast garden (of fairly good looks) and then woods. Woods. This was absolutely perfect. I also knew that nearby was a good-sized stream, I could hear it. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live.

My thoughts reluctantly returned to Jasper's story. I knew with painful certainty that I was to be this "new mate," if only I knew what that entitled. I didn't even know if I wanted it, I am so new to this world, I have no idea what love is, what it feels like. It feels like my life has moved so slowly up until now, and now I am falling so quickly and so overwhelmingly that I don't even have time to process everything that is happening. I just want to know something, and for now that something is that I need Jasper. I don't know how badly or in what way, I just know that I need for him to be here with me.

The silence was beginning to grow awkward, especially since Edward and Bella were practically making out now. I wanted to be able to comfort Jasper, but I wasn't sure how. I was feeling kind of strange with the amount of contact we were having now. I had never been with Jasper around other people, especially not his family. I didn't know how to behave around people, or vampires, in a regular situation, but this was Jasper and I longed to be alone with him so that the awkwardness could lift. I longed to look in his golden eyes, but they were hidden to me beneath a shadow of hair. I studied him for a few minutes, and when I looked up they were gone. I relaxed instantly.

I ran my hand through his golden curls, trying to bring his face up. I reveled in the feeling of his hair sliding through my fingers; this was possibly my favorite thing to do. He kept his gaze away from me.

"I'm so sorry…" I whispered, now turning my face away. "All of this is my fault."

Suddenly I felt a strong but soft hand beneath my chin. My eyes were brought forcefully to a pair of golden, desperate eyes. One word: "No."

I let a curtain of golden hair cut out his face; I was so ashamed of myself. "Yes it is, and you know it."

"Molly Jean look at me, look at my face," My hair was behind my ear, his hand rested on my cheekbone. "If not for you my eyes would be red, my clothes would be torn, and I would not be sitting on a couch in my own home, I would be lying on the forest floor, or trying to drown myself. You have made all of this bearable, you. My family couldn't find me because I shut them out, I had my phone turned off, I never stayed in the same place. I only was able to be found when I found hope, reason to go on, when I found you." His eyes flared with emotion, and for a moment I wished I was the empath, so that I could know exactly what he was feeling.

"If not for me you would still be here happy with your wife, and none of this would have happened, I caused you pain."

"No, I would not have been happy, Alice would have left eventually, I was just too blind to see it. You saved me from an eternity of depression." He didn't even wince at her name, I smiled.

"Agree to disagree. I want to meet your family in their natural state, and we will never get to that if you continue to be stubborn. Then I want to help that garden, nice for a human, but we are vampires." I grabbed his hand and walked to the wooden staircase.

"Um, you will need to ask Esme about that garden, that is hers and if you mess it up she very well may kill you." Jasper laughed as we ascended.

I sighed, "But I can make it better! We could add these really cool flow-" My musing was cut off by the sound of a car turning up the drive. "Is that-?" Jasper nodded and followed me back down the stairs. I opened the door to a startled teenage boy and girl. I sniffed.

"You are a werewolf! You must be Jacob, I Molly Jean Honeysuckle, and you are Nessie, Can I see your wolf form? Please?" Jacob took a step back, and Renesme took a step forward. Jasper covered my mouth with his hand and pulled me into his chest, laughing into my neck. I hadn't realized how tense I had been until I was relaxed against him.

"Molly Jean, let them in. They have to breathe, unlike you. I doubt anyone caught that, slow down."

"Uncle Jasper! You are home! And, who is this?" Renesme measured me as if I were a threat. I realized how upfront I had been. I glanced at Jasper, he nodded. I took a deep breath.

"Sorry, I am a bit excited… My name is Molly Jean Honeysuckle. I am Jasper's friend, he changed me, saving my life. I can talk to animals, grow plants, heal plants, arrange the stars, control water… pretty much anything in nature."

"So you're like Mother Nature?" Emmett asked coming from behind me to high five Jacob. Rosalie glared at him from the staircase, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, who's mother? I have never had a child…" They looked at me as though I was insane.

Jacob, who had been mumbling the whole time, now spoke, "Wait, you've never heard of Mother Nature?"

"No I have not… but whoever she is she must be cool, may I see you wolf form now?" I didn't care who this woman was, I wanted to see a werewolf. Now everyone was looking at me even more strangely than before.

"How did she hear that? I hadn't said anything yet, and she kind of makes me think of Bella," Jacob broke the silence. His lips moved so quickly I didn't see them move.

"What do you mean you hadn't said it? I heard it, and I am right here you don't have to act like I don't exist." This was getting annoying, he was just trying to make it so I couldn't see him, he was totally stalling. Now everyone was in here and they were all looking at me, I became very self-conscious.

"Molly Jean, Jacob has said nothing," Jasper said.

"No, Molly Jean is one-hundred percent correct, Jacob has said nothing, but he has thought things," Edward spoke, pulling his eyes from his wife.

"It appears that because Jacob is part animal Molly Jean can hear him too," Carlisle had that same pensive look on his face, I didn't like being the focus of that look, it made me feel like a specimen rather than a person.

"Ha, proven you are an animal," Rosalie smirked at Jacob.

"Shut up. So this means I have two vamps in my head? Joy," Jacob groaned.

"Actually, I don't think she can hear you quite as well as I can, either that or she has really good control already, Molly Jean can you concentrate on Jacob and those mumblings you hear?" Edward looked to me. I closed my eyes…

"Now it is going to be impossible to keep my thoughts about Nessie quiet, with both of them spying on me, how will I ever surprise her… I wonder what kind of engagement ring Nessie'll wear?... This girl is freaking me out a bit... Nessie looks great today… can't wait for our first date… Nessie looks so cute with Claire!...I imprinted on the half-breed… Oh no! Bella! That leech better save her, but the monster can die… I can't believe they aren't waiting until she is changed!... I'm a werewolf? And I can't tell Bella?" Years of thoughts flooded my brain, his whole memory flashing before my eyes, it was so much more than I had ever taken before, I fell to my knees; this was so much. I was used to knowing everything, but normally everything wasn't quite so much. This werewolf had faced a lot of pain.

"Molly Jean?" Jasper was right next to me. "Are you okay? What happened Edward?"

"Wow, she is so powerful. Jacob, I am not okay with some of the thoughts you have had about my wife, but I suppose it has been years…" Edward mused, no pain in his voice.

"Edward!" Jasper interrupted.

"Jasper she is fine, she is just on information overload, give her a few seconds and she'll be up, she saw every thought and memory he ever had, animals don't have such lengthy memories, it is new. She will have to meet the pack one at a time." I breathed and put all of Jacob's thoughts into their organized spots.

"I'm just overwhelmed Jasper, it's fine," I stood up, smiling at the look of intense relief on Jasper's face.

"Your intense power intrigues me Molly Jean, would you mind showing me what you can do tomorrow morning?" Carlisle asked me, but seemed to be looking above me.

"Sure, I have never tested my powers, but I have always been able to do whatever I have tried, except when I was human I couldn't make water appear, but I can now…" I was fairly curious myself. But there was a lot of time until tomorrow… "Jacob?" He looked away from Nessie who seemed to be a bit angry at him. He glanced at me and then looked back at Renesme.

"You know I only loved your mother because she would carry you! Any of the thoughts I used to have are absolutely revolting to me now," Jacob pleaded with her.

"How is it supposed to make me feel better that you didn't have a single familial thought about her?"

"Please! I am sorry! Nessie, I love you, don't be mad, please, I haven't gone back to that part of my life since before the fight!" We could all see Nessie's smile when he told her he loved her, she was no longer angry after that, but she was going to milk this.

"My own father thought it was disgusting! And he had seen a lot of that from you!" Renesme was a very good actor.

"I'm sorry, but have you met your father? He thinks that us holding hands is sinful," Jacob was as close to laughing as he could be when he was so flustered. Renesme laughed and slid in between his arms.

"Insulting my father doesn't help you get on my good side Jacob," she smiled and kissed his nose.

"You!" We all laughed, even Edward who was wincing at the PDA. "Where did I win?"

"You never did, I had it in my hands all along, but I love you too." They moved in…

"Okay! Enough, your grandparents are here, have some manners… separate! Now!" Edward came through them waving his hands to separate them.

"Yeah 'cause you have room to talk Mr. Kissy Faces." Emmett laughed and then started running away from an enraged bronze haired man. Rosalie high fived Renesme on her superb performance while Bella laughed with Carlisle and Esme.

"Welcome to my family," Jasper said.

"Why thank you sir," I replied, taking his hand and squeezing it before having to dodge the two men shouting insults as they ran throughout the room.

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