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Warning: Spoiler Season Five Finale

A couple months after Sam's death…

Dean sat at the bar staring at the glass in front of him full of alcohol. He was already numb inside, numb in his heart, why not numb the rest of his body? He tilted his head and took the shot, the hard liquor burning his throat. He closed his eyes, savoring the burning sensation and the fuzzy cloud that had started in his mind.

He opened his eyes and saw his eyes staring back from the reflection in the mirror behind the bar. He looked like he had a run in with a poltergeist and didn't bother to clean up afterwards. Truth be told he hasn't hunted in a couple months. Not after Sam had died. Sam's death took a great toll on him. All he did now was travel from state to state, to a bar to drink himself numb, to find an easy woman to fit his needs and then do the same cycle over again. That was his life now and there was no turning back.

He looked around the bar and found his gaze on the usual bar woman he would help fit his needs. It looked like he didn't even need to pull on any of that charm, what was left of it anyway, because she was already walking towards him.

"Hi," she smiled pushing her fake bleach blond hair over her shoulder and grinning her perfect straight white smile, also fake.

"Hi," said Dean taking a sip of his beer and his eyes checking her out. Fake tan, anorexic body and breast that were popping out of her t-shirt which were sadly…fake.

"So, I've been watching you from my table and noticed how you were alone and thought you may need some company," she said fluttering her blue eyes at him.

Dean smirked. "I was thinking the same thing when I saw you coming this way."

She giggled and looked away from him biting her bottom lip and then looking back at him as she tugged at his jacket. "Come on, I can take care of ya."

Dean didn't hesitate, he stumbled off his chair as he went to follow this blond bimbo when he felt someone grab his shoulder.

"Where you think you're going buddy?" asked a male voice.

Dean turned around to see this ogre looking man staring at him and then looking back at the blond.

"I asked you a question."

"Well, I was going to leave with this beautiful lady," said Dean and grinned at him.

"Stop it Charlie," said the blond. "It's over between us now knock it off."

"Trixie, I think you should go home."

"Don't tell me what to do!" yelled Trixie.

"I think you should listen to the lady," said Dean and went to turn away when Charlie grabbed him again.

"I think me and you should step outside."

Dean rolled his eyes too drunk to comprehend that this huge man may actually kill him because Dean was in a weakened position. He was numb all over and not in any shape or form to be fighting.

Dean and Charlie walked outside and Dean turned around to have Charlie's fist in his face. Dean fell against the car behind him and just felt the pounding in his face over and over again, some in his stomach and then a knee in his stomach making him fall to the ground. Blood and bruises were all over Dean and he was barely able to get up.

Dean was going in and out of consciousness when Charlie grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up getting ready to hit him one last time.

"Hey!" yelled a female's voice making Charlie turn around. Trixie was standing at the door watching the whole scene not doing anything to help Dean when a brunette came out of nowhere. "I suggest you let him go."

"Stay out of this lady," said Charlie turning back to Dean.

The female gritted her teeth. She walked up to Charlie and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around looking angry at her. "I said step away from him…now!"

Charlie dropped Dean on the ground and he groaned a little in pain barely understanding what was going on around him. "Lady, you have three seconds to get out of my way before I make you." He cracked his knuckles.

"Listen buddy, that whole macho get up you got going on may scare the dumb and the fakeness over there but not me. You don't want to mess with me. Now get your sorry butt back in that bar with the blonde and the big boobs and leave him alone."

Charlie stared into her eyes feeling something come over him. He listened and walked towards Trixie walking back into the bar with her.

The girl sighed and looked down at Dean who was on his side curled up. She kneeled down to him rolling him over. He groaned as he tried to open his one eye that wasn't closed and bloody.

When Dean did actually open his eye as much as he could, he couldn't believe the sight in front of him. She was beautiful. She had dark green eyes, almost emerald and brunette hair and she was real all in her face. No makeup, no plastic surgery…nothing she was just real. Something he hasn't seen in so long.

"Dean, can you hear me?"

He saw her move and felt her touch on his face, it was soft. Her voice was distant but he could hear it. He nodded slowly and painfully unable to find his voice.

She gave him small smile that he thought fit her perfectly. She was just so beautiful and thought that he was dreaming.

"I'm gonna get you out of here."

He tried to move but she stopped him and he closed his eye feeling exhaustion taking over.

The girl looked around making sure no one was near them as she grabbed a hold of his arm and zapped them out of there and to a hotel room.

She moved him to the king size bed and laid him down after taking off his jacket and shoes. She put her hand on his forehead as she closed her eyes. She opened them back up in a second and saw his bruises and cuts and all the blood gone. She gave a sympathetic smile to his sleeping form and stood up from the bed.

She knew she was going to have to explain herself to him when he got up she hoped he would sleep for awhile, just so he could get his energy back up from his ass being kicked.

She knew it was going to be hard to explain this to him. Even harder to tell him this wasn't the first time she had saved him, he wasn't going to believe her at first but she could always have him remember her.

She knew how hard headed the Winchesters were especially Dean she didn't know if she could handle it.

"I'm going to kill you, Castiel." She put her hands on her hips shaking her head and heard him behind her. She turned around and saw Castiel looking at Dean and then back at her.

"I see you got there just in time, Gabriella," he said walking towards her and down the tiny steps.

"You can say that. He was falling in and out of consciousness while he was getting beat up but I got there when I sensed him and his vital signs weakening."

"Good, good."

"Why Castiel? Why me? You know I could be guarding someone else, someone who doesn't know who we are and won't try to kill me the first chance he gets." She shook her head getting angry and knew she shouldn't angels don't feel. "I mean you wouldn't let me near him for the past two years when he really needed some guarding because the apocalypse and now all of a sudden you want me to protect him."

Castiel gave a small smile. "That wasn't me that told you to stay away. That was Michael and look where he ended up."

"But you were the one that saved him from Hell not me. They took him from me and now you throw me right back at him…"

"You are his natural guardian angel. You were there for him when he was younger and all those other times he needed someone. He needs you now."

"I don't know I mean look how long it took him to trust you. You basically had to fall from heaven to gain his trust."

"I get it," said Castiel cutting her off. "Dean will in time learn to trust you. I'll be here with you when he wakes up. I know Dean Winchester, at first he won't like the idea but he'll come around to like you and trust you."

Gabriella grimaced looking back at the man on the bed. "I am keeping your word Castiel because if he comes after me…"

"No need for threats." He looked from Dean to her.

She noticed the look he gave her. "What?"

"You know he's going to ask about the vessel you're using."

She rolled her eyes. "I know, you think he's going to understand that I don't need a vessel. That this is my true form?"

"Maybe. If you explain to him about guardian angels, he may understand."

Gabriel nodded and sat on the couch, Castiel joined her and looked at her. "Why don't you enter his dreams and tell him to wake up?"

"Because he needs his sleep after getting his butt kicked."

"He may like to know what's going on."

"Who's his guardian angel now? I mean by all means take him…"


She sighed. "Fine."

She closed her eyes and concentrated on Dean and what he was doing. She calmed him down from the restless nightmare he was having and entered his mind.

Dean opened his eyes and noticed the change of his dream, a very dramatic change. He was in his version of Hell and now he was sitting on a bench staring out at a lake.

"Beautiful isn't it?" asked a familiar voice next to him.

He turned and saw the brunette from earlier. The one that was in the bar parking lot. "Not that I'm complaining but…how did my dream just switch like that?"

He watched a small smile appear on her face as she was looking out at the lake and it reminded him of the small smile she gave him while he was going unconscious. He quickly touched his face feeling nothing there, no scars, dried blood, bumps, bruises or any pain.

"Am I really healed?"

She turned her head to look at him and nodded and he noticed she seemed very familiar to him. "Yes."


The smile was still on her face. "That explanation is for when you wake up. Castiel wanted me to wake you up."

"Castiel?" He was confused now. Why did Cas want him to wake up and how is she in his dream telling him this?

"I told him you needed your rest but he didn't listen. Between you and me I think he takes his title as big man in heaven a little too much…"

"You're an angel." It wasn't a question.

"Yes but I'm not an ordinary angel. Like I said that's all for when you wake up. So why don't you wake up?" She gave him another small friendly smile but he was still confused. "Come on Dean, trust me. Wake up."

Gabriella opened her eyes and looked towards the bed to see Dean sitting up. Dean looked over at Castiel and her wondering what the hell was going on.

"Cas not that I'm glad to see you but what the hell is going on?" He got up from the bed and noticed his jacket and shoes were missing.

"They're by the bed," said Gabriella as she followed Castiel over to him.

Dean looked down and saw them and looked back at Gabriella. She was exactly how he dreamt her. He really thought it was a dream and that she was fake but there she was standing right in front of him

"Good to see you, Dean," said Castiel giving Dean a smile but it was more a sympathetic smile seeing the state his old friend was in. Yes, Dean Winchester was a friend not a charge or just some random human on the planet but a friend that had taught him so much just like he taught Dean.

"What's this all about?" asked Dean glancing between Gabriella and Castiel.

"This is Gabriella," said Castiel introducing him to her. Dean nodded to her.

"We've sort of met already," said Dean looking her up and down still not knowing if he should trust her or not.

"You have no idea how long ago we really met," said Gabriella under her breath.


She looked up into his eyes and shook her head. "Nothing, um, so Castiel are you going to explain to him why I'm going to riding his butt for the next couple months or should I?"

"Excuse me?" asked Dean looking between the two angels confused.

"I think you should sit down," said Castiel towards Dean and they walked to the little sitting area in the hotel room. Dean sat on the chair while Gabriella stood against the wall and Castiel walked around. "To make a long story short Gabriella is your guardian angel."

Dean raised his eyebrows in shock and confusion and looked at Gabriella. She nodded. "Yup."

"Wait, wait," said Dean trying to wrap his head around this. "Guardian angel, I thought that was just a myth, you know just like the angel and devil on both your shoulders."

"No we are very much real," said Gabriella getting Dean's attention. "And like I said before tonight wasn't the first time we met."

He shook his head feeling a migraine coming on from feeling lost and confused.

"Let me start with the beginning," said Castiel sitting on the couch. He looked over at Gabriella. "You going to sit?"

"I'm fine."

Castiel sighed and looked back at Dean who was staring at Gabriella. He knew he'd seen her somewhere before but he couldn't put his finger on it. She was so familiar.

"Guardian angels follow secretly their humans that they need to protect. Once the human they are supposed to protect are born, they are born too."

"So you're saying that you were born like a human?" he asked Gabriella and she nodded.

"Same day, same hour, same minute…I think you get the point, January 24th, 1979, at 3:43 in the morning," said Gabriella.

Dean looked at her shocked. She was right, same day, same year, same hour and even minute.

"And this is your true form? No vessel needed?" She shook her head.

"This is all me."

He looked back at Castiel for more explanation. "When she was born she was sworn to watch you. She had been in contact with several times and helped you without you knowing more than you know…"

"Except for the last two years," said Gabriella. "Michael wouldn't let me interfere with anything. He basically kept me in a prison for even trying to help you and that's when they sent Castiel to save you and help you out."

"And you think I need saving now?" asked Dean.

"Castiel believes so," said Gabriella and Castiel turned to look at her and she sighed looking back at Dean, "and so do I. I've seen the life you've been living Dean. It's not healthy. You need to get back on the road, doing the things you love. This isn't you. This whole drinking, ok yes you do drink, but the whole living without a care in the world…that isn't you."

Dean narrowed his eyes at her. "And you would know…Gabby?"

She hated nicknames. "Yes, I would. You just have to give me a chance."

Dean got up feeling annoyed. "And what is this like some angel intervention? Am I supposed to come to you and have a heart to heart when I'm feeling sad? Because if you know me I don't cry on someone's shoulder especially an angel."

"I'm not here to be your psychiatrist Dean but I am here for help and I will be on your butt…"

"Did you just say butt?"

She looked at Castiel confused and looked back at Dean. "Uh, yeah why?"

"You're my age and you said butt. She's going to be a lot of work like you isn't she?"

She rolled her eyes. "This is going to be a big project I can feel it."

They didn't even notice that Castiel was gone while the two of them bickered a little towards each other. "Castiel!"

She turned to find him gone and then heard the fridge door open and found Dean grabbing a beer.

"Oh no," she said walking up to him and grabbing it from him.

"What the fuck?"

"Watch your mouth. Look I am here to protect you and get you back to your normal hunting self not watch you drink yourself to an early grave." Dean looked at her annoyed and pushed passed her. "Rude."


She glared daggers into his back and put the beer back in the fridge. "Why don't you go get a shower and shave you look like a freaking hobo and smell like that trashy bar."

"Look, Gabby I really don't like this whole being up my ass and telling me what to do thing. Sure I like controlling feisty women but I draw the line at house wife."

She crossed her arms across her chest. "I'm not here to be a house wife I'm here to protect you like I always have."

"Oh yeah nice job at protecting me by the way with the whole apocalypse."

"We told you I was locked up in prison by Michael I wasn't allowed out! You don't even know how horrible I feel about not being there for you. I could feel your pain the whole time, your suffering, even everything in Hell! Everything they did to you and everything you did I could feel it all and there was nothing I could do to stop your pain!"

Dean swallowed hard. He's only seen Castiel angry before and that was wrath, he didn't know if he wanted to get Gabriella upset either.

"So you can feel what I feel?"

She nodded. "Sometimes other times you try to hide your feeling from yourself and everything just comes out fuzzy, so I don't know if you need help or what," she said softly.

The two stood there staring at each other, feeling each other out, mostly Dean.

"You said we've met before."


Dean wanted more than a yeah and he rolled his eyes. "Mind telling me when the first time we met was."

She put her hands in her pockets and walked towards the couch. "We were both four. It was right after your mother had died. Since I was four I didn't really know what I was but I somehow found you. I could feel you, you were really upset and I found you at the park…"

"The playground with the blue slide," said Dean sitting down in the chair across from her. He started to remember but it was still burry. She nodded smiling sadly.

Gabriella knew she should have told her parents where she was going, she was only four but she seemed like a smart four year old even her parents and everyone around her told her so.

Gabriella found herself at the park, the one the kids loved to go to because of the large blue slide. She stepped into the park area the woodchips crunching underneath her.

She didn't know why, but for the past couple days she has felt very sad. She had nothing to be sad about but she was.

She walked towards the dark blue slide and hear someone crying. She walked underneath the slide to find a young Dean sitting underneath. Dean jumped hearing the woodchips crunching under her feet towards him.

He looked up at her both their green eyes staring at each other.

"What do you want?" asked Dean. "Go away."

Gabriella stood there feeling her sadness growing stronger and it started to hurt in her chest staring at the young boy in front of her.

Dean stared at her wondering why she wasn't going away.

"Are you deaf go away!"

"What's wrong?"

Dean heard her voice and it was so gentle and soft and felt bad for yelling at her. He looked up at her again. She was different from most girls and if a four year old boy can see that maybe others could too.

"I'm…I'm just upset."


"Because my mother died."

She felt so bad for the boy and she went to sit down next to him. "I'm sorry to hear that…but you have a dad right?"

"And a baby brother but I'm going to miss my mom."

"Of course you are. She was your mom but you have to think you have your dad and you're a big brother. You can take care of him and your family. Always protect them and care for them."

Dean looked at her as if what she said just occurred to him. He was only four but he did have a family to help his father protect. It made him feel a little special to know he was needed.

"Thank you."

She gave him a soft smile. "You're welcome, just don't give up. Keep moving on."

"You know you're smart for a four year old girl."

She giggled. "I hear that a lot." She put her hand out for him to take it. "Wanna play?"

He looked at her hand and then into her eyes and nodded as he took her hand and a special connection was formed that day between them without them knowing.

"You helped me that day," said Dean looking into Gabriella's eyes. "You told me to never give up on my family and to be strong for them, to care."

She smiled. "And I was only four. I was pretty smart back then."

"You didn't know you were angel though right?"

She shook her head. "I found out when I was fourteen when my parents died in a car accident. I somehow zapped myself out of the car without knowing it and found myself a few feet away from the car and my parents had died." A frown formed on her lips.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be…now will you just listen to me and get a freaking shower. You smell horrible."

He laughed as he got up. "Maybe it won't be too bad having your around Gabby."

She rolled her eyes. "Careful I can zap your to Alaska and freeze your butt off."

"Have you ever cursed in your life?"

"Nope and not planning on it."

"You need to lighten up."

"And you need to get a shower before I wash you up myself."

"Oh…I think I may want that." She opened her mouth and closed it not knowing what to say and blushed looking away from him.

"Just get in the shower." She walked away into the kitchen and he laughed as he watched her walk away. She wasn't bad looking, to be honest if he knew it wasn't a little rule up in heaven he would be trying to get into her pants. But rules never stopped Dean Winchester before and they weren't going to stop him now. Maybe he could help her loosen up a bit while she was around; he could have fun with his guardian angel.

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