Gabby sat there at the bar watching Dean flirt with his new prey of the night. Gabby shook her head with a smile, knowing Dean was finally getting back to the way he once was but she knew he'd never be the same Dean Winchester, not without Sam. And pretty soon Dean wouldn't need her to be here physically anymore. She could watch him from above to make sure he will make the right decisions and go on with life.

Gabby felt this strange feeling on her neck and quickly wiped at it and looked over towards Dean who had left a small kiss on her neck.

"Just coincidence," said Gabby shaking her head and getting off the stool.

Her work was done for tonight, she was Dean's wing man or as Dean said the angel on his shoulder. She got him a girl and he had killed the monster. Things were done for tonight she could head back to the hotel and leave him to it.

Gabby went to walk towards the exit when she felt lightheaded and that feeling again, the feeling from the other night.

Gabby held onto her head and looked towards Dean who had the girl in his arms making out with her.

"Oh no...not again."

"Are you ok miss?" asked a guy watching her.

She looked at him and nodded, "Just a little too much to drink I guess. I'll just go get my ride home."

She smiled at the guy and quickly walked towards Dean. She was hoping to just grab him and tell him to take her back to the hotel but that is not what her body had planned at all.

Gabby grabbed the back of his shirt turning him around, "Gabby what the-" Dean was cut off by her lips. Dean was surprised at first but responded rather quickly. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer as her hands continued to hold onto his shirt. The feeling inside Gabby grew with each stroke of his tongue against hers.

Dean was surprised when Gabby moaned into his mouth as he held her close to his body and kissed her tenderly. She felt really good against him.

The next thing he knew he felt something zap him and he opened his eyes finding himself back at the hotel room. Dean parted from her seeing how flush she was and she opened her eyes, "You just zapped us in front of all those people."

"I don't know what has gotten into me," she said in a sultry voice as she gripped his shirt and pulled him to her, "But all I want right now is you. I'll zap you however you want."

Dean's eyes widened at her sudden forwardness and then gave her a lopsided smile, "Well, if you insist."

Gabby moaned as his lips crash landed on hers one more time and pushed her against the wall. She pushed his jacket and flannel to the floor by his feet as he worked on the buttons of her shirt.

"This is so wrong," she moaned as his mouth left hers and started kissing down her neck and wherever skin was exposed as the buttons unbuttoned. Once the shirt was fully unbuttoned his hands gripped her waist pulling her to him as his mouth landed on her breast, kissing and sucking the exposed skin. Gabby moaned and bit her bottom lip, "But feels so good."

Dean smirked as he snuck his tongue into her, "I have the magic touch what can I say?"

Gabby shook her head, "No you don't I do," she ran her hand under his shirt and he moaned feeling all this pleasure.

"Oh baby," he groaned as he ground his own hips his into her, "That's cheating!"

She laughed, "You like it."

"God yes."

"Names Gabby."

Dean chuckled, "I know it's an expression babe," he mumbled against her chest as his hands fumbled with the buttons on her jeans.

Dean's mouth was on hers sloppy and heatedly as he pushed her jeans down her thighs. His hands ran up her thighs rubbing soft circles. He groaned at the feeling of how soft she was against his rough hands. Then he ran them behind her and gripped her full firm ass and grunted in her mouth as he bit her bottom lip.

"You have such a fine ass baby."

"Oh there's those tingling feelings again," she moaned, " that good?"

"Very good and more to come," he said as his right hand slid to the front of her and started to massage her outside of her panties. She moaned into his mouth as his finger flicked her cloth covered clit. She could feel herself dampening and she wanted more. She moved her hips slowly into Dean's hand making him smile.

Dean pushed her panties to the side and inserted his middle finger inside her. She moaned loudly in surprise.

Gabby has never felt something like this before. She bit her bottom lip closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the wall. Dean's lips and teeth were on her neck and breast as he continued to finger her. Gabby could feel her body responding to the action that Dean was doing to it. Her hips were bucking into his hand, her nipples were straining against the fabric of her bra, her body was hot and tingling all over.

"Gabby, you feel so good," Dean added his index finger as well to her.

"Oh Dean!"

"You're so wet and tight." He thrusted his fingers harder into her feeling her walls quivering at his touch ready for an orgasm. "You're so beautiful," he mumbled against her skin as he kissed her neck. He kissed up her neck and nipped at her chin before looking her in the eyes, "Cum for me gorgeous," he gave her a soft kiss and then against her lips ever so softly and tenderly, "Cum for me," he whispered and that sent her over the edge.

Gabby felt her whole body explode from pleasure but Dean didn't stop, he worked her through it. She moaned over and over again her body responding to the earth shattering pleasure, the lights flickered around them from her cries of pleasure, a light bulb in the ceiling fan busted shattering all over the table.

Dean leaned in kissing her passionately and tenderly. She kissed him back running her hands over his body and into his hair. His arms wrapped around her tiny frame pulling her tightly against him.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked as he parted his lips from hers and looked down into her eyes. He smiled at the look of pure shock in her eyes at what he had done and just said to her, as if she's never been called beautiful before.

Gabby went to lean in for another kiss to continue their sinful actions when she heard the voices in her head, "Cas."


Gabby rolled her eyes and pushed him away, "No! He's coming!"

"That's not good is it?" he asked as he watched her pull her panties and jeans up. She didn't answer and Dean noticed the look of fear upon the young angels face, "Hey, calm down, Cas is cool he'll understand that it was just a heat of the moment giving into temptation kind of thing."

Gabby looked at Dean shaking her head as she buttoned the last button, "It's ok for you and the other humans to do that sort of thing but not an angel. If he knows then-"

She stopped whens he felt a cold breeze behind her. Dean was now looking over her shoulder at Cas. Cas didn't say a word as he walked around Gabby and stared at her. Dean watched the two angels just staring at each other. He wasn't sure what was going on but he could see that Gabby was actually afraid.

Gabby flinched when Cas's hand shot up moved her hair over her shoulder to see a small bite mark on her neck. She looked away ashamed.

The next thing Dean knew Cas had slapped Gabby causing her to fall on the ground.

"Hey!" yelled Dean as he started to walk over to them but Cas shot out a hand to stop him.

"She's done wrong Dean," said Cas staring down at Gabby as she sat there on the floor holding her face. Dean looked at Cas once more before looking at Gabby who looked up at Cas.

"Holy shit," whispered Dean as he saw the reddest hand print in his life upon Gabby's face. "Gabby..." She wouldn't look at him and he had a feeling this was all his fault, "Gabby, are you ok?"

She wouldn't answer him but just kept staring at Cas. Dean swallowed hard as he looked at Cas, "Cas, man, she didn't do anything wrong."

Cas looked at Dean, "In our eyes she did," he walked around Gabby who had her head down not looking at anyone anymore. Cas placed a hand on her shoulder as he looked back at Dean, "She'll be back good and proper."

Both Gabby and Cas disappeared before Dean's eyes. He ran a hand through his hair looking around, he had a really bad feeling about this.


"Help me!" screamed Gabby. "Please! Dean! Help me!"

Gabby had her arms above her head tied to a chain on the ceiling. She was only in her panties and a white tank top, well it started out white before the torturing had begun, blood had stained it.

Gabby screamed as another angel had carved into her back, "Please stop," she shook her head, "No more..." she begged tears were falling down her face. She looked up and said, "Dean..."

Dean sat up in bed sweating as he ran a hand through his hair. This was the third night in a row he had been woken up by nightmares of Gabby being tortured. He didn't know if it was because he was scared for her, wondering what Cas meant as being brought back good and proper or was it their psychic connection.

Dean got up from the old rickety bed of the motel he was in and walked towards the mini fridge. He opened it up and grabbed a beer. As he went to take a sip he heard a flutter of wings behind him and quickly turned around to see Gabby in the light of the fridge.

"Gabs, shit," he placed the beer on the counter and closed the door. He walked a little closer but she backed up. He looked at her confused, "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, look I just came back to let you know I'm back and to call on me if you need anything. I need to go."

Dean was really confused now, "Wait, what about me getting back in the game I can't do that without you."

"Yes you can. You did it before."

"Damn it Gabby, I don't want to do this alone!" He turned the light on and she looked away from him. "I've been alone for a long time. Since you came I've been happy."

Gabby turned to face him, "I'm not here to be your friend Dean!"

"That's that angel bullshit coming out of your mouth and you know it!" He watched as she ran a hand through her hair, her sleeve slipping down a little making him notice a red scab, "What the hell is that?"

"What?" Gabby was now the one confused.

"On your wrist Gabby what the hell is that?"

Gabby quickly covered it up, "It's nothing you need to worry about. I was punished the way an angel who gave into temptation should be."

The next thing she knew Dean was right in front of her and pulled her sleeve up and the word SLUT was carved into her wrist.

Dean looked at Gabby who looked like she was about to cry. She looked away but Dean grabbed her chin forcing her to look at him, "Is there anymore?" She didn't say anything, "Gabby!"

His tone scared her as she looked at him, "Y-yes," she whispered quietly.

Dean's jaw clenched, "Where?" His voice sounded angry, but she could sense his protectiveness overcoming his anger.

Dean let go of her arm as she took off her jacket revealing small words on her arms 'TRAMP' 'WHORE' 'SLUT'.

"Where else?" he asked. Gabby shook her head not wanting to show him, "Where else?" he asked again.

Dean watched the embarrassed, ashamed look on her face as she gripped her shirt pulling it up. Dean didn't see anything in the front but when she turned around his breath caught in his throat.

"Those bastards," he growled.

The words 'HUMAN WHORE' were carved deep into Gabby's back. Gabby slowly pulled her shirt down and faced him again.

"Can't you heal yourself?" he asked, "You know get them off you."

Gabby shook her head grabbing her jacket and putting it on to cover the horrible words, "No," she said quietly, "I must walk around and have everyone who comes in contact with me know what I have done. I was punished and now I must be punished more. There's nothing I can do. I should have known better than to give into temptation."

"This is more my fault then yours. I could have stopped you."

Gabby gave him a small smile, "No, an angel is a warrior no matter the type, we have no emotions and no desires and with that if one shall give into temptation then that one should be punished with the right treatment."

"That's no right for you to have to walk around with the words human whore written on you! We didn't even get that far!"

"Still I went weak, Castiel had warned me and-"

"Cas...CAS!" yelled Dean, "Get your ass down here now!"

Cas appeared behind Dean, "Yes Dean."

Dean turned around, "You mind telling me why you let this happen? She's a good...angel! She doesn't deserve this kind of punishment!"

"Things are different up there Dean. I have my own war to fight and we need all the angels we can gather. Gabriella cannot be running around down here, being seduced and giving into temptation when one day we may need her to fight."

"So you let this happen? What happened to you Cas?"

Castiel looked around looking a bit uncomfortable, "Us angels have orders and if we don't go by them then we get what's coming. You're lucky I let Gabriella come back to you. Now, I need to go." Cas disappeared leaving the two alone in the room.

Dean turned back to Gabby, "You're not going back up there."


"You're staying with me. Hide yourself, get off the angel radar, go rogue if you have to but you are never going back up there."

"Dean you can't possibly tell me to not help my family!"

"A family? Family doesn't carve slut and whore into their own for having a bit of fun!" Dean ran a hand through his hair, "Gabby I felt it, I felt it all, I dreamt it. I can't have you going back there and feeling that pain again. I won't let you."

Gabby gave him a small smile, "What are you going to do, you're only human, Dean?"

Dean smirked, "Baby if I have to I'll tie you down and carry you on my back. You're my friend and friends look out for each other and Cas has forgotten about that. Now...we need to figure a way to get those marks off you before they scar you."

Gabby smiled at Dean as he grabbed his bag looking around for the first aid kit. She wondered if she was doing the right thing, going rogue and staying with a human being his friend. Will it all work out in the end?

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