Author's notes:

Main characters and Voltron are the sole property of World Events Productions from Voltron and Voltron the Third Dimension.

Story is based loosely on "The Law According to Love" By Adele & Moira

Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 by Lady Magdalena

Lisa and I bonded rather quickly during her stay on Arus but even more so during our captivity on the Valdez. Years later she would tell me that before she left the Explorer to come to Arus for her Summit Meeting Cinda had warned her that things were not as they seemed. Ironically, in the days before the meeting I had conferred with my father in the Crypt where he had told me the exact same thing.
- From the collected Journals of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Allura

Chapter 9 - Reflections Part Duex

Allura stirred in her sleep. Why was her bed so hard and cold? And where were her blankets? She reached down, tugging at them. Her blankets seemed to have a mind of their own and did not want to budge. She would certainly have to say something to Nanny about getting better fitting blankets on her next trip to the mercantile. Well, I'm awake now. Opening her eyes she stared at the dimly lit room. "What on Arus…" Realizing that her bed was the cold hard floor of the Valdez, Allura quickly sat up still gripping the material; a moment of terror afflicting her.

Lisa gripped the Princess by both arms. "Easy Princess. That gas they hit us with when they smoke screened the castle is going to take a few more minutes to wear off." Lisa looked down at the hem of her dress still clutched in Allura's hands but said nothing allowing only a smile to cross her lips.

"Oh." Allura let go and blushed.

"When I came to you were still out cold and there was a blue tint to your skin color. I had to get your body temperature up fast and stabilize it. I'm sure Lotor's guard got a thrill out of it." She pointed over her shoulder towards the door. "The pervert"

A look of inquiry crossed Allura's face "What did you do?"

"I stripped naked and tried to keep you warm with my own garments."

"YOU DID WHAT!" Allura screamed.

One of Lotor's guards peered through the small opening into the cell. "Quiet in there!"

Lisa laughed at her own joke. "No, it wasn't anything like that. Seriously though, I snuggled with you and allowed you to absorb my own body heat. I covered you with my skirt to keep you warm. That part was true. Besides, Keith would kill me if I let anything happen to you. It's a good thing I still wear my flight suit pants underneath that damned thing."

Allura stuck her nose up in the air. "Humph. I'm not as fragile as Keith OR Coran think I am!" She just couldn't try to keep a straight face and burst into laughter. Lisa quickly joined in.

The laughter soon subsided and silence once again befell the holding cell.

Allura was the first to break the silence. "So how long have you and Jeff been an item?"

Lisa wanted to hide the truth but knew Allura already could see through her charade. "Is it that obvious?"

Allura sighed as she thought of Keith. "Only another woman in love with her commanding officer would be able to see it."

"You know, Princess, I tried so hard not to be like my mother."

"Please, Lisa, I prefer to be called by my name. Princess is merely my title. And what do you mean not trying to be like your mother?" Allura bowed her head. "I have very little memory of my own mother. Zarkon robbed me of that when he killed my parents."

"I'm sorry, Allura. It wasn't my intent to bring you sorrow. You have to deal with that so much these days."

Allura looked at her friend, her big blue sapphire eyes aglow. "It does not bring me sorrow. As I once told Coran I gain strength from visiting my parents' crypt and from their memories." She sighed. "You were saying you had tried not to be like your mother?"

"I meant by falling in love with Jeff. My mother did the same thing with my father. He was her commanding officer back in their heyday at Galaxy Garrison."

Allura nodded and Lisa continued.

"I spent my whole career working my ass off to do well at the academy and to get assigned to the Explorer. I even avoided using my father's connections as Ambassador just so I could say I did it all on my own. All through the war with the Drules I tried to stay professional. I'll admit that I dropped a hint here and there."

"You mean like the crystal you gave Jeff before entering that asteroid belt that was protecting the Drule Base? The one that supposedly protected him on that Robeast Factory?" Allura interrupted.

Lisa grinned. "Yes. I can't believe that story made its way all the way to Arus."

Allura nodded. "Mmhum."

Lisa's face suddenly turned red. "Oh… I am so embarrassed."

"Nonsense Lisa. It's perfectly natural. You were saying…"

Lisa started to tell her tale. "I guess you could say it all started after Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge were reassigned back to Galaxy Garrison. Now that I think about it though, it was a just before Lotor broke out of Bastille 12. We had been asked by Marshall Graham to attend a formal event on Vulromula..." The Sea Team pilot closed her eyes as she let her memories come to the surface…

Lisa had spent a good portion of the evening avoiding Jeff. If she allowed herself to get too close she wouldn't be able to hold anything back. She sat at the table nearest to the bar stirring her drink when the announcement came that the last dance of the night would be taking place momentarily. "Hey Lisa, wanna dance?" She thought she heard Shannon ask.

She figured no harm could come of it - after all, she had danced with him earlier in the evening. Her heart however, wanted something…someone different. She sighed heavily and replied. "Sure."

The uniformed hand extended to her helping her out of her chair. "Shannon you really don't have to do this." She commented, her gaze still on the many guests in attendance, scanning for Jeff among them.

"Lisa, I'm not Shannon. You of all people should know that." Jeff replied.

Startled Lisa turned to face the Air Team Commander, blushing slightly as she allowed him to lead her from the table.

"You've danced with every other male member of the team except me. Do I have cooties or something?" Jeff smiled as the two reached the dance floor. Once there he placed his left hand at the small of her back and pulled her into a waltz with his right. His touch alone brought butterflies to her stomach.

"Of course not." She lied. " It just didn't seem proper. You are my commanding officer." Lisa couldn't. She wouldn't tell him the truth about how she felt about him.

"Lisa, your immediate commanding officer is Cric. And I believe you've already danced with him." Jeff whispered into her ear. Lisa rested her head upon his shoulder, savoring the moment.

The following morning back on the explorer Lisa stared out the window of the observation deck. She'd seen Jeff's reflection and knew that he'd been there for quite some time. His dark hair complemented his brown eyes and oh how handsome he looked in his flight uniform. Jeff finally broke the silence. "A penny for your thoughts Lieutenant."

"We've achieved peace with Hazar. We've sent the Fleet of Doom packing. The war on Arus is over and our friends on Arus have returned to Galaxy Garrison High Command. Settlers have started arriving on the new worlds that we have found for them. Where do we go from here?" She turned to face the Air Team Commander.

"We keep searching for new worlds Lisa. Earth isn't the only overpopulated planet. But that isn't why I'm here."

"Is it about our dance last night? Did Ginger already start some crazy rumor about us?" Lisa made a mental note to have a serious talk with her best friend.

"No Lisa. New orders have been handed down. And these new orders only apply to you."

Lisa gasped as she covered her face with her hands. New orders could only mean one thing…

"I've already inquired on your behalf. Your mother has taken ill thus forcing your father to ask Marshall Graham to invoke your Ambassador's Clause."

Mother! She thought. "Jeff you do understand the seriousness of having this clause invoked? It could break up the entire team. I'll…I'll have to leave the Explorer." Lisa's heart began to break. She'd never see Jeff again.

"No you won't Lisa. Garrison High Command has approved this as a detachment assignment. They're sending us along with you."

"Us? As in our entire Voltron Force?" Lisa was truly puzzled.

"And the explorer too. However, I have been informed that I will be the only one allowed to accompany you to the surface. The others will remain in orbit. They're quoting security reasons."

Lisa paused in her tale as the guards slipped some bread and water through another small slit in the door. The two girls took the rations but refused to eat.

"I seriously doubt that it's poisoned." Allura commented. "Maybe spiked with a sleeping potion, but not poisoned. Lotor wants me alive, not dead."

"I'd rather eat Sammy's cooking." Lisa tossed the bread to a rat that scurried across the room. Closing her eyes once more she returned to telling her tale. Allura sat, listening to her friend describe many of the scenarios that she, herself, had been trained to do. It was a wonder they had not crossed paths many years before. Lisa spoke of business. And pleasure. And of a scene that she, the Princess of Arus dreamed of happening to her one day.

"I'm glad you suggested a picnic Jeff. This Ambassador stuff is wearing me out." Lisa smiled as she took another bite of the tiny finger sandwich the staff had fixed for them.

"It wasn't my idea Lisa." Jeff replied. "It was your fathers. He felt that you needed some downtime from helping out with your mother and assuming her duties.

A look of disappointment crossed the Sea Team Pilot's face. "I see."

Jeff took Lisa's hands in his. Lisa's heart fluttered. "Lisa, I've wanted to tell you for a long time how beautiful you are. But most of all I've wanted to do this." Jeff pulled her close to him kissing her passionately. Lisa melted into him, responding in kind.

The communicator on Jeff's belt began to beep, interrupting the tender moment. They both muttered an obscenity. "Lamana here."

"Commander, Ambassador Sterling is requesting that his daughter return to the Embassy. She is needed to accompany him."

"Very well. We'll be there shortly. Lamana out."

I guess some things just aren't meant to be. Lisa thought to herself as she and Jeff gathered their things and headed back to the embassy.

Opening her eyes to look at her fellow prisoner, Lisa could tell that Allura was thinking of Keith. "Mother began to get well so I started to return her duties back to her. I was so sure that my relationship with Jeff was over and all hope was lost. That was until a few days before we returned to the explorer."

"Oh?" Allura inquired. "What happened then?"

Jeff knocked on the door to Lisa's room. "Lisa, may I come in?"

Lisa looked up from the holograph album she had been viewing. In a few days they would have to return to the explorer and back to a life she was no longer sure she could live. "Sure Commander. What can I do for you?"

"So it's Commander again huh?" Jeff walked over to Lisa extending his hand for her.

Lisa took his hand allowing herself to be guided over to the bay window overlooking the front lawn of the residence. "We return to the explorer and head back out into deep space by the end of the week. As soon as we step foot back on deck, I'll be Lieutenant Sterling and you'll be commanding Voltron again. I'm going to miss having you hold me. I've dreamt for years of being your girlfriend. But I have to face the fact that you will be my superior once again. Any relationship that we've developed will have to cease. I won't have you jeopardizing your Garrison Career because of me. I love you too much for that." Lisa quickly covered her mouth with her hand. "I'm sorry Jeff. I never meant to lay such a burden on you."

"It's not a burden Lisa. I've loved you since I first met you during the indoctrination week back at the academy." He cupped her face with both hands. "Throughout the Drule War I had to separate my personal and professional feelings. There were so many times when I just wanted to ask you out on a date, but I couldn't. And that night when we were both restless on Planet Nebb, I wanted to say something then but again I knew I couldn't. Being here… the picnic…and serving as your escort has only reinforced my love for you. It doesn't have to end here or now. I'm not going to give up on us. We can find a way Lisa. If your parents could do it, why can't we?"

"My parents?" Lisa looked at Jeff inquisitively.

Jeff looked to the doorway where Lisa's father stood and nodded.

"My dear child, I was your mother's commanding officer. We found a way and so shall you." She heard her father say. "If it is your will, it can be done." With that the elder ambassador departed the room.

"Jeff, I want this as much as you do. But surely one of us will have to give up their commission. I'm right aren't I?"

Instead of answering her question, Jeff pulled Lisa close to him and kissed her for what seemed like an eternity. When their lips parted he answered her question with one of his own. "Will you marry me?"

Allura cupped her hands together and sighed. She loved happy endings. Excited she asked "So when is the wedding? You and Jeff just have to have it on Arus!"

Lisa lowered her head as she opened the locket that hung around her neck and pulled out a golden wedding band. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Princess, but Jeff and I have been married for some time. Father performed the ceremony before we left."

"But why didn't you say something to my staff when you arrived and were assigned to your quarters. Surely they would have made the proper arrangements. And to think we had your husband sleeping on a couch!" Allura placed her hand to her forehead in embarrassment. Nanny would never forgive her.

"We thought it best to keep it a secret, especially on this mission. " Lisa's gaze drifted towards the floor once more.

"So how did you pull it off?" Allura inquired hoping that she and Keith could possibly find a link to their own situation.

"It took a couple of days but we got the blessing of Graham, Hawkins and other powers that be." Lisa rubbed her belly with her right hand. It was at that moment that Allura realized why Lisa had been acting so strangely.

"My God Lisa…You're Pregnant!"

"I'm only in my first trimester. That's the real reason Jeff wanted me to stand down during the battle. He doesn't want any harm to come to the baby."

"All the more reason we have to get out of here." Allura reminded her.

The two girls stood up to formulate a plan.

Lisa nodded. "I wonder where Lotor is taking us."

"You'll find out soon enough Space Explorers." Haggar's voice cackled as she emerged from the shadows. With a flick of her staff the Doom Witch bound the two girls' hands pushing them out the door where LaFette and Quequay marched them down the passageway towards an uncertain future. Allura and Lisa each exchanging glances with the other silently wondering just how much of their conversation had been heard…