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What You Meant to Me

By P3minatofan

Chapter 1

My scrawny Fishbone; My useless Lizard

"Wake up, you lazy salamander!"

I let out a yawn; by Draco I was tired from flying around doing errands for this boy's "dad"…

And who does he think he is calling ME lazy? I lifted myself up, my eyes opening wide, blinded by the sun as I lifted my wing from my face, feeling the soft cove grass under my paws. "Well, someone's cranky this evening," said my rider Hiccup.

The sarcastic skinny son of a Viking fishbone talking to me is my rider Hiccup.

Hiccup –laugh at his name and I'll eat you- if you haven't seen him, is the son of Stoick. He's the leader of the Vikings on the seven-generations-old island of Berk. Where is Berk? It's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death and it's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery if I'm remembering right.

Nice place, you should check it out… if you make it past the whirlpools, hurricanes, and fog, that is.

Hiccup has russet "hair" on his head; -I wonder where humans keep the rest of their pelts- pale green eyes. He's not like other humans though. He lost a leg in a counter attack from battling the Green Death, sadly… He wears pants, a green shirt with a brown belt, and a fur vest over it, along with a brown boot.

He told me after I searched him for the rest of his pelt this one time after training, that humans don't have a fire inside them like a dragon or fur like any other animal. Humans apparently wear clothes to keep them warm without fur, or to show status. (Sad really, have they no confidence?)

I do wonder how they tell how strong or good of a mate they are if clothes hide their bodies all the time…

"C'mon Toothless, I know you're tired, but dad says I can't sleep out here anymore." I snorted, so what about him? I'm tired and I feel like sleeping here. "I'll give you some mutton." My ears perked; he knows I love that red meat.

I stretched my wings out, allowing him to get on his saddle to open my prosthetic tailfin as I jumped to the sky.

The place we were just in is our own place, the cove. (It's also the place I was stuck in after a certain talking fishbone hit me out of the sky). It's where we really met, this human and I. I wasn't very keen on being friends with a Viking at first, but I came to grow on Hiccup.

You wouldn't be very trusting of someone who shot YOU out the sky either.

He's very nice, a bit befuddled, friendly, and sarcastic. That was a Hel of a risk though, holding his arm to out to me; didn't he know I could eat him? Or blast him away? I needed him to fly, (which I care a LOT about) but I think that reason was just to disguise my growing care for the boy. Annoyances here and there aside, he's really quite adorable and all that…


There was a plethora of colors in the dimming sky as we flew through that romantic flight… Everything was bathed in hues of orange and white, dark red, green and yellow…

It reminds me of when the blond female flew on me that time. We were having a romantic flight across the island to Berk. The evening sun was sinking beyond the sea creating a gorgeous sight.

I forgot how beautiful the sky was when I lost my flight, the thing that separates dragons from other reptiles. Well, that and breathing fire. I don't know if anyone else can do that.

My name is Toothless. Not… the best name he could've picked, but I like it.

Hiccup says the name is to ward off gnomes and trolls, but I really doubt "Toothless" will frighten anyone besides a dentist… whatever that is.

Toothless the Night Fury! Feel the fury of the night! Sorry, I've been playful lately.

I'm one of the dragons from the nest who until recently have attacked Berk for generations under that monster's controlling and merciless rule. I am, in human terms of age, a "teenage" female. MY human hasn't even figured that out yet! (It's annoying, being called the wrong sex so much). They didn't even notice during mating season! (I didn't have a mate, my prosthetic –despite our heroism—caused that…why won't you grow back?)

Night Furies differ based on where (I've never seen any others) we live. In Berk, I'm called the rarest of the dragons in Berk, except my mother told me that the rest of the Night Furies are scattered across the world. I have obsidian-black scales, emerald cat eyes, wings and four paws, spikes that go higher down my back, and four…three tailfins. Two at the base of my tail and "two" at the end, one red prosthetic and the real one.

I smiled, feeling the wind underneath my slick black wings. Just under a year ago Hiccup took away my flight with that human weapon and gave it back tenfold.

He gave me flight again, friendship, free meals, and an end to this war between Vikings and dragons.

This human did all that.

Everything we knew about them was wrong.

Because of Hiccup, I lost the ability to fly by myself, and I was forced to befriend him or die in that cove when prey ran out. (Not very fun to know that a little hatchling is all that stands between you and starvation. Thank the gods he fixed a tail up for me).

With him I learned that humans weren't simply demons that wanted to tear our hearts out, as they learned we weren't monsters that wanted to kill or burn everything we saw.

The Vikings were trying to stop us from stealing their sources of food and shelter and honestly, to go against a fire-breathing dragon takes stubbornness issues. We were feeding HIM to stay alive. All I'll say is, he's dead, we're not, and everyone's all friendly now. Pretty happy ending I guess.

Except for my screwed up tail and my rider's lost leg, which sucks on a few days, but we'll live.

I landed gracefully in front of his house; chilling night air blowing on myscales, warmed by my human's (so very warm and soft, purr) touch.

He opened the door and signalled me inside. "Let's go get you that mutton I promised." My forked tongue drooled (as if I would forget) at the thought of that succulent, tasty mutton… To be honest, fish are good… but you can't appeal to a dragon better than with red meats.

I went in after him, seeing a few candles lit in the different rooms, as night had fell causing the unlit rooms to be floodedwith darkness. "Here bud, your mutton." Hiccup threw me a mutton that's taste would make wolves envious! I started gorging on it, tearing pieces off with my serrated fangs.

Oh gods, it's delicious! "That's right, just keep eating while I get to bed…" I stopped the eating frenzy, quickly nodded to him and continued feasting.

Good stuff, mutton. I see why Vikings eat it so much. (Hiccup doesn't, no wonder he's such a small hatchling) Once I finished off the meat, I noticed my rider's sire wasn't home yet…

Hmm. Stoick isn't here. He must be out drinking (Great role model) with the other humans.

I finished and walked to Hiccup's room. Oddly, all the lights were out…

Then I heard someone try tackling me, (Again, sad) but I was –ahem- better at dodging.

Apparently not enough.

Even in the dark room, I felt our heads smack together. I caught a glimpse of -of course- Hiccup. I moaned, extremely annoyed by his little bump. My snout happens to be sensitive! I growled in irritation. "Oww…I just wanted a little revenge on your tackles…" I snarled; those were to show that I loved him! (Though I could be gentler with…nah.)

My hatchling sighed, scratching me under my chin. "That wasn't right of me. I'm sorry…?" He tackled me! I'm not going to jus- ohh… damned sweet spot… I slumped to the floor purring as he scratched me under my chin. If only he'd do this to Astrid now (so she'd stop yelling).

"That's a good dragon…go to sleep…" I'm still getting you back Hi…cc…up… Curse…this boy's… love and…a…affection…

I passed out on the rug.

I woke up the next morning before him, and he was sleeping on the rug as well. I silently got up, and towered over him, like a predator on an unsuspecting prey. Perfect.

I smiled maliciously, feel the furies of my breath, Hiccup! (He hates my fish breath) I went in closer, until I was inches from his nose and breathed in and out, again and again. "Ungh… Ew…" This is how I usually punish Hiccup, since I know he hates the smell. (It's so fun ^v^)

"Ugh… Ew… smells…" He's waking up. I took a deep breath and blew. "EW!"

He's awake. (Coughing and gasping for clean life, but awake nonetheless)

He groaned, "…Toothless? No offense bud, but you have awful fish breath today." I stood bipedal (pegging him down with a paw) and stared at him, smiling innocently. "Getting me back from yesterday, bud?" I purred. "You…need to…stop holding grudges… bud, it's not… good for you." He yawned and grabbed his vest on the rug, that wonderful –delicious- boy.

"Now get off me." I narrowed my eyes; I'm not moving hatchling, not until you apologize.


…He frowned, "I mean it. Get. Off. Now."

…He frowned even more, narrowing his eyes too, bemusing me slightly.

"You…you sir, are playing a dangerous game." I snorted. Really?"Keeping this much…raw Viking-ness contained. There will be consequences!" From which executioner, may I ask?

He grunted, "Okay, I get it." I cocked my head. "I'm sorry." Oh, you can do better Hiccup! His face turned expressionless, "Really sorry?" Nope, not good enough for me, hatchling.

Suddenly, my human grinned mischievously, and he –in a surprise move- kisses me on the snout. What. The. Hel. I blushed hard through my onyx scales, w-wow…

I stared at him. Did he really…? "I knew you'd like that." A kiss on the snout? That's an apology? …All right… I'll 'forgive' him.

I licked him back, "Alright, alright! Enough Toothless, Gobber's probably mad at me already. See you soon! Love ya, buddy!" I crooned to him, licking him again. There's a reason I'm not following him to his 'workplace'.

He hobbled outside, towards the forge across the village. That's where Hiccup works, or so Terrors tell me. (That grown human, Gobber, says I'm 'too destructive' or 'too distrusting'! I'm just playing! …And protecting Hiccup, they know!)

I looked over at him, and his hair was covered in dragon slobber and was in a cowlick. Some people think I mother him! Me, a dragoness! What a ridiculous thought…!

I stared at my Viking boy. His words seem to echo in my head as I watched him follow Stoick (Who apparently gets up earlier than I do, what an early human waking) to that forge.

This is where I live now, Berk. The place we've warred over for seven generations because of that horrid dictator. (He was such a fat drache, too) I understood my human's reaction to seeing this place the first time. It…seems so unreal that humans and dragons are working together. (At least there's no strange mind pull on us here. I hated that 'dragon king')

If she were still alive, (Damn you to Helheim, Green Death!) my mother would be happy about what I did. She always wanted this war to end, and no one listened to her.

Rest her happy dragon soul in the celestial stars above.

Humans have it lucky though, they can divorce, but to dragons, divorce doesn't happen. It's not an you decide to mate for life you do. Period. It's disgraceful to fight your mate, (Humans do this openly, I hear) or hurt them.

In fact, the only way out of a dragon mate is to kill the other. (Somewhat unfair, but I've probably spent too much time with humans and their moralities) My mother and father were like fire and oil, just that example.

My ears twitch at the thought of him.

My father, on the other hand, would burn me alive for befriending a Viking, weakling or not. He always spoke about how much he hated humans in general. Even other dragons avoided him; he actually flew out just to kill off more humans, be they good or not. Humans would call him the 'evil demon of the night sky,' if what the elder dragons said was true.

This does explain why I'm still called a devil –even as a joke- by the older Vikings of Berk.

I think the only reason my parents got together is because they were the only Night Furies around, mother wanted to forgive and forget humans… Father wanted to make them extinct.

Green Death ate them both eventually for one reason or another. (…) Maybe their different views are imprinted on me. It explains why I felt remorse and didn't kill Hiccup, and also why I attacked Berk for so long.

I never gave humans a chance until Hiccup, and if I just ate him, we'd all still be fighting and trying to survive under Red Death's rule. (I still can, I have my instincts…) I've never actually eaten a human before; he would've been the first, but I didn't cause I'm no dragon you ever heard of b-be-before…

My eyes dilated, I stared at the wooden floor, flicking my tail. What…am I? I'm a dragoness, but here I am in a human village. Protecting humans. Humans I like.

Dragons and their human riders living together here in Berk. There's a word for animals (Humans are animals too, even if they don't know it, the close-minded fools) working symbiotically like this… What was it?

Then, realization hit my head harder than Nadder tail-spikes on an unprotected ass. My nickname, being fed, purring, and the behavior. I –a Night Fury dragoness- am a human's…pet! By Odin's hammer, what am I doing? (Hiccup called me that once!)

"I am a terrifying dragoness! I am no one's pet!" I roared the words out, a few Gronkles turning their lazy heads from my roar. (Even if we killed Green Death, I was by no means the strongest dragon on land. The air is my battlefield, and since I am grounded, dragons simply rely on humans of Berk) A Night Fury is supposed to be as far away from humans as possible!

I may not be a "leader" of dragons (Again, thanks to my inability to fly), but I am much too proud to accept that slandering title! A dragon shouldn't ever be called a "pet" to anyone!

It's beyond demeaning!

Father Thor, what is this incarnation of Loki doing to me?

Taking a look outside, I saw many dragons –fierce, independent dragons- being fed fish, coddled, or ridden! I did this. I made our honorable race nothing more than cats or dogs, obeying the humans' whims…

The gods would have me dead for losing sight of my nature, and having a human Viking friend. Befriending humans is very likely on their "do this and we'll kill you." list.

The shame doesn't end there, as I realized something more horrible than that.

Worse than being his pet, or mothering Hiccup. (Me, a dragon!)

I feel for Hiccup too.

My jaw hung open from that. That's…not…possible…

It can't be, it's hormones. It shouldn't be, it's wrong. It won't be; I'm in control; he's alone.

Hiccup's alone!

I clawed the floor and ran out the door, (Hitting it with my tail…ow.) jumping on passing Vikings as I did. I can't leave him alone!

What if a wild dragon were to attack him? Or melted steel fly across the room? Or-or-or…

I screeched to a stop in front of the forge, I head Hiccup inside, safe and alive. I need to slow down… I took some deep breaths; passing Vikings taking curious glances at me. Weirdos.

I am my human's best friend; his "buddy." I am not his pet, or his…

That very idea forced a fish out of me. I mean, it isn't like knew I would feel this way. I didn't know Thor, that I'd be…feeling…this with…a human. I don't know how I didn't notice our bonding, my (new) caring nature for him, even how I protect and need Hiccup to fly, as he needs me to walk (mostly)! Mother, father, I did not ever expect to 'fall' for Hiccup!

…I do feel for him though, and I can't tell him. I can't let him know, he's only just fitting in with everyone, it seems to mean so much that he has the respect of his people. (Even though they were jerks to him all his life, and that I wish he'd just have let me eat them instead)

I always felt my scales stick up and my eyes turn to slits when Astrid, his unofficial mate kissed him, or when he kissed her. I hate the idea of Hiccup being hers. Except…

Astrid is a human, as is Hiccup. Our forbidden friendship should stay the way it is, just two good friends, dragon and boy, nothing more. We're best friends and that's how it should stay.

I curled up on the grass outside; maybe a quick nap will take my mind off the subject…

I hit the sword hard with a hammer, getting a hard thwack. You know, this is a really good way to either hurt yourself, or relieve yourself of pain. I have done both, at the same time.

I'm Hiccup, the fishbone son of my dad Stoick, the chief of Berk.

Yeah I know, "you mean the dragon master who killed that huge dragon? That's YOU?" Yes I, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III killed it. Not to, you know, brag or anything.

I have the only Night Fury dragon around, my Toothless! You should see him, –if he doesn't try to kill you from being so overly protective of me- he's like a giant cat, only much cuter.

Oh yeah, don't make him mad. That might lose you an arm. Or turn you into ashes…

Moving on, I've working in the forge here in Berk with Gobber, my meathead instructor and he has been from eight to fifteen years to now of my life.

But enough of my life story, I'm sure Toothless is being impatient (There's a reason he can't come in here, I um…won't say why. It involves burning, screaming, crashing…you get the idea.) about sitting outside. So, I'll need to hurry.

"Come back here with my sock, ya' vermin!" That yellow mustachioed man with a peg leg and changeable hand is my "mentor" Gobber the Belch, chasing a Terrible Terror who seems to have taken his right sock. Again. For the gods know how many time.(Toothless's "cute eyed" trick stopped working around the third time the forge…accidentally collapsed)

He's the oldest friend of my dad, Stoick the Vast.

There are a few things to know about the village now. First, don't talk about how he popped dragonheads as a child. Second, don't ever appear –like you can stop it- dangerous to me, becauseToothless will be on you in a heartbeat. Third…someone tell me if Astrid is my girlfriend, 'cause Snotlout keeps 'romancing' her, and she isn't as clingy to me as the other "lovebirds" in this village, oh please, please, someone tell me if…


…And that's why Gobber says I'm not allowed to think in here. I tried heaving out a sword (woefully stuck in heavy armor) and failed. Fishbone would've been a better name for me; I can't even pull a sword out of armor!

He came back with part of his beard singed but at least he got his right sock back…

I heard Gobber gesturing to me, "Hiccup lad. I'm going out for a sail with the others. You. Close shop. Now." He handed me the keys and left. I actually got away with this! Maybe my luck is changing!

"Oh. But take that sword out first." He slammed (a Viking tradition) the door. (a Viking tradition)

Oh Freja. Let's try that again…

After that, I locked the forge and saw Toothless napping. Me, not being tackled by a several hundred pound dragon? Weird…well ok, not weird…or actually…um…ok it's weird, whatever.

When I came out, the sun was high, Vikings were belching and singing (Badly, I add), and…


I smiled happily, Astrid (and Ruffnut) are coming this way! I…I need to say something, something not stupid or crazy to her…

"H-Hi Ah-Astrid! How's the uh, grass today?" Stupid, stupid, stupid! Astrid sighed disgustingly, while Ruffnut laughed.

"Wow, Hiccup! You're as much a dog to Astrid as your dragon is to you!" I frowned at her, even if that's the truth, she doesn't need to involve Toothless in her dumb remarks!

"Ruffnut. We're here for a reason." Did they need me to fix their dragon saddles again?

"Hey Hiccup. We wanted to ask you something about Toothless." Toothless? I looked over; he was waking up, yawning loudly. The way he bares his fangs that way, it's a little…scary.

Every time I see him, I have to wonder how I was dumb enough to free a dragon, stupid enough to visit it every day, idiotic enough to ride it, when it could kill me.

I know; I wouldn't kill a dragon.

I looked at Toothless, and… I saw myself.

I'll always remember the days we've been together, during dragon training when "the gang" would rush up to me and ask how Hiccup the useless was becoming the top spot on dragon training.

I'd tell them I was holding back all that time. Did they believe it? Yes they did.

"What Astrid?"

She leaned over; glancing at Toothless, then whispered to me, "What's Toothless?" What a weird question…

"Huh? Toothless is a dragon. You know, Night Fury…"

She thumped my arm, "No, I mean what is Toothless? A guy or a girl?"

Ruffnut joined in, "Yeah it's been bothering me like crazy lately."

"Toothless is a guy."

They frowned together, "Well yeah, but did you like check or anything?" Actually, I had never checked whether or not Toothless was a guy, but you know…it was kinda weird to just go up to your dragon and ask to know. Not to mention "guy" was the default to a dragon in Berk who hadn't laid eggs or had a mate.

I shifted uncomfortably, "I don't know, maybe."

Ruffnut slumped me too, "Well, I'll 'help' you with that." She smiled her evil smile, oh gods when she does that, Ragnarok pales to her "plans."

She whispered a plan of me getting close to Toothless and… "Going in" to see if he was a he, or if Tooth was a she. Now, I knew Ruff wouldn't check on her own, becauseTooth would maul her down. Now, I also knew Ruff would get me back somehow if I didn't do it. Last month she dumped a barrel of fish on me when Toothless wasn't around. (Which ended in my dragon endlessly cuddling –and *cough* licking- me until the fish stench went away)

I sighed when Ruffnut and Astrid urged me on with a "go" and I circled my sleeping Night Fury. I carefully lifted and moved his tail to the side, biting my lip and laid down on my stomach behind (damned puns) him. He looked really peaceful sleeping there like that.

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out, and opened them, damn it gods, this is NOT how I expected today to go, but days never go the way I want them to…

I know from childhood how the dragon anatomy works, considering we lived in a village that happened to USE the dead dragon bodies. I noticed things like how a dragon stomach was hotter than fire, "accessories" on dragons are used for showing off (to mates) or intimidation…or that male dragons had a smaller…*COUGH*…slit than females.

Male dragon…slits are practically not there unless it's mating season or other um, things. Females, on the other hand, had longer…(I can't say it anymore) holes and were out all year, only their moods, general feelings, etc changed during mating season (Which is how we deduced Snotlout's Firewyrm to be a girl, shockingly…well not really us, so much as him)

I tore off a piece from my vest and tied it to my left hand, you know, germs and…things I don't want to think about. I VERY carefully grabbed Toothless's backside, and (Gross…) "examined" him. Black scales against the sun weren't hard to distinguish (Thank Odin most of the village was out fishing or hunting right now, I'd never live THIS down ever…).

If I were drinking at the time, I would've spat out the stuff. I mean really, what the Loki did I see, almost fainting at the sight. Toothless -as I found out, is…really…actually…a…dragoness…

I heard Toothless stir, waking up from my little "invasion of dragon privacy", growling at her offender violently. (Which happened to be me…Oh why must I need to impress the girls?)

"NO WAIT! NOTOOTHLESSBADDRAGON! I MEAN DRAGONESS! BA-" She snarled and grabbed me with her front paws, dragged me out, bit my prosthetic, and threw me against Ruffnut. So much for that idea.

"OWW!" I slammed into Ruffnut pretty hard (Astrid was glaring, not good…), and we both fell back on dirt. Good thing Toothless didn't throw me into the forge, THAT would be very painful.

Ruff laughed hysterically, already forgetting our collision. "Wow Hiccup. Didn't know your dragon had such a good left hook. If he's a guy tell him your marriage together is off. I'm way better for him." Ignoring that disturbed idea, she and Tuffnut can insult can insult anyone, no matter how bad an idea it is. Just ask Tuff and Toothless…

"Hiccup, are you still good? So, did you find out if Toothless is a guy or not?" This starting to sound very familiar…

Oh the gods hate me. What am I supposed to say? Toothless is a girl! That's… I know I didn't ever check (I'll kill you later Ruffnut…) but I was so very extra-sure she was a he!

And how do I say, "I'm sorry I checked your gender without your permission Toothless, please don't roast me."

I will have nightmares about… seeing that. I breathed deeply, "Toothless is…" I glanced at her, who snorted angrily in reply, narrowing her pupils dangerously at me.

"Toothless is a girl." I will never hear the end of this…

"HAH! See Astrid? I told you that he was a she! Fork over that axe!" What…?

"What axe?"

Astrid sighed again, "Hiccup…me and Ruff made a bet to see whether Toothless is a guy or not…sorry. I bet guy, she bet girl." She handed over a really sharp axe (But not her favorite one, I should know) to Ruff, muttering curses to her.

So that was just a bet? Great… That just makes explaining this to Toothless (I could never lie to him…her) that much harder.

"Thanks Hiccup! You made me one axe richer! HAHAHA!" Ruff laughed as she dragged Astrid away… (I don't understand any girls, not dragons, and not Vikings…)

"Awkward." Toothless was standing up; she was giving me her half-open eyes, flat frown, epic fail face, the tension and total pull back of her mauling me so thick in the air, you could choke.

She angrily grunted me to apologize, "So Toothless… You're a girl? Right?" Her ears went up for a spilt-second and folded down again, nodding with impatience.

"This shows how great a 'dragon master' everyone keeps calling me." She smacked me with her tail; I deserved that. Ok.

"I won't do it again okay? I'm SO very sorry." She snorted. And cocked her head thinking for a few minutes and shook her head, as if to say, "Fine, you're sorry. NEVER AGAIN DAMMIT." then nuzzled me before holding me in a dragon hug. It was nice, but she hugged me too hard on purpose, for sure.

I coughed awkwardly, "So…was that your um…you know, where you dragons…" Toothless gurgled at me, in a cute way, both saying yes, and letting at bit of the tension down.

I swear though I saw a blush above her nose just now…

"Thanks, bud…whoops, I mean, girl, Toothless. Err… I don't care, I-I mean it's…not like it will change anything between us." I smiled sheepishly; she blinked, and gummy-grinned me then nuzzled my shoulder, purring happily. Boy, that was awkward…then again so is my life.

"I still –always will- love you, Toothless, boy or girl." She licked me into submission, my face covered in slobber. Gross…

Toothless –girl or guy- is the best friend I've ever had. She's the only one that listened, the one who didn't jeer at me; I owe her too much… So of course I love her, don't lots of people love their pets? Dad –thank the gods- seemed to be over his distrust of Toothless. (He still calls hi- her a devil though. Adult jokes, I don't get them like I don't get the appeal of drinks)

Some people might ask, "How'd you ever stay alive without a dragon, when you're so clumsy?" I'd answer, "My dad's pretty protecting of me too." Dad really cares about me; I always knew that. I just felt like I should become the best dragon slayer ever because… I thought I owed dad at least that, a fine respectable (Not fishbone and disappointing) son.

Fishlegs and Horrorcow walked up to us asking, "Hey Hiccup is it true that-" Oh c'mon! Does EVERY embarrassing moment I have NEED to be interrupted by a random Viking?

"Err…I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Always conclusions with people.

Toothless let go and slithered back to the ground; somewhat peeved her hug was cut short. "No Fishlegs. What is it?" I asked, annoyed.

"Ruff and- and Astrid said Toothless was actually a girl…" He looked over at Toothless and back to his Gronkle, Horrorcow. Now is that the dragon book in his arm?

"…And I wanted to –you know- put Toothless's um… 'Gender specifics' in there so that we can tell the difference between the males and females." Fishlegs is going to have to make a sequel just to fit every dragons'…everything, in these books. (Not that having a Night Fury sequel book won't be helpful –it would- but I already can ask her myself) Neither I –nor him- thinks she's just going to let him 'inspect' her. (At least not today anyway, or without gifts of sedation) Fishlegs may have been my first friend, but she's my BEST friend in the world. (Even more than Astrid. Please for the sake of Odin's beard don't tell her that)

"Fishlegs, you can't be serious. That's being a little too blunt for comfort." I tried making as best a serious face I could, but I really didn't want to explain why I shouldn't let him do it.

"I know, I know, invasive I get it. Don't you agree though that we should tell the difference? What if…" Fishlegs is such a weirdo (Snotlout's word is geek) sometimes.

He actually –when dragons and Vikings were still at war- sold this merchant the copyrights for a game he made up called "dungeons and monsters". (Dragons would've fit us better than monsters, we ARE Vikings…)

Frankly, I don't know what a "copyright" is or a "fourteen-sided dice" but Fishlegs needs to stay with books, not games. (Then, at least he'll be helping people instead of encouraging them to live with their parents in the basement chamber with other "wizards")

"Fishlegs you're not invading Toothless's space." He went on and on about that learning the gender difference could save us or seeing a certain characteristic will let us know how to spot the right dragon (Me mistaking a Terror for a rogue nightmare, there went me and Toothless's respect…) from a distance…

"FINE!" I threw my arms up, he can look if he wants, don't say I did not warn you!

He frowned at her, who cocked her head in return showing off her claws… he came closer, whispering in my ear, "Okay fine. Tell me what YOU saw then, don't say you didn't, 'cause Ruff said you did." I huffed, I am putting 'grow muscles to beat up Ruff' on my to-do list.

Great… "Uh, Fishlegs I'll start with…"

All day. He made me talk all day about Night Furies. (I am not the expert everyone thinks I am, I don't know like, hundreds of things about dragons…but I do intend to learn even so!)

The only thing I notice about my overly obsessive Night Fury is that she's been acting weird lately. She is being a little more distant and moody today… Hormones probably…

Toothless eventually got bored and went off somewhere. (Impatient and easily bored.) I think a drunken wizard and witch met one day, and the witch combined her black cat with a wizard's lizard (It rhymes, I KNOW that) and one magic spell later… Bam.

Night Furies were made.

A few hours after Fishleg's "questioning" we went home, to a cold night, no moon; all snow blowing everywhere… This was bound to happen. There's ALWAYS a snowstorm at least once during "summer" at Berk.

Toothless had come back and climbed atop my bed, keeping most of her body on the covers. It's cool that Toothless knows how cold it gets, even with sheets. She's very (Temperamental and impatient) considerate to me.

"Night girl." She groaned and put her head next to mine; most of her body on top of mine, the tail and back legs hanging off the bed. I could've sworn Toothless was a guy… weird day...

I heard the bedroom door creak, Toothless opening an eye in caution. There was a large man with a large red beard, my dad –you weren't listening if you don't know his name.

He smiled at me and said calmly, "Goodnight Hiccup. 'Night devil."

Toothless rolled an eye and went to sleep; it's so awesome to know the two get along now. I waved, "Goodnight dad." He gave me a smirk and closed the door slowly, his loud footsteps fading out as he left.

Everyone here means so much to me, I'm glad I can be called a hero in this life. (Not to say having a Night Fury isn't awesome either…) I petted Toothless's head a few times before I drifted off to sleep myself…

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