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(If you've forgotten, Omtenskom=Thoughtful One)

Chapter 12

The One Who Saw The End

Worry overtook my mind.

How could it not?


She had been my rival for my rider- my mate's affection. We both wanted Hiccup, but I had prevailed, my love for him perhaps shining brighter. Now, she was naught but a woman scorned… And as the saying goes, that kind of fury is merciless…

I tugged at Hiccup's vest, gurgling in the worried tone that was taking the front of my mind's thoughts. He stared down at me, and looked as nervous as I felt. "We can't just ignore this, Tooth. I mean; she deserves an explanation at least." He whispered to me.

Why must the only time you make sense be the worst time for it, Hiccup?

I fidgeted around with my wings to still my worried thoughts as Hiccup said his farewell to his father. I had to wonder if Hiccup went without me, if that farewell would be his last… Honestly, I had the idea Astrid would go berserk, but I hoped not.

Besides… Our relationship was on thin ice enough with the village, it's not like we need murder added to everyone's doubts about us.

Hiccup held onto my neck as I supported him to walk out of his house. We really do complete each other, him and I… Perhaps my mother wasn't an odd one for having named me Omtenskom. I do tend to think quite a bit more often than the other dragons, and Hiccup is clearly more intelligent than half the Viking population, at least.

He rubbed my ears, eliciting a purr from me in response.

He knows all the spots I love being touched at…

U-um. Wait. I… I tried to think about something else. My mind is… not always clean; it appears. Rather undignified for me to think about… that… so casually.

Sometimes the name Omtenskom can be meant as to mean those kinds of thoughts too…

"Hey bud…" Hiccup called out to me. I knew what he wanted to ask me. She had to be told about us, and it had to be told to her now. As much as I would enjoy flying off into the sunset with Hiccup, it was not to be… I had to face reality.

Our relationship was something unnatural.

Something that was to be abhorred.

It was the thing that made my life feel so alive, every day.

"Let's go find Astrid." I purred, rubbing my head against his side, and used a wing to cover him. I really do love this little Viking boy. He's a wonderful human, the nicest I've ever met.

I gurgled questioningly to him, asking where we could even find Astrid. He put his hand on his forehead, and stood there for what must've been a few minutes, when he gradually made a face that said it dawned on him where Astrid was. "Of course… Where else would a girl like her be at?"

I gurgled questioningly again, not getting the hint he was giving. He smiled at me and said, "The arena, Toothless."

I nodded. Astrid is a battle woman, and like a great fighter, she'd be at where battles to place to train. (…Perhaps I'm letting my species influence that thought though…)

We both walked over to the arena, my rider silent, most likely trying to think of how to explain clearly to Astrid. Not that the worried expression he had made me feel any better than him.

We entered the arena, hearing hard swinging noises and things of loud noises in general. To be honest, it was a bit grating on my hearing. Dragons have sensitive hearing, you know.

Hiccup and I saw her instantly. Astrid had her back to us, throwing axes at targets. Hiccup stared sadly at her, like seeing someone who was once a friend, but grew apart to not be a friend anymore, and seeing him or her again to wonder… what went wrong?

Despite the tension, we didn't make a move, until Astrid had thrown the last the last axe. She even put her hand through her hair while she was catching her breath, and sighed heavily once it was thrown, hitting the bull's-eye perfectly.


That's how it went. That was how my friendship with Hiccup had started, how I felt to hear we loved each other, and how Astrid must've felt to lose her boyfriend, Hiccup.

Which made quite a lot of sense why she would be so angry.

"…What do you want?" The iciness in her voice was easily apparent. She was a scorned woman, all right. She turned to face us, a frown on her face, with a neutral mouth. She was probably angry, or annoyed, or sad, or more likely, all three. Hiccup grabbed his left arm with his right hand, and spoke out to her in his angelic, scratchy voice.

"Astrid, I know you're angry…"

She huffed, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"…But I need you to listen and believe me."

Astrid crossed her arms and walked over to Hiccup, that frown stuck on her face. It was obvious she wanted a good explanation for being dumped as a girlfriend for me.

Astrid moved a piece of her golden hair from her face. "…Fine."

Hiccup cleared his throat, and let go of my neck. "Okay. But first, why uh, why don't you say what's burning you up?" I rolled my eyes at his euphemism, wondering why he would say that. It'll never catch on.

Astrid sighed heavily, perhaps muttering some curses under her breath, I didn't hear too clearly. She went over and grabbed an axe from the target, and used it for support like a cane. "What's burning me up is that you dumped me for a dragon, Hiccup."

"A dragon, Hiccup." She squinted her eyes "A D-r-a-g-o-n, of all the things. I-it's never been done!" The look of disgust thrived on her face. She stood up lifting the axe and pointing it at me. "Don't you find it at least a little disturbing?" The last words echoed in my ears, a repeat of what I heard said earlier today…

Yes, it was very wrong… But it was a love I believed in. I gaped at Hiccup, who quickly glanced at me. I know our love to be something special…

Hiccup coughed, but talked in his nasally sounding voice. "Yeah, Toothless loving me kinda outright disturbed me." My ears drooped slightly. "But Toothless isn't just some animal. She's my best friend, and one of the smartest peop- dragons I've ever met." I gurgled softly. Oh Hiccup… "She was there when I needed her, and I was there for her. I looked in her eyes and saw myself…"

I could feel myself blushing. Hiccup, you flatter me...

Astrid struck the floor with axe, leaving it back in her hands in a "cane" position to stand with. "So fine, if Toothless is that smart, then why were you stupid enough to drop me without even telling me!" I had to say, I couldn't argue with her there…

Hiccup hesitated to answer, his tongue held by Astrid's words. He hadn't even given Astrid so much as a little note that they weren't working out, or some other thing… "I know, I did something stupid, but I can fix that."

Astrid scowled. "Really."

Hiccup bit his lip. "Astrid, I was a jerk for dumping you without even mentioning it. I'm pretty sure you're going to kick my butt no matter what I say, but please believe me when I say that I know I did wrong, and I am genuinely sorry."

Astrid sighed heavily, and moved a hand through her hair. She gazed into Hiccup's eyes, "…All right. I don't like it, or approve of your current …relationship, but if you are really sorry, I'll accept it."


Hiccup and me were hysterical on the inside (Well, Hiccup looked really happy, judging his eyes), although she wasn't happy about it, I was very glad Astrid could compromise her feelings and -partially- accept us without any violen-

"OW! Why do you keep doing this to me!" Astrid had thrown Hiccup to the ground and jabbed his stomach with the butt of her axe, probably out of spite.

"If it's all right with you, I'd like to have a few words with that pile of scales you have for a girlfriend over there." I growled slightly at her insult, but quickly got over it, realizing how she seemed to handle things that angered her with caustic remarks.

Hiccup rubbed my head, eliciting a purr from me in return. "Okay… No attacking Toothless though, or I won't forgive you." I nodded at him, blowing a little smoke in Astrid's way to show her I was not to be messed with.

"Yes, because obviously the last time a Viking tried to kill Toothless, it worked out fabulously."

Hiccup laughed a little under his breath, and walked out of the arena.

Hiccup… Be safe. I will see what she wants with me.

I stared at Astrid, who returned my glance.

"Come on. Sit down with me." She sat down, and released her axe, letting it hit the floor with a clank. I sat on my haunches with a loud thump from my weight.

She looked up to me, probably surprised how much taller I was to her. "So… You love him."

I nodded; making the most lovey-dovey gurgle I could sound with my voice.

Astrid sighed and stared into space for a moment. "I guess I can understand. He's much nicer than any other guy here. He's also smarter than the others. Even smarter than… me I guess." I nodded; I loved all of Hiccup's little quirks. They were all so interesting.

"I do like him as a friend, but… Now that I think about it, I can't remember why I found him so attractive. A good friend yeah, but not the type I'm into."

I tilted my head while she gazed deeply into my emerald green eyes. "When I started liking him was when you took me for that ride." She stared into the distance. "Most beautiful sight I've ever seen was that first ride on your back. Maybe I was impressed by you instead of him." She looked back at me. "You really are amazing you know… So is he." She zoned out for a moment and took in a small breeze.

Such a nice gust of wind...

"You two did what several generations couldn't even dream of doing. You two fit each other like a sword and its holster." I purred happily at her compliments, although I cringed at the sword similarity she said. Mainly because I'm a dragon and swords to us are well…

…You know.

She stood up and bent over to touch my prosthetic tail fin. It was just like Hiccup's fake leg. I knew that and that resemblance is part of why I love him so. Even now, I felt saddened that I was apart from him.

A man and dragoness… Such an odd couple we are.

Astrid hugged me out of nowhere, which caught me by surprise. I blushed a little and rumbled quietly in embarrassment. "I hope the two of you are happy together." She kissed my snout, grabbed her axe, and sauntered off. I got back on all fours with my face still hot in embarrassment from her kiss.

I don't get human females. They're so very strange. Even more peculiar than my rider.

"Aren't you a nice one lately?"

"Hmph." Loki's wife laughed heartily. He shook his head. "I merely removed the obstacles that would keep them apart. And besides, I know you had a hand in this as well."

She beamed. "So what if I did? At least the dragoness can have what she thinks she can't have."

Loki had a baffled look on his face.

His wife sighed; he could be so dense sometimes. "You didn't see her stomach pains?" He had a blank look on his face. "Sigh… She. Has. Eggs. Being. Made. In. Her."

The god of trickery frowned. "Why would you give her that? We're taking over their corpses when they die. And the dragoness will die at the same time as her owner, so why bother giving her children?"

She laughed. "Maybe I felt charitable at the thought of leaving this Hel. So I made her get gravid."

Loki just stared at his face in bewilderment.

She groaned. "Gravid: reptile version of pregnancy. Must I explain everything to you…?"

Loki shook his head, and smirked happily that his plan would go unhinged now, the obstacles removed and the hosts to be undisturbed for their lives. As long as his family didn't screw it up for him.

But what were the odds of that?

And so I had returned to Hiccup, who judged by my not dead body (Or covered in Astrid's blood) that all had gone well. While I was still confused by her sudden kiss, I chalked it off as an odd acceptance ritual of hers.

It's not like I was going to find out why any time soon anyway.

Hiccup had taken me to a very high cliff near Berk. It was very pretty; you could see the mid-day sun and ocean perfectly there. Then he told me its relation to me. "Do you see this place buddy?" I nodded. "This… This is where I shot you down into the forest we met in."

I still remember the pain I felt being taken out of the sky. I was shot out of my throne, my kingdom, never to reclaim my place in the sky as I was again.

But maybe… Maybe that pain was the price I paid for the joy I have now, an equal exchange from a life of misery in servitude to a life of bliss with my human. I have more now than I ever could've dreamed of when I attacked the village that fateful day.

To gain is to lose, and to lose is to gain I suppose...

We both stood there, taking in the sight, as we shared a mutual –or at least that was how it felt to me- feeling of total contentedness with the world, as if everything was right.

I believed it to be so.

Although I am sad that I can never produce offspring with Hiccup, when I'm with him, I'm not lying to say he is my whole world to me. I wonder if he would've been a good father though… No, perhaps such thoughts are better left forgotten…


My belly's insides abruptly twisted around in pain, prompting me to give a low moan of pain from my throbbing…whatever it was in my body. "What's wrong bud? Have a stomach ache?"

I nodded, and he held my neck for support as we headed down the hill, the wind blowing gently on us. Perhaps his home would have a remedy for my aching stomach.

As we walked down to his home, we saw familiar faces, new faces, friends and dragons, places and sights, everything I could ever ask for was right here.

It was then that I realized something. I was going home. To my family.

And Hiccup?

I already knew what you meant to me.

You are my everything.

My Kevvar.

I love you Hiccup. Now and forever… I am yours, and you are mine.

I wondered briefly about my encounter with a god, but perhaps he was the one who got the short end of the stick, as I… I have everything. The one who has all.

As we arrived at our home, I saw a fishbone, covered with glistening black scales, as if embracing it in a warm hug.

I have seen our end of today... And our names shall live forever.

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