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Almost two years have passed since they've been on the run from the Edison Group, flitting from small towns to major cities, searching for the names on the Edison Group list. Chloe could hardly keep track of all the places they've been to. Usually they stayed in a place for a few weeks, sleeping in motels, changing their names and being home schooled on the road.

Chloe thought about all the test subjects they've found so far. Over half the individuals on that list, and she'll never forget their faces when Kit explained the experiments and warned them of the dangers they faced. The rest of the names they couldn't find, and she hoped they were in hiding too and not captured or worse. They gave up searching for now, they needed some much deserved rest and to lay low for awhile.

Chloe's reality was completely unrecognizable from her previous life, but she couldn't complain. She had experienced scary moments but she felt satisfied, happy even. She missed her dad terribly though, but with Kit's help she managed to send word that she was alive and safe. That's all she could do for right now. Her dad, understanding her safety was at risk, withdrew his reward money. She only hoped she would see him soon.

They were now settled in a small town in Southern Oregon, this being the longest they've ever stayed in one place. Chloe and her friends even went to high school here. Her aunt was an ER doctor in the town's only hospital and Kit worked there too, as an administrator.

It was a nice place, Chloe's favorite by far. Maybe it was because it was a small town, less populated, but there weren't as many ghosts to deal with as there were in the cities. And for a werewolf, a remote town was ideal. More wilderness and less people made it easier for Derek. She knew he felt confined and uncomfortable in a bigger city. He needed seclusion and wide open spaces for his weekly Change.

But it was no longer just Chloe and Derek during his changes, Kit insisted he be there too. Not literally next to him, that was Chloe's place, but Kit didn't feel comfortable with Derek Changing when it was just the two of them. Kit trusted his son, but he also knew there were so many outside variables that could complicate or even endanger them when Derek was in wolf form, and Kit wasn't taking any chances.

Normally, they would drive to an isolated patch of woods so Derek could roam free, usually on an evening when Chloe's aunt worked late at the hospital. Half the time, it was just Chloe and Kit who accompanied Derek. Simon joined them too when he didn't have basketball practice or a date. And even Tori tagged along sometimes, often complaining repeatedly about being dragged against her will, but Chloe knew she didn't want to be left out.

And that's where they were driving back from now, Derek's weekly Change in the woods. Chloe felt the van lurch to a stop, her wandering mind pulled back to the present. Kit parked the van in a big lot connected to a large bookstore. Tori had been begging Kit to stop at this bookstore for awhile and he figured he could pick up some take-out from the place next door, while the kids wandered the store.

Chloe peered out the window. It was a dark, clear night. She turned to look at Derek, who sat close to her in the back, but she could only see the black outline of his profile. She could tell by his posture he was exhausted, though ̶ a usual aftereffect from the Change. He had better control over his Changes, they were much quicker too and less painful, but they still were draining. She thought he looked as if he might drift off to sleep at any moment.

"So, who's all going to the store while I pick up food?" Kit asked, his voice ringing in the dark space. He was looking at Derek when he spoke, knowing his son probably wanted to stay and rest in the van.

Tori and Simon announced they were coming. With Tori emphasizing to her dad that he promised her at least thirty minutes to browse the bookstore.

Kit smiled patiently at Tori, stating that, "No, I did not forget. How could I when you only reminded me a dozen times in an hour?"

"I think I'm going to stay here with Derek," Chloe said. "Keep him company." Have some much needed alone time, she thought. They rarely had time to themselves, there was always someone around.

In the past, when they moved frequently, they usually all lived together. But in this town, Aunt Lauren thought it best for her and Chloe to live separately from the others. She felt Chloe needed a sense of normalcy in her life, now that they've decided to settle in this area for awhile. They only lived a block away, in a small house from Kit's slightly larger home, and it did give Chloe a taste of an ordinary life. They all still saw each other the same amount, but it didn't change the fact that Chloe and Derek hardly ever spent time alone.

Tori was practically bouncing in her seat with impatience when Kit said it was fine for Chloe and Derek to stay in the van. She had been talking non-stop about some new computer programming manuel and was dying to get her hands on it.

Simon glanced over at his sister with a mischievous look and coughed, "Geek!" into his hand. Tori shot him a withering stare but it had no effect on him ̶ quite the opposite, actually, as he flashed her a brilliant smile.

Chloe listened to them bicker as they clambered out of the van and watched their retreating backs as they headed towards the bookstore. Tori was still the same height when Chloe first met her, but Simon had grown four inches taller and he towered over his dad. He was also cuter than ever. It was ridiculous, really. Girls gawked and stared when they caught sight of him ̶ stumbling over themselves to talk to him. Even little old ladies stopped to check him out. It was out of control.

No girls noticed Derek when Simon was around. To be fair, no girls noticed anyone when Simon was around. Not to say that no one took note of Derek, some did. He had an intimidating, brooding look about him that some women found irresistible, but he never acknowledged them, he had eyes only for Chloe.

She looked over at him again and met his gaze. His eyes were glittering and glowing in the darkness.

"Hey," she said, reaching for his hand.

"Hey," he replied, entwining his fingers with hers.

Her eyes swept over him. He was a little taller, maybe by an inch or two, and the ugly duckling stage had long since passed. He stopped filling out, though. In fact, he looked slightly leaner, his muscles more defined ̶ if that was even possible. I guess turning into a wolf once a week is the ultimate workout, Chloe mused.

He was nice looking, in his own way, jade-colored eyes, a long straight nose and sharp jaw. She caught herself staring and blushed. More like ogling, I do that way too much. But she knew Derek liked it.

"I hope that store is carrying the book Tori wants so damn bad," his voice rumbled. "I feel like I'll lose my mind if I hear her talk about it one more time."

Chloe smiled, nodding her agreement. Tori hadn't changed much, at least in the attitude department. She was still sassy as ever. She looked the same, if not prettier, but she had and alluring, exotic way about her that made all the boys at school utterly infatuated with her. But Chloe knew she was different where it mattered most. She was no longer the selfish, crazy bitch who you didn't dare turn your back on. She was still a pain in the ass but much less so and she was honest and loyal.

Chloe detected the subtle shift in Tori while they were hiding at the safe house with Andrew. Although, the real change occurred when Kit told her the truth about him being her father. Chloe wasn't there for the conversation, but she knew something was up when Kit informed the boys and Tori he needed to talk to them and sequestered them in a room for over an hour. When they finally came out, they were all dazed and wide-eyed with shock. She wanted to ask Derek what happened, but the look on his face told her he needed some time to absorb what he just heard.

Tori was naturally surprised, but she also appeared relieved as well, maybe the discovery of a new parent meant a fresh start. And Andrew was right about Kit, he was an amazing father. He was patient and supportive ̶ and in a short amount of time, he and Tori became close. Now, when Chloe observed their interactions, it seemed like he had been her father her entire life.

Simon took awhile to process this new and troubling information. He didn't believe it at first, but when the denial passed, he became angry, then embarrassed when he recalled Tori's past feelings for him. Chloe knew Tori was mortified too ̶ understanding why her mother warned her so fiercely to stay away from him. It was disturbing for everyone who knew and no one mentioned it, pretending it never happened.

Simon eventually came around and accepted the truth. It helped that Tori toned down her attitude a little and tried to be less abrasive. They still bickered and fought but they genuinely cared about each other and even got along sometimes.

Derek, however, was a different story. He avoided Tori like the plague. The idea that she was blood related to his dad and brother was so unsettling, he refused to accept it. And it seemed like he would never come around.

Until that one day.

Chloe remembered the incident like it was yesterday. The four of them walking to a grocery store in a city they were passing through. Tori, a few paces ahead of them as she talked to Kit over the phone, getting a list of what they needed from the store. When Tori passed four guys ̶ typical asshole teenagers ̶ they all craned their necks to check her out. And as she walked by, one of them reached out and grabbed her ass.

Both Tori and Chloe froze, too stunned to react. Simon was beyond outraged, his eyes wide and furious. He moved forward quickly ̶ hand lifted ̶ not to cast a spell, but to punch the guy. But Derek was faster. He grabbed the guy by the shirt, hauling him roughly off his feet, his face just inches from the other boy's face, eyes blazing. And in a low, menacing voice he growled, "If you ever touch or even look at my sister again... I swear to God, I will rip your arms off and shove them up your ass!" Derek threw the guy into his buddies. They all went down, then scrambled to their feet and took off running.

"Yeah!" Simon yelled. "What he said!" But Chloe could tell Simon was surprised by his brother's reaction. They all were.

Later, when Tori was helping Chloe touch up her roots, Chloe brought up the incident.

"He was just nervous I'd freaking demolish the city in a fit of rage," Tori said. "He was being careful. Typical Derek."

"Yeah, but he called you his sister," Chloe teased, emphasizing the word sister with air quotes.

Tori snorted at that. "Oh, puhlease. What would've happened to that guy if he grabbed your ass, Chloe?"

Chloe shuddered at the thought. We'd be scraping him off the pavement.

Tori read her expression, "See ̶ he was just being careful." Then changing the subject before it became awkward, she said, "I'm really liking your hair this way. This brown is so pretty with your eyes."

They both knew the truth, though. Derek had not only jumped to her defense, he was infuriated with that guy for harassing her. And it wasn't just Derek who was livid, Simon defended her too, although Derek beat him to it. Chloe knew Tori well enough to understand that she was happy the boys stood up for her ̶ that to protect her was a natural, instinctive reaction for them. And for the first time in her life, Tori felt wanted and needed. She finally had a real family.

"What are thinking about?" Derek asked, his deep rumble cutting through her thoughts. She looked at him, her eyes finally adjusting to the darkness of the van and she could see his curious expression.

"What?" Chloe asked.

"You're smiling about something."

Her smile grew wider. "Oh, I was just remembering the time you defended you sister from a bunch of teenage thugs."

Derek grunted. "I was just worried she'd destroy an entire city block," he said, "with us in it."

"You know, that's what she said," Chloe replied. "But I think I know the truth," she added coyly.

His eyebrows shot up. "Really? And what's that?"

"You love your baby sister ̶ or wait, is she older?" she teased. "You both are pretty close in age, which means you're, like, practically twins."

"You're hysterical." Derek deadpanned.

"Maybe you guys should start wearing matching outfits," she giggled. "That would be so cute!"

He snorted. "I'm glad you can laugh at your own jokes, Pickering." he said smugly.

Instantly, she stopped laughing. Pickering was her fake last name and she absolutely hated it, a fact Derek knew all too well.

She glared up at him. "Not funny, Derek." She drew her arm back and elbowed him in the ribs.

"Hey," he growled in mock outrage. "No need to get violent, Pickering." She elbowed him again. He twisted.

"Stop that," he said, smiling. "You're going to hurt your elbow." He reached out and pinned her arms to her sides. Chloe tried to maintain her glower but couldn't contain the small laugh that bubbled in her throat. "That's better," he whispered, his breath warm against her face, eyes locked on her lips.

He leaned down and kissed her, soft and sweet, his hand rising to cup her cheek. Chloe sighed, her arms looping around his neck as she returned his kiss. Her heart leapt when she felt his tongue slide gently into her mouth.

They kissed each other for awhile, until their breaths turned shaky and their kisses became fierce. They were quickly approaching second base when Derek pulled away. He always did, when they got to this point. Chloe understood why, she was responsible for his reaction, but she couldn't help recognize the growing sexual frustration she felt.

When they first got together, Derek knew she wasn't ready for anything too physical. He was always so respectful and careful when they were affectionate, and she was grateful. But well after a year of respectful limits, Chloe wanted more ̶ a lot more. She, however, was too chicken to ask for it and with the complication of living on the road and rarely finding any time alone, they were decidedly stuck on first base. She finally understood that Derek was not going to take the initiative, he was going to wait for her to be ready. If she wanted to move the ball forward, so to speak, it was entirely up to her.

She felt him give her hand a squeeze and when she looked at him, he gave her a sweet smile. His eyes weren't sweet, though. They were dark with burning intensity and she noticed his chest rising and falling quickly from his shallow breaths.

Chloe inhaled deeply, trying to swallow her embarrassment and nervousness. Your boyfriend wants you, dummy, but he's waiting for your scared ass to figure it out. You're going to have to take the bull by the horns. *blush* You can do this!

Shakily, she raised herself onto her knees, her hands clutching his t-shirt as she looked directly at him, their eyes at equal level. And slowly she moved forward, lips brushing his and she felt him shiver. She grew a little more confident and kissed him harder, her hands drifting to his neck.

He kissed her back, tentatively at first, like he wasn't sure if she would suddenly change her mind. Then, as if he couldn't help himself, he kissed her deeper, his tongue sliding against hers. These kisses felt different from the ones minutes ago, slower and stronger and more passionate.

Chloe's heart seemed to be doing somersaults in her chest, her breath coming out in gasps. When she felt Derek's hands grasp her hips, she moaned so loudly she knew she would be embarrassed later, but at the moment she couldn't care less.

His hands moved to her waist, underneath her shirt and stayed there, as if waiting for her next move, only following her lead so he wouldn't risk making her uncomfortable.

She took his cue, all traces of self-doubt gone, replaced by an all-consuming need to touch Derek, to be close to him. Hands still resting on his neck, she slipped one of them underneath the collar of his shirt, fingers brushing the smooth skin of his collarbone. He groaned and slid a hand up her back, leaving a tingling trail of goosebumps up her spine. She whimpered in his mouth.

She felt hot ̶ ridiculously hot. She felt like liquid heat was coursing through her body, amplified by her racing heart. She wondered if Derek heart was beating as fast as hers, then she wondered if his chest was as smooth as his collarbone.

I have to find out.

She pulled her hand free from his collar, grabbing his shirt and lifting it, so she could slide her hands underneath it. Her fingers grazed hot skin and Derek gasped at the the touch.

They stopped kissing, their eyes fixed on each other while Chloe's hands explored the hard angles of Derek's stomach, her fingertips lingering on the smooth slope of his ribcage. She marveled at how such a big, bad werewolf could have such soft, silky skin. Such a contrast from his absurdly hard muscles, she thought.

Chloe's hands migrated to his chest and she could feel his heart pounding fast under her palms. When her fingers skimmed over his nipples, Derek growled and pulled her onto his lap, her legs straddling his.

His large hands moved to her belly. Then slowly, they drifted upwards, passed the cottony swell of her bra, his fingers hooking onto the top of the lacy cups. She gulped ̶ suddenly feeling shy and self-conscious. What if my boobs are too small for him? Oh God, they barely fit a B cup.

"Can I...touch ̶ " he asked, his voice low and rough.

"Y-Yes," Chloe stammered.

"You're sure?" His eyes so intense and bright, they seemed to burn in the darkness. Chloe nodded, not trusting her voice.

His fingers traced the bra straps up to her shoulders, so agonizingly slow that Chloe thought she might faint from anticipation. She felt his fingertips slip the straps off her shoulders and she shivered, all the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. His hands moved back to her bra, shimmying it down a little until her breasts popped out.

She sucked in her breath and held it, when she felt his tender touch on the smooth curves of her breasts. But when his thumbs grazed her nipples, her breath flew out ̶ her loud moan returning, followed by a strangled squeak. She felt her already warm face burn with embarrassment

Great, I sound like a dying squirrel when I'm turned on.

Derek's whole body shuddered. "Christ, that sounds sexy," he gasped. "And your body...your ̶ it's perfect."

His thumbs were rubbing her nipples harder now, and Chloe felt the pulsing liquid heat in her body accumulate and pool between her legs ̶ her cotton underwear suddenly feeling damp. Derek inhaled deeply. He pulled her towards him, his lips crushing hers, while he mumbled, "Jesus...your smell...it's so ̶ " between kisses.

In a flash, his hands were on hips, shoving her pelvis into his. They both groaned. His lips trailed over her neck, teeth dragging along the curve of her throat. She felt him through his jeans, big and hard, pressing into a spot so sweet, she let out her signature moan. Her hands grasped his waist, pulling herself harder into him. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own, as they pressed and rubbed against him, desperate to relieve some of the aching pressure.

Derek's hands were in the crook of her hips, hands so large they touched her thighs, hips and ass at the same time. His grip was firm as he ground her pelvis in his, matching the rhythm of her body.

She heard her voice mumbling incoherently in his ear. She felt like her body was on fire but she was shivering like she was out in the cold. Her skin felt like it was inside out and she wanted to yank off her clothes or rip out her hair or maybe do a cartwheel. She was overwhelmed by too many sensations and emotions, and she just wanted...more and more and more ̶ and Derek was the only one who could give it to her.

Derek's hand traveled to her back, tracing the edge of her jeans, trying to slide underneath them. But her jeans were too tight, especially with Chloe's legs straddling him. With shaky hands, she undid her jeans to make room. His hand slipped past the waistband, down her bare skin. She arched her back instinctively, her body curling towards his touch.

Chloe waited, trembling, until finally, his fingers touched hot, slick flesh. She cried out, unable to comprehend the sensations she was feeling ̶ so good but still not enough.

A deep growl vibrated from Derek's chest as his fingers gently explored her sensitive parts ̶ learning and testing. His naturally curious mind ensuring he would be extremely thorough, almost methodical in his exploration, filing away every bit of information about her body and reactions.

His fingertip coaxed and circled her entrance, dipping a little then pulling out, drawing out wet heat from inside her. Again, he dipped his fingertip a little bit further and pulled it out. He did it again and again, going a little deeper with every small stroke, until his finger was completely inside her.

Chloe was whimpering and gasping and panting. Her body totally still as his inquisitive touch enticed and ignited every nerve in her body. His finger moved inside her, in agonizingly slow thrusts, as he whispered how "amazing" and "tight" and "wet" she felt.

She reached between their bodies, her hand finding the hard bulge in his jeans. He growled and strained against her. She felt a nagging stab of concern in the back of her mind. He felt big, really big. She figured he would be ̶ just like the rest of him, but this seemed excessive. She didn't ponder it long, though, his lips and his hands and his body soon distracted her, arousing her so badly she thought she may lose her mind. The material of his jeans were too thick and constraining for her to manage a grip. So instead, she took her palm and rubbed him in long, heavy strokes.

"Oh shit," he whispered in a long breath. "OH SHIT!" Derek's whole body jumped. Confused, Chloe glanced at him. He was looking over her shoulder, eyes wide. "Ohshitohshitohshitohshit! They're right outside!"

She felt like she was in a trance until understanding smacked her upside the head. Oh my god! I totally forgot about them.

Derek yanked his hand out of her jeans and ̶ gently but quickly ̶ hauled her off him. Chloe fumbled with her bra while Derek fastened her jeans. She heard voices and keys jangling. They both sat back trying to appear casual.

The doors opened and they both blinked when the interior lights flashed on. Chloe knew she was blushing like crazy. Please God, don't let them notice my beet-red face.

Simon and Tori were still bickering, sounding exactly the same as when they left. Kit looked exhausted. She listened and realized they weren't fighting, Simon was teasing Tori ̶ something about if her new boyfriend knew how much of nerd she was. Tori was completely riled up and Chloe was grateful she was distracted. Out of all them, Tori would've noticed something was up.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the doors finally closed and they were surrounded by darkness again. Kit started the van while he informed everyone that he needed a break from talking and turned on the classical station. Mozart and the smell of chow mien drifted through the van as they made their way back home.

Chloe felt shaky and strange ̶ in a good way ̶ about what had just happened and she was still hot as hell. She peeked at Derek. It was too dark to see his expression, but she could see his hand covered his mouth. When the van passed a light, she saw his fingers were actually below his nose, a small smile on his lips. He was smelling her.

Chloe swallowed hard. He looked over at her. She thought she should be disturbed or a little grossed out with her scent all over his fingers, but it was the opposite. A slow, wet heat pulsed between her legs.

As if sensing her reaction, Derek's mouth widened in to a smile ̶ a smile so predatory she knew she should be nervous, if not a little scared. She wasn't, though. She was excited. His other hand reached for hers, and she felt the gentle touch of his fingers.

God, I so need to be alone with him again.

And her brain was working overtime to make it happen very, very soon.

I'm hoping to have the second chapter up in a week from now. I'm a pretty slow writer, like snail-slow, but I'm so inspired by all the fabulous Darkest Powers fanfiction that I'm very determined to be (hopefully) a little faster.