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Okay, this is strange, Derek thought, taking in his surroundings. He seemed to be floating weightlessly through a sea of creamy clouds, reminding him of giant puffs of cotton candy. Confused, he glanced around but could only see an endless expanse of this strange, hazy landscape. Curiously, his usually cautious mind wasn't the least bit nervous. Where am I? Am I in heaven?

He felt the cloudy substance brush against his skin as he slowly drifted forward, cool and silky to the touch. He realized he was completely naked and, still, he wasn't concerned. There was a familiar scent that put him at ease here ̶ a sweet smell that sort of reminded him of his favorite almond cookies his dad would buy him when he was little and hint of something fresh, like the first drops of rain from a spring storm. It was an alluring smell ̶ but comforting too, like home. However, he was becoming painfully aware that though this scent was incredibly comforting to his mind, it was a having a very peculiar effect on his body, mainly the area his underwear covers. Oh crap. I'm getting a boner in heaven. This is so not good. He wasn't sure why a smell could elicit two distinct reactions from him but as hard as he tried, he just couldn't place the fragrance.

He cast his gaze around again, trying to find any clues that would help him understand this place. Then he heard it ̶ a soft laugh, sweet and shy, coming from behind him. He spun around but no one was there, just a wall of creamy white. Suddenly, he heard it again, a giggle this time, it was below him. Instinctively, he dove down searching for where the sound originated. The thick, fluffy substance swirled around him as he pushed through, his eyes darting around to catch any hint of anything, but there was nothing.

He heard the laugh again, closer to him this time ̶ happy and light ̶ but still he couldn't see anything. He could sense he was close though. His hands reached out, grasping at empty air until he made contact with something soft and warm. A leg! He guided his fingers up the smooth, pale flesh, firmly gripping a petite hip. He pulled the body closer, his other hand snaking around a waist and through the haze he saw...her. Her face and her neck and, Oh Yes, her breasts and every part of her delectable body. His hands moved of their own accord, groping and caressing every inch of her, and she was laughing again, flashing him that sweet, kind smile of hers that he knew so well. He could feel him losing himself with her...in her ̶

His eyes snapped open into darkness. It was just a dream. He growled softly. A really, really good dream. He peered into the dark space and realized he was in Chloe's room, nestled next to her on the floor in their little makeshift bed. He shifted a little, then froze. One of his hand's was down his boxers, determinedly clutching his raging hard-on in something like a death-grip. His other hand was inside Chloe's underwear, cupping the delicate flesh between her legs. He felt his face grow hot and his eyes flashed to her face and he thanked heaven she was still asleep. He didn't want her to think he groped her while she unknowingly slept. God, that would be creepy.

He, slowly and gently, extricated both his hands from their dubious positions, praying Chloe wouldn't wake up and catch him. She squirmed a little, her ass brushing his very sensitive and hard erection. He bit back a groan and apprehensively watched her eyelids, but thankfully, they stayed shut. He exhaled heavily, relieved he didn't get caught...red-handed.

However, it didn't change the fact that he was still ridiculously turned on still. He looked at his watch and groaned. Great. Three-thirty in the morning. And judging from the situation in my shorts, it looks like I won't be getting much sleep tonight.

It had been roughly three months since they established their new sleeping arrangements and there was rarely a night that went by that they didn't spend together. Which meant, they got it on quite regularly, almost every night if Derek could help it. Usually the only time he didn't get lucky was when it was that time of month for Chloe. He wouldn't mind having sex during her period ̶ not in the least ̶ but Chloe wasn't having it, she didn't feel desirable or sexy during ̶ in Derek's opinion ̶ those very long five to six days. And since she had her period earlier this week, it had been six days, four hours and a handful of minutes since the last time they had sex. Not like I'm counting or anything.

He knew the last day of her period was today and was really looking forward to sneaking into her room this evening. However, tonight was also the night of his weekly change, which shouldn't have been a problem, but he was so wound up with pent up sexual energy that he ran his ass off in wolf form, thereby exhausting himself to oblivion. He didn't even have enough energy to Change back to human form, and Chloe and his dad had to practically shoo him back into the van. He vaguely remembered crawling into his room and passing out between his and Simon's bed. He had woken up a little past midnight, back in human form, sprawled out naked on his floor. He listened for his brother's snores but he heard nothing. Simon must still be out. He breathed a sigh of relief. Me, buck naked, on the floor, is probably something he'd rather not see. He quickly threw on some sweats before glancing at the bedside clock.

He was unsure if he should sneak over to Chloe's, especially how late it was on a school night but being, in many ways, a typical teenage boy, his dick made the decision for him. Praying she left her window unlocked, he made his way quickly over to her house, hoping she was still awake to give him a little loving. But when he slid her window open, he instantly knew she was deep asleep by the sound of her heavy breathing. He debated with himself for about one second if he should wake her up, but looking down at her pretty face, he decided against it. Finding himself in this situation many times ̶ Chloe asleep and Derek awake and feeling frisky ̶ he could never bring himself to wake her up. He thought it would be a rude move on his part, and he never wanted to that guy ̶ the guy who selfishly woke up his adorable girlfriend to have his way with her. Instead, he stripped down to his boxers and snuggled down next to her. Of course, the moment his body pressed into her soft curves and he noticed she was wearing nothing but a tank top and panties, he pretty much renewed the debate in his head before scolding himself. Okay, now I'm just being pathetic. Just leave the poor girl alone. Nuzzling his face in her hair, he was still tired enough from his Change to drift off to sleep.

But now, a few hours later, he was wide awake again and still in the same predicament. He scooted away from her soft body, thinking it might help, but he could still feel her warmth reaching out to him. And there was no escaping from her sweet, fresh smell. For a split second he thought maybe he should go into her bathroom and take care of his...problem. Grimacing to himself, he shook his head. Yeah, jerking off in your girlfriend's bathroom isn't even a little bit creepy, he thought sarcastically.

He recalled the breathing exercises his dad had been teaching them to better calm their emotions and gain more control over their powers. Those exercises always seemed to help when he was faced with this particular situation. He was well into his fifth breath when Chloe, still asleep, rolled over and pressed her entire body into his, her leg draping over his torso ̶ brushing up against his stomach, his hips and his...Oh holy hell. She squirmed around, trying to find the most comfortable position, completely unaware of the agonizing effect she was having on her boyfriend. He did his best to ignore her luscious softness but his body certainly wasn't letting him.

He tried gently scooting her away but she was relentless in her subconscious need to snuggle and she ended up clinging onto him, sighing determinedly in her sleep. Wriggling even closer to him, Derek could feel the tantalizing heat radiating between her legs, pressing firmly into his hip. Oh, sweet Jesus.

With all the unintentional attention she was giving him, he was quickly becoming that guy ̶ the guy who was definitely going to wake up his adorable girlfriend and have his way with her. Automatically, his hand moved up her thigh ̶ the thigh that had been teasing him so thoroughly and slowly he made his way to cup her ass. He groaned quietly while his fingers gently traced the elastic of her panties. He could feel the temperature of his body rise exponentially and he couldn't stop his pesky fingers from moving upwards and finding their way under her shirt to play with her breasts. Just a few more seconds and, I swear, I'll stop perving out.

A few more seconds passed by and he was already breaking his promise with himself. His fingers had no intention of stopping, especially when they were so lovingly caressing her nipples. His breathing quickened and his throbbing erection was making a serious attempt to bust out of the prison of his boxers.

Leaning into the crook of her neck, he kissed and nudged the curve of ear, whispering for her to wake up, feeling both guilty and excited. She was finally responding ̶̶ murmuring little noises and wriggling closer to him. He caught the first whiff of that unmistakable scent of her body heating up with arousal. His hand drifted down to her belly, gently kneading the soft skin as he watched her eyes flutter open.

"Hey," he breathed.

"Derek?" she whispered. With her eyelids sleepy and her hair fanned out over her pillow, he thought she looked unbearably beautiful.

"Sorry, to wake you," he said quietly, "but you looked so inviting, I just couldn't leave you alone." He kissed her tenderly on the cheek as his hand drifted to her hip, lightly grazing the smooth skin there. "I promise I'll make it worth your while," he continued. "Or you could just smack me and tell me to leave you alone."

Chloe yawned and blinked at him, then seemed to pause for a moment. "Well," she said, smiling a little, "I haven't smacked you, have I?" She smiled wider, almost laughing before she saying, " But I may have to if you don't make your move soon."

"Right," he said simply, returning her smile.

He bent over her, burying his nose into her hair, indulging in her intoxicating smell. Her arms reached around his neck, angling his face towards hers. He felt her lips sweep across his before her tongue flicked against the corner of his mouth, drawing a small growl from his throat. Lips parted, he kissed her harder, his tongue demanding as it glided along hers.

He quickly tugged her tank top off, nipping and biting her delicate throat. His lips began the slow descent across her collarbone then down the slope of her breast to lick and suck the tender skin of her nipple. Derek heard her breathing falter, her hands grasping the back of his head. His hand drifted down between her legs, over her the fabric of her underwear, gently outlining the sensitive skin there, before hooking his fingers in her panties and hastily pulling them off.

It was obvious to him and probably to her, how badly he wanted her and that want was making him move a little too fast for his liking. Half of him wanted to take her, hard and fast, and Chloe never seemed to mind when he was in one of his aggressive moods, quite the opposite actually. He did, however, promise to make this worth her while and he would like to last a little longer than five minutes.

Inhaling deeply, he steadied himself and calmed his movements. He was almost successful at ignoring the painful throbbing in his crotch as his hand trailed slowly up her calf, then thigh, until settling in the heat between her legs. He heard her whimper softly as fingers gently explored her swollen flesh. His touch soon found her entrance, fingers circling, then dipping a little, drawing out the slick heat that had gathered there. Still caressing her lightly with his fingertips, he moved a little higher, finding that sweet, sweet spot of hers that seemed to always be waiting for him.

Chloe gasped at the contact, her throat contracting as she struggled to stay silent. Over the last few months, she had gotten much better at staying silent when they were intimate but it was still hard for her. Derek gazed down at her lovely mouth as her lips twitched and pierced tightly together, trying to stifle any noises. Flicking and circling his fingers around her clit, he watched in fascination and pleasure as her eyes fluttered and a small whimper escaped her lips.

She was breathing hard now, and Derek had had enough practice enticing her body to know she was close. A thin sheen of sweat lightly dusted her forehead ̶ her face and throat were flush and her hips began to tense and strain against his caresses. She was so close ̶ just about there ̶ before he moved his fingers away. Her eyes flashed to his, confused for second, until his fingertips resumed their actions, and her eyes fluttered in pleasure again.

His eyes drifted repeatedly to her face, over her body, then to the movements of his hand and could feel his erection twitching against her hip as he brought her closer to the edge.

And just like before ̶ when she was so close ̶ he removed his fingertips. Squirming with frustration, she shot him a glare before he quickly continued where he left off. She was practically panting now, her mouth parted, her eyes hooded and unfocused, her body taut with anticipation ̶ and again, he pulled away.

She shot him a look of death and smacked him on the shoulder. "Dammit, Derek," she whispered, completely flustered. "You are such a freaking cock-tease."

"Cock-tease?" he raised his eyebrows and smirked. Clearly, Simon's frequent verbage was rubbing off on Chloe. He laughed quietly, feeling not the least bit guilty at frustrating her, knowing it would pay off when all was said and done.

"Well, yeah...or vagina-tease, or whatever," she breathed angrily, "you know what I mean."

She huffed her frustration, clamping her legs closed and made a dramatic show of rolling over. He knew the effect she was going for, it was to make him feel bad and then have him grovel ̶ which he would've done happily ̶ but as she rolled onto her stomach his eyes instantly fell onto the enchanting way her waist flared out to her hips and then swelled around her cute ass. I must've done something right in my last life, he thought, smiling to himself.

Hovering over her, he pressed his chest into her back, careful not to squash her with his heavy body.

"I'm sorry, Chloe, I'm just trying to keep my promise," he whispered into her ear. " Tell me what you want. Would you like it if I gave it to you soft and sweet," he coaxed, gripping her hip, "or would like me to get a little rough?" He felt her body shiver at his words.

"Um...maybe, both?" she murmured shyly, peering over her shoulder.

He smiled his response, feeling his desire spike impossibly higher from the adorable expression on her face. "Yes ma'am," he said, before yanking off his boxers.

With one elbow supporting his upper body, his other hand roamed over her back, giving her ass a little squeeze, while his legs gently parted her thighs. He nestled into her, his hardness feeling ridiculously hot against her impossibly soft, cool flesh. His hand moved towards her front, squeezing between the bedding and her torso until his palm ̶ flat on her lower stomach ̶ raised her hips a little, causing her back to arch enticingly.

She was angled perfectly for him to take her and he had to tamp down the building excitement rolling in his belly. He knew in his enthusiasm he could potentially hurt her, especially when he first entered her. Moving deliberately, he inched closer, feeling the tip of him barely pass her entrance. He raised her hips a little higher and eased himself into her, swearing softly at the sensation.

Even though they have done this many times ̶ the first few seconds he was inside her ̶ he was always surprised at how amazing she felt. All that silky, tight softness wrapped firmly around him, made him want to come instantly ̶ every time ̶ and he had to grit his teeth to control himself.

He withdrew gradually, his face buried in her hair, taking in her captivating smell before pushing even deeper into her. They both gasped at the feel of each other.

He could only see her profile but he watched her face as he slowly moved over and inside her. Her eyes were closed and she arched her back even more ̶ her body's instinctive response to feel him more deeply. He moved his hand, still on her stomach, down until his fingers reached her clit. Chloe's body shuddered and her eyes snapped open, she caught his gaze and a raspy, little sound left her mouth.

Still maintaining his slow pace, he thrust into her harder, positioning himself to sink deeper into her soft warmth. His body urged him to speed up, but he was already dangerously close and any increase in intensity was going to seriously make him embarrass himself. He renewed his focus, staving off his climax but Chloe was making it increasingly difficult with all the muted, little noises coming from her lips.

In his mind, he desperately attempted to recite every element in periodic table including their electron configuration, along with their atomic mass thrown in for good measure, but his brain stubbornly latched onto how good Chloe felt. All his body knew was her delicious smell wafting around him, her smooth body under his and her silky insides massaging and stroking him to point of distraction.

He knew she was close as well. She was gasping, her hands clutched at her pillow and her body shook ̶ on the verge of surrender. Applying a little more pressure on her sweet, little spot was all it took for Chloe to smother her face into her pillow and cry out. He felt her orgasm flutter through him, making him tremble as she squeezed and pulsed around him, urging his own release. For a second, he fought for control, not wanting this wonderful moment to end, until he felt her tighten around him one more time, pushing him over the edge. A rush of pleasure tore through him and for a brief moment, his vision blurred before everything exploded and burned behind his eyelids. He bit back his moan but couldn't quite contain the growl in his throat as he released fiercely inside of her, completely at the mercy of her body. He breathed hard as the last of his orgasm subsided into small, little waves, leaving him shaky and spent.

Thinking she wouldn't appreciate it if he collapsed on her, he gently withdrew from her, moving off to snuggle alongside her body. He reached out, his arms drawing her to him, their bodies finding their special nook in each other, both of them happy and sated.

He leaned in a kissed her forehead. "Sorry, I'm such a...what was it? Cock-tease?" he said, laughter in his voice.

"Vagina-tease," Chloe corrected softly, trying to stifle a giggle.

"Oh, that's right. Vagina-tease," he repeated, drawing out their new word. "Kind of a mouthful, don't you think? We should shorten it down to V.T., make it a little easier."

"People might think your saying V.D., though," she smiled.

"True. Maybe P.T., for pussy-tease?"

"Ew...I think I prefer V.T.," she whispered, snuggling closer to him. "And for the record, you can wake me up in the middle of the night whenever you'd like, especially if it's going to anything like tonight was."

"Whenever, huh?" he smiled, hugging her tighter. "Are you sure you know what your getting yourself into, Pickering?"

"I absolutley do, V.T."

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