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Dehydration Part 1

"Doctor, is it much further?" Amy asked, dragging her feet along as she walked. They'd been walking for what felt like hours and she was starting to get tired.

"I have no idea," he replied, grinning madly. "I'm not even sure where we are."

"Well that's really useful, Doctor," she said sarcastically. "Do let me know when you find out."

"OK," he said, completely missing the sarcasm. She rolled her eyes at his back.

Suddenly, she remembered something she'd meant to ask ages back.


"What is it this time, Amy?" he asked. She'd been asking him stuff since they'd first set off, and he was starting to get a bit annoyed.

"Can we go to Wimbledon?"

He stopped dead and span round.

"Amy, do you really think this is the best time to be asking me that? When we're stuck in the middle of Egypt with the TARDIS in the river Nile, surrounded by crocodiles? Well?"

"Probably not," she admitted. "But if I don't ask now, I'll forget, and then we'll never get to go."

He could see her logic in asking.

"Fine," he sighed, setting off again. He never could win. She had him wrapped quite firmly round her little finger... and didn't she know it.

5 minutes later...

"Doctor, are we nearly there yet?"

The Doctor gritted his teeth.

'If she asks that one more time...' he thought, setting a faster pace so she either had to run to catch up or be left behind.


"No," he snapped.

"Now now, Doctor," she said, smiling slightly. "You're not supposed to snap at me. You're supposed to kiss me and say 'Of course we're almost there, dearest Amy.'" She loved teasing him, and him shouting that he didn't love her had giving her a whole new topic to use.

Then she saw his face, and decided teasing him might not be the best idea. It took a lot to get the Doctor angry, but he was reaching stretching limit. She, very wisely, made the choice to just walk alongside him silently.

The Doctor sent up a prayer to any Gods up there in thanks.

Finally they saw something on the horizon.

"What is it?" Amy asked. She hoped it was a town or oasis. She desperately needed a drink.

The Doctor shaded his eyes and tried to focus on it.

"I think it's a town," he murmured. He too was in need of water, but he could manage without it for longer. He knew Amy couldn't go much further without water, and he wouldn't be in any fit state to carry her. "We'll keep on walking for a few minutes, then stop and rest until night," he decided. "It'll be cooler then, so it'll be easier to walk."

Secretly Amy knew she couldn't last for long, but she was determined to keep on going. She wasn't going to be the reason they had to stop.

About half an hour later, the Doctor saw her stumble. That made his mind up straight away.

"We'll stop here for a while," he said, pushing her down. "You need the rest."

She wanted to argue, but a. didn't have the energy and b. knew he was right. So she just sat there, watching him look round.

He glanced down at her. "Get some sleep," he suggested. "You'll need all your energy later, if we're going to reach that town tonight."

Curling up, she was asleep in no time at all. Yawning, the Doctor sat down next to her. His body was begging for sleep, but he knew that one of them had to stay awake. However, his mind didn't win this fight. His body flopped as he fell unconscious.

To the man a short distance away, they looked like two dead bodies. It was certainly enough to make him to hurry over as quickly as possible. He knew for certain how dangerous the desert was to travellers, and he hated to lose people to it.

"Doctor?" Philatetes said, pouring a small amount of water onto the Doctor's head. He groaned. Philatetes smiled and sighed with relief before moving onto the girl. She looked to be in a worse condition than his old tutor, but not by much. He trickled some of the water into her mouth. Still she didn't move. He tried every trick he knew until she finally moved slightly. Satisfied they would both live, he went and sat next to his chariot.

"Amy," the Doctor murmured.

"She'll be fine, Doctor," he replied. "She's alive."

The Doctor sat up suddenly. Next moment, he was grabbing his head and lying back down again.

"Who are you?" he rasped, pointing at Philatetes.

"Your old student, Doctor," he replied. He didn't take any offence at this. He knew the problems dehydration caused the Doctor. Mainly short-term memory loss.

"Oh good," the Doctor said slowly. 'When the hell did I meet him?' he thought, confused. "Look after Amy," he said, almost as an afterthought. "I'm not really fit to."

"Yes sir," Philatetes said, grinning at the Doctor. "You're a lucky man, Doctor. As always. Tutankhamun will be pleased to see you again."

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